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On this page you will find items for which we are looking for more information. If you are able to help with any our searches, please CLICK HERE to email us. THANK YOU !





Two signed postcards, believed to be of rugby league players. Ref: F20-45
87.jpg (79475 bytes) 86.jpg (70063 bytes)
With Compliments Stan and Russell - almost certainly Huddersfield players, postcard by a Huddersfield photographer.

7/5/09 - Steve thinks that the photo is probably the Pepperells who played for Huddersfield in the 1950’s. although he thinks there were three brothers not two.

19/10/12 - Michael is certain that the two players are Stan and Russell Pepperell of Huddersfield.

"Compliments of the season", the badge looks as though it has a white rose so is this player Yorkshire ?

Michael is pretty sure that this is an England shirt with Stan (Pepperell) who played for England against Wales in 1936. You can just about make out "Wales 1936" below his shirt badge. 

27/3/13 - Bill has added...... More info on the postcards of the Pepperell Brothers. Stan and Russell both played for Huddersfield, Stan from 1934 until 1949, Russ from 1939 until 1956. Stan gained 3 England Caps and 11 county caps for Cumberland. The other photo is of Stan with his county cap and England shirt v Wales. 

Russ had 16 county caps and 4 England caps. Another brother (Calle) played for Huddersfield from 1942 and ended his career at Workington Town in 1954. He earned 12 Cumberland Caps and 2 Test caps for Great Britain. All three brothers were born in villages around Workington and all three played amateur rugby league for Seaton in the Cumberland League 

14/3/17 - Shane says "Their third brother was called Albert who played for Workington Town. Also their father was of the first to play for Workington town when formed. The family owned a petrol garage in Seaton, Workington, Cumbria which was then "Cumberland" One of the brothers tour shirts is framed in the local rugby club. I believe Russ migrated to Australia and had sometype of involvement with Manley sea eagles. "




99.jpg (123307 bytes) 82.jpg (12686 bytes) 81.jpg (3786 bytes)


A recent acquisition of the museum is this painting of a Welsh Schoolboy in his jersey. we believe this is an original painting from around the turn of the century, the jersey badge dates it as thus. What is unusual about this painting is the modernistic structure that the boy is holding onto. We've no idea what this is, if anyone can shed any light on who the player is or what is he holding onto we'd much appreciate this. Disappointingly there is a small tear to the canvas on the boy's face but generally the painting is good with some damage to the inside of the frame.  


On viewing an antiques programme recently the structure was explained. It was very similar to a jardinieire (large indoor plant holder) that was common place around the turn of the century.  



Amongst the World Rugby Museum collection is a signed postcard of the combined East Midlands and Midland team that toured France in 1913. The card is autographed to the reverse by 13 of the tour party including Captain Edgar Mobbs and one of rugby's greatest adventurers, Tom Richards, the only man ever to play for the both the British Lions and Australia. We'd like to find out more information about this tour and the other players in this team and to identify those hard to read signatures. Local newspapers for Northampton, Coventry, Leicester and surrounding districts etc may contain tour reports and information relating to these players.




86.jpg (19723 bytes)

Milford P Jones - probably a Welshman with 8 panel ball and what looks like a portable changing shed in the background. Ref: F9-238-pcpyuk 87.jpg (29911 bytes) Unknown team. Ref: F9-240-pctmuk
24.jpg (28246 bytes) Dally Messenger - signed ????? - Is this a real signature or has someone just written Dally's name, A picture of kicking contest between Messenger and Lomas, the English captain in 1910 , a regular occurrence in early 20th century Australia - F9-239-pcrl     


13.jpg (24317 bytes) 30-JENKINS-Albert.jpg (15096 bytes) A signed postcard of AE Jenkins, illustration left  - Is this a much younger Albert E Jenkins of illustration right from Llanelli who played for Wales in the 1920's or another AE Jenkins? We'll need to check the signature, has anyone out there got an Albert Jenkins signature we can compare this against ? 



If you are able to help with any our searches, please CLICK HERE to email us . THANK YOU !




