37.jpg (442674 bytes) "England Rugby"  by Barry Bowker, 
England - A history of the National side 1871 - 1976. concentrates on English international matches, well researched with information and photographs from former players, a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in good condition
1st Edition: 1976 199 pages Ref: bkhien.in-bowker1976-enrr - £9.00


36.jpg (449672 bytes) "Lions of England" by Peter Jackson
A look at the contribution of English players to British Lions tours down the years. A secondhand hardback book with a dust jacket, very good condition
1st edition 2006 304 pages Ref: bkhien.in-jackson2006lions - £12.00


69.jpg (320041 bytes) BRISTOL SCHOOLS RUGBY UNION - "Centenary Booklet" edited by Eric Blackman
An illustrated history of the Bristol Schools Rugby Union, a second-hand paperback in good condition

Published in 1997

52 pages Ref: blhien-bristol-sh1997-blackman - £22.00


07.jpg (36866 bytes) CORNWALL - "The First Hundred Years" by Tom Salmon
Official centenary history including individual club histories of the senior clubs, Camborne, Falmouth, Hayle, Launceston, Newquay Hornets, Penryn, Penzance-Newlyn (the Pirates), Redruth, St Austell, St Ives & Truro, a secondhand paperback in good condition.
1st Edition: 1983 150 pages Ref: pbhienpv-salmon.1983-cornwall -  £23.00


79.jpg (71537 bytes)

"The Path to the Final 1991" published by Cornwall RFU

The story of Cornwall's run to the County Championship final at Twickenham in 1991, a pre-match publication including info on all Cornwall's previous finals, a secondhand booklet in good condition.

published in 1991

40 pages

Ref: blhienpv-cornwall.1991.path.to.the-fn - £10.00


06.jpg (27758 bytes)

"Surrey County Rugby Football Union - 1879 - 1939" by HE Steed & AJ Trollope

History of southern county by two secretaries, HE Steed (reproduced from a former work) and Arthur Trollope. This edition was formerly owned by R M Bell, a life member of the Surrey County RU who has marked the book on the pages on which he appears. It seems he is listed as W M Bell. A secondhand hardback book with illustrated boards in good condition.
1st Edition: 1939 Pages: 56 Ref: bkhienpv-sur1939steed£45.00


52.jpg (299598 bytes) ASTON OLD EDWARDIANS RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB - "75th Anniversary 1889-1964"
A ring bound history of a Midlands Old Boys club. A second hand booklet in very good condition 
published in 1964 54 pages blhiencb-aston.oe1964 - £30.00


51.jpg (135131 bytes) "BARNSTAPLE RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB 1877-1977"
Centenary booklet of a north Devon club side. A second hand booklet in very good condition 
published in 1977 44 pages blhiencb-barnstaple1977 - £30.00


01.jpg (402062 bytes) BEDFORD - "Winners of the RFU Club Competition 1974/75"
A 32 page booklet published to celebrate Bedord's win at Twickenham on 26th April 1975. A second hand booklet in very good condition 
published in 1975 32 pages blhiencb-bed-cuwn1975 - £12.00


29.jpg (314074 bytes) BEDFORD - "One Hundred Years of the Blues - Bedford RUFC 1886-1986" edited by Neil Roy
The Bedfordshire Times centenary history of Bedford R.U.F.C. A comprehensive illustrated history. A second hand hardback book with a dust wrapper in good condition.
1st edition 1986 270 pages bkhiencb-bed1986roy - £35.00


14.jpg (32146 bytes)

GLOUCESTER - "One Hundred Cherry & White Years" by Arthur Russell

Superb pocket sized history, well illustrated with contributions by former players and adversaries of Gloucester, an entertaining read, a second-hand paperback in very good condition.

