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85.jpg (152062 bytes) 86.jpg (223899 bytes) 87.jpg (100868 bytes) The small leather case that has historically contained family archives. Ref: DC06 

82.jpg (123759 bytes)

Photos from the family montage, loose and out of frame. Ref: DC06-case
32.jpg (104430 bytes) Women's Land Army Certificate ( & Medal illustrated) for Marion Richards 1922-2012, signed by Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, dated July 2008. Badge now in montage with dad's medals. Ref: DC06-case 
  Desert Island Dad - handwritten 'Desert Island Discs' choices by David Richards 1922-1991 + cassette tape with the songs on. Stories which inspire his choice of music range from wartime experiences to modern day. Ref: DC06-case



28.jpg (438542 bytes) Prudential Assurance policy dated 1958 for 68 Moorland Rd & 7 Orchid Close, with cancellation notice for 1971, Plus insurance schedule booklet, PAYE (Tax) notification & British Steel pension Scheme advice notices. Contained in 'Prudential assurance envelope. Ref: DC06-case
10.jpg (590523 bytes) Plastic pocket containing:

Vehicle Registration document for motorcycle - Blue Triumph 1056cc - NTX 42E

Medical card of MM Richards

old log books for scooters & petrol ration books from the 1970s. Ref: DC06-case

 13.jpg (389878 bytes) Plastic pocket containing a group of Letters from Laurie to Grandmum. Ref: DC06-case 
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12.jpg (452876 bytes)

A5 brown envelope marked (1) containing the writings of David Richards (Senior b.1922) including:

Ruby Wedding poem original

Notes on a talk about Neville Chamberlain (incomplete).

Poem called "The Clock" relating to the 30 years 'Long Servivce' clock awarded to him at the BSC

Poem called 'Caution' relating to safety at the BSC

Short poem called 'Winter'

Letter to a newspaper dated 30/4/84 (most likely the Neath Guardian) - obituary of Flossie Rees-Snow who died 3/4/84.

Poem titled 'Christmas'

Poem marking the retirement of Dennis and Stan at the BSC

photocopy of a thank you letter from Dennis & Stan 

Poem called 'A95s' relating to some sort of 'converter' at the BSC

A well known poem called 'A Crabbit Old Woman' 'that Uncle Arthur (Davies) had given to David Richards (Senior) with a note to the reverse by Uncle Arthur

Report of a visit to Ford Dagenham & Cologne

Letter to a newspaper undated titled 'Community Spirit' (most likely the Neath Guardian) about the Leonard Street Christmas Dinner. 

Character reference for John Tetsill dated 1/3/76

Untitled poem starting 'They were called Reliefs - before Wims came along'. Ref: DC06-case

A5 brown envelope marked (2) containing rough and typed drafts of poems in (1). Ref: DC06-case
09.jpg (408480 bytes) Steel News - December 1980 complete newspaper with article on 'sick fund' and photo including David senior on page 12. Ref: DC06-case
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07.jpg (176409 bytes)