Our unknown ties are contained on a separate page. PLEASE CLICK HERE or on the image above to view these.




The badges & pins in this table belonged to a member of the Transvaal committee and his son based in Johannesburg. We believe that most date from the 1960s. Any help identifying these will be much appreciated.
93.jpg (17144 bytes) Unknown - CL - 15mm - Ref: F72-13-07 74.jpg (15677 bytes) same as Canadian badge but different colours   Ref: F72-14-15
00c.jpg (15522 bytes) Junior Springboks ?? ? - BH - 12mm - Ref: BGA-121    



LL-1972-9-fr.jpg (48707 bytes) 000_0117.jpg (39629 bytes) LL-1972-9-bk.jpg (52690 bytes) 12.jpg (26876 bytes) 74.jpg (185715 bytes) Is this a Llanelli jersey from the match against John Dawes Lions XV in 1973 ? The match was to celebrate the centenaries of both Llanelli and the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. The Llanelli centenary was in 1972 so although a little late the dates tie in. The UCW initials underneath the Dragon must stand for the University College Wales. In this match Llanelli played in scarlet and the number 9 jersey was worn by Selwyn Williams. 

Ref: PL10-jyukwacb-ll72-ucw

92-blue-yellow-front.jpg (22167 bytes) 93-blue-yellow-back.jpg (15087 bytes) 22-FVR-badge.jpg (211164 bytes) A light blue and yellow jersey, the badge has 'FVR' below a bat. A very unusual badge, the jersey is a lightweight cotton so could possibly be Southern European.  

Ref: PL32-16-jyuk-fvr  


If you are able to help with any our searches, please CLICK HERE to email us . THANK YOU !



We are searching for information and photographs on the playing career of Morgan Davies (born 16.8.1898 in Tredegar). He probably played just after WWI possibly for Tredegar. (WRM-RRC-3379) 


We are searching for information on Charles Bunney (or Bunny, Bunning). He is reported as being a prominent Usk and Pontypool player. We have this information on his Pontypool career...........

C Bunny played for Pontymoile Whitestars in seasons 1898-1899, 1899-1900 and 1900-1901.  Pontymoile Whitestars, who were the forerunners of Pontypool RFC, amalgamated with Pontypool Thursdays in the summer of 1901 to form the now Pontypool RFC.  C Bunny, who was a forward, played in the first match of the re-constituted Pontypool RFC on 21 September 1901 against Cardiff Romilly at Recreation Ground, Pontypool with Pontypool winning by 2 tries to one (6-3)"

 But we have nothing on him playing for Usk RFC. I would expect him to be playing in the 1890s for this club ? 




10.jpg (229430 bytes)

William Emlyn 'Em' EVANS (Penygraig)

This photo shows W.E. Evans of Penygraig wearing his Welsh Schools jersey and cap awarded to him in 1936 when he played for Wales against England in front of a crowd of 30,000 at cardiff Arms Park. Em.'s son Ray is keen to acquire a team photo from this match. The other members of the team are:

W.Roberts (Aberavon), T.Lewis (Aberavon),  B.Watkins (Abertillery),  D.J.Prater (Cardiff),  W.E.Connell (Llanelli)
G.R.Roberts (Maesteg), J.R.Hilliard (Mid Glamorgan), W.E. Perry (Mid Glamorgan), H.Davies (Mynydd Mawr), 
J.Davies (Neath), J.R.G. (Rees) Stephens (Neath) (Capt)

Wales won the match by 25 points to 9, click on thumbnail to the left for the match report. Em's shirt can now be seen hanging proudly in the Penygraig RFC club house.





68.jpg (136630 bytes) WCS 1923 - the cap is believed to have belonged to Arthur Morgan, Neath & Glamorgan. 

It has been suggested by 'JP' that this cap is a Wales Civil Service cap.................... 

