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 Summary of major articles and useful information

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60-10.jpg (49936 bytes)

******** 1st EDITION ********

October 1960 - Front cover photo of Colin Meads Articles include Vivian Jenkins on the 1925 Brownlee incident, spotlight on Richard Sharp, Cyril Gadney on  how he became a referee. Look at 'old boys' teams, Wilf Wooller on the coming season, Focus on Pontypool prop Ray Prosser, Reg Sweet analysis of the forthcoming Springboks tour of Britain. Photos and reports from the All Blacks tour of South Africa,  Michael Melford looks at England's prospects, Jock Wemyss on Scotland, JBG on Wales, Paul MacWeeney on Ireland, Alex Potter on French rugby, Eddie Kann reports from Australia. County Championship focus by Peter Cranmer, schools survey and coaching. 56 pages.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1960-10 - £50.00

60-10.jpg (49936 bytes)

******** 1st EDITION - REPRINT IN 2010********

October 1960 - Front cover photo of Colin Meads Articles include Vivian Jenkins on the 1925 Brownlee incident, spotlight on Richard Sharp, Cyril Gadney on  how he became a referee. Look at 'old boys' teams, Wilf Wooller on the coming season, Focus on Pontypool prop Ray Prosser, Reg Sweet analysis of the forthcoming Springboks tour of Britain. Photos and reports from the All Blacks tour of South Africa,  Michael Melford looks at England's prospects, Jock Wemyss on Scotland, JBG on Wales, Paul MacWeeney on Ireland, Alex Potter on French rugby, Eddie Kann reports from Australia. County Championship focus by Peter Cranmer, schools survey and coaching. 56 pages. This is a reprint of the first editon which was published in 2010

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1960-10-rp2010 -  £10.00

60-11.jpg (50722 bytes)

November 1960 - Springbok Tour of British Isles 1960/61 -  Springboks Tour 1960/61 Special Edition. Several articles on the tour prospects, pen pictures of the players & photos. Profile of Avril Malan, Front cover photo and 4 page profile of Dickie Jeeps. Report on the French tour of Argentina. Wilf Wooler article on Wales v NZ 1935  

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1960-11 - £25.00  

98.jpg (72302 bytes)

December 1960 - Springbok Tour of British Isles 1960/61 -  Tony O’Reilly front cover photo & 3 page profile, Springboks photos & facsimile autographs. Profile of All Black full back Don Clarke. A look at South African Barbarians, photos from 1959 Lions tour of NZ. Famous Scottish Forwards – article by Jock Wemyss, preview of Wales v S Africa. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1960-12 - £18.00




 Summary of major articles

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61-01.jpg (48687 bytes)

January 1961 - Springbok Tour of British Isles 1960/61 -   Michael Antelme, Springbok wing three quarter front cover photo, Vivian Jenkins on Wavell Wakefield, preview of England v South Africa, profile of Bryn Meredith, Newport & Wales, Maxwell Price on British refereeing, AM Rees, some amusing refereeing stories, profile of Scottish skipper Gordon Waddell, Alex Potter on the French Club Championship, photos of Springbok tour, Alec Waugh the writer on his days at Rosslyn Park, preview of France v Scotland, Eric Evans on what makes a good captain, JBG Thomas on the Springboks in Wales, Gerwyn Williams on passing.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1961-01 - £15.00

61-02.jpg (50942 bytes)

February 1961 - Springbok Tour of British Isles 1960/61 -   Vivian Jenkins reviews the tour, profile of John Young, Oxford Uni, Harlequins and England, Wilf Wooller on the great centres 1930 - 1960, Rex Alston remembers S Africa's 44-0 defeat of Scotland in 1951 and Ireland's grand slam victory over Wales in 1948, profile of David Hewitt, Queen's University, Belfast and Ireland, history of the Hospitals Cup competition, interesting article on Scottish internationals playing for S Africa in 1903, profile of Springbok Doug Hopwood.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1961-02 - £15.00

61-03.jpg (53347 bytes)

March 1961 - Springbok Tour of British Isles 1960/61 - Vivian Jenkins reviews the England v South Africa game, Ales Potter profiles Alfred “The Rock” Roques, Coventry and England’s Peter Jackson helpful tips on playing on the wing, Reg Sweet profiles Dr Danie Craven, raising a colts team in Essex, Jock Wemyss looks at rugby in Edinburgh and Glasgow, JBG Thomas profiles Terry Davies and looks at the game in Wales, schools round-up, Eddie Kann reports from Australia, rugby stamps by AGK Leonard, Fred Boshier on New Zealand rugby, Rupert Cherry reviews the County Championship, kicking by Gerwyn Williams, spotlight on Blackrock RFC and a summary of the recently played international matches.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1961-03 - £15.00

61-04.jpg (53393 bytes)

April 1961 - Springbok Tour of British Isles 1960/61 -   Springboks Souvenir - complete statistical tour record, Vivian Jenkins picks the top seven Springboks, pictures from the tour, OL Owen continues his history of rugby football, article on the Barbarians in wales by Jock Wemyss, profile of David Marques, Cambridge Uni, Harlequins & England, centre three-quarter play by Jeff Butterfield, profile of Ireland's Ronnie Kavanagh, preview of the Fijian tour of Australia, Rossly Park schools sevens report. profile of Hughie McLeod, usual correspondants report from New Zealand, South Africa, Wales, Scotland, ireland, France etc.....

 Ref: mgbr.rrwo1961-04 - £18.00

61-05.jpg (52607 bytes)

May 1961 - Five Nations Tournament 1961 - Wales v Ireland front cover photo - Fred Boshier from NZ - Profile of Andy Mulligan, London Irish & Ireland - Preview of Ireland's tour of South Africa - History of the Middlesex Sevens - Preview of Fijian tour of Australia - Preview of French tour of New Zealand - Wing Forward play with Peter Robbins - change to line-out laws - Preview of Snelling Sevens with JBG - Profile of Peter Jackson - Border Sevens with Jock Wemyss - Stories from Twickenham with OL Owen - Welsh Schools Rugby by John Billot.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1961-05 - £15.00

61-06.jpg (58610 bytes)

June 1961 - Front cover photo and profile of Dewi Bebb, Swansea & Wales - Rugby & Cricketers - OL Owen's series on Twickenham history - Profile of Jack Preece - story of Dai Joseph and the lemons - Profile of Paris University rugby - Profile of Arthur Smith 1962 Lions captain - History of the Ranfurly Shield - Future of welsh Rugby by JBG Thomas.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1961-06 - £10.00

61-07.jpg (55889 bytes)

July 1961 - Colin Meads front cover photo & profile - Currie Cup story, Cardiff's 8 brothers - the Williams' including Bleddyn & Lloyd, historical article on the Irish Wolfhounds, OL Owen on the genius of Jackie Kyle & Cliff Morgan, profile of Amedee Domenech, France, Lengthy article on Australian wingers and Fiji tour of Australia, NZ Services rugby during the war, preview of French tour of NZ, underground heating at Murrayfield, short report on Middlesex Sevens and full length report on South Africa v Ireland international.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1961-07 - £15.00

61-08.jpg (49319 bytes)

August 1961 - Front cover photo of Roy Heming, NSW, profile of irish prop Gordon Wood, profile of wallaby manager Bjarne Halvorsen, final instalment of OL Owen's history of rugby football, profile of Australia's Ken Catchpole, profile of French scrum half Pierre Danos, JBG on the Welsh club scene, report of Irish tour of South Africa,  Wemyss on the Scottish club scene, more from the Fiji tour of Australia.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1961-08 - £15.00

September 1961 - Front cover photo Scotland v England, profile of Ron Jacobs, Northampton & England, rugby in the USA,  French brothers Andre & Guy Boniface, profile of Ken Scotland, middle page spread of France v Wales 1959 line out. Previews of home nations countries new season, French tour of NZ report, reports of Fiji tour of Australia.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1961-09 - £15.00

61-11.jpg (49611 bytes)

November 1961 - Tony O'Reilly & P Thorning on front cover - Profile of JP Horrocks-Taylor - Richard Sharp at school - JBG Thomas on Professionalism - Profile of Tom Kiernan - Regular contributions by French, Irish, South African, Australian & New Zealand contributors.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1961-11 - £8.00

61-12.jpg (56174 bytes)

December 1961 - Opinion on Olympic Rugby. Preview of Varsity Match no.80. Sevens Rugby- 1st article of a series- Royal Navy champions 1960/61. Profile of Norman Bruce and Wilson Whineray. Scottish trial previewing selection. JBG on Wales ’s chances in 5-nats. Ireland and their selections- injury bogey- Tom Kiernan.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1961-12 - £8.00



 Summary of major articles

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62-01.jpg (97797 bytes)

January 1962 - Vivian Jenkins calls for the 'death penalty' on the penalty goal, profile of Ronnie Dawson, Wanderers, Ireland and 1959 British Lions captain, focus on David Marques by L Bruce Lockhart, Article on Springbok brothers, Irish selectors facing problems, JBG on the West Wales Rugby Union, profile of Alan Ashcroft, history of Army Rugby.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1962-01 - £14.00

62-02.jpg (49573 bytes)

February 1962 - Excerpt from Michael Greens book "The Art of Course Rugby" - Preview of England v Wales at Twickenham - Profile of Haydn Morgan, Abertillery & Wales - Ken Scotland at school by his coach - History of RAF Rugby - preview of Wales v Scotland at Arms Park - Rugby League to arrive in South Africa - Profile of Tom Pearce, Auckland - preview of England v Ireland.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1962-02 - £10.00

62-03.jpg (48870 bytes)

March 1962 - Calcutta Cup- origins. Selecting Scots for Lions tour to SA. Profile of Keith Oxlee. Preview Ire v Wal by JBG. Playing for 2 countries- qualifications and ethics examined. Aussies loss of players to Rugby League. Profile of David Hewitt. Front cover photo Jim Roberts, England.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1962-03 - £15.00

62-04.jpg (96278 bytes)

April 1962 - Vivian Jenkins on who should make the Lions tour, profile of Peter Wright, Blackheath and England, Wales v France preview. Wilf Wooller on picking and chossing a Lions squad, profile of Johnny Williams, photo call - the Hospital's Cup, which Irish players will make the Lions tour, profile of Scottish (and soon to be Lions) skipper Arthur Smith, Reg Sweet on how South Africans are preparing for the Lions, match reports Wales v Scotland, England v Ireland.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1962-04 - £12.00

03.jpg (54949 bytes)

May 1962 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1962 - Lions Tour Souvenir - 16 page section with opinion, photos of players, facsimile autographs, focus on the 1955 tour by JBG Thomas, profile of M Campbell-Lamerton, Itinerary, South African viewpoint. "Jungle Rugby" by John George, Penzance & Newlyn profile, spotlight on the Border Sevens, Cuthbert Hogg the NZRFU Chairman retires, schools rugby including Merchiston Castle team photo 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1962-05 - £20.00

06.jpg (57122 bytes)

June 1962 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1962 - Vivian Jenkins preview of the tour focusing on problems Lions will face  - Reg Sweet on "can S Africa cage the Lions" - photos of players making the tour - focus on Irish tourist Ray Hunter - ...........preview of Canadian tour of Britain - club focus Glasgow HSFP -  focus on NSW coach Bryan Palmer - profile of French full-back Claude Lacaze.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1962-06 - £15.00

26.jpg (755253 bytes)

July 1962 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1962 - pre tour training photos, interview with DK Jones, look at 1955 and 1938 Lions tests in South Africa, Reg Sweet on South African expectations, Reg Sweet profiles of Izak van Heerden, JN Pargeter looks at Gosforth Football Club, rugby in Geneva by Alex Potter, Paul MacWeeney on Irish rugby, rugby in Japan by DF Severs, Bryon Butler looks as schools rugby, tour fixtures of Lions in South Africa, All Blacks in Britain and Ireland and England in Australasia, Eddie Kann reports on the shock defeat of the All Blacks by New South Wales, Jock Wemyss on the Waddell tradition and Fred Boshier looks at the scrum.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1962-07 - £15.00

62-08.jpg (58615 bytes)

August 1962 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1962 - front cover photo - Bryn Meredith  -  Vivian Jenkins on the Tour  -  Photos from early matches  -  Reg Sweet reports on Rhodesia, Griquas,  W Transvaal,  Comb Universities,  Boland, SW Africa and N Transvaal matches  -  photos from Boland & Griquas matches  -  JBG Thomas on tour with the Lions.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1962-08 - £15.00

62-09.jpg (127255 bytes)

September 1962 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1962 -  front cover photos from 1st Test and Natal, match reports of 1st Test, Natal, Eastern province, Orange Free State, Junior Springboks, Combined Services, Western Province, SW Districts, profile of Vic Harding, Saracens, Sale & England, photos from the tour, Gerwyn Williams on coaching fitness, JBG Thomas backstage with the Lions.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1962-09 - £20.00

62-10.jpg (113283 bytes)

October 1962 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1962 - front cover photo Alun Pask - Vivian Jenkins on the Tour  -  Reg Sweet reports on 2nd Test, Northern Universities, Transvaal, 3rd Test,  NE Districts,  Border,  Central Universities,  E Transvaal, 4th Test.  Profile of Alun Pask,  Statistical tour round up - photos from the tour

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1962-10 - £15.00

62-11.jpg (122687 bytes)

November 1962 - Vivian Jenkins compares kicking styles, round the corner v toe poke, Dickie Jeeps names his World XV, profile of Canadian touring squad, Gerwyn Williams on the art of kicking, schools rugby, Wallabies in NZ, Reg Sweet reviews the Lions tour from a S African point of view.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1962-11 - £11.00

62-12.jpg (56884 bytes)

December 1962 - Cover- Bill Mulcahy. Long or short tours- Pros and cons! Review of Varsity Match. The game in Wales - too many fixtures? by JBG. Profile Bill Mulcahy. Review of Scots visit to Paris.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1962-12 - £9.00



 Summary of major articles

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08.jpg (66094 bytes)

January 1963 - Front cover photo Roger Michaelson, Cambridge Uni, profile of Frank Sykes, Northampton, England & Lions, AM Rees on Met Police, Fathers & Sons in international rugby, preview of Middlesex Sevens, photos of Oxford Uni v Stanley's XV, Gerwyn Williams on tackling, Irish rugby's 'season of stress', Ireland v Wales match report.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1963-01 - £12.00

63-02.jpg (94918 bytes)

February 1963 - Front cover photo of BM Stoneman, Oxford, sports picture of the year - Tug Wilson, profile of David Rollo, Scotland & Lions, England v Wales post-war matches analysied, preview of Scotland v Wales, Ireland's fly half problem, profile of HC Catcheside, Percy Park & England, pictures from varsity match, Gerwyn Williams on fielding, falling and picking up, rugby in America including indoor sevens, review of Canadian tour.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1963-02 - £12.00

63-03.jpg (54865 bytes)

March 1963 - Cover photo JG Wilcox, England tackling against Ireland - profile of Gwynne Walters, Welsh International referee - Profile of Don White, Scotland - Profile of John Wilcox, Oxford Uni, England & Lions - history of France v England - coaching - Gerwyn Williams on 'tidying up the line-out - focus on Irish Universities.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1963-03 - £10.00

63-04.jpg (50394 bytes)

April 1963 - John Kendall-Carpenter on "How to be a good Captain" - profile of Jim Roberts, Sale & England, - Rugby in Scotland by Jock Wemyss - Profile of Keith Rowlands, Cardiff, Wales & Lions - Ireland at the Crossroads - Old Belvedere history.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1963-04 - £8.00

63-06.jpg (52018 bytes)

June 1963 - Front cover photo of Clive Rowlands passing. Profile of W.J.McBride at age 22. The game in Wales by JBG as a result of finishing bottom in 5-nations. Sevens- Llanelli Grammar specialists. Profile Mike Weston. Rugby in Thailand and Malaya, 5 players of the year Alun Pask, Richard Sharp, Peter Jackson, John Wilcox and Bill Mulcahy. Profile of Ross Logan, Scottish scrum half of the 1930s, preview of England tour of NZ.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1963-06 - £8.00

63-07.jpg (108523 bytes) July 1963 - England tour of NZ & Australia 1963 -  Front cover photo of Australians Gorman & Crittle, review and photos of England's tour of NZ, preview of Australian tour of S Africa, profile of Roger Michaelson, captain of the combined Oxbridge tour of Africa, spotlight on Hull & East Riding RFC,  profile of 'Bonzo' Johns, Redruth & Cornwall, "the lure of league" - 4 Welsh players on why they won't 'go north', a look at rugby in Italy.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1963-07 - £12.00

97.jpg (402099 bytes)

September 1963 - Front cover photo of Ken Catchpole - Jack Matthews on preparing for the new season - Review of Oxford-Cambridge tour of Africa - reports & pics from the Australian tour of South Africa - profile of Kingsley Jones, Cardiff & Wales, Rugger week at Torquay.