A4 size brown envelope containing a 20 page commemorative brochure to mark the 'Dissolution of Neath Rural Council 1894-1974 and 4 smaller than A4 size prints of the Vale of Neath. Ref: DC06-case   
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A4 size brown envelope containing a 4 page handwritten history of Arthritis Care in Neath by David Richards Snr, dated 22/7/91. Ref: DC06-case   
02.jpg (148877 bytes) A3 size brown envelope containing preaching notes of Uncle Arthur (Davies), he was a lay preacher, contained in 2 notebooks and loose leaf sheets, 2 photos, Uncle Arthur & auntie katie & real postcard photo believed to be a younger Uncle Arthur + anniversary & birthday cards from UA to AK. Ref: DC06-case 
GCE Certificate for David Richards (Snr) for Social Studies & one other for what look to be a Welsh language qualification. Ref: DC06-case
Thin brown envelope titled 'Correspondance re - 61 Leonard St' containing mostly letters from solicitors relating to the sale of 161 Tyn-y-Twr and the purchase of 61 Leonard St. Ref: DC06-case 
A4 size envelope with letter relating to SCOW sick fund photo (photo not enclosed). Ref: DC06-case
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A5 size brown envelope containing 3 x Gnoll Senior Boys School 'scholar's reports' single sheet end of term school reports for July 1931, Xmas 1931 & July 1932, all 3 signed by teacher and parent (John Richards). British College of Accordianists letter & Certificate dated 1939, plus a couple of other more modern correspondance and certificates. Ref: DC06-case
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Small brown envelope titled 'Mam and Dad Documents containing documents relating to the cremation and scattering of their ashes at Swansea Crematorium in Section 3. Grampa on 26/6/73 & Nana on 17/4/79. Ref: DC06-case
36.jpg (527377 bytes) receipt for 'Book of Rememberance John Richards - Morriston Crematorium 6/7/73. Ref: DC06-case 
32.jpg (432384 bytes) 5-6 ISTC Union dues books belonging to David Richards. Ref: DC06-case 
31.jpg (530875 bytes) Typed 'deck of cards' story. Ref: DC06-case 
30.jpg (651138 bytes) Marriage certificate of John Richards and Mary Davies at the Zoar Chapel, Neath, Charles Davies (Mary's dad) was the caretaker at this chapel. The chapel still stands and is currently a store house for Zoar's Ark pet foods. 
29.jpg (430780 bytes) Death Certificate of Gertrude Mabel Rees 22/10/54, age 63, 15 Eva St, wife of James Francis Rees, labouerer, Metal Box, cerebral thrombosis & other stuff
28.jpg (618482 bytes) Death Certificate of Mary Richards (b 29/12/1891, Neath), 15/2/79, age 87, Glyndulais Home, Crynant, Neath, widow of John Richards, a tinworker, cerebral thrombosis & cerebral arteriosclerosis
27.jpg (670455 bytes) Death Certificate of John Richards (b 2/2/1887, Neath), 21/6/73, age 86, Trenewydd Home, Brecon, tinplate worker, retired, myocardial degeneration, arterio sclerosis, gastro enteritis 
26.jpg (856685 bytes) Death Certificate of David Richards (b 25/4/1922, Neath), 15/9/91, age 69, 61 Leonard St, steelworker, retired, coronary heart disease. 
25.jpg (264323 bytes) Receipt for Park Hotel, Cardiff - honeymoon of David & Marion Richards. Ref: DC06-case
24.jpg (702411 bytes) Steel News, 18 May 1972 with photo of David Richards amongst others and article titled 'All Time Records at Port Talbot'. Ref: DC06-case
Margam Crematorium Booklet dedicated 'Mary Richards, cremated on 20/2/79. Ref: DC06-case
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22.jpg (304242 bytes)