Published in 1973

128 pages Ref: blhiencb-gloucester.1973.russell -  £12.00


49.jpg (715302 bytes) HINCKLEY RFC - "100 Years of Local Rugby" compiled by A Gildroy
An illustrated centenary history 1893 - 1993 of a Leicestershire club side. A second hand hardback book with illustrated boards in very good condition 
1st edition 1983 208 pages bkhiencb-hinckley1993gildroy - £25.00


48.jpg (521632 bytes) "KENILWORTH RFC JUBILEE 1924-1974" by J D Davies
An illustrated history of an English club side. A second hand booklet in very good condition 
published in 1974 84 pages blhiencb-kenilworth1974 - £30.00


47.jpg (107295 bytes) "KETTERING RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB 1875-1975" edited by Tont Hewitt
An illustrated centenary history of an English club side. A second hand booklet in very good condition 
published in 1975 72 pages blhiencb-kettering1975 - £26.00


35.jpg (515006 bytes) LEICESTER - "A Season in Stripes " by Michael Tanner
A look at the 1997-1998 season by Tanner, a former Leicester player. A secondhand hardback book with a dust jacket, very good condition
1st edition 1998 222 pages Ref: bkhien.cb-lei1998tanner - £12.00


76.jpg (48977 bytes) LONDON IRISH - "Passion In Exile" by Peter Bills
History of the men from the Emerald Isle in London, a good read, a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in good condition
1st Edition: 1998 207 pages Ref: bkhien.cb-loi1998bills - £20.00


46.jpg (221087 bytes) MARKET RASEN and LOUTH RUFC - "Twenty-five years of..." by Geotge Geeson and others
An illustrated English club history. A second hand booklet with a slight folding crease, generally in good condition 
published in 1975 20 pages blhiencb-mkt.rasen1975 - £24.00


27.jpg (177157 bytes) MOSELEY FOOTBALL CLUB - "An Abbreviated History 1873-74 to 1998-99" by
125th anniversary publication, A5 size, A second hand booklet in very good condition 
published in 1998 24 pages blhiencb-mos1998-aa125 - £12.00


62.jpg (499165 bytes)

SARACENS - "The Red and the Black" by Aylwin & Singer

The professional era at London giants Saracens. A secondhand hardback book with a dust wrapper, very good condition. 
1st Edition: 1999 192 pages Ref: bkhien.cb-sar1999aylwin - £20.00


45.jpg (380941 bytes) WALSALL RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB - "50th Anniversary Souvenir Prgramme"
A 6 page history of the Walsall club contained in the programme for the 50th anniversary match on 13 April 1972, JG (Jan) Webster's XV v President's XV. A second hand booklet in very good condition 
published in 1972 12 pages blhiencb-walsall-pr19720413 - £9.00


28.jpg (323455 bytes) WATSONIANS - "The Watsonian Football Club 1875-1975"
Centenary history of an Edinburgh club. A second hand booklet in good condition 
published in 1975 88pages blhisccb-wat1975-cnhi - £24.00



73.jpg (525593 bytes) WALES - "Welsh Rugby in the 1970s" by Carolyn Hitt
A fantastic trip down memory lane looking at Welsh Rugby in the 1970s, a time capsule if ever there was one. A secondhand hardback book with illustrated boards (published without a dust wrapper) in very good condition. 
1st Edition 2015 98 pages Ref: bkhiwa-hitt2015welsh - £10.00


64.jpg (711595 bytes) "Wales Play in Red" by Carolyn Hitt
The rugby diaries of Carolyn Hitt, includes chapters on the 2005, 2008 and 2012 Grand Slams, the Rugby World Cups of 2003 and 2011 with an interesting chapter on characters and controveries. A secondhand hardback book with a dust wrapper in very good condition. SIGNED by CAROLYN HITT with an inscription to JOHN 
1st Edition 2012 177 pages Ref: bkhiwa-hitt2012wales - £14.00


