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Christmas cards with a rugby theme from around the world


Many of the early touring sides found themselves in the British Isles over the Christmas period, special cards were printed for the players and officials to send their season's wishes home to their loved ones.

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1927 Waratahs 1926-7 Maoris  1963/4 All Blacks The 1924/5 All Black Invincibles




The Xmas cards of former RFU President Walter T Pearce (1871 - 1940). Pearce was a Bristol man through and through, he is credited with introducing the game into Bristol Schools in 1898 . He represented Gloucestershire on the RFU between 1913 -and 1931. He served three terms as RFU Preseident, 1929 - 30 to 1931 - 32 being succeeded by Adrian Stoop. The cards below were all sent to WRU President Sir David Rocyn Jones.  
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1934 1935 1937 1938



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Stanley Dean 

Manager 1924 All Blacks

small printed card

AJ Pienaar 

President South African RFU

two different cards

Danny Davies 

WRU President 1961-2  

card sent to Welsh journalist JBG Thomas



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Argentinian RU

loose note written by Argentinian Preisident in Soanish & English, the message inside the crad has been translated into English on the front of the envelope

Fijian RU 1964

the roof of the house of this card is leather, from which animal we do not know ?

Irish RU

signed by President IRFU

1928-1929 New Zealand Scottish RU



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A beautiful Victorian card that opens up into this great 3D scene Victorian card "The Artful Dodger"  Christmas postcard, titled 'A Jolly Christmas' with note " May you. whenever troubles come. Get safely out of every scrum. E.E.G (WRM-0467)



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