Royal Air Force Service & Release book for Leading Aircraftman Richards D, 1132461, leave card & programme for a Moonlight Fantasia Song and Dance at the El Alamein club 5/7/1944, leave card. Ref: DC06-case  
21.jpg (546997 bytes) Neath inn Signs of typed page detailing a list of Neath pubs 50 years ago, date unknown, circa 1960s. Ref: DC06-case
20.jpg (495347 bytes)  passport & driving licence for David Richards. Ref: DC06-case 
A group of postcards from various people to Marion & David including, Anne, Vera & Bill, Phyllis & Gordon. Ref: DC06-case
19.jpg (116237 bytes) A DR signet ring, RAF Association button hole badge & unknown key contained in a small muslim bag. Ref: DC06-case
18.jpg (332287 bytes) medals of David Richards - removed from case now part of Mam & Dad montage 
17.jpg (55107 bytes) empty medal box with leaflet containing WWII medal information. Ref: DC06-case 
10.jpg (359681 bytes) 11.jpg (241338 bytes) 12.jpg (598325 bytes) 13.jpg (534602 bytes) 14.jpg (859492 bytes) 15.jpg (752378 bytes) 16.jpg (800906 bytes) ISTC Stewards collecting book containing notes for Arthritis Care, Neath meetings, David Richards Senior was chairman of the Neath Branch, the last meeting is dated August 15th, possibly 1991, he passed away on 15th September 1991. Many newspaper cuttings relating to David in Arthritis care and one of Marion in Cancer Shop. Ref: DC06-case
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3 Pocket Watches - 1 having belonged to James Richards at a previously unknown address, 9 Ethel St, Melin, Neath, inscription with address to inside case, the watch marked 'The 'English' Express Lever, silver and is by J C Graves, Sheffield, missing one hand and possibly a glass face, with chain. 2 x Smiths pocket watches which were i believe gifts from uncle Bill (Davies) to david jnr in th 1960s (overwound). Ref: DC06-case
09.jpg (403778 bytes) 08.jpg (323948 bytes) Jacobs & Co Biscuit tin containing 
  • 2 Neath Borough police buttons
  • Neath & District Sports Supporters Club button hole badge
  • SB Emergency Hospital Scheme button hole badge
  • Great Coronation Recruiting Campaign 1911 medal
  •  150th Anniversary of Robert Raikes, founder of Sunday Schools medal
  • 3 Sunday School for regular attendance medals
  • gold ? medal 'presented to J Richards by the Eagle Tinplate Co. for services done in the Great War
  • small bags of screws nuts, attatchments etc, also loose in the tin. Ref: DC06-case 
07.jpg (51055 bytes) Princess Margaret visit to SCOW in 1966 tag & nappy pin, circa 1980s. Ref: DC06-case
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97.jpg (199971 bytes)

95.jpg (216156 bytes)

94.jpg (496620 bytes)

Choir & presentation photos circa late 1988 - 1999. Ref: DC06-case
Marion Richards - Funeral 'order and service' cards, funeral music CD, condolance book from 'wake' & sympathy cards. Ref: DC06 
20.jpg (120333 bytes) 19.jpg (109600 bytes) Marion's Metal Box photo and Women's Land Army release papers. Ref: DC06
18.jpg (65088 bytes) David Richards - British Steel Corporation reference - Ref: DC06
17.jpg (326431 bytes) John Richards 2/2/1887 birth certificate (copy for the purpose of unemployment insurance, dated 1935) Ref: DC06
14.jpg (184308 bytes)

15.jpg (43155 bytes)

Misc items - 

3 issues of the South Wales Evening Post - front & back pages to include death notices and 'thank you for floral tributes notice David Richards, 

envelope containing small bunches of hair for Barbara, Adrian, Harold, Marion and either Anne, David or Andrea, although on the envelope it does state David's hair when 1 year 1 month.

Stainless Steel tray awarded to Mr D Richards, Class Winner in Household Embroidery, BSC Port Talbot Works Gala Day 1979.

Dagger in sheath believed to have been brought back from WWII by David Richards, looks to be North African. This used to hang on the wall in orchid Close when we lived there.

Woollen rabbit that has been in the house forever, Marion used this for some reason with the presssure cooker.

David Richards blood transfusion booklet

Emma Freeman book of poems age 10, just an orange, book about Emma, photo of the Freeman family

Original  photos of Olga, Marion & Peggy, Keith & Marilyn (Davies) wedding, jock & Lyndon Paterson wedding, John & Mary Richards 

david to marion ruby wedding card with poem

Ann & Barbara Festival of Wales 1958 Beach carnival prize certificates   Ref DC06   

Misc 'modern' Richards family keepsakes - DC09 
16.jpg (149389 bytes) Sorted into bags - Dai Sports Stuff - results, newsletters etc, - Dai other keepsakes - including photo album - family stuff to sort eventually ??? - photos keep but not that important and/or need to be re-sorted and a lot thrown

Ref: DC10

13.jpg (395560 bytes) family photo albums including Flossie's photo albums and lots of photos of the Rees, Freeman, Kite & Bunston families. Lots of unconnected photos. DC11