72.jpg (484037 bytes) WALES - "The Dawes Decades" by David Parry-Jones
John Dawes and the Third Golden Era of Welsh Rugby. Looking at Welsh rugby from the late 1960s to 1980 this is a tribute to Welsh rugby of the 1970s, a glorious decade of Northern Hemishpere dominance for Wales. a secondhand hardback book with a dust wrapper in very good condition. 
1st Edition 2005 248 pages Ref: bkhiwa-parry.jones2005dawes - £14.00


71.jpg (514580 bytes) WALES - "Calon - A Journey to the Heart of Welsh Rugby" by Owen Sheers 
The author spent a year as the Welsh Rugby Union's writer in residence. Written in diary form, this book looks at the 2012 Grand Slam season and the structure of the team and related systems. A a secondhand hardback book with a dust wrapper in very good condition. 
1st Edition 2013 274 pages Ref: bkhiwa-sheers2013calon - £10.00


25.jpg (93099 bytes)

ABERAVON - "Salute to Rugby 1976"

A booklet produced for the Aberavon Centenary dinner at the Afan Lido in 1976, contains many historical articles by journalists and former players including Roger Michaelson & Onllwyn Brace, a secondhand brochure in very good condition.  
Published in 1976 96 pages  Ref: bkhiwa.cb-aberavon1976salute-bl - £16.00



25.jpg (551556 bytes) "Early in the Morning......A History of Carmarthen Athletic 1944-1994" by Neil Davies
A second hand paperback in very good condition 
published in 1994 150 pages pbhiwacb-carmarthen.ath1994davies.n - £28.00


68.jpg (453822 bytes) LLANELLI - THE SCARLETS - A history of Llanelli Rugby Club  by Gareth Hughes
Season by season history of Llanelli, all the results from their long history. A great addition to this is full page individual caricatures of the leading Scarlets players through the years. A secondhand hardback with dust wrapper in good condition
1st Edition: 1986 260 pages Ref: bkhiwa.cb-lel.hughes1986scarlets - £37.00


36.jpg (83395 bytes) "WHO BEAT THE ALL BLACKS" by ALUN GIBBARD
The story of the Scarlets great victory over Ian Kirkpatrick's All Blacks in 1972. A secondhand paperback in very good condition. 
published in 2012 171 pages bkhiwa.cb-lel.gibbard2012who-pb - £8.00


67.jpg (472389 bytes) PONTYPOOL RFC - "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" by Nick Bishop and Alun Carter 
Subtitled 'The Rise and Fall of Pontypool RFC' this book looks at how Pooler flourished in the 1970s and 1980s, a powerhouse of a club that provided several internationals to the Welsh international team including the famous Pontypool Front Row. What followed this golden era was a steady decline into bankruptcy. Told from the inside by Alun Carter, a flanker at Pontypool who also represented Wales and became an analyst for the international team, a secondhand hardback book with a dust wrapper in very good condition. 
1st Edition 2013 234 pages Ref: bkhiwa-cb-ppo.bishop2013good - £14.00


79.jpg (430243 bytes) 66.jpg (154681 bytes) OFFICIAL WELSH RUGBY UNION HISTORY - "Fields of Praise" by David Smith & Gareth Williams 
The official history of the Welsh Rugby Union. A monumental work, Smith and Williams are professional historians and the amount of research that has gone into this work is mind boggling, includes detailed chapters on early rugby in Wales, a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in very good condition. 


1st Edition: 1980 505 pages Ref: RC568-bkhiwa-smith1980fields-auip -  £20.00


65.jpg (170281 bytes) rr-01.jpg (75397 bytes) tr-03-02.jpg (96210 bytes)

"Rugby Recollections" by WJ Townsend Collins "Dromio" foreword by Tommy Vile
Memories of Newport based journalist. This is a fantastic look back at 60 years of early rugby including chapters on the great players and incidents from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. A look at the tourists from Australia, New Zealand & South Africa. Well illustrated with over 100 photos of teams and individual players. A secondhand hardback without a dust wrapper, generally the book is in good condition. 