Overall condition: fair  -  Noted faults: light wear and a small corner missing to the front 

Ref: RC566-mgbr.rrwo1963-09 - £5.00

63-10.jpg (63758 bytes)

October 1963 - Opinion on Change of season? Oxbridge tour of SA. Interview with Ken Scotland. Profile Roger Hosen and The battle of full-backs (Willcox and Hosen) Wales- who will be captain? Spotlight on Wasps. Irish prospects before they meet NZ. With Australia in S.A. - Where are they now ? R Cove-Smith, Front cover Simon Clarke, Oxbridge & England.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1963-10 - £10.00

63-11.jpg (98654 bytes)

November 1963 - All Blacks to Britain & France 1963/4 - All Blacks Tour Souvenir - Special edition, the prospects, pen-pictures, photos & profiles of Whineray's All Black team, profiles of Whineray, Don Clarke, Waka Nathan, OL Owen looks at previous All Black tours including 1905, photos of famous All Blacks, Jock Wemyss recalls the All Blacks in Scotland, profile of Aberavon and Wales scrum half Tony O'Connor, history of UC Dublin, match report S Africa v Australia, profile Peter Kininmonth.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1963-11 - £15.00

63-12.jpg (112929 bytes)

December 1963 - All Blacks to Britain & France 1963/4 - Andy Mulligan looks behind the scenes at the Varsity match, Wavell Wakefield examines the new laws, preview of Welsh tour of South Africa, profile of Tony O'Reilly, Ireland and British Lions, photos of the All Blacks, profile of Mike Davis, Torquay, Devon & England, where are they now ? - Hal Sever, Sale & England, history of Glasgow v Edinburgh clashes, short article on history of Twickenham.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1963-12 - £12.00




 Summary of major articles

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64-01.jpg (56778 bytes)

January 1964 - All Blacks tour of Great Britain & France 1963/4 -  Llanelli Grammar in 7’s withdrawal. England v NZ preview. Wales v NZ preview. Where are they now- J.V.Stephenson (Ire)? Scotland v NZ review and flashback. Profile of Syd Millar. Gerwyn Williams on Full Back play. Geoff Windsor-Lewis- Like father like son! - Where are they now ? G.V.Stephenson.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1964-01 - £8.00

64-02.jpg (48204 bytes)

February 1964 - All Blacks tour of Great Britain & France 1963/4 -  Hundredth meeting between Blackheath and Richmond . All Blacks tour. NZ v Pooler/C.Keys pics. JBG and W.Wooller on the influence of affluence in the game. Profile of D.C.Manley. Haydn Tanner- Where are they now series?? Preview of Scotland in Canada . Pictures of Mike Gibson.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1964-02 - £8.00

64-03.jpg (52549 bytes)

March 1964 - All Blacks tour of Great Britain & France 1963/4 -  Five Nations 1964 - England v Wales front cover picture - profile of Roger Sangwin, Hull & East Riding and England, Rex Alston and his experiences as a commentator - profile of David Watkins, Newport & Wales, - Jock Wemyss on when he played against England - history of Redruth - coaching, Gerwyn Williams on picking up the ball on the run - Ireland have the talent - reports and statistics from England v NZ, Scotland v France, England v Wales & Scotland v NZ. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1964-03 - £15.00  

64-04.jpg (57767 bytes)

April 1964 - All Blacks tour of Great Britain & France 1963/4 -  6 page photo souvenir plus full statistical breakdown of the tour - match reports of France and Barbarians v All Blacks - front cover photo of Alun Pask, Vivian Jenkins on foul play and the sending off of Brownlie in 1924, Nepia's version recounted - profile of Steve Smith, Richmond & England - Rex Alston on broadcasting from Paris -  Border Sevens - France v Wales match report - profile of Jimmy Kelly, Ireland, Scotland v Wales & England v Ireland match reports.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1964-04 - £12.00

64-05.jpg (53268 bytes)

May 1964 - Wales tour of South Africa 1964 - Wales to S.A preview of tour - Pioneering tour. Keeping Rugby clean by E.W.Swanton. Profile on Malcolm Phillips. Danie Craven on Raeburn Place . 5-Nations Stats.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1964-05 - £12.00

64-06.jpg (51531 bytes)

June 1964 - Front cover photo of Peter Jackson, Berwyn Jones goes North and misses the Olympics, rugby & sprinters, David Marques boating, Geoff Butler, the youngest RFU President, Peter Ford - Gloucester & England profile, Met Police stories by Don Evans, St Luke's College, Exeter 1953/4 1000 point record breaking season. Five nations pictures, English schools end of season review, Jock Wemyss on the wearing of international caps, Scotland v England, Wales v France & France v Ireland match reports, article on rugby stamps, Clive Rowlands, Pontypool & Wales profile. Rugby League in South Africa ends. Overseas rugby with Don Cameron, Alex Potter & Eddie Kann 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1964-06 - £12.00

64-09.jpg (56593 bytes)

September 1964 - Front page photos of Fran ten Bos and Mike Davis, preview of 64-65 season. New laws-demonstration game. International board who made the new laws. Profile of B.Neil (Scot). Preview of Fiji in Wales and France. Preview of Springboks tour of Ireland. NZ - new talent to challenge stars, preview of fiji in Wales, Danie Craven turns to film maker, Raymond Evans on English Schools under 15 rugby.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1964-09 - £10.00

64-10.jpg (56858 bytes) October 1964 - Front cover photo of Rosslyn Park v Waterloo - JM Ranson with the ball. Vivian Jenkins opinion includes schools coach Gerwyn Williams and tourists in South Africa, club cameos Ipswich, Moseley, Headingley & Sidcup, Michael Green on the new laws, players and rules of dual internationals. The Cardiff Story, first article in a series on famous clubs, profile of Budge Rogers, JBG Thomas on the future of the Welsh team, Norman Mair on Scottish rugby, Paul Macweeny on Irish prospects, St Edwards' College Liverpool photo, Australia tour of New Zealand review. French success on their South African tour.  

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1964-10 - £12.00

64-11.jpg (55895 bytes) November 1964 - Front cover photo of VR Marriott, harlequins tackled by JM Hampton, Rosslyn Park, club cameos - Otley, Staines, Chelmsford, Reading & Saffron Walden, profile of Stewart Wilson. Famous club No 2 - Coventry. Profiles of Stan Hodgson of Durham City and Grahame Hodgson of Neath. Jean Pratt coaching in Leinster . Norman Mair on Scottish Universities, interview with ian laughland, London Scottish & Scotland. Australia crush NZ in the final test.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1964-11 - £10.00

64-12.jpg (52792 bytes) December 1964 - Front cover photo of WMC Kennedy of Surrey tackling BJ Bennett of Kent. Vivian Jenkins on the Varsity Match, Stewart Wilson & English coaching, Christmas Day rugby in Wales comes to an end, Leicester's new floodlights, club cameos - Tredegar, Osterley, Blackburn, Gravesend & Westcombe Park, spotlight on the Scottish Co-optimists, profile of Kevin Flynn, Wanderers & Ireland, Famous Clubs No 3 - Harlequins, photos of Guys Hospital v Blackheath, the prospects of Blackheath, JBG reviews the Fiji tour of Wales, schools rugby by GW Abbott (regular feature), Jean Gachassin, France, Albert Pryor retires in NZ, Springboks squad to Scotland & Ireland,     

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1964-12 - £6.00




 Summary of major articles

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65-01.jpg (61299 bytes) January 1965 - Front cover photo of St George's College, Weybridge v Wimbledon College, C Cassidy with ball. Bert Godwin, Coventry on te cost of international rugby, Roger Thomas, St Thomas's Hospital photo, club cameos Birkenhead park, Hartlepool Rovers, Hawe of Fife, Worthing, Ashton-on-Mersey, floodlight Rugby on increase. JBG on Welsh club rugby. Famous club No 4 -Bristol FC. Double page photo spread of the first floodlit match at Crystal Palace, Streatham & Croydon v Edinburgh Academicals. Profile of Coventry & Warwickshire scrum half, George Cole. Macweeny on Irish provincial rugby, Millfield school strongest in England, profile of Derek Brown, the Melrose stalwart ! - Interview with John Ranson, Rosslyn Park & England.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1965-01 - £10.00

65-02.jpg (111712 bytes) February 1965 - Profile of Brian Price, Newport & Wales, history of Newport RFC, photos of England backs, history of Ireland v England matches, profile of Erb Stanbury, Plymouth Albion, Devon & England, history of Ireland v France matches, varsity match report.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1965-02 - £6.00

65-03.jpg (111411 bytes) March 1965 - Front cover photo of Terry Price tackled in Wales v England match, interview with England selector Tom Berry, history of Hawick RFC, rugby in Bermuda, photos of brothers who play top class rugby, history of Ireland v Wales matches, interview with Ireland's Bill Mulcahy, profile of David Perry, Bedford and England, match reports France v Scotland, Wales v England.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1965-03 - £12.00

65-05.jpg (92539 bytes) May 1965 - Wales - Triple Crown Souvenir - spotlight on South Devon, Torquay, Newton Abbot, Paignton & Totnes, history of Gloucester RFC, Wales triple crown photos, profiles of Terry Price, Llanelli & Wales, Peter Stagg, Sale & Scotland, Ray McLoughlin, Gosforth & Ireland, match reports - county champs final, England v France, Scotland v Ireland, Wales v Ireland.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1965-05 - £12.00

65-06.jpg (107282 bytes) June 1965 - Front cover photo of Tiny Naude in Springbok trial, Rupert Cherry on the great tries, Obolensky, Hancock & Jackson's tries reviewed, history of Irish club, Wanderers, photos from the Springboks tour, profile of Clive Rowlands, focus on rugby in Argentina, match reports England v Scotland, France v Wales, Ireland v South Africa, Scotland v South Africa.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1965-06 - £6.00

65-07.jpg (54508 bytes) July 1965 - Danie Craven under fire. Dawie de Villiers captain of SA to Australasia plus squad details. Profile of Christian Davrouy. Scottish outlook- 64/65 season analysed. Famous club- Richmond . Irish season analysed plus defeat of S.A. Benny Jones and Dai Rees 2 great half-backs. Welsh champions- Newbridge.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1965-07 - £6.00

65-8.jpg (110536 bytes) August 1965 - front cover photo of Dick Marks, Australia, review of Sprinbok tour of Australia, preview of the Springboks tour of NZ, canadian rugby and the Combined Services tour of Canada, history of Swansea RFC, photos of Springbok tour of Oz, Argentina in South Africa, profile of Norman Gale, Llanelli & Wales, Irish outlook, Scottish outlook.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1965-08 - £6.00

65-09.jpg (207631 bytes) September 1965 - preview of Oxbridge tour of South America, Andy hancock on his try, South Africa in New Zealand, first part of the tour, Scottish Lions, history of Leicester FC, photos from the Springboks tour, a league in wales yes or no, profile of Francesco Zani, Italian No 8.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1965-09 - £6.00

65-10.jpg (99400 bytes) October 1965 - South Africa in New Zealand, full back play by Don Rutherford, history of Plymouth Albion, profile of WRU secretary WH Clement, Llanelli, Wales & British Lions.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1965-10 - £6.00

65-11.jpg (119442 bytes) November 1965 - Front cover photo Budge Rogers in England v France, profile of Denzil Williams, Ebbw Vale & Wales, photos of the Springboks in NZ, rugby from a woman's point of view, history of Sale FC, Budge Rogers on the role of the open side wing forward, review of the Springboks in NZ.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1965-11 - £10.00

65-12.jpg (53009 bytes) December 1965 - Cover- Mike Gibson. Introducing sponsorship?? Oxbridge tour of Arg and Brazil . On-field violence in Wales. Famous club- Blackheath. Camb Univ under the spotlight. JBG previews Lions line-up for Australia and NZ. Baa-Baas 75 years old dinner. Letter- is Newport more English than Welsh?

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1965-12 - £6.00




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66-01.jpg (104272 bytes) January 1966 - Cover photo of Gwilym Treharne, London Welsh, Mike Cormack, Blackheath's NZ trialist on the difference between UK & NZ rugby, history of Llanelli RFC, focus on Gwilym Treharne, Alun Pask on No8 play, profile of Tony Horton, Blackheath and England, coaching in Wales.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1966-01 - £10.00

66-02.jpg (106078 bytes) February 1966 - B.J.Hewett of Middlesex on front cover, profile Oliver Jones, still playing at 60, Alex Hastie and David Chisholm, profile John Coker, Oxford University, history of Lansdowne, Tom Hollingdale on rough play, Dewi Bebb on wing three quarter play, preview of France v Ireland, varsity match report, interview with Welsh legend Rhys Gabe.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1966-02 - £7.00

66-03.jpg (58702 bytes) March 1966 - Front cover photo and profile of Irish scrum half Roger Young, spotlight on rugby and the banks, Richard Sharp on fly half play,  history of Bedford RFC, England v Wales photos and match report, Scotland v France report, profile of Stuart Watkins, Newport and Wales, Terry Arthur and David Rosser, Wasps & England.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1966-03 - £12.00

66-04.jpg (110327 bytes) April 1966 - Front cover photo of Nick Silk, profile of Ted Rudd, Liverpool and England, history of Walerloo, profile of Keith Bradshaw, Bridgend & Wales, match reports France v Ireland, Wales v Scotland, England v Ireland, the role of the prop forward by Phil Judd. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1966-04 - £16.00

75.jpg (724020 bytes) May 1966 - British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1966 - Lions Tour Souvenir, Campbell-Lamerton photo on front cover, full editorial, pen pics & facsimile autographs, profile of Mike Gibson, captaincy by Wilson Whineray, Wallabies views on Lions visit, flashback to 1959 tour in photos, match reports France v England, Ireland v Scotland, Ireland v Wales, County Champs Final, Scotland v England, Wales v France, interview with past Lions captain Arthur Smith.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1966-05 - £20.00

66-06.jpg (103094 bytes)

June 1966 - British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1966 - Vivian Jenkins on the pre-tour build up - profile of Alan Lewis, Abertillery & Wales, centre three quarter play by British Lion D Ken Jones, pictures from wales' championship winning victory against france at Cardiff, history of Rosslyn Park, profile of Jeremy Spencer, Harlequins & England.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1966-05 - £17.00  

66-07.jpg (51536 bytes) July 1966 - British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1966 - front cover photo Brian Price v Western Australia - Viv Jenkins on the tour -  Eddie Kann match reports - W Australia - S Australia - Victoria,  photos from the early matches,  Don Cameron preview of the All Blacks likely to face the Lions -  profile of Howard Norris.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1966-07 - £8.00

