88.jpg (557390 bytes) BRITISH & IRISH LIONS 2017 TOUR OF NEW ZEALAND OFFICIAL TOUR GUIDE -A pre-tour official guide published by Programme Master. The booklet includes individual player profiles and statistics of both the Lions and New Zealand squads. A 98 page A4 size magazine style publication in very good condition 

Ref: tmbr2017bful.oftrgu.pr-master-bl - £10.00



57-1949-bbsqtr-easter.jpg (376088 bytes) BARBARIANS RUGBY SQUAD PHOTOGRAPH 1949 (EASTER TOUR of WALES) - A photograph of the Barbarians squad for the Easter tour of Wales in 1949. Matches were played against: Penarth (won 14-11) - Cardiff (won 6-5 ) - Swansea (won 10-3) - Newport (won 6-5 ). The players and officials in this photograph are as follows:

GE Jones, MJ Lane, GW Norton, H de Lacy, WD McKee, DH Keller, JH Steeds, BL Williams, JAR Macphail, CB van Ryneveld, MJ Berridge, LJ Griffin, FW Williams, J MacG K Kendall-Carpenter, JS McCarthy, WB Holmes, RD Agar, BH Travers, JE Nelson, JA Gwilliam, GA Wilson, DWC Smith, TW Price, VG Roberts, OL Owen, ABP Roberts, CR Hopwood, JD Clinch, H Waddell, HLG Hughes, E de Lissa, HA Haigh Smith, MP Atkinson, DR Gent, A Wemyss, H Greeson, JP Jordan. K Mullen, MR Steele-Bodger, LFL Oakley, GH Sullivan, Glyn Davies, JW Kyle, PB Reeve, FM Fletcher.

Ref: LP-phtmbb1949sq-easter

Size & Price
56-1952-bbsqtr-easter.jpg (356729 bytes) BARBARIANS RUGBY SQUAD PHOTOGRAPH 1952 (EASTER TOUR of WALES) - A photograph of the Barbarians squad for the Easter tour of Wales in 1952. Matches were played against: Penarth (won 36-3 ) - Cardiff (lost 3-6 ) - Swansea (won 18-0 ) - Newport (lost 3-8 ). The players and officials in this photograph are as follows:

GE Jones, FD Sykes, FG Griffiths, RC Bazley, I King, MC Thomas, JD Robins, EMP Hardy, JH Smith, R Roe, P Kavanagh, R Kavanagh, JP Jordan, DR Gent, DT Wilkins, W Woodgate, MJ Berridge, JE Nelson, JRG Stephens, ER John, SJ Adkins, A Forward, BM Gray, RCC Thomas, OL Owen, D Marsden Jones, T Wallace, WE Crawford, H Waddell, HLG Hughes, HA Haigh Smith, MR Steele Bodger, CR Hopwood, VGJ Jenkins, A Wemyss, JH Henderson, DM Davies, DW Shuttleworth, M Regan, KM Spence, J Butterfield.

Ref: LP-phtmbb1952sq-easter

Size & Price



68.jpg (325623 bytes)

New Zealand - The All Blacks 1970s / 1980s rosette - 17cm diameter

 Ref: AD07-P2-mmmm.rt.nz -  £9.00  

67.jpg (218598 bytes)

Neath RFC - 1980s rosette - 11.5cm diameter

Ref: AD07-P2-mmmm.rt-nea -  £5.00  



99.jpg (463104 bytes) Welsh Counties Rugby Association official free standing (hinge at back, like a photograph frame) presentation plaque in silver and black, size 10" x 7.5" (25cm x 20cm), on thick wooden background, in very good condition. The plaque has a reflective surface which doesn't scan very well.

Ref: BD01-mmmm.pnmi-wcra - £20.00

98.jpg (531226 bytes) Welsh Counties Rugby Association official free standing (hinge at back, like a photograph frame) presentation plaque in silver and black, size 10" x 7.5" (25cm x 20cm), on card background, in very good condition. The plaque has a reflective surface which doesn't scan very well.

Ref: AD06-mmmm.pnmi-wcra - £10.00

97.jpg (154951 bytes) A ceramic whisky bottle in the shape of a rugby ball produced by Swn-y-Mor - Welsh Whisky Co., Brecon, empty, 4" high (10cm), 6" (15cm) across, the cork is partly broken and shorter than illustrated.

Ref: AD07-mmmm.ce-swn.y.mor - £13.00  

90.jpg (303699 bytes) NEATH RUGBY CLUB WELSH CUP FINALISTS 1984 PRESENTATION SILVER COLOURED SALVER - ELGAN REES - A presentation salver presented by Phil Bennett to a member of the Neath 1984 cup final team. The salver has come from the collection of a former committeeman, its unsure whether or not this is a one off presented to Elgan Rees, named on the salver or each member of the squad was presented with one, diameter 10" (25cm) in good condition.