The book has been signed to the first page by J.R. Evans (not known) and two Welsh international outside halves, Cliff Jones (1934-1938) and Glyn Davies (1947-1951). Both players appear in the book, it looks probable that Davies gifted the book to Jones who has inscribed the book "Sir, I am honoured - Cliff Jones"

2nd & enlarged  edition: 1948 224 pages  Ref:  RC568-bkhiwa-collins1948recollections-ed2-au3 - £45.00



63.jpg (553094 bytes) WALES - "The Golden Years of Welsh Rugby" by Gareth Edwards
Match by match reports of Welsh internationals 1966 - 1979, a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in very good condition

SIGNED "To Tim - with Best Wishes - Gareth Edwards"

1st Edition: 1982 144 pages Ref: RC568-auip.bkhiwa-edwards1982golden.tim - £12.00


32.jpg (689961 bytes) RUGBY ANTHOLOGIES - 9 HARDBACK RUGBY ANTHOLOGIES WITH DUST WRAPPERS IN GOOD CONDITION - A selection of rugby anthologies featuring the best rugby writing. These compilations of rugby stories make fascinating reading. The books included in this collection are as follows: 

"Nice Tries" by Stuart Barnes,  "Bill Beaumont's Rugby Masterpieces" by Bill Beaumont with Neil Hanson,  "The Dunlop Book of Rugby Union" by David Guiney,  "The Best of McLean" by Terry McLean,  "Out of the Ruck" edited by David Parry-Jones,  "The Rugby Companion" and  "Best Rugby Stories" by Wallace Reyburn,  "Take the Ball And Run" by Godfrey Smith,  "The First XV - A Selection of the Best Rugby Writing" edited by Gareth Williams.

A collection of 9 out of print hardback books with dust wrappers in very good condition.


and to view other rugby anthologies not included in this collection

Ref:  F99-004-bkhiah.gp9 - £30.00  





25.jpg (470205 bytes) "Focus on Rugby" by Gordon Slatter 
A pictorial record of New Zealand Rugby, a large format second-hand paperback in good condition 
published in  1976 136 pages Ref: LA-bkhiph-slatter1976focus -  £15.00



62.jpg (731906 bytes)

Wallabies to South Africa 1969 - "Wallabies Without Armour" by Maxwell Price

Includes interviews with Malan and Connor the Springbok & Wallaby coaches, a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in very good condition

1st edition 1969

208 pages

Ref: bktras1969-price.armour - £45.00


61.jpg (392426 bytes)

France to New Zealand 1961 - "Cock of the Rugby Roost" by Terry Mclean

The French team in New Zealand 1961, the story of the tour by New Zealand's leading rugby journalist, a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in good condition

1st edition 1961

pages 220

Ref: bktrfr1961-mclean.cock - £27.00


04.jpg (45195 bytes)

All Blacks to British Isles & France 1967 - "The All Blacks 1967" by David Frost

Match by match tour record with statistical analysis by Guardian journalist Frost, a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in good condition

1st Edition: 1968 Pages: 174 Ref: bktrnz1967-frost.all - £14.00


09.jpg (51617 bytes)

All Blacks to British Isles & France 1967 - "All Black Magic" by Terry McLean

A great tour account by New Zealand's most prolific rugby author Terry McLean, a second-hand hardback  in good condition with some rubbing to the dust wrapper.

1st Edition: 1968

183 pages

Ref: bktrnz1967-mclean.magic - £16.00


05.jpg (45560 bytes)

All Blacks to British Isles & France 1967 - "The Unsmiling Giants" by Wallace Reyburn

An entertaining read and look at the tour, a second-hand hardback with dust wrapper in very good condition

1st Edition: 1968 170 pages Ref: bktrnz1967-reyburn.unsmiling - £16.00


82.jpg (101876 bytes)

All Blacks to South Africa 1970 - "Battling the Boks" by Terry McLean

A well written account of this All Blacks tour, a second-hand hardback with a dust wrapper that has minor creasing to the edges. 