66-08.jpg (105680 bytes) August 1966 - British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1966 - front cover photo Ray McLoughlin v Australia - Viv Jenkins on the tour -  Eddie Kann match reports - NSW Country - NSW - Australia 1st test - Queensland - Australia 2nd Test.  Don Cameron match reports Southland - Mid Canterbury combined - Otago - photos from the tour.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1966-08 - £10.00

66-09.jpg (108136 bytes)

September 1966 - British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1966 - front cover photo of Lion Roger Young playing against Wellington, photos from the tour, match reports of NZ Universities, Wellington, Nelson - Golden bay combined, Taranaki, Bay of Plenty, North Auckland, 1st Test, profile of Delme Thomas, preview of Canada v Lions, history of Wasps FC, coaching by David Perry, Harlequins & England.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1966-09 - £15.00

66-10.jpg (63442 bytes) October 1966 - British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1966 - October 1966 - front cover photo, Canterbury v Lions -  Viv Jenkins on the tour - photos  - JBG thomas reports from Down Under - match reports from West Coast-Buller, canterbury, Manawatu-Horowhenua, Auckland, Wairarapa-Bush, 2nd Test, Wanganui-KC, Maoris, Poverty Bay-EC, history of Bridgend RFC, price increases at Lansdowne Rd.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1966-10 - £15.00

66-11.jpg (115024 bytes) November 1966 - Wallabies tour of GB 1966 - Souvenir Number  Cover photo of Wallaby five-eighth Phil Hawthorn, Photos, profiles and facsimile autographs of Australian tour party, John Thornett on leading Australia, profile of Colin Payne, Harlequins & England,  British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1966 - Vivian Jenkins editorial reviews the Lions tour, photos from the lions tour, canadian leg of the Lions tour, Donal Cameron on the Lions tour, match reports of Hawkes Bay, 3rd Test, NZ juniors, Waikato, Counties-Thames Valley, 4th Test - Noel Murphy chasing Irish cap record.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1966-11 - £12.00

66-12.jpg (55538 bytes) December 1966 - Wallabies tour of GB 1966 -  Cover- Varsity captains Brian Rees and Tom Bedford. Preview Wales v Australia and varsity match previews. Profile Clive Ashby, Wasps and England scrum half. North of Ireland C&FC history. Zambia tour of Ireland . County selection policy. Aussie Ross Cullen sent home from tour.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1966-12 - £12.00




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67-01.jpg (54083 bytes) January 1967 - Wallabies tour of GB 1966 - Front cover photo of catchpole tackling Keri Jones of Cardiff, Tremayne Rodd, Scotland scrum half photo, interview with Oxford University & South African flanker Tommy Bedford, club cameos Woodford, Guildford, Leamington, Crediton, Panmure, Beaconsfield, U.C.L. Plebs, London Advertising RFC, Famous Clubs No 26 - Redruth RFC, Wallaby tour photos, Wallabies Richard Webb & Paul Gibbs return home to England, interview with Brian Thomas, Neath & Wales, Scotland's strength in the prop position, a look at the new 'mouth guard' (gumshield), taking the ball home in Glasgow ! Brian Wightman the former Moseley and Coventry player reports from the University of British Columbia.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1967-01 - £6.00

67-02.jpg (54344 bytes) February 1967 - Wallabies tour of GB 1966/7 -   Changing face of Welsh rugby since WW2 and in the last 10 years. Where’s the best place for the captain to play? Famous club No 27 - Aberavon. Aussies shock Wales in memorable game and pics. Lions’ books- What went wrong? Edinburgh Univ- leader of Scottish clubs. Preview of Ireland v Australia.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1967-02 - £6.00

67-04.jpg (60432 bytes) April 1967 - Front cover photo Surrey v Cornwall, NJ Cosh Surrey scrum half kicks - JBG Thomas on rugby trips to Colombes in Paris - a talk with Mickey Steele-Bodger, chairman of England selectors, club cameos Exmouth, Preston Grasshoppers, Salisbury, Ashford - History of Rugby Sevens, Ned Haig etc - team focus on Headingley RFC (4 pages), profile of Brendan Sherry. Rugby in Sweden, changing face of schools rugby, match reports Scotland v Wales, Ireland v England, France v Australia, referee Bob Burrell of Gala - South African Barbarians internal tour

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1967-04 - £6.00

67-05.jpg (50204 bytes) May 1967 - Roger Pickering, Bradford & Yorkshire front cover photo - Viv Jenkins & Peter McMullen preview Ireland's tour of Australia - Cardiff to South Africa - profile of Pringle Fisher, Royal High School FP, London Scottish & Scotland - Gloucester's Peter Ford plays his 500th match for the club - club cameos Newbold on Avon, Sheffield University, Dorchester, Stockwood Park, Antlers, photos of Welsh captains Alun Pask & David Watkins, the Middlesex Sevens and charity, club focus Abertillery, profile of Keith Jarret prior to England match - photos England v Scotland - An article all about rugby's nomadic teams, Barbarians, Co-optimists, Public School Wanderers, Penguins Irish Wolfhounds etc. - match reports England v France, Scotland v Ireland, Wales v Ireland, England v Scotland, Rugby World readers trip to Paris, photo Peter Dawkins, USA, short preview of France in South Africa .

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1967-05 - £6.00

67-06.jpg (52720 bytes) June 1967 - Front cover photo of Keith Jarrett. "the boy who made rugby history", Dave Rollitt photo, Norman Mair's post-mortem on Scotland, new series of humorous articles featuring Dai & Dick, Alan GIbson's favourite ground, 'Vale of Lune', famous clubs No 31 - Percy Park, club cameos Malone, Old Bancroftians, Witham, double page Wales v England photo spread. Profile of Dr Ken Kennedy C.I.Y.M.S & Ireland, Methodist College, Belfast, Sevens team photo, Wales v England, Ireland v France and Durham v Surrey, CC Final match reports, JBG Thomas on Wales v England and the future of Welsh international rugby, profile of Richmond & England hooker Stephen Richards  

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1967-06-xb - £19.00

67-07.jpg (52714 bytes) July 1967 - Ireland to Australia 1967 full tour breakdown including individual match reports, double page photo spread & front cover photo of Pat McGrath (Ireland) tackling Jim Lenehan (Australia). Scottish Borders in South Africa tour & match reports. Vivian Jenkins explores the history of the world points scoring record. Cardiff in South Africa tour & match reports. famous clubs No 33 - Melrose. Harlequins win the Middlesex Sevens, John Williams, the Arms Park Choirmaster, profile of robert Hearn, Bedford & England, a look at Cornish rugby, profile of Billy Mainwaring, Aberavon & Wales, club cameos Penzance & Newlyn, Newark, Highland & Tonbridge, photo of Peter Wright 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1967-07 - £14.00

67-08.jpg (52655 bytes) August 1967 - Calcutta Cup. Profile of Niall Brophy, Lilian Camberabero and Guy Camberabero. Famous club- Garryowen. Two friends- Alun Pask and Haydn Morgan. Profile of Bob Hillier and Gareth Edwards. Neath’s Morlais Williams calls it a day. Tours : England in Canada , NZ in Europe , Penguins in Malta, Clifton in USA . S.A rugby demise??

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1967-08 - £6.00

67-10.jpg (57466 bytes) October 1967 - Front cover photo Richmond v The Army, Lt D Newell & R Bateman featured. England can beat the All Balcks, preview of England tour of Canada, profile of Phil Judd, Coventry & England, interview with 1968 Lions manager david Brooks on the prospects for the tour, Alan Gibson greatest game Devon winning the 1957 County Championship. 'When I became a professional' by TJ (Tom) Brophy the ex Liverpool and England fly half who signed rugby league terms with Barrow. 'Over the Hill' and article by 1962 Lions captain Arthur Smith. Profile of David Nash, the new Welsh selector who went on to become Wales' first national coach. Club cameos, Selkirk, eastleigh, North Shields & Norwich. Review of final matches in French tour of South Africa.  

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1967-10 - £6.00

67-11.jpg (58066 bytes) November 1967 - All Blacks to Britain 1967 - SOUVENIR ISSUE - including pen pictures, portraits and prospects for the tour, front cover photo of Colin Meads & Willie John McBride, Vivian Jenkins previews the tour, John Graham previews the tour from an All Black perspective, profile of Brian Lochore, preview of the Wales v NZ encounter. Greatest Game Series - England v NZ 1925. Photos of the returning 1963/4 All Blacks, club cameos - Seven Sisters, Haslemere, Borderers & Cleeve, Harlequins v Llanelli photos, profile of Billy Raybould, Cambridge Uni, London Welsh & Wales, Dewi Bebb & Keith Oxlee retire.   

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1967-11 - £8.00

67-12.jpg (62840 bytes) December 1967 - All Blacks to Britain 1967 Front cover photo of London Welsh second rows I Jones & Geoff Evans in opposition for their county sides. David watkins goes North, photos of the All Blacks in training including Sid Going with hair, Tony Lewis when he won his Cambridge Blue, profile of Ian Robertson Aberdeen University & Watsonians, greatest games series Ireland v Australia 1958. Rupert Cherry on the rise of the club coach, Wasps v Belgrano photos, training with Perpignan, club cameos Exeter University, Chiltern, England tour of Canada report, Hawkes Bay retain the Ranfurly Shield.    

Re: mgbr.rrwo1967-12 - £6.00




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68-01.jpg (58161 bytes) January 1968 - All Blacks to Britain 1967 Front cover photo of Bob Taylor (Midland & Home Counties) in the match against All Blacks, The Greatest game I have ever seen - JR Jones looks at Swansea v NZ 1935, rugby in the desert, 6 pages of photos from the ABs tour, profiles of RH Lloyd Harlequins & England, Keri Jones, Cardiff & Wales, Tom Kiernan, Cork Const. & Ireland, match reports England v NZ, Wales v NZ, France v NZ.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1968-01 - £8.00

68-02.jpg (52359 bytes) February 1968 - All Blacks to Britain 1967  Front cover photo JA Lockwood, Saracens, All Blacks tour record, full statistical analysis & photos, Barbarians v ABs photos, The Greatest game I have ever seen - Paul MacWeeney saw Ireland v England in 1926, profiles of Mike Titcomb, referee, Bob Taylor, Northampton & England, JR Jones' Cigarette Card heros - memories inspired by the Players set "Football Caricatures by RIP", history of England v wales matches at Twickenham, full page photo of Mac Herewini, a look back at the life of George Beamish, Ireland.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1968-02 - £10.00

68-03.jpg (58515 bytes) March 1968 - Front cover photo JS Jeffray, Army, England v Wales photo and report, profile of BW Redwood, Bristol & England, match reports Scotland v France, France v Ireland, 1920's tactics still relevant, rugby in the Isle of Man, JBG Thomas nominates ten Welshmen for the Lions tour, profile of Ulster's William McCombe.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1968-03 - £8.00

68-04.jpg (59579 bytes) April 1968 - Front cover photo of Birkenhead Park v Moseley, profiles of Rodger Arneil, Edinburgh Academicals & Scotland, Barry John, cardiff & Wales, Barry Bresnihan, U.C.D. & Ireland, referees should get danger money, match reports Wales v Scotland, England v Ireland, Ireland v Scotland, France v England.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1968-04 - £8.00

68-05.jpg (51051 bytes)

May 1968 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1968 - Lions Tour Souvenir, Portraits, Pen-Pictures, Prospects & Profiles. Profile of team manager David Brooks, photos of players, what the Lions can expect in S Africa by Reg Sweet, profiles of John O'Shea, Cardiff & Wales, Mike Coulman, Moseley & England, flashback to the 1962 Lions tour, match reports Wales v France, Scotland v Ireland, Ireland v Wales.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1968-05 - £16.00

68-06.jpg (56972 bytes)

June 1968 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1968 - Front cover photo of CG Hodgson, London Scots and Scotland, profiles of Maurice Richards, Cardiff & Wales, Terry Brooke, Richmond & England, Fred Allen - All Blacks coach talks about British rugby, focus on St Ives RFC,  Reg Sweet previews the Lions tour from Durban.


Ref: mgbr.rrwo1968-06 - £15.00

68-07.jpg (58767 bytes) July 1968 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1968 - July 1968 - front cover photo of Kiernan, the Lions captain  -  Match Reports by Reg Sweet, W Transvaal,  W Province,  SW Districts,  photos of Lions in training  -  Jeff Young profile  -  John Dawes profile  -  Interview with Syd Miller.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1968-07 - £15.00

68-08.jpg (57813 bytes) August 1968 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1968 - August 1968 - front cover picture, Dawie de Villiers breaks in 1st Test  -  Vivian Jenkins on the Lions and the politics of Rhodesia  -  photos from the tour   -  Match Reports by Reg Sweet, E Province,  Natal,  Rhodesia,  1st Test, NW Cape,  SW Africa,  Transvaal,  2nd Test,  -  JBG Thomas with the Lions

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1968-08 - £15.00 

68-09.jpg (53068 bytes) September 1968 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1968 - September 1968 - JBG Thomas picks his 6 best Lions  -  Reg Sweet match reports - E Transvaal,  N Transvaal,  Griquas, Boland,  3rd Test,  Border,  OFS,  NE Cape,  4th Test  -   full tour record  -  results & scorers  -  profile - Bryan West. Vivian Jenkins opinion on the tours, Don Rutherford on the importance of full back positional play, article on refereeing by Derek Robinson, double page photo of Colin Meads on the burst, profile of Wallaby hooker Peter Johnson, Alex Potter on Lourdes French Championship win. Ronnie lamb and Edinburgh Wanderers centenary season. A look at an all-Ireland club championship. Tour review, first half of the French tour of NZ, short review of Middlesex tour of Uganda & Kenya. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1968-09 - £15.00

68-10.jpg (62788 bytes) October 1968 - Front cover photo of France's Walter Spanghero playing against Australia, Wilf Wooller examines the state of British rugby, profile of England's Keith Savage, JBG Thomas on Welsh youngsters including Barry John, France in New Zealand & Australia photos, Don Rutherford on wing play, review of the French tour. Peter McMullen on the prospects for Ireland in the  coming season, Norman Mair on the state of rugby in Scotland.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1968-10 - £8.00

68-11.jpg (54420 bytes) November 1968 - Front cover photo of Cardiff skipper Tony Williams celebrating win at Harlequins Sevens, Penguins in Zambia, preview of Wallabies short tour, an interview with Danny Hearn, report on rugby in Portugal, Harlequins sevens photos, coaching series - the centre, review of Welsh tour of Argentina.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1968-11 - £8.00

68-12.jpg (54555 bytes)

December 1968 - London Welsh v Richmond front cover photo, profile of Jim Telfer. To the point of exhaustion by former All Black Dr Hugh C Burry, varsity match preview, Don Rutherford on the half backs, more on Portugese rugby, Ireland v Australia photos, profiles of Billy Hullin, Cardiff, London Welsh & Wales, Ireland's Ken Goodall, match reports - Comb. Provinces, Comb. Universities & Ireland v Australia.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1968-12 - £8.00




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69-01.jpg (53737 bytes) January 1969 - Front cover photo of Bob Hiller, Stars of the 1960s - a pictorial celebration of the first 100 issues of Rugby World, the revival of London Irish, Don Rutherford on the roles of flankers & the No 8. JBG Thomas on the role on Welsh coaches, Derek Robinson on 80 minute rugby, match reports France v South Africa & Scotland v Australia 1968,  