Ref: AD07-mmmm.pnmi-nea-cu1984 - £30.00

89.jpg (265887 bytes) WELSH RUGBY UNION CENTENARY PLATE by MORGAN of GLASTONBURY- A ceramic plate of diameter 10" (25cm) in very good condition.

Ref: AD07-mmmm.ppwacn1981-morgan - £20.00

86.jpg (182120 bytes) GLAMORGAN COUNTY CENTENARY 1991 RUMNEY POTTERY RUGBY COLLECTABLE PLATE - A ceramic plate of 8"  (20cm) diameter in very good condition. Sold together with a plate hanger.

Ref: AD07-mmmm.pp-glm-cn1981 - £35.00

88.jpg (294682 bytes) WELSH COUNTIES RUGBY ASSOCIATION RUMNEY POTTERY RUGBY COLLECTABLE PLATE - A ceramic plate of 8"  (20cm) diameter in very good condition. Sold together with a plate hanger.

Ref: AD07-mmmm.pp-wcra - £35.00

96.jpg (447032 bytes) WALES - TRIPLE TRIPLE CROWNS MEDALLION IN CASE 1978 WELSH FIVE NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP - A 4cm medallion in a plastic case celebrating the third consecutive triple crown for Wales. In very good condition. 

Ref: AD07-tmwa1978md-triple.triple - 22.00

92.jpg (98871 bytes) 91.jpg (209225 bytes) WALES v SCOTLAND 1988 POST-MATCH DINNER EMPTY WINE BOTTLE - An official post-match dinner wine bottle for this five nations encounter with the score printed to the label. The bottle is 10" high and is good condition. The label has some light smudging.

Ref: AD07-mmmm.miet-wine.btle-wasc1988 - £10.00


87.jpg (140727 bytes) Mervyn Davies grogg by John Hughes, circa 1980s, No 8 to reverse, measuring 7" (17cm) tall, a hollow grogg in very good condition.  

Ref: AD07-mm-grogg.mervyn.davies7 - £75.00



It s become one of the most famous and poignant sporting images of all time President Nelson Mandela, the symbol of post apartheid South Africa, dressed in a Springbok jersey handing rugby's World Cup to his nation's captain, Francois Pienaar.

Pienaar s side had always found a way - on and off the field... they had united a nation in support and stampeded all over rugby logic.

Never more so than in a thunderous final when they defeated the mighty All Blacks a New Zealand side boasting the previously unstoppable rugby juggernaut, Jonah Lomu.

They did it thanks to a frightening level of defensive commitment and because they possessed the coolest man on the pitch, Joel Stransky. He it was who kicked the decisive drop goal deep into extra time.

History was made; a new era the era of the Rainbow Nation had dawned.

The 16th Man is produced and narrated by US actor Morgan Freeman who played Mandela in the feature film Invictus.  


63.jpg (489885 bytes) 62.jpg (564096 bytes)

NEW & UNUSED - The 16th Man DVD, 

Running Time: approx 52 mins, Classification; E, Region - not listed

Ref: dvnesa-16.man - £14.99




63-10.jpg (63758 bytes)

October 1963 - Opinion on Change of season? Oxbridge tour of SA. Interview with Ken Scotland. Profile Roger Hosen and The battle of full-backs (Willcox and Hosen) Wales- who will be captain? Spotlight on Wasps. Irish prospects before they meet NZ. With Australia in S.A. - Where are they now ? R Cove-Smith, Front cover Simon Clarke, Oxbridge & England.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo-1963-10 - £10.00

73-03.jpg (47232 bytes) March 1973 – New Zealand tour to the British Isles 1972/73 – Vivian Jenkins and Carwyn James each analyse the All Blacks tour, All Blacks’ detailed tour statistics, former England international John Kendall-Carpenter remembers…, Rupert Cherry on coach Leighton Williams, Norman Mair says “Scotland prepares for league rugby”, photos of the final matches of the All Blacks tour including the famous match against the Barbarians at Cardiff Arms Park, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, JBG Thomas talks to Llanelli, Wales and British Lion second row Delme Thomas, Derek Robinson on the laws of the game, Nevin McGhee profiles Ireland’s new cap Kevin Mays (University College Dublin), Donald Cameron reports from Auckland, Eddie Kann from Sydney, Alex Potter from Paris, Reg Sweet from Durban and Peter McMullan from Vancouver, schools rugby with GW Abbott and a summary of international matches played. 
All Black Tour of British Isles 1972/3

Ref: mgbr.rrwo-1973-03 - £25.00

74-09.jpg (58208 bytes) September 1974 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1974 - front cover photo of JJ Williams & Slattery  -  Vivivian Jenkins on "The Best Lions"  -  Match Reports & Photos  Quaggas,  OFS,  Griquas,  N Transvaal,  Leopards,  3nd Test,  Border,  Natal,  E Transvaal,  4th Test  -  complete tour record  & statistics,  -  more photos  -  JBG Thomas with the Lions  -  Don Rutherford looks at 1966 1st Test  -  back cover photo of Lions celebrating. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo-1974-09 - £18.00