1st Edition 1970

262 pages

Ref: bktrnz1970-mclean.battling - £35.00


b31.jpg (68978 bytes)

All Blacks to England & Scotland 1979 - "Retreat From Glory" by Don Cameron

A second-hand hardback with a dust wrapper in good condition

1st edition 1980

178 pages

Ref: bktrnz1979-cameron.retreat - £12.00



79.jpg (179610 bytes)

"England Rugby World Champions edited by Philip Brown

Sub titled 'Celebrating a Golden Year' A largely photographic book with terrific illustrations from the tournament, an excellent record of England's greatest feat. foreword by Rob Andrew. A large format secondhand book in very good condition.

1st edition 2004

336 pages 

Ref: LA-mmwc2003aful.bk-brown-champions-wt2250 - £25.00


57.jpg (390942 bytes) "Team England Rugby World Cup 2007" The official account of England's gallant 2007 Rugby World Cup campaign by the players. A second-hand hardback with a dust wrapper, in very good condition.

Ref: mmwc2007aful.bk.tmen-rwc - £15.00



00z.jpg (487236 bytes)

"Thirty Bullies - A History of the Rugby World Cup" by Alison Kervin 

A look at the history of the RWC through the eyes of the players, stories anecdotes and personalities, a second-hand hardback book with a dust wrapper in good condition

Published in 2007

372 pages Ref bkhitu.wc-kervin2007bullies - £12.00



44.jpg (428449 bytes)

"Union - World Cup Winners" by Peter Murray

A large format, largely photographic history of the Rugby World Cup up to and including 2003, a second-hand hardback book with a dust wrapper in very good condition

Published in 2003

168 pages Ref LA-bkhitu.wc-murray2003winners-wt1500 - £19.00


43.jpg (638118 bytes)

"Little Book of the Rugby World Cup" published by Green Umbrella

A small format history of the Rugby World Cup up to 2007. Includes a preview of the 2007 tournament. Sub-titled "The Greatest Show on Earth" this is a second-hand hardback book, believed to be published without a dust wrapper, with illustrated covers in very good condition.

Published in 2007

168 pages Ref RC568-bkhitu.wc-green.umb2007little - £5.00




63-10.jpg (63758 bytes)

October 1963 - Opinion on Change of season? Oxbridge tour of SA. Interview with Ken Scotland. Profile Roger Hosen and The battle of full-backs (Willcox and Hosen) Wales- who will be captain? Spotlight on Wasps. Irish prospects before they meet NZ. With Australia in S.A. - Where are they now ? R Cove-Smith, Front cover Simon Clarke, Oxbridge & England.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo-1963-10 - £10.00

73-03.jpg (47232 bytes) March 1973 – New Zealand tour to the British Isles 1972/73 – Vivian Jenkins and Carwyn James each analyse the All Blacks tour, All Blacks’ detailed tour statistics, former England international John Kendall-Carpenter remembers…, Rupert Cherry on coach Leighton Williams, Norman Mair says “Scotland prepares for league rugby”, photos of the final matches of the All Blacks tour including the famous match against the Barbarians at Cardiff Arms Park, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, JBG Thomas talks to Llanelli, Wales and British Lion second row Delme Thomas, Derek Robinson on the laws of the game, Nevin McGhee profiles Ireland’s new cap Kevin Mays (University College Dublin), Donald Cameron reports from Auckland, Eddie Kann from Sydney, Alex Potter from Paris, Reg Sweet from Durban and Peter McMullan from Vancouver, schools rugby with GW Abbott and a summary of international matches played. 
All Black Tour of British Isles 1972/3

