This page is dedicated to the memory of William Henry Snow and Margaret Harris. They had both passed on before I was born but they were my great grandparents and therefore their genes live on in their descendants who are many. If you have any information or photographs you would like to share with the world relating to William, Margaret and their descendants please email me by clicking on the link below. - regards - Cuz Dai



William Henry Snow was born the third son to Thomas and Elizabeth Snow (nee Guy) in 1866. He had 3 brothers, John James, Thomas Benjamin, and David Guy. The family lived at 12 Briton Ferry Rd. 

My info on Margaret Harris parents is a bit sketchy at present, her father john hailed from St Agnes in Cornwall and her mother Martha Lewis from west Wales, they lived at No 21 Pen-y-Dre in Neath. More info to follow at a later date.  


William Henry & Margaret Snow 



William & Margaret were married on the 23rd May 1886 at the Neath registry Office. They had 22 children, 13 of whom survived to adulthood. WH started Snows Construction, his first job in 1896 was to build Llantwit Cemetery (where he is buried in a rapidly deteriorating grave), other major buildings in the Neath area include the Empire Cinema, which opened I think in 1937 and the Twelve Knights Hotel in Margam. 



The Snow family 1913  

Back Row:- Gertrude, William , Herbert, Martha, Clifford, Edgar, Ethyl.

Front Row:- Vincent, Flossie, Margaret Harris, William Henry, Lawson, Harold

Floor:-  Doreen,  George


This is the earliest known photograph of WH and his family. Thanks to Mam & Carol Snow (daughter of Vincent) for identifying the above. 

Almost all of the research for the information you find here has been done by Carol's  and her husband Jim Muir. 


William & Margaret Golden wedding photo at Neath Mission 1936

Back row:- Vincent, Doreen, Gertrude( Gertie), Flossie, Lawson, George

Front Row:- Harold, Herbert, W.H.S, Margaret ( Harris), William, Cliff.




Adverts from 1932 & 1938 Neath RFC programmes



Margaret Snow at time of Mission Choir
We think the one in the middle in the back is Margaret Snow, wife of William Henry. The rest are unknown.
Margaret Snow (Harris)
WH Snow and Robert Grant
894-margaret-snow-and-frien.jpg (110279 bytes) Margaret Snow and friends



HERBERT SNOW -1887   -   MARTHA ELIZABETH SNOW -1889   -   WILLIAM HENRY SNOW (JUNIOR) -1889   -   GERTRUDE MABEL (GERTIE) SNOW -1892   -   EDGAR SNOW - 1893   -   CLIFFORD SNOW - 1894   -    ETHEL SNOW - 1897   -   HAROLD SNOW - 1898   -   VINCENT SNOW - 1900   -   LAWSON SNOW - 1901   -   FLORENCE (FLOSSIE) SNOW - 1905   -   GEORGE SNOW   -   DOREEN SNOW
Where you see a name above in blue more information is available by clicking on the name


 Please note that all the photos on this page from this point on have been identified by Marion Richards (nee Francis-Rees) grand-daughter of William Henry & Margaret - I've tried wherever possible to add the information she's given while identifying the photos. These photos were contained in two albums in Olga & Mervyn's photo collection. The albums we think may have originally belonged to Auntie Flossie (Florence Rees (nee Snow), certainly the second of the two was Flossie's. 




Herbert Snow at the back facing the camera and others at what looks to be a wedding - note the buttonholes.



Will Snow - lived in Danygraig


Edgar Snow with child.
Edgar Snow, drummer boy, photo by JH Baxter, Llandudno. Edgar was the only son who didn't join the family construction firm. He emigrated to Canada 
Edgar Snow in uniform again
Edgar Snow - Busy Bee Cafe - we think somewhere in Canada
Edgar Snow on boat
Didn't he do well - Edgar Snow
Look at the size of Edgar's driver's conk, it's unbelievable !
Edgar with 2 unknowns
925-edgar-snow-more.jpg (58474 bytes) more Edgar Snow
more Edgar Snow 2 924-more-edgar-snow2.jpg (70014 bytes)
Edgar & Dad (William H) + 1 other
Edgar & dad (William H) 2 + possibly brother & 1 other



Gertie Snow (pictured here with her granddaughter linden) married James Francis-Rees and had 6 children (Vida, Olga, Phyllis, Harold, Marion & Maldwyn). They lived in No 13 Eva St, next to the her parents (No 15), she died on 22nd October 1954. 