77-10.jpg (47269 bytes) October 1977 – British Lions Tour to New Zealand 1977 – British Lions v Barbarians match report, Harelquins Jubilee Sevens results, Vivian Jenkins reflects on “sad disappointment” of the Lions’ failure to win the series in New Zealand, England…around the clubs, focus on Camborne, Wales…around the clubs, focus on Ebbw Vale, Scotland…around the clubs, focus on West of Scotland, Ireland…around the clubs, focus on Ballymena, David Norrie on Terry Cobner – “the best pack leader in the land”, action photos from the Lions tour, Dr Doug Smith, manager of the successful 1971 Lions, offers his views on the 1977 tour, JBG Thomas talks to Peter Wheeler, Donald Cameron looks back at the New Zealand v British Lions test series on 1977, comprehensive statistics of the Lions tour, schools rugby by GW Abbott, Rupert Cherry traces the history of rugby in America, Eddie Kann reports from Australia, Reg Sweet from South Africa and Alex Potter from France. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo-1977-10 - £10.00

87-08.jpg (68296 bytes) August 1987 - Rugby World Cup 1987 - 98 page extended issue - a full post tournament souvenir of the tournament. Includes match by match report including full teams and stats. Assessments of each team, photos including full page of Kirwan & Berbizier,  more photos, reviews by Beaumont & Bennett,  Team of the tournament altogether an in depth view of the first ever Rugby World Cup.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo-1987-08-xb - £24.00

91-12.jpg (110667 bytes)

December 1991 - Rugby World Cup 1991 - "Wallabies on Top of the World" - Nick Farr-Jones lifting trophy on front cover - 132 page World Cup special - in depth analysis of how each team fared, full tournament results and match reports of the last stages.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1991-12-xb - £20.00



61.jpg (481837 bytes) Cardiff City v Swansea City

Welsh Cup - 5th Round

17 Feb 1976 Ninian Park,  Cardiff


fair - single crease

Ref: oswa-cdf-prhm19760217-swa - £4.00


57.jpg (130081 bytes) Cardiff City v Swansea City 27 Dec 1980 Cardiff 3-3 good - slight crease

Ref: oswa-cdf-prhm19801227-swa-la -£2.00

00z.jpg (473216 bytes) Cardiff City v Swansea City

Welsh Cup Final - 1st leg

11 May 1982 Cardiff


very good

Ref: oswa.cdf-prhm19820511-swa-la - £5.00

00y.jpg (734893 bytes) Cardiff City v Swansea City

League (Milk) Cup

1st round - 1st leg

20 Aug 1985 Cardiff 2-1 good - slight crease

Ref: oswa-cdf-prhm-19850820-swa £3.00


12.jpg (669425 bytes) Swansea Town v Sheffield United 13 Sep 1956 Vetch Field, Swansea


good - slight crease

Ref: oswa-swa-prhm19560913-shu - £6.00

11.jpg (373807 bytes) Swansea Town v Burnley - FA Cup - 4th round 30 Jan 1960 Vetch Field, Swansea


fair - single crease, score on front, small pen mark and piece of sellotape on the front cover

Ref: oswa-swa-prhm19600130-bur - £3.00

10.jpg (274257 bytes) Swansea Town v Preston North End - FA Cup - 4th round 28 Jan 1961 Vetch Field, Swansea


very good - very slight crease 

Ref: oswa-swa-prhm19610128-pne - £6.00

09.jpg (648302 bytes) Swansea Town v Southampton 1 Apr 1961 Vetch Field, Swansea



Ref: oswa-swa-prhm19610401-soa - £5.00

08.jpg (722533 bytes) Swansea Town v Preston North End 29 Aug 1961 Vetch Field, Swansea


good - very slight crease

Ref: oswa-swa-prhm19610829-pne - £5.00

06.jpg (375866 bytes) Swansea Town v Rotherham Utd - Football League cup - 3rd round replay 28 Oct 1964 Vetch Field, Swansea


poor - heavy creasing

Ref: oswa-swa-prhm19641028-rot - £5.00

05.jpg (408263 bytes) Swansea Town v Mansfield 18 Dec 1965 Vetch Field, Swansea ?? fair - creased with a small piece of sellotape on the front cover