***** 100th ISSUE *****

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1969-01 - £10.00

69-02.jpg (52931 bytes) February 1969 - Front cover photo of Geoff Evans, A Baker and RJ Davies, London Welsh, Profile of John Brass, Australian centre, profile of Scotland's Colin Telfer, match report & photos Oxford v Cambridge, Don Rutherford coaches the second row. JBG Thomas interviews David Watkins on his move to rugby league, Saracens short feature, France lose to Romania, Peter McMullen previews Ireland's five nations campaign, the career of Gerwyn Williams, Llanelli, London Welsh & Wales and top school's coach. Neath GS & other schools rugby. Vivian Jenkins warns Wales in advance of their summer tour to NZ

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1969-02 - £6.00

69-03.jpg (56277 bytes) March 1969 - Front cover photo of Chris Laidlaw and article by Laidlaw on competitive rugby, profile of Coventry & England's Keith Fairbrother. Profiles of Handel Rogers & Clive Rowlands, Don Rutherford on coaching props, short piece on Solihull RFC, Hospitals Cup feature, profile of Tony O'Reilly the £25,000 a year man, historical feature on Irish Rugby, profile of Chris Rea, Jo Maso profile,  

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1969-03 - £6.00

69-04.jpg (65314 bytes) April 1969 - Front cover photo and profile of Budge Rogers, short article on Swedish rugby, Nigel Horton, Moseley & Engalnd profile, profile JPR Williams, coaching hookers, Phil Horrocks Taylor & Middlesbrough article, Rugby 'Lions' FC feature, profile of Barry McGann, Lansdowne & Ireland, 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1969-04 - £6.00

69-05.jpg (61574 bytes) May 1969 - Front cover photo of Brian Price scoring against Cardiff. Preview of Barbarians tour of South Africa, profile of John Lloyd, Bridgend & Wales, Chris Laidlaw on All Black captains, Albert Agar article, profile of Jim Greenwood, Scotland & British Lions, Derek Robinson on the laws of rugby, Wales v Ireland 1969, the battle of Cardiff, England v Scotland match report & photos, Don Rutherford on scrum half play, five nations reports. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1969-05 - £9.00

69-06.jpg (56114 bytes) June 1969 - Wales to New Zealand 1969 - Special Tour Souvenir -  player photos & profiles, vivian Jenkins preview, calls for a cup competition in England, preview of RFU centenary, Wales v England report & photos, Japan shine in Asia tournament, how Scotland's five nations went, profile of John Pullin, Ulstyer clubs, schools sevens. Front cover photo of Trevor Wintle.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1969-06 - £15.00

69-07.jpg (54406 bytes) July 1969 - Front cover photo Billy Hullin, Cardiff v London Welsh, report on Barbarians tour of South Africa, full match details, preview of Wallabies tour of South Africa, JBG Thomas looks at the 1924 Lions tour of South Africa, profile of Barry O'Driscoll of Manchester & Ireland, profile of Coventry & England's David Duckham, ST Luke's College win the Middlesex Sevens, results & photos, profile of Bude RFC, Cornwall, Denstone College Prep School tour of Brittany, rugby boom in Canada, article on Jim Telfer, Derek Robinson on rugby myths, profile of Trevor Wintle, Northampton & England, article on Colin Meads, Ireland's search for a top coach. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1969-07 - £9.00

69-08.jpg (50006 bytes) August 1969 - Front cover photo of Maurice Richards. New Zealand Australia & Fiji v Wales match reports, the new Cardiff Arms Park preview, Begles win French Championship, Preston Grasshoppers centenary feature, profile of Bill Ramsay, RFU President, profile of Ireland's Alan Duggan, preview Scotland tour of Argentina, Anti-Assassins tour of East Africa, John Currie, England retires, Richmond tour of the USA,   

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1969-08 - £6.00

69-09.jpg (50368 bytes) September 1969 - Front cover photo of JC Grahame, Headingley tackling Keith Fielding, Moseley & England, Viv Jenkins on Don White's appointment as England coach, Derek Robinson on the laws re-write, the build up in Ireland & Wales to the forthcoming South African tour, profile of Moseley & England stand off John Finlan, professionalism in France, profile of Rodney Webb, Coventry & England, picture sequence of Duckham's try in Dublin, interview with Albert Agar, England's chairman of selectors, article on Gordon Brown 'could he be the key man for Scotland ?'. Classic full page Gareth Edwards dive pass photo, report on Australia in South Africa 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1969-09 - £5.00

69-10.jpg (52719 bytes) October 1969 - Front cover photo of IR Shackleton. Lengthy intro by Vivian Jenkins on current international scene, memories of the 1931 Midland Counties victory over the touring Springboks, calls for a differential penalty, profile of Dennis Hughes, Newbridge & Wales, salute to Danny Hearn, profile of Dave Rollitt, Bristol & England, Bangor RFC (N Ireland) make history with new lights, profile of Coventry RFC's Chris Holmes, UAU page, report of Australian tour of South Africa,  

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1969-10 - £5.00

69-11.jpg (45972 bytes) November 1969 - Front cover photo of HO de Villiers, Vivian Jenkins on 'should the line-out be abolished, profiles of Springbok players Dawie de Villiers, Piet Visagie & Tommy Bedford, a look a Ireland's current scrum halves, profile of Peter Larter, England, photos from the Harlequins Sevens, interview with Brian Price, Norman Mair on the current affairs of Scottish rugby, more reports from the Australian tour of South Africa, All Black Kel Tremain retires,     

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1969-11 - £5.00

69-12.jpg (53468 bytes) December 1969 - Springbok Tour of British Isles 1969/70 -  Front cover photo of CT Gibbons. London Welsh tackling L Davies, Bridgend. Springboks player photos and profiles, Danny Hearn meets Colin Meads, interview with Cambridge University captain John Spencer on the varsity match, double page photo AJ Peters, Richmond, Billy Hullin, London Welsh, Ian Smith, Scotland's unique scoring feat, profile of Llanelli and Wales outside half Phil Bennett, Musselburgh RFC article by Norman Mair, Peter Crittle leads Eastern Suburbs to premiership triumph.   

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1969-12 - £7.00



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70-01.jpg (49832 bytes) January 1970 – Springbok Tour of British Isles 1969/70 – RFU centenary celebrations, a list of leading fixtures – internationals, South African tour, international trials, services and other matches, Rupert Cherry interviews England captain Bob Hiller, Danny Hearn reflects on a visit to New Zealand, club cameos – Penygraig and Cowichan, JBG Thomas profiles Dave Morris, photos of the Springbok tour, Peter McMullan profiles Tom Kiernan, Tony Butler meets Keith Fielding, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, Reg Sweet on South Africa rugby, Norman Mair on the changing image of the SRU, schools rugby with GW Abbott, Donald Cameron reports from Auckland, Alex Potter from Paris and Eddie Kann from Sydney.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1970-01 - £7.00

70-02.jpg (47624 bytes)

February 1970 – Springbok Tour of British Isles 1969/70 – JBG Thomas previews the Wales v South Africa game, Reg Sweet on Avril Milan’s tactics, photos of the England v South Africa game, rugby in Japan by Rupert Cherry, Don Clarke talks to Danny Hearn, Geoff J Fawcett looks at where it all began, leading fixtures, photos of the varsity match at Twickenham, Peter McMullan profiles Phil O’Callaghan, Alex Potter reports from Paris, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, Donald Cameron reports from Auckland, schools rugby with GW Abbott, universities rugby by Martin Pinder, a summary of recently played high profile matches and Eddie Kann reports from Sydney.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1970-02 - £7.00

70-03.jpg (48055 bytes) March 1970 – Springbok Tour of British Isles 1969/70 – Gary Newbon meets “Stack” Stevens, JBG previews the England v Wales game at Twickenham, Derek Robinson letter to the IRB on the state of the game, Rupert Cherry takes a look at Nigel Starmer-Smith, leading fixtures, club cameos – Keighley and Rochester, photos of the Wales v South Africa game, Norman Mair profiles Gordon Brown, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, profile of TJ Dalton by David Kenny, Eddie Kann reports from Sydney, Alex Potter from Paris, Donald Cameron from Auckland and Reg Sweet from Durban, schools rugby by GW Abbott, a summary of recently played international matches and Ireland’s new boys by Peter McMullan.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1970-03 - £7.00

70-04.jpg (45508 bytes) April 1970 – Coarse rugby by Derek Robinson, Norman Mair on Frank Laidlaw, Gary Newbon looks at substitutes, Tony Butler profiles Martin Hale and JBG Thomas profiles Barry Llewelyn, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, Rupert Cheery on Mike Davis, schools rugby by Danny Hearn, Peter McMullan profiles Ronnie Lamont, Reg Sweet reports from Durban, Alex Potter from Paris, Eddie Kann from Sydney and Donald Cameron from Auckland, Springboks tour record 1969/70 and a summary of recently played international matches.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1970-04 - £6.00

70-05.jpg (49169 bytes) May 1970 - Cover Gareth Edwards. Scotland tour of Aus. Profiles of Chico Hopkins and Tony Bucknall. The game in Ireland plus tour to Argentina . Gwynne Walters advocates neutral refs for international matches. Wales “B” first game. Llanelli to organize 11 years old rugby. Llanelli hat-trick in Floodlight Alliance. All Blacks tour fixtures of S.A. Waratahs to tour NZ in June.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1970-05 - £9.00

70-07.jpg (53022 bytes)

July 1970 – Vivian Jenkins on why Americans like rugby, “Rugby World” writers nominate the top five players from the four home countries of the 1969/70 season, RFU centenary news, Reg Sweet previews the All Blacks tour of South Africa, Ron Griffiths on the Gwynne Walters story, Derek Robinson considers playing rugby on Sundays, Middlesex Sevens results and photos, profile of Barry Jackson by Sydney Moorhouse, JBG Thomas profiles Arthur Lewis and Rupert Cherry meets Jim Shanklin, Eddie Kann reports on Scotland’s tour to Australia, Peter McMullan looks at Ireland’s tour party to Argentina, Alex Potter reports from Paris and Reg Sweet from Durban, Donald Cameron looks at the schools game in New Zealand and English and Welsh clubs statistics.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1970-07 - £4.00

70-08.jpg (54578 bytes)

August 1970 – The Colin Meads story by Donald Cameron. profile of Tony Jorden by Rupert Cherry, Reg Sweet and problems for South Africa’s selectors, Shiggy Konno talks about the size barrier in Japan, Scotland’s Australia tour report by Eddie Kann including photos, Derek Robinson talks to international referee Mike Titcomb, JBG Thomas talks to coach Roy Bish, Norman Mair looks at the statistics behind the 1969/70 Five Nations Championship, Alex Potter on how La Voulte beat the rest of France, Michael Nimmo compares clubs in the north of England to those in the south, Rupert Cherry profiles Mike Bulpitt, the game in Ireland – the age of the coach by Peter McMullan and Donald Cameron reports from Auckland.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1970-08 - £4.00

70-09.jpg (51289 bytes)

September 1970 – Vivian Jenkins on - leagues?…no!, knock-outs?...yes!, RFU centenary news, Tony Butler on Sam Doble, Reg Sweet reports on the All Black’s tour to South Africa including some photos, Burton Football Club’s centenary, Rupert Cherry talks to Dr Douglas Smith, leading fixtures for season 1970/71, Peter McMullan predicts a tough tour for Ireland in Argentina, Norman Mair looks at the game in Scotland, Gary Newbon meets Cornwall captain Graham Bate, Ealing RFC’s centenary by Michael Green, Donald Cameron reports from Auckland, Alex Potter from Paris and Eddie Kann from Sydney, JBG Thomas looks at the captains of the leading Welsh clubs and David Kenny talks about the career of points machine George Cole.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1970-09 - £4.00

70-10.jpg (59604 bytes) October 1970 – Vivian Jenkins talks about amateurism – the bed-rock of RU thinking, RFU centenary news, focus on the Fijians by Frank Tinsley with tour fixtures, Rupert Cherry talks to Ronnie Boon (chairman of England’s leading 37 clubs who wish to start a top-class competition), JBG Thomas meets Carwyn James, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, Peter McMullan profiles Willie-John McBride, leading fixtures, Norman Mair talks to Alaistair Cuthbertson about Portobello School’s problems, Reg Sweet reports on the All Black’s tour to South Africa including some photos, schools rugby by GW Abbott, Alex Potter reports from Paris and Eddie Kann from Sydney.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1970-10 - £4.00

70-11.jpg (58810 bytes) November 1970 – Vivian Jenkins welcomes the touring Fijians, RFU centenary news, Derek Robinson looks at sponsorship in rugby, Peter MuMullan reports on Ireland’s tour to Argentina, leading fixtures, JBG Thomas talks to Ray Williams - the WRU coaching organiser, Rupert Cherry asks county rugby or regional rugby? rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, Danny Hearn and Reg Sweet reflect on New Zealand’s tour to South Africa, schools rugby by GW Abbott, universities rugby by Martin Pinder, Eddie Kann reports from Sydney, Alex Potter from Paris and Donald Cameron from Auckland.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1970-11 - £4.00

70-12.jpg (45575 bytes) December 1970 – Vivian Jenkins asks county rugby on Saturdays only, RFU centenary news, Rupert Cherry talks to Peter Carroll and Gerald Davies, captains of Oxford and Cambridge respectively ahead of the Varsity Match at Twickenham, Derek Robinson looks at the laws of the game, profile of Chris Wardlow by Tony Butler, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, RFU centenary match – England & Wales v Scotland & Ireland – match report and photos, Peter McMullan profiles Mike Hipwell, a profile of Andy Hill by JBG Thomas, leading fixtures, the game in Scotland by Norman Mair, Reg Sweet reports from Durban, Donald Cameron from Auckland, Alex Potter from Paris, Eddie Kann from Sydney and schools rugby by GW Abbott.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1970-12 - £4.00




 Summary of major articles

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71-01.jpg (46894 bytes) January 1971 - Front cover photo of Mike Alder for London against Paris, if only Scotland had a Don Clarke, photos of the Fijian tour of Britain, profiles of Derek Quinnell, John Birch, Ballymena & Ulster, Ian Wright, Northampton, Mike Gavins, Leicester & England, teview of Fiji tour, Don Cameron previews the Lions tour from NZ.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1971-01 - £6.00

71-02.jpg (54568 bytes) February 1971 - Front cover photo of Moseley's Jan Webster, competitive rugby and sponsorship by Wilf Wooller, profiles of John Lacey, Northampton, Andy Ripley, Rosslyn Park, Laurie Daniel, Newport, Clive John, Llanelli, David Bell, Oxford University, focus on junior rugby, match report and photos of the varsity match, UAU rugby.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1971-02 - £6.00

71-03.jpg (47903 bytes) March 1971 - Wales Grand Slam 1971 - Cover Gareth Edwards. Photocall, Barry John Man Of The Match v England - photos of the game Give the differential penalty a trial? Cliff Morgan recalls magic moments. Profile of Orrell RFC. NZ- Looking forward to 1971 Lions. Profile of Cliff Jones.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1971-03 - £9.00

71-04.jpg (54283 bytes) April 1971 - Wales Grand Slam 1971 - Cover John Taylor - profile of John Bevan - match reports Ireland v France, Scotland v Wales, Ireland v England - profiles of  Ian Smith, London Scottish & Scotland & Andy Irvine, Heriots FP, not yet Scotland - profile of Jacko Page, Northampton & England - profile of David Watt, Bristol & England - profile of Barry Ninnes, Coventry & England, focus on Ireland's new caps Sean Lynch & Dennis Hickie.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1971-04 - £9.00