"Re the WCS 1923 cap for Arthur Morgan. My “guess” is that it’s a Welsh Civil Service Cap.   -   Civil Service Sport was once pretty strong – they were one of the 21 founding clubs of the RFU – and there were certainly Internationals played between the Welsh and English Civil Service. I have a programme from the late 40’s of a game played at Swansea. I recently bought a Birmingham Civil Service RFC cap from the 20’s so Rugby was widespread within the Civil Service at the time. Have tried some research but can’t prove if this was the case. Maybe some family background on Arthur Morgan will shed light on what he did before he went north."

 .... the fact that the cap is dated 1923 and not 1922/3 or 1923/4 seems to suggest that it was presented for a 'single' appearance, we have seen a programme dated 1924 for a civil service international between England and Wales. Unless of course this is a cricket cap, possibly the 'C' stands for 'cricket'. I do however side with 'JP' on this that it's a Wales Civil Service cap...... any further info or comments will be greatly received    


Great News ! - we have managed to obtain an England v Wales Civil Service 1923 programme with Arthur Morgan listed in the Welsh team ! photos to follow soon !


We are searching for information on the career of Albert Jones who sometimes played under the name of Albert Green, (Green being his mother's maiden name). We know that he played rugby league for Wales in the 1920s, possibly against New Zealand at Pontypridd. 
84-cap-1.jpg (91828 bytes)

Wales Rugby League Cap 1927-8 awarded to Albert Green / Jones. The cap is by Nicholl & Brown of Halifax. 

Ref: PC26-rlcpwa

74-cap-2.jpg (90809 bytes)

Rugby League Cap 1927-8 (GM) awarded to Albert Green / Jones. The cap by W Gamage Ltd of London is in excellent condition. See info below for Albert's clubs, it's highly probable that this is a Pontypridd or Carlisle cap. 

Ref: PC26-rlcpgm

Thanks to Graham Williams who has supplied the following information. 

"Albert's two Welsh appearances were against New Zealand in December 1926 and England in April 1927. According to the recently published Barrow RLFC Who’s Who, after Pontypridd RLFC closed down in October 1927 Green joined the newly formed Carlisle City sometime after August 1928. When City closed down in November 1928 Green joined Barrow but after playing six matches for them ‘he disappeared’."



Birmingham Civil Service RFC are searching for information and photographs relating to the club. If you are able to help please email the archivist.   




Old Stager


We are searching for information or newspaper reports by journalist WJ 'John' Hoare known as 'Old Stager'. Seen above kicking off a charity match 'OId Stager' was an influential member of the South Wales press core, his criticism of the selection policy led to the creation of a five man selection panel. He then named them the 'Big Five', a term which became as famous as the man himself. There were two 'Old Stagers', the first 'JR Stephens' covered rugby in South Wales around the 1890s to early 1900s, the Old Stager for whom we are searching info is the SW Echo, SW Argus & Western Mail writer of the 1920s and 1930s. He was a prolific writer a fine example of his work was the front page of the South Wales Football Echo on the day when Wales defeated New Zealand in 1935, almost the complete front page is written by Old Stager, this for an evening paper which would hit the streets within 90 minutes of the match finishing, a phenomenal feat ! Any help given will be credited on our 'Old Stager' page when complete. 






 A big THANK YOU to the following who have supplied information to items appearing on this page:

  Ray Evans, South Dareth, Kent (formerly of Penygraig), Paul Davies, 'JP', Ted Roberts, Lena Balakrishnan, NZ, Peter Upton, Richard Avenell, Pat Walsh, Australia, Howard Mitchell, Joel Diemer, New Mexico. Steve Calline, Lisa Edwards (gg/d of Albert Jenkins, Llanelli & Wales), Graham Williams, rugby historian, Nick Creal & Neil Vickery,  Clive Jones of Carmarthen, Tom Judd, Leicester, Adrian Doyle, Australia, Chris Evans, Andrew Mitchell, Mackie Academy FP, Juan Antonio Gonzalez Gonzalez , Gijon, Spain,  Michael Turner (Oldham Rugby League Heritage Trust). Bill Nelson, Shane (surname unknown)


There are others, if we have missed you, sorry ! please email us and we will add you to the above list.





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