Ref: oswa-swa-prhm19651218-maf - £3.00


76.jpg (573089 bytes) Swansea City v Hartlepool Utd 31 Aug 1987 Vetch Field, Swansea


very good

Ref: oswa-swa-prhm19870831-har - £3.00

46.jpg (202199 bytes) Swansea City v Nottingham Forest 18 Aug 2007 Liberty Stadium, Swansea


very good

Ref: oswa-swa-prhm20070818-ntf - £3.00


34.jpg (210705 bytes) Swansea City v Havant & Waterlooville

FA Cup - 3rd Round

5 Jan 2008 Liberty Stadium, Swansea


very good

Ref: oswa-swa-prhm20080105water - £3.00


04.jpg (327898 bytes) Swansea City Under 21s v Bristol Rovers - programme & official teamsheet 5 Dec 2018 Vetch Field, Swansea


very good

Ref: PL48-oswa-swa-prhm-u21-20181205brr - £3.00

03.jpg (203791 bytes) Swansea City Under 23s v Leicester City official teamsheet 14 Jan 2019 Landore Training Ground, Swansea


good - folding crease

Ref: PL48-oswa-swa-prhm-u23-20190114lei-tmlt - £2.00

02.jpg (152343 bytes) Afan Lido v Swansea City - pre-season friendly 14 Aug 2002 Afan Lido, Port Talbot


very good

Ref: oswa-swa-praw20020814-afl - £5.00

01.jpg (497217 bytes) Aston Villa v Swansea City - FA Cup + official teamsheet 5 Jan 2019 Villa Park


very good

Ref: oswa-swa-praw20190105-ast - £3.00

48.jpg (152919 bytes) Birmingham City v Swansea City 24 Apr 1982 Birmingham


very good - very slight crease

Ref: oswa-swa-prawla19820424-bir-la - £3.00


46.jpg (84499 bytes) Liverpool v Swansea City

FA Cup - 4th round

23 Jan 1971 Anfield, Liverpool


good - rusty staple

Ref: oswa-swa-praw19710123-liv - £3.00

15.jpg (70934 bytes) Liverpool v Swansea City 3 Oct 1981 Liverpool



Ref: oswa-swa-praw19811003-liv-ml £4.00


87.jpg (140675 bytes) Oxford United v Swansea City 26 Aug 1978 Oxford


good - some light folding creases

Ref: oswa-swa-prawla19780826-ofo-la - £4.00


26.jpg (71536 bytes) West Ham United v Swansea City 17 Nov 1979 West Ham


very good

Ref: oswa-swa-praw19791117-weh - £3.00


16.jpg (467348 bytes) Wales v Scotland 18 Oct 1958 Ninian Park


good - slight crease

Ref: oswaso.prhm19581018sc - £7.00


15.jpg (584349 bytes) Wales v Scotland 19 May 1979 Ninian Park


very good - light fold on one corner

Ref: oswaso.prwa19790519sc - £2.50


26.jpg (102824 bytes) Wales v Cyprus

World Cup Qualifier

13 Oct 1993 National Stadium, Cardiff


very good

Ref: oswaso.prhm19931013-cyp-la - £3.00

14.jpg (568827 bytes) Wales v Republic of Ireland 6 Sep 2018 Cardiff City Stadium


very good

Ref: oswaso.prhm20180906ir - £3.00

13.jpg (627862 bytes) Wales v Denmark 16 Nov 2018 Cardiff City Stadium


very good

Ref: oswaso.prhm20181116de - £3.00


38.jpg (340228 bytes) SWANSEA CITY FANZINES 1989 - 2016 14 DIFFERENT ISSUES - A group of 14 Swansea City Football Club fanzines dating between 1989 and 2016. The following titles are noted amongst this lot: "Nobody Will Ever Know", "Jackmail", "Love Peace and Swansea City", "Jack Plug", "A Touch Far vetched", "Swansea Oh Swansea" and Jack Swan. All issues are A5 size in good condition. 

Ref: RC568-oswa-swa-ulgp14-fanzines - £15.00



18.jpg (489290 bytes) 17.jpg (525311 bytes) Muhammad Ali ( Cassius Clay ) v Henry Cooper (2nd fight) at Arsenal Stadium, Highbury 21 May 1966. A 20 page programme with some light staining to the covers. Also on the bill are Johnny Pritchett (Nottingham) v Johnny Kramer (Canning Town), Ron Gray (Walsall) v Billy Winter (Antigua), Tony Moore (Stepney) v Ernie Field (Halifax), Ian Hawkins (Hammersmith) v George Dularie (Bermondsey), Jimmy Tibbs (West Ham) v Tom Calderwood (Glasgow), Jimmy Ellis (USA) v Lewene Waqa (Fiji).   

Ref: RC569-osbnpr19660521 - £45.00


26.jpg (563278 bytes) "The Book of School Sports" by Gilbert Jessop and J.B. Salmond
Undated, circa 1910, A second hand hardback book with illustrated boards, cricket on the front cover, rugby on the spine. Generally the book is in good condition with some foxing to the pages.
published circa 1910 291 pages BD1-osgebkhi-jessop1910school - £45.00



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