71-05.jpg (55845 bytes) May 1971 – British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1971 - Lions Tour Souvenir - Vivian Jenkins discusses the Lions squad, RFU centenary news, list of Lions tour fixtures, portraits and pen pictures of every Lions player, Rupert Cherry talks to former All Black Earle Kirton about the forthcoming Lions tour, a look back at the 1966 Lions tour to New Zealand, JBG Thomas previews the tour, Peter McMullan profiles Ray McLoughlin (Blackrock College & Ireland), rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, Norman Mair on Scottish rugby, Derek Robinson talks about money in the game, Alex Potter reports from Paris, Donald Cameron from Auckland, Reg Sweet from Durban and Jim Webster from Sydney, universities rugby by Richard Triffitt, schools rugby by GW Abbott, a summary of some Five Nations matches plus County Championship Final. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1971-05  - £17.00

71-06.jpg (57684 bytes) June 1971 – British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1971 – Norman Mair discusses the league set-up in Scotland, Rupert Cherry profiles Peter Dixon (Harlequins & England), LH Sullivan looks at the game in Argentina, the game in Sweden by AN de Belder, profile of Mervyn Davies (London Welsh & Wales) by JBG Thomas, Alan Gibson talks about Northumberland in the County Championship, RFU centenary news – England v Overseas XV match in photos, Derek Robinson on expenses, Tony Butler profiles Jan Webster (Moseley), rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, club cameo – Sheffield RUFC, Peter McMullan on competitive rugby in Ireland, schools rugby by GW Abbott, a summary of all the Overseas XV games in RFU centenary season, Alex Potter reports from Paris, Donald Cameron from Auckland, Jim Webster from Sydney and Reg Sweet from Durban. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1971-06 - £14.00

71-07.jpg (56295 bytes) July 1971 – British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1971 – Vivian Jenkins on the Lions tour so far, JBG Thomas talks to John Dawes (London Welsh & Wales), captain of the British Lions, Jim Webster reports on the Lions’ two matches in Australia, Rupert Cherry profiles Chris Ralston (Richmond & England), Michael Nimmo lists the top individual scorers in 1970/71 season in England and Wales, profile of Roger Creed (Coventry & England) by Tony Butler, the result of Rugby World’s Player of the Year, tour fixtures listed for Lions in New Zealand, Springboks in Australia, Argentina in South Africa, Queen’s University Belfast in South Africa, England in Far East and Canada in Wales, Peter McMullan discusses sevens-a-side rugby in Ireland, universities rugby by Richard Triffitt, Middlesex Sevens results, Donald Cameron on the All Blacks to tour – in New Zealand, Derek Robinson discusses the evolution of rugby union, rugby league and American football, Norman Mair on Gala’s seven-a-side team, club cameo – Reigate, David Irvine profiles Tony Neary (Broughton Park & England), Alex Potter reports on the French Club Championship Final and Reg Sweet reports from Durban. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1971-07 - £15.00

71-08.jpg (56204 bytes) August 1971 - British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1971 - front cover photo John Bevan scoring try  -  Vivian Jenkins on Canterbury match  -  photos including 1st Test  -  Match Reports, Counties-Thames Valley,  Wan-King,  Waikato,  Maoris,  Wellington,  S Canty comb,  Otago,  W Coast-Buller,  Canterbury,  Marl-Nelson,  1st Test  -  more photos  -  profile Mike Roberts.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1971-08 - £12.00

71-09.jpg (57080 bytes) September 1971 - British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1971 - JPR Williams cover photo  -  Viv Jenkins on "Give Lions a Break"  -  Match Reports & photos, Taranaki,  NZ Universities,  2nd Test,  Wairarapa-Bush,  Hawkes Bay, PB - East Coast,  Auckland,  -  John Taylor profile

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1971-09 - £17.00  

71-11.jpg (51370 bytes) November 1971 - Mike Gibson profile and photo on front cover, England's far eastern tour is good for the game, tour review with match reports, profile of Edinburgh Wanderers new scrum half Alan Lawson, the Cranston brothers of Hawick, profiles of Scotland & British Lions wing Alistair Biggar, Wales & Lions second row Geoff Evans, photos from the Sportsman's Club Lions dinner.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1971-11 - £6.00

71-12.jpg (48726 bytes) December 1971 - Preview of Varsity match. England tour of Far East . Wales- very strong squad. Profile of Dick Milliken and Harry Steele. Review of Canada in Wales . Currie Cup chaos. Profile of Russell Fairfax.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1971-12 - £5.00



 Summary of major articles

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72-01.jpg (49339 bytes) January 1972 – Vivian Jenkins discusses refereeing decisions, Lions’ coach Carwyn James says “rugby is a simple game”, profile on Hamish Bryce (Bristol & Scotland) by Norman Mair, Tony Butler profiles John Barton (Coventry & England), JBG Thomas talks to Denzil Williams (Ebbw Vale & Wales), Derek Robinson discusses the laws of the game, Rupert Cherry profiles Alastair McHarg (London Scottish & Scotland), rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, Rupert Cherry on Streatham/Croydon RFC, leading fixtures, Nevin McGhee asks “can Ireland beat that Paris jinx?”, Reg Sweet reports from Durban, Eddie Kann from Sydney, Donald Cameron from Auckland and Alex Potter from Paris, focus on Exeter RFC, schools rugby by GW Abbott and Wallabies tour of France.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1972-01 - £8.00

72-02.jpg (60485 bytes) February 1972 – Vivian Jenkins discusses England’s pilot knock-out competition, leading fixtures, Lions’ coach Carwyn James on “tactics that beat the All Blacks” (2nd of 3 articles by Carwyn James on how the 1971 Lions beat the All Blacks), Norman Mair on coaches and courses, universities rugby by Richard Triffitt, Ilford Wanderers RFC’s 75th anniversary, Rupert Cherry profiles Ray Codd (Rosslyn Park), Michael Nimmo on the RFU’s club knock-out competition, Nevin McGhee meets coach Roly Meates, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, report of the Varsity Match, JBG Thomas writes about Martyn Davies (Neath) and Wilson Lauder (Neath & Scotland), All Blacks’ forthcoming tour fixtures of Britain & Ireland, Geoff J Fawcett on the Rugby Football Club, schools rugby by GW Abbott, Eddie Kann reports from Sydney, Donald Cameron from Auckland, Reg Sweet from Durban and Alex Potter from Paris.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1972-02 - £8.00

72-03.jpg (55560 bytes) March 1972 – Lions’ coach Carwyn James discusses the impact of the counter-attack (3rd of 3 articles by Carwyn James on how the 1971 Lions beat the All Blacks) - the front cover is colour for the first time, profile of Ian McLauchlan (Jordanhill & Scotland), Tony Butler on David Whibley (Leicester), Nevin McGhee on Ireland’s new caps Johnny Maloney (St Mary’s College) and Wallace McMaster (Ballymena), Arthur Russell on England’s new caps Mike Burton & Alan Brinn both of Gloucester, JBG Thomas on Wales’ new cap Roy Bergiers (Llanelli), photos of the England v Wales game at Twickenham, Rupert Cheery talks to former All Black Dr Hugh Burry, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, Patrick Orr on rugby in East Africa, leading fixtures, schools rugby by GW Abbott, Donald Cameron reports from Auckland, Eddie Kann from Sydney, Reg Sweet from Durban and Alex Potter from Paris, a summary of early Five Nations matches.


Ref: mgbr.rrwo1972-03 - £8.00

72-04.jpg (50617 bytes) April 1972 – Vivian Jenkins discusses “shorten the season”, Chris Laidlaw hits out at French club rugby as told to Alex Potter, Mark Sugden (Dublin University & Ireland) talks about great days and great players, meet Mike Beese (Liverpool) England’s newest centre by David Irvine, photos of Ireland’s win at Twickenham, Rupert Cherry on Lance Corporal David Spawforth (Army), Reg Sweet reports from Durban, Alex Potter from Paris, Donald Cameron from Auckland and Eddie Kann from Sydney, profile of John Jeffrey (Newport & Wales) by JBG Thomas, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, Wales v Scotland action photos, Norman Mair writes about coach Bill Dickinson, Nevin McGhee profiles Stewart McKinney, schools rugby by GW Abbott and a summary of the Wales v Scotland and England v Ireland Five Nations games.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1972-04 - £6.00

72-05.jpg (49345 bytes) May 1972 – Vivian Jenkins on England’s tour prospects in South Africa, England’s tour portraits and pen pictures of all the players, manager and coach along with tour fixtures, Rupert Cherry profiles Tony Boddy (Metropolitan Police), JN Pargeter on Alan Old, JBG Thomas talks to Clive Rowlands (Wales coach), Derek Robinson talks about mini rugby, photos of Gloucestershire winning the County Championship, Michael Nimmo looks at Bob Hillier and England statistics, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, universities rugby by Richard Triffitt, Norman Mair on “the promise of Scotland), Nevin McGhee talks to Syd Millar, the former Ireland and Lions prop, on coaching, schools rugby by GW Abbott, Alex Potter reports from Paris, Eddie Kann from Sydney, Donald Cameron from Auckland and Reg Sweet from Durban, a summary of Five Nations matches and the County Championship Final.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1972-05 - £6.00

72-06.jpg (54518 bytes) June 1972 – Vivian Jenkins previews the forthcoming All Blacks tour of Britain & Ireland, spotlight on Gareth Edwards and Barry John by JBG Thomas, Norman Mair profiles referee Jake Young, profile of Alec Lewis (Bath & England) by Rupert Cherry, Tony Butler profiles Lewis Dick (Loughborough Colleges & Scotland), profile of Tony Richards ((Fylde), photos of Wilmslow’s shock defeat of Harlequins in the RFU knock-out competition, Rev Bill Rees talks about rugby in the valleys of Wales, Rupert Cherry profiles Peter Heindorff (Bath & West Germany), rugby internationals buy their own shirts, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, universities rugby by Richard Triffitt, schools rugby by GW Abbott, Frank Challis writes about England’s new cap Geoff Evans (Coventry), Reg Sweet reports from Durban, Alex Potter from Paris, Donald Cameron from Auckland and Eddie Kann from Sydney, Nevin McGhee talks about Irish teams playing in Canada and a summary of the RFU Knock-Out competition including d brief report of the final. Along with a summary of the Ireland v France non-championship game in Dublin.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1972-06 - £4.00

72-07.jpg (45699 bytes) July 1972 – Vivian Jenkins on the short rugby tour, John Dawes, who captained the Lions on their triumphant tour of New Zealand last year, talks about how coaching is vital in modern rugby, tour date – Wallabies in New Zealand and All Blacks in the British Isles, Rugby World’s player of the year, Norman Mair on the Scotland v Ireland series, Rupert Cherry profiles Fred Williams (London Welsh), London Welsh win Middlesex Sevens, Tony Butler on the retirement of Moseley hooker Don Lane, Neath with the inaugural WRU Challenge Cup along with the results from every round, Welsh international referee Meirion Joseph talks to JBG Thomas, Nevin McGhee in conversation with former British Lion and Ireland international Noel Henderson, Michael Nimmo lists the top scorers in club rugby in the midlands and south England and Wales during the 1971/72 season, David Irvine lists the top scorers in the north of England, Reg Sweet on England’s tour of South Africa, Cardiff and Bridgend on tour, Eddie Kann reports from Sydney, Donald Cameron from Auckland and Alex Potter from Paris.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1972-07 - £4.00

72-08.jpg (54837 bytes) August 1972 – Vivian Jenkins and John Dawes each looks back at the new knock-out competitions in England and Wales, Wilfred Wooller reminisces about Cliff Morgan, Arthur Russell profiles John Watkins (Gloucester & England), Reg Sweet concludes his report on England’s tour to South Africa, JJL Bone talks about the art of goal kicking, France’s tour to Australia in photos, Roger Michaelson the former Welsh international looks back, Norman Mair on Scottish rugby, Bryn Meredith talks to JBG Thomas, DG Ives and RH Jarrett both headmasters write about mini rugby, Donald Cameron reports from Auckland, Eddie Kann reports from Australia on the French tour, Nevin McGhee interviews former Lions captain Ronnie Dawson and Alex Potter reports from Paris

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1972-08 - £4.00

72-09.jpg (55318 bytes) September 1972 – Vivian Jenkins on reducing the pressure on players, HF Ellis on old rugby programmes, John Dawes warns – “be prepared for the All Blacks”, former England international Simon Clarke looks ahead to the new season, leading fixtures for season 1972/73, Reg Sweet reports on Llanelli’s tour of South Africa, Norman Mair profiles Ally Black (Boroughmuir FP & Scotland B), Alex Potter reports from Paris, profile of Mickey Booth (Gloucester) by Rupert Cherry, 50 years of the Crawshay’s Club by JBG Thomas, first round draw for the RFU club knock-out competition for 1972/73 season, Alan Gibson meets Peter Knight (Bristol & England), Nevin McGhee asks “where are the new boys of Irish rugby?”, Eddie Kann reports from Sydney and Donald Cameron from Auckland.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1972-09 - £4.00

72-10.jpg (51536 bytes)

October 1972 – Vivian Jenkins looks ahead to the season ahead, former England international Peter Cranmer remembers…, Norman Mair on the promotion and relegation in Scottish rugby, Rupert Cherry talks to England’s new selector Martin Turner, reports on the first seven matches of the Australian tour to new Zealand, profile of Peter Preece (Coventry & England) by Frank Challis, All Blacks a sell-out in Wales by JBG Thomas, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, schools rugby by GW Abbott, Eddie Kann reports from Sydney, Reg Sweet from Durban and Alex Potter from Paris, Clifton RFC’s centenary by Alan Gibson and Nevin McGhee introduces Ulster’s new coach Maurice Crabbe.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1972-10 - £4.00

72-11.jpg (49834 bytes)

November 1972 – New Zealand tour to the British Isles 1972/73 – Vivian Jenkins looks at British and Irish teams prospects against the touring All Blacks, portraits and pen pictures of the All Blacks players, manager and assistant manager along with the tour fixtures, Donald Cameron sums up the All Blacks’ prospects, Terry McLean on All Black skipper Ian Kirkpatrick, reports of the concluding games of the Wallabies tour to New Zealand, John Pullin (Bristol, England & British Lions) speaks to Rupert Cherry about the New Zealand All Blacks, Norman Mair says the Scots are now battle-hardened, JBG Thomas talks to Terry Davies the former Wales and Lions full back, Nevin McGhee on Colin Grimshaw (Queen’s University & Ireland), Alex Potter reports from Paris, Eddie Kann from Sydney, Reg Sweet from Durban, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, schools rugby by GW Abbott and English Schoolboys tour to Africa.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1972-11 - £6.00

72-12.jpg (53576 bytes) December 1972 – New Zealand tour to the British Isles 1972/73 – Vivian Jenkins on the restructuring of the RFU, Andy Mulligan the former Ireland and Lions scrum half remembers…, Norman Mair profiles Douglas Morgan (Melville College FP), David Irvine meets Steve Smith (Sale), JBG Thomas forecasts the Welsh team to face New Zealand, leading fixtures, universities rugby by Peter Galloway, photos from the Scotland & Ireland v England & Wales match at Murrayfield, Rupert Cherry talks about the Varsity Match, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, schools rugby by George Abbott, Reg Sweet reports from Durban, Alex Potter from Paris and Eddie Kann from Sydney, Nevin McGhee profiles Con Feighery (Lansdowne & Ireland).