Ethel & Doreen Snow, Mrs Gibbon (Raymond's mother) & Vida
It's snowing in Porthcawl Ethel, Harold & Flossie
Ethel Snow




The great 'Flossie'

The eccentric aunt was how I remember Flossie - she must have been in her late 60s when I was just a boy but she was always a bundle of fun. One of the great characters as her photo album testifies !


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862-203.jpg (161591 bytes) 861-202.jpg (151203 bytes) 859-237.jpg (162014 bytes)


David, Evelyn, Glen, Flossie, Elsie, Lawson



George Snow - lived in Danygraig



920-doreen-raymond2.jpg (55732 bytes) More Doreen & Raymond
More Doreen & Raymond 919-doreen-raymond3.jpg (60448 bytes)
909-raymond-and-doreen.jpg (186458 bytes) raymond and doreen
doreen x 3 907-doreen-x3.jpg (48004 bytes)
906-raymond-top-doreen-geor.jpg (67894 bytes) raymond top, george & doreen.
Martha, Evelyn, Doreen & Ethel 902-martha-evelyn-doreen-et.jpg (90214 bytes)
921-doreen-raymond-hols.jpg (59034 bytes) Doreen & Raymond on hols with others


Doreen & Raymond's wedding 

Harold Rees, Bill Gibbons, Raymond Gibbons, Doreen Snow, Lawson Snow, Bill Kite, 

Mr Gibbons, Phyllis, Olga, Marjorie



mission approx 1938 whit Monday march / ramble - 

guy in front left,  - still walking round - he's got a girlfriend, name possibly Alec ? Mary Holwill pictured, who married 


Mission in Neath


Mission in Neath 2 - we think the guys with the red crosses may be William Henry (left) and his elder brother John Snow


Mission choir - Margaret Snow 4th from right in the middle row.



4 metal box girls, 2nd from right Sylvia Ellis, married to Edwin Ellis, dad was probably best man at their wedding. They lived 2nd house from the cemetry on Llantwit Rd. The one on the right could be Alice Williams.  


Marjorie next to lady with a hat - rest unknown


UNKNOWN & NOW NOT 'UNKNOWN' - thanks to all who have helped in this section

991-unknown-celebration.jpg (119670 bytes) unknown celebrations - possibly coronation - possibly Dan-y-Graig !!!

Peter thinks it's around 1945 June - so the celebrations are possibly VE day - Olga holding the baby which Peter thinks is definately him because it's a small baby, Peter was premature, only 3lbs and stayed in hospital for the first couple of months ! - Vida standing behind Olga

Neilson Kite on a bike
unknown babies
Mervyn standing up - Harold holding the poles

(thanks to Peter for this and info below)

Harold was outstanding sportsman - a superb footballer - cricketer batsman & wicketkeeper atheltics - always winning cups, good swimmer, tennis everything ! very good friends with Mervyn who was also another great sportsman

Mervyn played for rugby for the RAF & Neath, he played for the RAF against Bath - he played rugby at full back and was also an excellent cricketer.

4 nurses - one who was friendly with Olga, possibly Olive 
unknown nurse again plus 2 patients
William Harris brother of Margaret Snow (born Margaret Harris). The actor William Squires (b 1916) was related to Harris' in some way. The Harris' around the 1940s lived in Florence St near Stockham's corner. Another family - Auntie Florrie Maddocks (cousin of Gertie Mabel) lived in Southgate Street. She had a son Philip who moved to Gnoll Park Rd, in the newer houses opposite the end of Leonard St.   
marjorie, ethel, doreen, grandmother
unknown geezer !


This used to be an unknown school group until Linden identified Brian in the middle row, third from left..... ta cuz !  


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