Competitive strategies that make the difference between winning and losing, success and failure. 

Ambididdlemous is the social purpose branch of Rugby Relics Ltd. There exists a need within our environment to protect our employees and their families from external corruption and criminal activity. We also use Ambiddlemous as a vehicle to enhance their lives. 

We are a professional organisation built to solve problems and enhance lives. Please see below for the services we offer.





I could write page upon page of why you should employ myself and my team at Ambididdlemous as a consultant, even then you might not find the service you require. You will have a vision and you will probably know exactly what you want to achieve but the process of achieving that vision is a different ball game. This is where things get complicated, there are so many pitfalls and problems that can arise during the process of achieving your vision that at the end of the day, you might just give up your vision as one of hope, you put it on the back burner, its something you hope will eventually happen, and eventually you'll say "it would have been nice to have done (so and so) but...............  

I may be in a position to help. I see myself as an Outcome Facilitation Partner, I've (Dai Richards) achieved everything I want in life, I've been an international and world champion sportsman, a world leader in my business field and I've been a massive pain in the arse for corrupt government agencies. I didn't want to achieve the latter, this fell into my lap. To achieve success in life you need a whole host of performance factors, hard work, diligence, adaptability and attention to detail are just some of these. However, the world is not a level playing field and society is extremely complicated and I find myself nowadays fighting government corruption more than anything. This is where the performance factors that have made me successful in sport and business are transferable.

The world is driven by MONEY and GREED and what these things can buy. 

Our world is driven by CARE and FUN, helping my family, friends and clients achieve positive outcomes through process management, good social interaction and the realisation of goals.

That doesn't mean we are not serious about outcomes, it just means we do things in a different way that have a lasting effect on the lives that we touch.

If you thinking that Ambididdlemous can work for you, then the best way forward for us, is a chat on the phone or an exchange of emails so we can both get an idea if we are the team for the job. 




Representing your country at a sport can often be regarded as the pinnacle of a sportsman's career. I've represented Wales at 6 different sports (cyclo cross, triathlon, mountain biking, mountain running, duathlon and marathon kayaking) and won a world championship at another, quadrathlon (swimming, kayaking, cycling and running). I've played an important part in my local sports community in administration, event organisation, coaching clubs and individuals. There are a significant number of business and social development life experiences that I can draw on as a consultant. I love working with kids and have four myself, all grown up now, three of these have represented Wales, two are double internationals, two have a PhD and one is a world white water rafting champion. Between myself and my children we have 11 representative international honours at 9 different sports and two of us have won world championships. 

Although my achievements are mainly sporting, I understand play and how to have fun, play is sometimes underrated and the type of play we do is important for development of not only children and young adults but of the older generations too. I have seen people in their 90s playing and having fun. Play is not about being a child, it's about being a human being and it's about the quest for fun, it's a way of forging friendships. 

I am currently researching and writing a book about play and would welcome the opportunity to work with play groups, schools, colleges or organisations whose focus is on play and recreation. 

I love nothing better than to roll my sleeves up and get involved with a hard working and dedicated team. I'm not in consultancy for short term gain, I'm in it for short term fun and long term satisfaction. 

For more about me please visit my personal website, click on the link below.




Quite often an organisation will commission a feasibility study for a project they believe can happen for them. This will normally incur a fee and a report from a firm of consultants. We are not those type of consultants. We believe that whilst large multi million pound projects will need this kind of study. The run of the mill local council, sports club or organisation would be better served by investing in a feasibility test, rather than a study. Our field of expertise is in creating organisations / clubs and building a structure that will serve the community it is designed for, With a feasibility study we will test your project out for you in it's early stages, communicate with the desired market, test the market and design a pathway to grow the organisation for it's intended purpose.  Please - CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME



The club is a single entity, the larger the club, the more multi-dimensional it can be, two people belonging to the same club may never cross paths, however they are both links in a series of chains or systems that make up the club, and if the link is missing or broken it can have a catastrophic effect to the performance of the club. What makes a club fit together and perform at it's optimum level is the fine tuning of individual systems of a club. We will be happy to provide a quote for a full or part system health check for your club. Please - CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME



Every child and every adult are different however we all have similarities and with common factors we can create a pathway from a child to adult in the sporting environment. As each sport and club are different, each pathway will need to be built around the personnel and facilities of a club. Once built, the pathway can be improved and strategically fixed so that personnel can be inter-changeable and the long term future of the pathway can be secured. Please - CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME




CASE STUDY - GLYNNEATH 5-MILE ROAD RACE - We were approached by the race organiser of the Glynneath 5 mile road race (athletics) after their on-line entry provider let them down. Within 2 days we had an on-line entry system up and running and saved the race. Over the next two years we took on the marketing responsibilities and worked together with the organiser to fine tune the race day organisation. Over the next two years the race numbers grew from 215 to 600 making the race one of the most popular in the region,

GLYNNEATH NEWS & VIEWS FACEBOOK GROUP. - We currently manage the Glynneath News and Views Facebook group in a voluntary role for the community of Glynneath where our company is based, 



Volunteers are the backbone of every club. We can help recruit volunteers and set up a system of volunteer management for your club. 