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1972-12 - £8.00




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73-01.jpg (52122 bytes) January 1973 - All Black Tour of British Isles 1972/3 - Spotlight on the All Blacks. Eric Evans recalls. Avoid fixture clashes at international level. Off-beat item on 7th All Blacks. Profile of Bob Wilkinson. Spotlight on 72-73 All Blacks in Wales . Profile on Tom Grace and Alan Morley.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1973-01 - £8.00

73-02.jpg (54285 bytes) February 1973 – New Zealand tour to the British Isles 1972/73 – Vivian Jenkins reflects on the Murdoch Affair, Terry McLean on Sid Going, England international and chairman of the England selectors Carston Catcheside remembers…, Gron Williams introduces Llew Davies the blind rugby enthusiast, JBG Thomas profiles Wales’ new cap Glyn Shaw (Neath), Alex Potter looks back at the France v New Zealand matches, Rupert Cherry talks to Robin Challis (London Scottish), photos of the All Blacks victory at Murrayfield… and defeat at Moseley, Norman Mair assesses who will be Scotland’s next full back, leading fixtures, Nevin McGhee talks to Noel Murphy the former Cork Constitution, Ireland and Lions flanker on his new coaching role with Munster, Eddie Kann reports from Sydney, Donald Cameron from Auckland and Reg Sweet from Durban, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, summary of the All Blacks tour games, universities rugby by Peter Galloway and schools rugby by GW Abbott. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1973-02 - £8.00

73-03.jpg (47232 bytes) March 1973 – New Zealand All Blacks tour to the British Isles 1972/73 – Vivian Jenkins and Carwyn James each analyse the All Blacks tour, All Blacks’ detailed tour statistics, former England international John Kendall-Carpenter remembers…, Rupert Cherry on coach Leighton Williams, Norman Mair says “Scotland prepares for league rugby”, photos of the final matches of the All Blacks tour including the famous match against the Barbarians at Cardiff Arms Park, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, JBG Thomas talks to Llanelli, Wales and British Lion second row Delme Thomas, Derek Robinson on the laws of the game, Nevin McGhee profiles Ireland’s new cap Kevin Mays (University College Dublin), Donald Cameron reports from Auckland, Eddie Kann from Sydney, Alex Potter from Paris, Reg Sweet from Durban and Peter McMullan from Vancouver, schools rugby with GW Abbott and a summary of international matches played.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1973-03 - £35.00

73-04.jpg (55687 bytes) April 1973 – Vivian Jenkins discusses rugby on television, Graham Hannaford on “playing for the extras”, Richard Sharp the former England and Lions outside half talks of the changing face of rugby, Norman Mair on Scottish skyscrapers, Tony Butler spotlights the dilemma of England’s new cap Martin Cooper (Moseley), the former Harlequins and Scotland centre Joe McPartlin remembers…, Gosforth – rags to riches by JN Pargeter, Rupert Cherry meets Sir George Mallaby on the restructuring of the RFU, photos of England’s victory over France at Twickenham, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, JBG Thomas talks to the former Cardiff prop Stan Bowes, Nevin McGhee profiles new Ireland cap Jim Buckley, Donald Cameron reports from Auckland, Eddie Kann from Sydney, Reg Sweet from Durban, Peter McMullan from Vancouver and Alex Potter from Paris, schools rugby by GW Abbott and summary of the international matches played.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1973-04 - £8.00

73-05.jpg (53190 bytes) May 1973 – Vivian Jenkins says that knock-out rugby pulls crowds, Richard Sharp the former England and Lions outside half reflects on his playing days with Wasps and Oxford University, universities rugby by Peter Galloway, photos from the Wales v Ireland match at Cardiff, Michael Nimmo on recollections of a Fleet Street rugby reporter, Rupert Cherry previews London Counties six-match tour of South Africa, Mike Stevenson profiles England’s new cap Peter Squires (Harrogate), profile of Phil Llewellyn (Swansea & Wales) by JBG Thomas, photos from the Calcutta Cup game at Twickenham, Norman Mair profiles Ian McGeechan (Headingley & Scotland), rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, Alex Potter reports from Paris, Eddie Kann from Sydney, Peter McMullan from Vancouver, Donald Cameron from Auckland and Reg Sweet from Durban, Focus on Tony Ensor (Wanderers & Ireland) by Nevin McGhee, schools rugby by GW Abbott, new rugby stamps by AGK Leonard, a summary of international matches played and Sir William Ramsay’s obituary.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1973-05 - £8.00

73-06.jpg (50303 bytes) June 1973 - Front cover photo of Ireland's Kevin Mays tackling Mervyn Davies, Richard Sharp recalls memorable occasions of the 1960s, Norman Mair reviews the International Sevens at Murrayfield, profile of Gerald Davies, 2 short previews of Wales to Canada, a look at UAU rugby, short look at Des Seabrook and Orrell, profile of Jean-Pierre Romeu, profile of Gareth Edwards, profile of disabled supporter Jeremy Saywell, RFU cup semi-final Bristol v London Welsh photos, profile of Ireland's Roger Clegg.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1973-06 - £8.00

73-07.jpg (53929 bytes) July 1973 - Front cover photo of Blackheath v Richmond line-out, full page photo of Clive Rees, London Welsh & Wales, david Duckham player of the year and rest of the top five, photos and comment, Scotland's coaches, profile of WRU President Les Spence, reviews of London Counties in South Africa and Penguins in Rhodesia, Danny hearn on a schoolboy tour of Morocco, profile of RFU President Mickey Steel-Bodger, profile of Fran Cotton, photos of London Welsh winning the Middlesex Sevens, profile of Norman Gale, Swansea, Llanelli & Wales, Peter Jackson, Coventry & England compares 1960s with modern day rugby, profile of JJ Williams, Alex Potter on the French Club Championship semi-finals, profile of Australia's peter Sullivan, review of Newport in South Africa, match reports Coventry v Bristol RFU Final, Llanelli v Cardiff WRU Final, Middlesex Sevens.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1973-07 - £8.00

73-08.jpg (51554 bytes) August 1973 - Front cover photo John Watkins, Gloucester & England, profile of Colin MacLean, Boroughmuir captain, Alan Pearn tops the point scoring table, club records 1972-3 season, full page photo Peter Preece, Coventry & England, Vincent Becker, Ireland's speed king. Detailed review of Welsh tour of Canada. Profile of Frans ten Bos, London Scottish & Scotland, profile of Alun Pask, Abertillery & Wales, profile of Mike Weston, Durham & England, profile of Peter Hendy, Carnwall & England U23, profile of Terry Cobner, Pontypool & Wales, profile of John Gray, Coventry who also played cricket for Warwickshire, profile of retiring RFU sectretary Robin Prescott 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1973-08 - £8.00

73-09.jpg (49366 bytes) September 1973 – Vivian Jenkins on the British Lions’ leaders touch challenge, HF Ellis looks ahead to the next 150 years, Neville Leck seeks the former Ireland and British Lions scrum half Roger Young’s views on rugby in South Africa, Rupert Cherry on Nick Martin (Bedford & England), JN Pargeter profiles Roger Uttley (Gosforth & England), Norman Mair on the start of league rugby in Scotland, a comprehensive fixture list for season 1973/74, JN Pargeter talks to the former Middlesbrough, England and British Lions outside half Phil Horrocks-Taylor, Dr Bill Mulcahy the former University College Dublin, Bective Rangers, Bohemians, Ireland and British Lions second row talks to Sean Diffley, Rupert Cherry talks to former Bedford and England captain David Perry, JBG Thomas talks to Kenneth Harris Treasurer of the WRU on the financial state of the game, Sean Diffley profiles Terry Moore (Highfield & Ireland), Eddie Kann reports from Sydney, Donald Cameron from Auckland, Reg Sweet from Durban, Alex Potter from Paris and Peter McMullan from Vancouver.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1973-09 - £8.00

73-10.jpg (42341 bytes) October 1973 – Vivian Jenkins warns “Don’t underestimate the Japanese”, Chairman of Japan RFU and tour manager, Shiggy Konno explains why Japan have to play the open-type game, list of fixtures and Japan’s players, JBG Thomas talks to Gareth Edwards, Sean Diffley speaks to Dominick Dineen on the “Dineen Plan”, Rupert Cherry with John White (Bristol and England tourist), Ian McLauchlan talks to Norman Mair, Derek Robinson on rugby in The Netherlands, leading fixtures, David Norrie meets former How of Fife, Scotland and British Lions prop David Rollo, Michael Williams with former Coventry, England and British Lions hooker Bert Godwin, schools rugby with GW Abbott, Charles Burton on Welsh and South African players helping Italian Rugby, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, Alex Potter reports from Paris, Donald Cameron from Auckland, Eddie Kann from Sydney, Reg Sweet from Durban and Peter McMullan from Vancover.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1973-10 - £8.00

73-11.jpg (47823 bytes)

November 1973 – Vivian Jenkins warns “Don’t write off the Wallabies”, Donald Cameron reviews England’s tour to New Zealand plus photos, Rupert Cherry on David Cooke (Harlequins), JBG Thomas with Clive Shell (Aberavon), JBG Thomas in conversation with Dewi Bebb the former Swansea, Wales and British Lions wing, David Irvine talks to former Sale and England wing Jim Roberts, Eddie Kann on Australia’s tour to England and Wales along with the fixtures and tour party, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, Alex Potter reports from Paris, Reg Sweet from Durban and Peter McMullan from Vancouver, Sean Diffley looks back at two Irish tours to Argentina, schools rugby by GW Abbott and photos of Fiji and Japan’s tours.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1973-11 - £8.00

73-12.jpg (51046 bytes) December 1973 – Vivian Jenkins asks “Club or County?”, Rupert Cherry with former London Scottish and Scotland centre/outside half Ian Laughland, Lions to South Africa tour fixtures, Norman Mair on the transformation of Scottish Rugby, Alan Gibson talks to coach Peter Colston, Rupert Cherry on Neil Bennett (Bedford), JBG Thomas with Allan Martin (Aberavon & Wales), Sean Diffley meets Gerry Culliton the former Wanderers and Ireland second row, Japan’s tour photos, universities rugby by Peter Galloway, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, schools rugby with GW Abbott, England Schoolboys tour to Sri Lanka, Reg Sweet reports from Durban, Alex Potter from Paris, Donald Cameron from Auckland, Eddie Kann from Sydney, and Peter McMullan from Vancouver, reports of Japan’s games against Wales and England Under 23.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1973-12 - £8.00




 Summary of major articles

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74-02.jpg (57572 bytes) February 1974 - Vivian Jenkins calls for 'big tough forwards in his preview of the forthcoming British Lions South African tour, Life with the Lions by JG Wilcox, John Wilcox looks at his tour with the 1962 Lions, interview with Budge Rogers, profile of Gloucester full back Peter Butler, profile of seamus Dennison, Garryowen & Munster, pictures from the varsity match. Brigadier Glyn Hughes - 60 years as a Barbarian, profile David matthews, Leicester,  profile of Keith Smith, Roundhay & England Under 23.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1974-02 - £6.00

74-04.jpg (47629 bytes) April 1974 - Vivian jenkins suggestes likely candidates for the lions tour, Doug Smith manager of the 1971 Lions previews the 1974 tour,  profile of ian Robinson, Cardiff & Wales, Gloucestershire's five brothers McCarthy, profile of Duncan Madsen, Gosforth & Scotland, interesting article on history of rugby teams and players flying, profile of Ireland scrum half John Moloney, pics from England v Ireland, profile of Clive Rees, London Welsh & Wales, Where have all the fly-halves gone by Crawford Mackie, 5 nations match reports, Scotland v England, Ireland v Wales, England v Ireland, Wales v France, France v England, Ireland v Scotland.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1974-04 - £8.00

74-05.jpg (61267 bytes) May 1974 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1974 - Lions Tour Special - Vivian jenkins on the tour, Andy Ripley profile, photos and biographies of the players, Gordon Brown profile, John Dawes on the tour, Fergus Slattery profile, Lions Quiz, look at the Springboks, photo gallery.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1974-05 - £15.00

74-08.jpg (48516 bytes) August 1974 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1974 - Vivian Jenkins on Lions "World Beaters"  -  Match reports & photos, SW Districts,  W Province,  SA Federation XV,  1st Test,  S Universities,  Transvaal,  Rhodesia,  2nd Test,  profile of Dusty Hare.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1974-08 - £15.00

74-09.jpg (58208 bytes) September 1974 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1974 - front cover photo of JJ Williams & Slattery  -  Vivivian Jenkins on "The Best Lions"  -  Match Reports & Photos  Quaggas,  OFS,  Griquas,  N Transvaal,  Leopards,  3nd Test,  Border,  Natal,  E Transvaal,  4th Test  -  complete tour record  & statistics,  -  more photos  -  JBG Thomas with the Lions  -  Don Rutherford looks at 1966 1st Test  -  back cover photo of Lions celebrating. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1974-09 - £18.00

74-10.jpg (52733 bytes) October 1974 - JJ Williams front cover photo, Roger Michaelson, Aberavon & Wales on the game he will always remember Wales v England 1963, Jeff Butterfield remembers S Africa v  Lions 1st Test 1955, a great 23-22 win for the Lions, spotlight on JJ Williams, focus on Irish hooker Ken Kennedy, profile of Dick Milliken, focus on Coventry's Bill Gittings, profiles of Dick Greenwood, Lancashire & England, Richie Dixon, Jordanhill & Glasgow, London Welsh over the last decade, English Schools in Australia.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1974-10 - £12.00

74-11.jpg (56209 bytes) November 1974 - Front cover photo of England v Ireland, Dick Milliken in possession, focus on rugby in Ireland leading up to the centenary, preview of All Blacks tour, Peter Jackson remembers Warwickshire v Lancashire County Championship Final 1964, Chris Rea  tries to forget Scotland v Wales 1971, an interesting viewpoint from the opposition in one of Wales' great wins. profile of Mervyn Davies, photos of 74 Lions at the seaside, history of Scottish Co-optimists.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1974-11 - £6.00

74-12.jpg (57142 bytes) December 1974 - Arthur Rees remembers Wales v New Zealand 1935, profile of Neath & Wales' Dai Morris, interview with England coach John Burgess, profile of Alan Wordsworth, Cambridge Uni, Harlequins and England U23, Irish schools rugby, large Andy Ripley photo, review of England Schools in Australia.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1974-12 - £6.00




 Summary of major articles

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75-01.jpg (114734 bytes) January 1975 - All Blacks tour of Ireland & Wales 1974 -  Tour round-up including photos review and match statistics, David Frost on whether soccer hooliganism will cross over to rugby, Des O'Brien looks back at England v Ireland 1948, large double page photo of Andy Irvine, profiles of Steve Fenwick, Bridgend, Alistair Hignell, Cambridge University, review of South African tour of France.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1975-01 - £5.00

75-02.jpg (96337 bytes) February 1975 - Front cover photo of Gareth Edwards shadowed by Sid Going, Andy Mulligan looks back at the final Lions test in NZ in 1959, Charlie Faulkner on propping against the All Blacks, profiles of Roger Shackleton Richmond & England, Jamie Clinch former Ireland international, Skip Niebauer, USA, varsity match photos & report.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1975-02 - £4.00

75-03.jpg (75888 bytes) March 1975 - Fran Cotton photo on front cover, Ian Robertson looks back at Argentina v Scotland 1969, profiles of Peter Warfield, Trevor Evans, Swansea & Wales, Pat Whelan, Ireland's new hooker, Mike Biggar, London Scottish & Scotland, interview with Peter Knight, Bristol & England.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1975-03 - £4.00

75-04.jpg (86070 bytes) April 1975 - Roger Shackleton on front cover, Peter Robbins looks back to the 1957 varsity match, profiles of Peter Wheeler, Leicester & England, Ray Gravell, Llanelli & Wales, Billy McCombe, Ireland, photos from Wales v England, match reports Wales v England, France v Scotland, Scotland v Wales, Ireland v France.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1975-04 - £4.00

