We regularly get requests from people who are looking for information about a particular player or programmes from matches in which they played. If information is available about this player then we can normally provide it. Please see below the services we can provide:


Programme Search - If you wish us to check our programme stock for programmes relating to a specific player, we are unable to undertake this service without a guarantee of a purchase from you. The reason for this is that we regularly get requests of this nature and due to our complicated cataloguing and storage system completing it would be a time consuming affair. In the past we have undertaken this task and have checked our stock for items but in a high percentage of cases, there is nothing available for a particular player. This could be due to misleading information or the player having played too few games for a club. On other occasions we have put aside several items relating to players and the client has failed to purchase them. In these cases we then have to put everything back which doubles the time. 

We can offer the following: If you guarantee to spend £10.00 on our website then we will undertake a search of items as requested by you and will provide you with a list of available items relating to this player. Should our search fail to turn up anything then you are free to choose items to purchase to this value on our website, with over 50,000 items, you will be seriously spoilt for choice. If you wish us to conduct a search please send us email indicating this. We will then send a paypal money request for the £10.00, if this is not a suitable method of payment for you then you can also pay by card over the phone or by cheque. - CLICK HERE TO SEND AN EMAIL

Sometimes we will not have programmes available but will know of a source where we can obtain scans of programmes, please see below as an example scans previously provided to a client whose father played for Swansea in the 1960s. Once again this is a time consuming affair, scans provided digitally by email will cost in the region of £4.00 each with a discount available for 10 or more scans.   

26-1968-10-30-pr-swa-v-ebv-.jpg (667396 bytes) 25-19680424-pr-ppo-v-swa.jpg (686696 bytes) 24-19661231-pr-nea-v-swa.jpg (622160 bytes) 23-1968-aberavon.jpg (789015 bytes) 


Player information - Initial search (price £45.00*) 
Career information - We will check international club, county/provincial records in our extensive library for information on the player. We will provide a summary of his career and wherever possible we will supply an individual and/or team photograph of the player.  - CLICK HERE TO SEND AN EMAIL

Player information - Advanced search (price negotiable) 
Additional to the initial search we can research magazine and newspaper match reports for player information and career details. If required we can put together a scrapbook of a player’s career and also include a page of his career on the World Rugby Museum website. Click Here for an example  - CLICK HERE TO SEND AN EMAIL





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