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Two signed postcards, believed to be of rugby league players. Ref: F20-45
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With Compliments Stan and Russell - almost certainly Huddersfield players, postcard by a Huddersfield photographer.

7/5/09 - Steve thinks that the photo is probably the Pepperells who played for Huddersfield in the 1950’s. although he thinks there were three brothers not two.

19/10/12 - Michael is certain that the two players are Stan and Russell Pepperell of Huddersfield.

"Compliments of the season", the badge looks as though it has a white rose so is this player Yorkshire ?

Michael is pretty sure that this is an England shirt with Stan (Pepperell) who played for England against Wales in 1936. You can just about make out "Wales 1936" below his shirt badge. 

27/3/13 - Bill has added...... More info on the postcards of the Pepperell Brothers. Stan and Russell both played for Huddersfield, Stan from 1934 until 1949, Russ from 1939 until 1956. Stan gained 3 England Caps and 11 county caps for Cumberland. The other photo is of Stan with his county cap and England shirt v Wales. 

Russ had 16 county caps and 4 England caps. Another brother (Calle) played for Huddersfield from 1942 and ended his career at Workington Town in 1954. He earned 12 Cumberland Caps and 2 Test caps for Great Britain. All three brothers were born in villages around Workington and all three played amateur rugby league for Seaton in the Cumberland League 

14/3/17 - Shane says "Their third brother was called Albert who played for Workington Town. Also their father was of the first to play for Workington town when formed. The family owned a petrol garage in Seaton, Workington, Cumbria which was then "Cumberland" One of the brothers tour shirts is framed in the local rugby club. I believe Russ migrated to Australia and had sometype of involvement with Manley sea eagles. "



68.jpg (136630 bytes) WCS 1923 - the cap is believed to have belonged to Arthur Morgan, Neath & Glamorgan. 

It has been suggested by 'JP' that this cap is a Wales Civil Service cap.................... 

"Re the WCS 1923 cap for Arthur Morgan. My “guess” is that it’s a Welsh Civil Service Cap.   -   Civil Service Sport was once pretty strong – they were one of the 21 founding clubs of the RFU – and there were certainly Internationals played between the Welsh and English Civil Service. I have a programme from the late 40’s of a game played at Swansea. I recently bought a Birmingham Civil Service RFC cap from the 20’s so Rugby was widespread within the Civil Service at the time. Have tried some research but can’t prove if this was the case. Maybe some family background on Arthur Morgan will shed light on what he did before he went north."

 .... the fact that the cap is dated 1923 and not 1922/3 or 1923/4 seems to suggest that it was presented for a 'single' appearance, we have seen a programme dated 1924 for a civil service international between England and Wales. Unless of course this is a cricket cap, possibly the 'C' stands for 'cricket'. I do however side with 'JP' on this that it's a Wales Civil Service cap...... any further info or comments will be greatly received    


Great News ! - we have managed to obtain an England v Wales Civil Service 1923 programme with Arthur Morgan listed in the Welsh team ! photos to follow soon !




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