49.jpg (132191 bytes) May 1975 – Vivian Jenkins discusses the England squad to tour Australia, pen pictures of England’s tourists, tour fixtures of England in Australia, Scotland in New Zealand and France in South Africa, former Harlequins and England scrum half and BBC commentator Nigel Starmer-Smith on England, Rupert Cherry writes about “Jacko” Page (Northampton & England), former Cardiff, Wales and British Lions centre Bleddyn Williams recalls the day Cardiff beat the All Blacks in 1953, John Ebblewhite on Eastern Counties, rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, JBG Thomas profiles Durbar Lawrie (Secretary of Bridgend RFC), Norman Mair on Scottish international rugby, Sean Diffley on Mick Sherry (Lansdowne & Ireland), Peter McMullan reports from Vancouver, Alex Potter from Paris, Reg Sweet from Durban, Eddie Kann from Sydney and Donald Cameron from Auckland, schools rugby by GW Abbott, universities rugby by Peter Galloway, summary of the Five Nations matches plus County Championship Final.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1975-05 - £4.00

75-06.jpg (91576 bytes) June 1975 - Scotland tour of New Zealand 1975 - Pen pictures and photos of players, Front cover photo Rosslyn Park v Moseley, Wilson Whineray remembers Barbarians v All Blacks 1964, Bill McLaren selects his best Scottish team over the last 10 years, profile of Neil Mantell, Rosslyn Park & England, interview with Wille John McBride, interview with John Dawes, profile of Scottish No 8 David Leslie, match report Ireland/Scotland v England/Wales.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1975-06 - £4.00

75-07.jpg (99922 bytes) July 1975 - Player of the Year Mervyn Davies on front cover, full page photos of the top three, 2. Gareth Edwards, 3. Sandy Carmichael, interview with Bill Beaumont, review of England's tour of Australia including statistics, interview with Andy Irvine, Terry McLean picks his All Black test side from the last decade, profile of Alun Lewis, Bedford, Simon Clarke, Blackheath & England remembers England v Scotland 1963, profile of Peter Kingston, Lydney, profiles of Graham Price, Pontypool & Wales, Tom Grace, Ireland, results from Middlesex, Snelling and Ulster Sevens.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1975-07 - £4.00

75-08.jpg (94872 bytes) August 1975 - Australia v England, front cover photo, Sean Diffley picks his best Irish side from players of the last decade, Jack Matthews remembers Cardiff v South Africa 1951, review of England tour of Australia + match statistics, profiles of Jim Broderick, Coventry, Phil Blakeway, Gloucester, Roy Thomas, Llanelli, review and statistics from Scotland tour of NZ,  review and statistics from french tour of South Africa.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1975-08 - £4.00

75-10.jpg (101896 bytes) October 1975 - Wasps v Nottingham photo on front cover, rugby and violence, Lions quiz, Top Tries - Hancock's try, focus on Phil Bennett, profiles of Steve Callum, England U19s, Douglas Elliot, Edinburgh Academicals, a look at Ireland's new coach, focus on rugby in Holland, review of Japanese tour of Australia.

***** 15th BIRTHDAY EDITION ******

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1975-10 - £4.00

75-11.jpg (88391 bytes) November 1975 - Introducing the Australians, interview with Wallaby captain John Hipwell, player statistics and tour itinerary, Wilf Wooller on the Barbarians v NZ 1973 and that Edwards try, interview with Tarn Bainbridge on amatuer or professional rugby, focus on the Gala Sevens, review of Wales tour of far east, photos of Wallabies, review of Romania tour of NZ, profile of Geoff Richards, Wasps, Ireland's new captain, who will it be ?.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1975-11 - £4.00

75-12.jpg (44219 bytes) December 1975 – Vivian Jenkins on “the amateur and his ‘perks’”, Norman Mair in conversation with “Sandy” Carmichael, David Frost interviews Lord Wakefield (the former Harlequins and England captain Wavell Wakefield), Nigel Starmer-Smith on Top Tries – John Spencer’s inspired moment, Rupert Cherry on Gordon Wood (Cambridge University), JBG Thomas talks to Barry Llewelyn (Llanelli & Wales), Sean Diffley on Seamus Deering (Garryowen & Ireland), rugger roundabout – news in brief around the regions, schools rugby by GW Abbott, universities rugby by Peter Galloway, Reg Sweet reports from Durban, Eddie Kann from Sydney, Alex Potter from Paris and Donald Cameron from Auckland. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1975-12 - £4.00




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76-02.jpg (93016 bytes) February 1976 - Front cover photo of Wales v Australia, interview with Victor Pike, Irish international, later to become Bishop of Sherborne, Ron Glasgow's try for Scotland against Wales in 1962, profiles of Tim Rutter, Harlequins, Selwyn Williams, Llanelli, Nairn McEwan, John Robbie, Irish scrum half, photos and  match reports of England & Wales v Australia.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1976-02 - £4.00

76-03.gif (170159 bytes) March 1976 - John Taylor front cover photo and profile, photos from Barbarians v Australia, complete Wallaby tour record, interview with John Hipwell, profiles of Irish centre Ian McIlrath, Graham Young, Watsonians, Mark Keyworth, Swansea and England, Kirkpatrick's try against the Lions in 1971, look back at France v England 1906, match reports Scotland v France, England v Wales, Ireland v Australia, Barbarians v Australia.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1976-03 - £6.00

76-04.jpg (114868 bytes) April 1976 - Wales v Scotland front cover photo of McHarg passing ball, profile of McHarg. New series where a writer picks his favourite Lion or Lions  1959 - 1974 for a particular position, Vivian Jenkins nominates JPR Williams for full back, profiles of Bosco Tikoisuva, Harlequins & Fiji, John Cantrell, Irish hooker, Brynmor Williams, Cardiff, Alistair Cranston, Doble forced to retire, photos from Calcutta Cup match, match reports Wales v Scotland, France v Ireland, Ireland v Wales, Scotland v England.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1976-04 - £6.00

76-05.jpg (135255 bytes) May 1976 - England v Ireland photo on front cover, David Frost picks Jackson & Duckham for the  Lions team, preview of Irish tour of New Zealand, interview with Gareth Edwards, double page poster of Welsh Grand Slam team, Scottish leagues, match reports England v Ireland, Wales v France, France v England, Ireland v Scotland.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1976-05 - £8.00

76-06.jpg (149352 bytes) June 1976 - Front cover photo Glos v Middlesex county champs final, Vivian Jenkins looks at the career of Mervyn Davies after his near fatal brain haemorrhage, Bleddyn Williams selects Jeff Butterfield and Mike Gibson in the Lions team, profile of Dave Rollitt, Bristol & England, profiles of England U19 fly half Chris Williams, Gareth Davies, Cardiff, Joe Brady, Dublin Wanderers & Ireland, match reports County Championship, Welsh & English cup finals.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1976-06 - £4.00

76-07.jpg (128209 bytes) July 1976 - Player of the Year Gareth Edwards on front cover, photos of top 4 players 2. Mervyn Davies, 3. JPR Williams, 4. Phil Bennett, Peter Cranmer picks Barry John as the Lions fly half in the Rugby World team of Lions greats, preview of All Blacks tour of S Africa, profiles of Llanelli flanker Gareth Jenkins, Mike Lampkowski, England scrum half, Keith Bushell, Harlequins.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1976-07 - £6.00

76-08.jpg (115106 bytes) August 1976 - Front cover photo of the All Black pack, JBG Thomas picks Gareth Edwards for the Lions team, Agen win French club championship, profiles of Phil O'Callaghan, Irish prop, David Ashton, Scotland B wing,  player of the year awards photos, reviews and reports from Ireland in New Zealand, Barbarians in North America, London Scottish in USA, Gloucestershire in S Africa.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1976-08 - £4.00

76-09.jpg (54098 bytes) September 1976 - What’s wrong with English rugby- Dickie Jeeps. A look at Mervyn Davies and Number 8’s. Derek Quinnell for Wales captaincy?? 1977 Lions fixtures in NZ. Melrose and Kelso centenary.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1976-09 - £4.00

76-10.jpg (61130 bytes) October 1976 – Cardiff Centenary Issue – Vivian Jenkins on who should go on the Lions tour of New Zealand in 1977, Reg Sweet continues his report of the Springboks v All Blacks test series, news bulletin – news in brief, Olney RFC 100 years old, David Norrie talks to Welsh entertainer and huge rugby fan Max Boyce, Eddie Kann on McLean fame – the famous Australian rugby family, Donald Cameron on league problems in New Zealand, Rupert Cherry talks to Alf Wyman - the instigator of the Anglo-Welsh Merit Table, 8-page feature on Cardiff RFC’s centenary by JBG Thomas – including club records, statistics and the forthcoming season’s fixtures, Cardiff RFC historian Danny Davies selects his best-ever Cardiff XV, schools rugby by GW Abbott, Mike Williams reports on Sevenoaks School Rugby Club’s tour of Australia, RFU Technical Administrator Don Rutherford on coaching, Sean Diffley looks at future Irish selections – Robbie McGrath, Alex Potter on French international rugby, John Reed on two Lions flankers – Fergus Slattery and Roger Uttley, October fixtures.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1976-10 - £8.00

76-11.jpg (138167 bytes) November 1976 - Front cover photo of Sid Going, All Blacks in S Africa tour round-up, review and photos from the tour, statistics and match reports from all 4 tests, profile of next years Lions manager George Burrell, Budge Rogers, the new England selector, Russia joins FIRA, Don Rutherford on the role of the attacking full back, Clem Thomas picks Willie John McBride and Rhys Williams for the all time Lions XV. 

Front cover marked 

Ref: MC255-mgbr.rrwo1976-11 - £4.00

76-12.jpg (129314 bytes) December 1976 - Front cover photo of JPR Williams tending injured John Hipwell, history of the varsity match, history of the French club championship, review and stats of Argentina tour of Wales and Japan tour of England & Wales, profiles of Geoff Cooke, new Yorkshire coach, Mike Gibson - the other one, Rugby and medicine - rugby injuries, Terry O'Connor picks Ian 'Mighty Mouse' McLauchlan and Syd Miller for the Lions team 59-74.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1976-12 - £4.00




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77-01.jpg (47341 bytes)

January 1977 - Tony Neary front cover - Five Nations preview. Loyalty- Club or Country?? Colin Meads on Lions tour and that he will NOT be playing. Sydney to tour worldwide. JPR on prevention of injuries. Profile of Mike Gibson. JBG talks to Terry Cobner. France lose to Romania 12-15. Item on Bobby Windsor and hookers.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1977-01 - £5.00

77-02.jpg (57665 bytes)

February 1977 - Review of 1976 - Wales grand slam v France. Gordon Brrown disciplined by Scots. Preview Wales v France . John Mason looks back at 1976. MBE for S.Going and David Duckham. Overseas XV to play in S.A to mark opening of 80,000 Loftus Versfeld Stadium. Varsity match picks. Historical look at Twickers. JPR on the problem of the boot. Rugby World picks it's best lions XV 1959-1974.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1977-02 - £6.00

77-03.jpg (48673 bytes)

March 1977 - Max Boyce on front cover -  For/Against S.A to tour UK. Profile of Norman Sanson. Profile of Watkin Thomas by JBG. 5-Nations review. Lions in NZ 1950 recalled. Meirion Joseph equaling referee record by a Brit. NZ Baa-Baas gaining better fixtures. Feature on new caps e.g:Jeff Squire and Clive Burgess. Rugby in Russia. France’s top 3 poll: J.C.Skrela, J.Feroux, and J.R.Romeu.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1977-03 - £6.00

77-04.jpg (56707 bytes)

April 1977 - Cover-Gareth Edwards for the Baa-Baas. Stars not available for 1977 Lions. Profile of Phil Orr. 5-Nations review. Baa-Baas history by Nigel Starmer-Smith. Cardiff old players’ reunion. Lions to play Fiji. History of Murrayfield. Lions in NZ 1959 recalled. JBG looks at Aberavon.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1977-04 - £6.00

77-05.jpg (53740 bytes)

May 1977 - WALES TRIPLE CROWN & FRENCH GRAND SLAM - Cover Wales v Scotland . Back page- Wales ’ Triple Crown. Phil Bennett to lead 1977 Lions. Differential penalty to be introduced. A look at Eng, Wal, Scot, and Ire between 1960 –1977(the period of the magazine) Wales v France championship decider. French champions pick. Lions 1966 recalled. Baa-Baas by Nigel Starmer-Smith. 5-Nations reviewed.

***** THE 200th EDITION OF RUGBY WORLD *****

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1977-05 - £10.00

77-06.jpg (46508 bytes) June 1977 - British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1977 - British Lions Special - front cover picture of Mike Gibson making his record equalling 5th tour  -  Profiles, pen pictures & photos of the players -  Interview with Barry John on 1971 3rd Test  -  profile of Willie Duggan  -  look at the All Blacks  -  profile of Nigel Horton  -  profile of Clive Williams  -  profile of Gordon Brown.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1977-06 - £9.00

77-07.jpg (48120 bytes) July 1977 – British Lions Tour to New Zealand 1977 – Lions update, Fijians triumph in Rothmans/Cathay Pacific Sevens, Surrey in Bermuda, Vivian Jenkins on “changes needed”, Phil Bennett – Rugby World Player of the Year 1977, Rugby World Player of the Year Awards, Cliff Morgan pays tribute to Phil Bennett, Rupert Cherry on Lansdowne Road, action photos from the Lions tour, schools rugby by GW Abbott, double page photo of the 1977 British Lions Touring Team, Donald Cameron on former All Black Bob Stuart, home report – news in brief, France in Argentina by Alex Potter, Norman Mair on MacEwan’s mission, 100 years of rugby in Sri Lanka, Eric Serry on rugby in Canada and USA, Reg Sweet on South African rugby and Eddie Kann on rugby in Australia, David Norrie on Roger Uttley and Geoff Wheel - two withdrawals from the 1977 Lions tour, Lions in New Zealand remaining fixtures.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1977-07 - £10.00

77-08.jpg (49316 bytes) August 1977 – British Lions Tour to New Zealand 1977 – Lions update, WRU Cup to be sponsored by Schweppes, London Irish tour of South Africa, Vivian Jenkins looks at previous All Blacks v Lions encounters at Carisbrook Dunedin, former British Lions and England captain, and RFU President Dickie Jeeps talks to Stephen Jones, SRU President Hector Munro’s speech at SRU AGM, top scorers (south) 1976/77 by Michael Nimmo, top scorers (north) 1976/77 by Geoff Green, top scorers (Wales) 1976/77 by Stephen Jones, top scorers (Scotland) 1976/77 by Glen Stirling, JBG Thomas and Donald Cameron each comment on the Lions tour, action photos from the Lions tour, England Under 23 triumph in Canada by John Mason, home report – news in brief, Reg Sweet on South African rugby, Alex Potter on Beziers – champions of France, Golden Oldies tour of Florida and the Caribbean by Stuart Ross, Plymouth Albion’s Nick Vosper retires by Clive Mumford and Ian Robertson on Alastair Hignell.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1977-08 - £8.00

77-09.jpg (50000 bytes)

September 1977 – British Lions Tour to New Zealand 1977 – Lions update, Wales to tour Australia in 1978, Northern merit table confusion, Vivian Jenkins looks at the history of Eden Park, JBG Thomas profiles Scotland and Lions full back Andy Irvine, action photos from the Lions tour, Donald Cameron on “Cobner’s Crusade”, Alex potter reports on the French tour of Argentina, special pull out feature of leading fixtures 1977/78, Sean Diffley on “Irish hangover”, home report – news in brief, Haydn Perry reflects on the good old days of the line-out, Rupert Cherry looks at the history of Cardiff Arms Park, Eddie Kann reports from Australia and Reg Sweet from South Africa.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1977-09 - £8.00

