Neath Rugby Football Club is the oldest club in Wales, their origins can be traced back to 1871/72 when the first recorded match took place against Swansea, the outcome was “disputed” ! Neath’s first captain was Dr. T.P. Whittington who was capped for Scotland against England in 1873. In 1874, a 17 year old, Sam Clarke, started playing and he was to become the Club’s first Welsh international when he played for Wales in their second fixture and first victory against Ireland in 1882. An able administrator, he was the last secretary of the South Wales Football Union, the forerunner to the Welsh Rugby Union. He also became secretary of Neath RFC and his efforts in keeping the club minutes can be seen in the early 'minute books' in our Museum Collection. To view these books which are the earliest known records of Neath RFC please click on the image below.


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A quotation for two galvanised wrought iron baths for use by the club. £3/17/6 each, the equivalent of £3.88, the price includes delivery. (WRM-201)
03.jpg (81638 bytes) 02.jpg (29262 bytes) Neath RFC Minute Books - 1891-2 - 1893-4 (WRM-0178)


Neath RFC season & members tickets (WRM-0226)

  cover 1st team fixtures A team fixtures

Notes and other information

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The Bird in Hand Field is where the old Civic Centre and car park opposite now stand. Rosser St is still standing, the Gnoll is approx 75 metres to the right of the photograph. The early days of Neath RFC saw the club move both headquarters and grounds on several occasions, financial considerations were always top of the agenda. 




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25 September 1962 - Neath faced a Glamorgan County XV to celebrate the opening of the new grand stand. (WRM-0222)



Nth-Bbs-21.jpg (36623 bytes) Neath v Barbarians 1921 menu card


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Neath v Weston-Super-Mare 6th February 1932, a programme from the Glenn Harris collection. It is interesting to note that Neath are playing in letters rather than numbers (when did they change to numbers ?). Programme notes include new fixtures against Devonport Services, London Hospital & London Irish and the Supporters Club fund for new dressing rooms.  

Ref: WRM-prwacb-ne19320206 



  Opponents Date Venue Result comments match report
99.jpg (394906 bytes) Abertillery v Neath

team info

20 Oct 1923 The Park, Abertillery ???   Required
98.jpg (486498 bytes) Cardiff v Neath

team info

22 Dec 1928 Cardiff Arms Park ???   Required
97.jpg (429982 bytes) Neath v Weston-super-Mare

team info

6 Feb 1932 The Gnoll, Neath ???   Required
96.jpg (451109 bytes) Cardiff v Neath

team info

19 Nov 1932 Cardiff Arms Park ???   Required
95.jpg (298032 bytes) Neath v Cardiff

team info

11 Mar 1933 The Gnoll, Neath ???   Required
94.jpg (354471 bytes) Neath v Swansea

team info

26 Mar 1936 The Gnoll, Neath ???   Required
93.jpg (244485 bytes) Neath v Swansea

team info

21 Nov 1936 The Gnoll, Neath ???   Required
92.jpg (326538 bytes) Neath v Aberavon

team info

18 Dec 1937 The Gnoll, Neath ???   Required
91.jpg (467825 bytes) Neath v Guy's Hospital

team info

17 Sep 1938 The Gnoll, Neath ???   Required
90.jpg (303162 bytes) Neath v Llanelli

team info

19 Nov 1938 The Gnoll, Neath ???   Required
89.jpg (312746 bytes) Neath v Swansea

team info

26 Nov 1938 The Gnoll, Neath ???   Required



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