Ref: mgbr.rrwo-1973-03 - £25.00

74-09.jpg (58208 bytes) September 1974 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1974 - front cover photo of JJ Williams & Slattery  -  Vivivian Jenkins on "The Best Lions"  -  Match Reports & Photos  Quaggas,  OFS,  Griquas,  N Transvaal,  Leopards,  3nd Test,  Border,  Natal,  E Transvaal,  4th Test  -  complete tour record  & statistics,  -  more photos  -  JBG Thomas with the Lions  -  Don Rutherford looks at 1966 1st Test  -  back cover photo of Lions celebrating. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo-1974-09 - £18.00

77-10.jpg (47269 bytes) October 1977 – British Lions Tour to New Zealand 1977 – British Lions v Barbarians match report, Harelquins Jubilee Sevens results, Vivian Jenkins reflects on “sad disappointment” of the Lions’ failure to win the series in New Zealand, England…around the clubs, focus on Camborne, Wales…around the clubs, focus on Ebbw Vale, Scotland…around the clubs, focus on West of Scotland, Ireland…around the clubs, focus on Ballymena, David Norrie on Terry Cobner – “the best pack leader in the land”, action photos from the Lions tour, Dr Doug Smith, manager of the successful 1971 Lions, offers his views on the 1977 tour, JBG Thomas talks to Peter Wheeler, Donald Cameron looks back at the New Zealand v British Lions test series on 1977, comprehensive statistics of the Lions tour, schools rugby by GW Abbott, Rupert Cherry traces the history of rugby in America, Eddie Kann reports from Australia, Reg Sweet from South Africa and Alex Potter from France. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo-1977-10 - £10.00

87-08.jpg (68296 bytes) August 1987 - Rugby World Cup 1987 - 98 page extended issue - a full post tournament souvenir of the tournament. Includes match by match report including full teams and stats. Assessments of each team, photos including full page of Kirwan & Berbizier,  more photos, reviews by Beaumont & Bennett,  Team of the tournament altogether an in depth view of the first ever Rugby World Cup.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo-1987-08-xb - £24.00

91-12.jpg (110667 bytes)

December 1991 - Rugby World Cup 1991 - "Wallabies on Top of the World" - Nick Farr-Jones lifting trophy on front cover - 132 page World Cup special - in depth analysis of how each team fared, full tournament results and match reports of the last stages.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1991-12-xb - £20.00



09.jpg (668036 bytes) Swansea City v Sheffield Wednesday - FA Cup 5th round replay  27 Feb 2018 Liberty Stadium, Swansea   good - very slight crease to the front cover

Ref: oswa-swa-prhm20180227she - £3.00

08.jpg (585080 bytes) Swansea City v  Tottenham Hotspur - FA Cup quarter final 17 Mar 2018 Liberty Stadium, Swansea   very good

Ref: oswa-swa-prhm20180317tot - £3.00

07.jpg (587387 bytes) Leicester City v Swansea City 3 Feb 2018 Leicester   very good - in unopened bag, includes poster

Ref: oswa-swa-praw20180203lei - £3.00


38.jpg (340228 bytes) SWANSEA CITY FANZINES 1989 - 2016 14 DIFFERENT ISSUES - A group of 14 Swansea City Football Club fanzines dating between 1989 and 2016. The following titles are noted amongst this lot: "Nobody Will Ever Know", "Jackmail", "Love Peace and Swansea City", "Jack Plug", "A Touch Far vetched", "Swansea Oh Swansea" and Jack Swan. All issues are A5 size in good condition. 

Ref: RC568-oswa-swa-ulgp14-fanzines - £15.00



26.jpg (563278 bytes) "The Book of School Sports" by Gilbert Jessop and J.B. Salmond
Undated, circa 1910, A second hand hardback book with illustrated boards, cricket on the front cover, rugby on the spine. Generally the book is in good condition with some foxing to the pages.
published circa 1910 291 pages BD1-osgebkhi-jessop1910school - £45.00



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