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  1. Principally played in villages and parishes in Pembrokeshire, what was the early form of football in Wales called ?

  2. In which year were the first laws of rugby written at Rugby School ?

  3. Which is the oldest club in Wales ?

  4. What was the name of the Hotel in Neath where the Welsh Football Union was formed in 1881 ?

  5. In which year did the 'Welsh Football Union' become the 'Welsh Rugby Union' ?

  6. Which queen visited Rugby School in 1839 ?

  7. Which Neath player is credited with introducing the Maltese Cross to the club ?

  8. In which match did Jack Jenkins win his solitary cap for Wales ?

  9. How many Welsh caps did Paul Thorburn win ?

  10. Which animal's bladder was used for early football/rugby balls ?

  11. What is the name of the 'ball' manufacturer that has been regarded as the leader in it's field since the early 1800s ?  

  12. What is the name of the ball maker who's wife contracted a lung disease from blowing up balls and who first introduced the 'vulcanised rubber' bladder to rugby balls ?

  13. To the nearest metre or yard, what was the distance of Paul Thorburn's mammoth kick against Scotland in 1986 ?

  14. In which year did Llanelli player Tom Morgan win his only cap for Wales, and against which country ?  

  15. Who is the Scottish international player that is credited with being the founder of Neath RFC ?

  16. What is the name of the pub and the field named after the pub, where Neath RFC played intermittently during the 1890s, this field is now the location of the 'old' Civic Centre ?

  17. Which seven time captain of Neath RFC became the first life member of the club ?  

  18. In which year did Rees Stephens travel to New Zealand with the British Lions ?

  19. What was the score in 1972 when Neath defeated Llanelli in the first ever Welsh Cup Final ?

  20. Which country did the Springboks beat by a record breaking 44 - 0 score in 1951 ?

  21. How many points did Neath score in their record breaking 1988/89 season ?

  22. Which team did Neath defeat in the 1990 Schweppes Welsh Cup Final ?

  23. Which team did Wales beat in 1905 in the first ever 'unofficial' world championship ?

  24. Who scored the try for Wales in this match ?

  25. What is the name of the 1905 All Blacks manager who wrote the book "The Triumphant Tour of the New Zealand Footballers 1905" ?

  26. Who was the Welsh captain in 1905 match against the All Blacks

  27. In which year did Wales win their first match at Twickenham ?

  28. Who scored the try and drop goal for Wales in this match ?

  29. Who was the captain of the 1935 All Blacks ?

  30. In the 1930's Wales played with numbers rather than letters on their backs, what letter was the full back ?

  31. What is the name of the Belfast ground where Wales defeated Ireland in 1950 ?

  32. In which New Zealand town did Wales beat Australia to finish in 3rd place in the 1987 Rugby World Cup ?

  33. In which English stadium did Wales play their Five Nations matches while the Millennium Stadium was being built ?

  34. Who scored the first try at the Millennium Stadium ?

  35. In which year was the first tour made by a British representative side ?

  36. Who was the captain of this touring side and why did he not complete the tour ?

  37. Who were the coach and captain of the 1971 British Lions ?

  38. What is the name of the Queensland coach who said of the 1971 Lions 'this was the worst Lions team to be sent to NZ ever' ?

  39. How many years did Walter Rees serve as secretary of the Welsh Rugby Union ?

  40. What is the name of the house from which Walter Rees ran the Welsh Rugby Union ?

  41. Which team did Wales defeat in the first match of the 2005 Grand Slam, who scored the Welsh try, who kicked the winning goal, what was the final score ?

  42. In which year did the Welsh Schools first tour South Africa ?

  43. In which country was the first Women's rugby international match played ? 

  44. Who were the winners of the Women's Rugby World Cup at Cardiff Arms Park in 1991 ?

  45. Which two teams contested the 1924 Olympic Rugby Final ?

  46. Who was the first player to be sent off in international rugby ?

  47. What prevented Ron Waldron from winning his first cap in 1962 ?

  48. Which England Grand Slam captain of the 1920s played the occasional match for Neath ?

  49. Which England second row did referee Nigel Williams send off in the match against New Zealand in Auckland in 2003 ?

  50. What was the nickname of Welsh rugby's first superstar Arthur Gould ? 



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