AUTOGRAPH BOOK - 1953 - 1962


A larger than pocket size in which the signatures have been collected by Alan Cramer of Johannesburg. Alan is the son of Abe Cramer who was a Transvaal Rugby Union committeeman, Springbok Selector and the Liaison Officer for touring teams in the Transvaal area. As such Alan came into regular contact with Springbok & overseas rugby internationals. We purchased Alan's collection on block, a fine collection of Springbok memorabilia which included many signed items, balls, programmes and two autograph books, all autographed items within the collection are consistent with other similar autographs from this era we have seen including official autograph sheets issued by the South African RFU, New Zealand R.U., British Lions and Australian Rugby Unions.  This is the most recent of the two autograph books in the collection and dates from 1953, the first team page being signed by the 1953 Wallabies. There are several other team groups in the book including the 1955 Lions, 1956 Springboks, 1960 All Blacks, Scotland 1960, Ireland 1961 & British Lions 1962 Pages are sized 20cm x 13cm (8" x 5.5"). The images above and below are all from this book.

 Other books in this collection.............. aubk-ac1949-rugby


We believe all autographs to be original and authentic, all those we have researched match up with other known examples.  Rugby Relics guarantees that the autographs contained in this book are to the best of our knowledge original and genuine.

(The book was split on 8/9/16)


01.jpg (251513 bytes) 01b.jpg (290391 bytes) South African players including Ryk van Schoor - 1953 Wallabies to reverse
02.jpg (224283 bytes) 02b.jpg (182138 bytes) the rest of the 1953 Wallabies - South Africa v Wallabies 1st Test 1953


03.jpg (310415 bytes)  Springbok autographs including Danie Craven, Louis Babrow, Basie van Wyk & Stephen Fry.


04.jpg (212452 bytes) NZ cricket team 1953-4 tour of South Africa


05.jpg (169481 bytes) ARA Murray (possibly dance teacher) + 1 other 


06.jpg (139648 bytes) Transvaal team (v OFS) 1955


07.jpg (245527 bytes) OFS team (v Transvaal) 1955


08.jpg (211100 bytes) S Africa & Transvaal selectors 


09.jpg (148650 bytes) 09b.jpg (173802 bytes) unknown team with other rugby team possibly Transvaal on reverse Peter Williams & Hippert noted 


10.jpg (237160 bytes) 10b.jpg (128728 bytes) unknown team with R Wall on reverse 


11.jpg (212683 bytes) 11b.jpg (320751 bytes) John Keeling, Rhodesia, Baabaas & England with 1955 BRITISH LIONS RUGBY TEAM on reverse - autographs include Jeeps, McLeod, Butterfield & Bryn Meredith 
12.jpg (342822 bytes) remainder of 1955 Lions 
13.jpg (196938 bytes) BOLAND TEAM - autographs including 


14.jpg (222221 bytes)  SOUTH AFRICA 1955 RUGBY TEAM, 1st TEST v BRITISH LIONS - autographs including 


15.jpg (273769 bytes) 15b.jpg (318606 bytes) remainder of Springboks 1st test with on reverse SCOTLAND 1960 TOUR TEAM TO SOUTH AFRICA - autographs including Rollo, Hastie, Waddell, Kemp & McClung
16.jpg (360914 bytes) remainder of Scottish team
17.jpg (209918 bytes) 1955 BRITISH LIONS RUGBY TEAM - autographs including Trevor Lloyd, Bryn & Courtney Meredith, Cameron, Thompson, O'Reilly & Jeeps


18.jpg (281206 bytes) 18b.jpg (252771 bytes) remainder of Lions + 1960 ALL BLACK TOURING TEAM - autographs including 


19.jpg (297356 bytes) 19b.jpg (286174 bytes) remainder of All Blacks + 1956 SPRINGBOK TOURING TEAM to NEW ZEALAND - autographs including Dryburgh, Buchler, Nel, Ulyate & Bekker.


20.jpg (206326 bytes) 20b.jpg (110208 bytes) remainder of Springboks + 1 Transvaal cricketer to the reverse


21.jpg (256041 bytes) SPRINGBOK TEAM 1960 - autographs including Malan and van Zyl


22.jpg (352102 bytes)  1958 FRENCH RUGBY TOURING TEAM TO SOUTH AFRICA 


22c.jpg (219179 bytes) remainder of the French team.


23.jpg (260216 bytes) 1960 NEW ZEALAND ALL BLACKS TOURING TEAM AUTOGRAPHS - autographs including Laidlaw, Lineen, Briscoe & Clark
23c.jpg (261674 bytes) remainder of 1960 All Blacks 
24.jpg (161497 bytes) unknown autographs including Jan Hogan
25.jpg (208470 bytes) IRELAND 1961 RUGBY TOURING TEAM TO SOUTH AFRICA - autographs including Gordon Wood, Tom Kiernan & Andy Mulligan
25c.jpg (321511 bytes) 25d.jpg (301623 bytes) remainder of Irish team + AUSTRALIA 1961 TOURING TEAM - autographs including 
26.jpg (306271 bytes) 26b.jpg (327897 bytes) Remainder of 1961 Wallabies & 1962 BRITISH LIONS RUGBY TOURING TEAM TO SOUTH AFRICA - autographs including Cowan, Jeeps, Meredith, Millar & Bebb 
27.jpg (307009 bytes) remainder of 1962 Lions 
28.jpg (354294 bytes) HEARTS SOCCER TEAM pasted - autographs including 
29.jpg (296461 bytes) 29b.jpg (322944 bytes) P Johnstone & P Henderson - 2 or 3 feint signatures on reverse
30.jpg (306838 bytes) NORTHERN TRANSVAAL TEAM - 2 autographs
31.jpg (288075 bytes)  WITS UNIVERSITY - 1 autograph, Johnny Buchler on reverse
32.jpg (279433 bytes) 1 autograph 
33.jpg (324679 bytes) 33b.jpg (430477 bytes) 5 autographs including Danie Craven, 1953 Wallabies on reverse 
34.jpg (403684 bytes) 34b.jpg (406307 bytes) remainder of 1953 Wallabies - SA Rugby Trial 8/8/53 on reverse
35.jpg (299230 bytes) South African players including Ryk van Schoor & Okey Geffin 
36.jpg (365074 bytes) 36b.jpg (314113 bytes) SA Rugby Trial 8/8/53 - 1 on reverse
37.jpg (233419 bytes) 37b.jpg (279484 bytes) DUNDEE SOCCER TEAM 1953 & MACCABEE SOCCER TRIAL 12/7/53 
38.jpg (289921 bytes) more MACCABEE SOCCER TRIAL 12/7/53 & TR Down captain of S Africa soccer TEAM 
39.jpg (208857 bytes) more Dundee v South Africa