Help in understanding government corruption, mismanagement and negligence and working towards a positive outcome. 

CASE STUDY 1 - Our company HQ is located next to a toxic waste dump and we have spent the last 7 years working together creating and co-ordinating a group residents surrounding the site to prevent them from further dumping, moving around and building on top of the toxic waste. The process is ongoing and we have built a sub-section of our Walk Around Wales website to provide analysis, presentation and identification of government corruption. 

MORE INFO - WEBSITE: http://www.walk-around-wales.com/county/npt/glynneath/enzo-development/enzo-home.htm

The website works in conjunction with our YouTube video channel.

MORE INFO - YOUTUBE: Glynneath Democide Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgZICAvXkAMtvAJMOyG_tsk84FK--yfMs


CASE STUDY 2 - The Welsh Government have funded an education programme to disadvantage and potentially cause harm to children in the play environment. We have built a website A Better Wales to highlight the inaccuracies and misrepresentation of scientific material that places children in life threatening danger in the play environment. We submitted a paper to Welsh and Local Government to highlight this. Both government agencies failed to follow protocol and discuss the information in our submitted paper.






Some governments have taken poor advice on how they should legislate for play. For example the Welsh Government's current play policy encourages playworkers to place children in life endangering situations and children playing with fire is top of the play curriculum. We believe that a government's play policy should cater for all children and should focus on providing them with positive play opportunities with fun and positive outcomes as an agenda, rather than learning through negative 'survival' play such as risk and fire. We are currently developing a system named 'posiplay' which will allow all children within a play environment to enjoy play. Posiplay recognises that some children (not all) will take physical risks and that teaching a child how to self risk-assess will often avoid future injuries or harm coming to that child.



Info to follow 



I bought a William Webb Ellis signature at auction and wanted to know more about him. In 2015 I started a web page about how Webb Ellis invented rugby. 12 months later I'd written a book on why Webb Ellis did not invent rugby. To do this I had to analyse the history of Rugby Football & Rugby Union and create a complete new set of rules on the origin and evolution of sport to determine how Rugby started. It was a long but enjoyable journey. If you would like a historical or origin analysis please - CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME 


99-cover-finish.jpg (182841 bytes)


Volume 1 – RUGBY UNION - by Dai Richards

“The origin of Rugby Union explained”

When Richie McCaw raised aloft the William Webb Ellis trophy after the 2015 Rugby World Cup final few people would have thought about the schoolboy after whom the trophy was named. In t his recently published book ‘Understanding the Origin and Evolution of Sport – Volume 1 – Rugby Union’ (published by Rugby Relics Ltd, ISBN 978-0-9531714-1-5) sport historian Dai Richards looks at the origin and development of sport and in particular Rugby Union. He contends that the 1897 report by the Old Rugbeian Society on the origin of rugby football which named Webb Ellis as the founder of the game was incorrect in its conclusion and the history of this sport has been misrepresented from its earliest publications to present day. In depth analysis of sport in general and painstaking research have placed the origin of Rugby Union with the boys of Rugby School at around 1780. 

Published in a limited edition of 2500, each signed by the author this book is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the history of sport. 

ISBN: 978-0-9531714-1-5  -  Price: £25.00 + p&p




13.jpg (84726 bytes) 14-ambididdlemous-collins.jpg (55579 bytes) Ambididdlemous is the social purpose branch of Rugby Relics Ltd. There exists a need within our environment to protect our employees and their families from external corruption and criminal activity. We also use Ambiddlemous as a vehicle to enhance their lives.

In the early 2000s while I was chairman and head coach at Multisport Racing (Triathlon) Club I ran a Saturday evening swim session at the Neath Leisure Centre. The last 5 minutes of each session was always free play for the kids and the 5 minutes previous to that we played pool games. On one of those occasions I invented a simple game for the small children's pool where I'd shout, bottom, top, left or right. The kids had to run in the water to the wall corresponding to my shout, bottom was the wall closest, top was the wall furthest away and left, right are self explanatory. One of the older and faster kids would always win or be close to winning the bottom and top but every time I shouted right or left he would lose. He couldn't tell his left from his right and off the top of my head I coined the term ambididdlemous, based on the term ambidextrous. I had no idea if there was a word for the inability to tell the left from the right so when I returned home I googled it and found there wasn't. Soon after I entered ambididdlemous on the unwords website, where it got picked up and introduced to the public by Kimi from Dundee, through a BBC Radio Scotland programme 'Call Kaye' (with Kaye Adams). Elaine submitted it to be entered into the Collins English language dictionary on 18 July 2012 and it's still pending approval. Fingers crossed it will get there in the end.



"Finally ... my affliction has a name! In future whenever anyone asks me for directions in the street I will answer "Sorry, I am unable to help you - I suffer with acute ambididdlemous syndrome" 

C Farnham (from Collins Dictionary comments)



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