1931-32 Springbok Tour - National Souvenir of the Springbok Rugby Tour of the United Kingdom 1931-32 - published by International Advertising & Trading Co, 55 Hout Street, Cape Town . & a Castle Breweries poster for the tour complete with match venue info, itinerary and player info. Size 24.5" x 20" (51cm x 63cm) Compiled by Percy Ransome, and published by Globe Poulton Co, Johannesburg. Formerly part of the Miss MK Jeffreys extensive Africana collection. 


99.jpg (870279 bytes) 2x/99 FRONT COVER - 1931-32 Springbok Tour - National Souvenir of the Springbok Rugby Tour of the United Kingdom 1931-32
98.jpg (601903 bytes) 2x/98

INSIDE FRONT COVER - Springbok Cigarettes advert

97.jpg (471563 bytes) 2x/97 TITLE PAGE
96.jpg (523086 bytes) 2x/96 Preface
95.jpg (549813 bytes) 2x/95 Voorwoord - text in Afrikaans
94.jpg (725671 bytes) 2x/94 Selection Committee. 
93.jpg (856455 bytes) 2x/93 South African Team - 1906-07
92.jpg (875581 bytes) 2x/92 The Springboks 1931-32
91.jpg (815092 bytes) 2x/91 Die Springbokke 1931-32 - text in Afrikaans
90.jpg (958479 bytes) 2x/90 The Springboks 1931-32
89.jpg (854938 bytes) 2x/89 Die Springbokke 1931-32 - text in Afrikaans
88.jpg (927793 bytes) 2x/88 The Springboks 1931-32
87.jpg (940093 bytes) 2x/87 Die Springbokke 1931-32 - text in Afrikaans
86.jpg (835813 bytes) 2x/86 South African Team 1912-13
85.jpg (601313 bytes) 2x/85  
84.jpg (603957 bytes) 2x/84  
83.jpg (813823 bytes) 2x/83 South African Team 1921
82.jpg (857800 bytes) 2x/82 Theo. Pienaar (Manager)
81.jpg (887526 bytes) 2x/81 B.L Osler (Captain)
80.jpg (821214 bytes) 2x/80 J.C Van der Westhuizen (Vice Captain)
79.jpg (794612 bytes) 2x/79 G. Brand
78.jpg (810635 bytes) 2x/78 J.C. Tindall
77.jpg (812399 bytes) 2x/77 J.A. Van Niekerk
76.jpg (782288 bytes) 2x/76 F. D Venter
75.jpg (790661 bytes) 2x/75 M. Zimmerman
74.jpg (791678 bytes) 2x/74 J.H. Van der Westhuizen
73.jpg (778586 bytes) 2x/73 J. White
72.jpg (755305 bytes) 2x/72 B.G Gray
71.jpg (731979 bytes) 2x/71 F.W. Waring
70.jpg (717120 bytes) 2x/70 M.G. Francis
69.jpg (831724 bytes) 2x/69 P. DE Villiers
68.jpg (759336 bytes) 2x/68 D. Craven
67.jpg (822490 bytes) 2x/67 Phil. J Mostert
66.jpg (780231 bytes) 2x/66 Boy Louw
65.jpg (687077 bytes) 2x/65 G. M. Daneel
64.jpg (673911 bytes) 2x/64 P. J. Nel
63.jpg (732655 bytes) 2x/63 J. A. J. MacDonald
62.jpg (747546 bytes) 2x/62 H.G. Kipling
61.jpg (750235 bytes) 2x/61 S. R. DU TOIT
60.jpg (746549 bytes) 2x/60 J. N. Bierman
59.jpg (708844 bytes) 2x/59 L. C. Strachan
58.jpg (668543 bytes) 2x/58 A. V. Van der Merwe
57.jpg (715037 bytes) 2x/57 H. M. Forrest
56.jpg (591428 bytes) 2x/56 S.C. Louw
55.jpg (565723 bytes) 2x/55 V. Geere
54.jpg (711019 bytes) 2x/54 J. B. Dold
53.jpg (616820 bytes) 2x/53 F. Bergh
52.jpg (569783 bytes) 2x/52  
51.jpg (435190 bytes) 2x/51 The Itinerary for the 1031-32 tour
50.jpg (745970 bytes) 2x/50 The Springbok Captain in Action
49.jpg (517379 bytes) 2x/49 INSIDE BACK COVER - Springbok Cigarettes advert
48.jpg (763724 bytes) 2x/48 Back Cover



The souvenir programme came from the collection of the late M K Jeffreys, my great Aunt, a well- known South African archivist. (1893-1968) . She was a collector of South African Africana and I came across it while going through my mother’s affairs last year– my mum was her niece. I would be most grateful if you acknowledge the donation from M K Jeffreys herself. For your interest, I have attached newspaper articles including photographs following her passing in 1968 when she had amassed what many considered to be the most significant private collection of Africana in the country.



07.jpg (280074 bytes) 2y/07 Obituaries for the publication owner Miss M K Jeffrerys
06.jpg (785393 bytes) 2y/06 General image of both items
05.jpg (785313 bytes) 2y/05 poster image
04.jpg (616326 bytes) 2y/04 locations image
03.jpg (711864 bytes) 2y/03 tour itinerary
02.jpg (263676 bytes) 2y/02 player info




Penny Walters (M K Jeffreys niece), South Africa,  Dai Richards (World Rugby Museum),  Hayley Richards (World Rugby Museum),  


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