77-12.jpg (50050 bytes)

December 1977 - Cover- Dougie Morgan. Varsity match preview. Lions team to play in memory of Sam Doble. Optimism at London Welsh. Looking at Bruce Hay. Many good s-halves in Wales - JBG examines. USA in England . The Penguins in Russia.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1977-12 - £5.00




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18.jpg (243399 bytes)

January 1978 - New regional championship in England . BBC Wales to sponsor Floodlight comp?? Lions tour- too long?? Varsity match reviewed. Sponsorship- now 3 to 4 years old. International panel for Welsh referees. Sam Doble tribute. Spotlight on Gareth Edwards. All Blacks on the up. SA rugby controlled by SA rugby Board- Start of a new era. Nigel Horton in France.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1978-01 - £5.00

78-02.jpg (51848 bytes)

February 1978 - Wales Grand Slam 1978 -  5-Nations previewed. - Bill Beaumont re-invented. Rugby circus on the way?? 1977 5-Nations- French Grand Slam, Wales Triple Crown. 1978 England scrum-halves- almost a different one every season! Spotlight on Andy Ripley.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1978-02 - £8.00

78-03.jpg (54963 bytes)

March 1978 - Wales Grand Slam 1978 -  England v Wales match report & pics. -  The possibility of professional rugby examined. WRU Cup reviewed by JBG. Spotlight on John Scott. Calcutta Cup- 25th Scotland v England at Murrayfield. David Leslie struggle to overcome injury. Spotlight on Gordon Brown. Michel Palmie- court case.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1978-03 - £8.00

32.jpg (638654 bytes)

April 1978 - Wales Grand Slam 1978 -  Tribute to Gareth Edwards, world's most capped scrum half - Wales v Scotland & Ireland v Wales match reports & pics. Double page poster of Edwards, titled "The Master". -  USA to tour SA?? Refereeing- a difficult job! Tony Ward- the discovery of the season. Gareth Edwards- centre page picture and “supreme entertainer.” Jeff Squire by JBG. Wales triple Triple Crown picture.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1978-04 - £9.00

78-05.jpg (56867 bytes)

May 1978 - Wales Grand Slam 1978 -  4 page Triple Triple Crown pull out including double page colour team photo of last Wales five nations grand slam team.  Wales v France report and pics. France join IRB. Peter Whiting in discussion on NZ and its players. Team of decade - Colin Deans- Hooking in the blood. JBG talks to Grav in Grand Slam season. Spotlight on Peter Squires. USA first tour of England reviewed.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1978-05 - £15.00

78-06.jpg (48710 bytes)

June 1978 – Wales Tour to Australia 1978 – In Wales Swansea win the Schweppes Welsh Cup and Maesteg the Whitbread Welsh Merit Table, Vivian Jenkins examines the state of British rugby, John Reed interviews England captain Bill Beaumont, England…around the clubs, spotlight on Moseley, Wales…around the clubs, spotlight on Pontypool, Scotland…around the clubs, spotlight on Watsonians, Ireland…around the clubs, spotlight on University College Dublin, Rugby World Leagues, JBG Thomas looks at the Welsh party touring Australia, Eddie Kann anticipates the Welsh tour, spotlight on Derek Quinnell, pen pictures of the Welsh tour party, Donald Cameron on New Zealand rugby, Reg Sweet on rugby in South Africa, Eddie Kann on Australian rugby, AW Scott on rugby in the USA and Austin Daniel on Sri Lankan rugby, Tom Hudson looks at fitness, Norman Mair on Hawick’s success, Bob Donahue on Albert Ferrasse, schools rugby by GW Abbott, Gloucester win the John Player Cup

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1978-06 - £5.00

78-07.jpg (43300 bytes)

July 1978 - Wales v Australia . Gareth Edwards- Player of the year. Andy Irvine- runner up in player of the year. Ian McLachlan in conversation. J.P.Rives in conversation. Spotlight on Alan Lawson. SA Season. Grogg Shop item. David Parry-Jones pays tribute to Gerald Davies. Meet Des O’Brien. NZ survey results.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1978-07 - £6.00

78-08.jpg (50688 bytes)

August 1978 - Focus on Wales tour of  Australia. Tribute to Sid Going. Repercussions of violent play. Paul McLean rules. French versatility. USA 1st  Test victory v Canada.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1978-08 - £6.00

78-09.jpg (46944 bytes)

September 1978 - Era of the try scoring full back – JPR. Reaction to violent play. Profile of John Moloney. JPR photo on front cover. Profile of Haydn Tanner, Phil Moss and Bob Mordell. Article by JR Jones on Wills Cigarette cards. All Black conteners for upcoming tour.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1978-09 - £6.00

78-10.jpg (46257 bytes)

October 1978 – End of an era – Gareth Edwards and Gerald Davies retires, results of Australia’s tour of New Zealand, 9 new All Blacks for UK tour, London Welsh in USA, London Scottish in Canada, Vivian Jenkins looks ahead to the season with the All Blacks touring the British Isles – a tour originally arranged for the Springboks, former Wales and British Lion Cliff Morgan looks at the current state of the game, Surrey v International XV, Rugby World Leagues, Wayne Swift profiles Paul McLean of Australia, England…around the clubs, centenary seasons of Headingley and Morley, Wales…around the clubs, Bridgend centenary, Norman Mair on Gordon Brown, Scotland…around the clubs, Argentina to tour Britain, Ireland and Italy, Ireland…around the clubs, Ian Todd’s wish for the season, JBG Thomas talks to Roy Bergiers, AW Scott on the US Cougars in South Africa, Donald Cameron on Irish Universities tour of New Zealand, Eddie Kann on Australian rugby, Reg Sweet with Tom Bedford, schools rugby by George Abbott, Sean Diffley and the “season of hope” for Irish rugby, Bob Donahue reports on French rugby.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1978-10 - £4.00

78-11.jpg (116283 bytes) November 1978 - All Blacks Grand Slam tour of British Isles 1978 - Souvenir Issue - Vivian Jenkins welcomes the All Blacks, John Billot looks back at the last Welsh victory over the ABs in 1953, pen pictures and photos of All Black squad, review of Aussie tour of NZ, Tony Bodley calls for Home Rule for England, Jean-Claude Skrela's retirement, preview of Ireland v NZ, gerald Davies & Gareth Edwards retire, porfile of David Caplan, Headingley & Yorkshire, spotlight on Roger Uttley.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1978-11 - £8.00

78-12.jpg (46222 bytes)

December 1978 - All Blacks Grand Slam tour of British Isles 1978 - Terry Holmes tackled by Dalton on front cover - Vivian Jenkins previews the internationals - spotlight on Doug Bruce & Bruce Robertson - history of England v NZ encounters - interview with Mourie - pics from early games including Ireland - history of Scotland v NZ matches, guest writer Chris Rea on back play - profile of Cliff Jones, 1930's Cardiff & Wales - profile of England's wings Peter Squires & Mike Slemen - tour review including stats of Argentina to Britain - interview with Norman Bruce.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1978-12 - £7.00




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79-01.jpg (49736 bytes)

January 1979 - All Blacks Grand Slam tour of British Isles 1978 - Dave Loveridge on front cover - tour opinions - pics from the tour - Stu Wilson & Bill Osborne profiles  - Preview of Baa-Baas v NZ. Lucien Mias recalled. Andre Boniface – eloquent exponent. Spotlight on Gary Seear & Andy Haden. Medical diognosis – foul play ??.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1979-01 - £6.00

79-02.jpg (47666 bytes)

February  1979 - All Blacks Grand Slam tour of British Isles 1978 - New Zealand Tour Special - pics from the tour and match by match statistical breakdown - double page colour poster of the All Blacks - interview with manager Russ Thomas - spotlight on Frank Oliver - guest writer Terry McLean - interview with coach Jack Gleeson - spotlight on Brian Mckechnie - pics from Barbarians match -  Bridgend's centenary - history of Pontypridd.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1979-02 - £9.00

79-03.jpg (46578 bytes)

March 1979 - Power of IRB – Law changes ? Profile on Mike Gibson – The Master ! Ireland v France match report & pics - A look at Tony Bond. Spotlight on Peter Wheeler. Profile of Colin Patterson (IRE). Alan Lawson returns. Earle Kirton looks at NZ style of play. Aussie Baa-Baas tour NZ.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1979-03 - £6.00

79-04.jpg (46239 bytes)

April 1979 – Wales – 4 Triple Crowns 1976-79 – Vivian Jenkins on “England’s Need”, Chris Lander discusses pressures of the international referee, Bob Donahue on French international rugby, England…around the clubs, Shelford RFC’s ladies rule, Wales…around the clubs, Ebbw Vale prepare for centenary season, JPR Williams becomes the eighth player to reach 50 caps, Japan dominate the sixth Asian championships reports Austin Daniel, Fiji looks for a coach, Eddie Kann on Australian rugby and Reg Sweet on rugby in South Africa, Rupert Cherry interviews former England centre Brian Boobbyer, vote for your best British (& Irish) XV of the 1970s. David Daniel on Pontypridd’s new kit, scorers, teams and photos from the remaining Five nations games, schools rugby by GW Abbott, JBG Thomas on Paul Ringer, Scotland…around the clubs, Ireland…around the clubs, Rugby World Leagues.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1979-04 - £10.00

79-05.jpg (91643 bytes)

May 1979 - JPR Williams front cover photo, Mike Davis' appointment as England coach, Frank Keting looks at Wales' success in the 1970s and asks will it continue, John Taylor looks at modern coaching, spotlight on Jean-Pierre Rives, interview with Ireland's fly-half Tony Ward, focus on Morley RFC, profile of Ian Milne, Heriots FP & Scotland, preview of England's tour of the far east.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1979-05 - £6.00

79-06.jpg (54826 bytes)

June 1979 - Front cover photo of John Scott, Double page colour photo of Welsh Triple Crown team, guest writer Bill McLaren, photos from Leicester's cup final win, preview of Ireland's tour of Australia, spotlight on Mike Slemen, JPR Williams other sport, Ray Williams on rugby in the 1970s, profile of David Watkins, Union & League international, Chris Rea examines the role of the captain, Welsh wings Elgan Rees & JJ Williams, Bridgend win Welsh cup - photos.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1979-06 - £6.00

79-07.jpg (50533 bytes)

July 1979 - Tony Ward – Player of the Year front cover pic. The appeal of Rugby – TV coverage. The finest Lions, 1974 article by Terry O'Connor. - The scene in the USA . Looking at the scrum. Spotlight on Mike Roberts. Spotlight on Mike Rafter. A look at coaching in the modern game with John Taylor. Preview of France in NZ. Nigel Starmer-Smith interview.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1979-07 - £6.00

79-08.jpg (52088 bytes)

August 1979 - France lose to NZ. Dropping Tony Ward – A blessing ? Tony O’Reilly on business. WRU centenary officer – Ray Williams. Why Bill Beaumont and Gordon Brown play better on tour. Interview with Max Boyce. The best 70’s team. A look at the line-out with Ray Williams. Canada triumph over USA . Spotlight on Tony Neary.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1979-08 - £5.00

79-09.jpg (52605 bytes)

September 1979 - France in NZ. A look at South Africa – The proposed Lions Tour and 1980 Olympics in Moscow . Roger Uttley in discussion. Spotlight on Andy Irving. Rugby festival in 1979 at Wembley. Ruck and Maul looked at with Ray Williams.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1979-09 - £4.00

79-10.jpg (51141 bytes)

October 1979 – South African Quaggas/Barbarians tour of Britain in doubt, New Zealand beat Argentina, Vivian Jenkins looks at the development of rugby throughout the world, Chris Rea traces former Scotland and British Lion Ian McGeechan’s career, club crawl with Stephen Jones, Rugby World Leagues, Stephen Jones talks to Alastair Hignell, England…around the clubs, Rosslyn Park’s centenary season, Wales…around the clubs, retirement of former Wales flanker Trevor Evans, Bob Donahue on French rugby, Scotland…around the clubs, Ireland…around the clubs, a comprehensive list of leading fixtures for 1979/80, Norman Mair congratulates Bill McLaren, Sir John Orr and Andy Irvine having been awarded the MBE, Eddie Kann on Australian rugby, Donald Cameron on rugby in New Zealand and Reg Sweet on South African rugby, Edmund van Esbeck traces the rise and fall of Irish rugby, Romania tours Britain, Bryn Thomas on Andy Hill (Llanelli & Wales B), schools rugby by George Abbott, Ray Williams examines the development of back play, Wallabies shock the All Blacks, spotlight on Steve Fenwick.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1979-10 - £4.00

79-11.jpg (56339 bytes)

November 1979 - All Blacks tour of Scotland and England 1979 - Preview of tour -  Canada impress in GB. South Africa Baa-Baas in GB. - Dawie DeVilliers in London . Ray Williams looks back at the last ten years. Fergus Slattery in discussion. Mark Taylor (NZ) in discussion. Pumas in NZ. Spotlight on Fran Cotton.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1979-11 - £5.00

79-12.jpg (54256 bytes)

December 1979 – Connacht beat Munster, conquerors of the All Blacks, Vivian Jenkins looks back at some legendary international matches, John Billott is in “pursuit of excellence”, Iain McKenzie on why Scotland failed again against New Zealand, club crawl with Stephen Jones, JBG Thomas on Peter Morgan (Llanelli), England…around the clubs, opening of Thurrock RFC’s new clubhouse, Wales…around the clubs, Scotland…around the clubs, Boroughmuir’s consistency, Ireland…around the clubs, 100 years of Leinster rugby, Terry McLean talks to All Black captain Graham Mourie, David Norrie in conversation with former England second row Chris Ralston, Is the game too professional?...asks John Reason and Carwyn James, Eddie Kann on Australian rugby, Bob Donahue on rugby in France, Donald Cameron on New Zealand rugby, David Norrie looks at English half backs in the 1970s, Rugby World Leagues, schools rugby by George Abbott, Bob Donahue examines the career of French prop Robert Paparemborde, Frank Keating visits the “cathedrals of rugby”.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1979-12 - £4.00



 Summary of major articles

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80-01.jpg (50350 bytes)

January 1980 - All Blacks tour of Scotland and England 1979 -  All Blacks 1979 reviewed with match reports, pictures and comments. England Grand Slam 1980 - Preview of 5 – Nations. Andy Irvine receives MBE. Reflecting John Dawes by John Taylor. Is the game more violent?? Team of the month – Bath . Profile of Dave Loveridge. Obituary of Jack Gleeson. Romanians in Wales and later to Ireland. Steve Smith in conversation. Profile of Rodney O’Donnell. Profile of David Johnston (SCOT). Spotlight on Stuart Wilson (NZ).

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1980-01 - £5.00

80-02.jpg (55212 bytes)

February 1980 - All Blacks tour of Scotland and England 1979 -  4 page fold out colour poster with match statistics and photos - England Grand Slam 1980 -  More 5 nations previews. - JJ Williams retires from International Rugby. Welsh new coach – John Lloyd. John Carleton in discussion. Spotlight on Alan Tomes. Varsity match – What went wrong ? All Blacks Tour 1979 – Souvenir colour poster. Chris Laidlaw’s stinging attack on Welsh / English supporters. Multi-racial Rugby in SA. Gerry Lewis (physio) in discussion.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1980-02 - £5.00

80-03.jpg (55668 bytes)

March 1980 - England Grand Slam 1980 -  England v Ireland & France v England match report and pics. -  Wales in colour, 3 page fold out colour poster of the Welsh team -. Andre Boniface outlines his thoughts and ideas. Mike Bigger interview. Englishmen playing in Wales . Profile on Steve Munro (SCOT). NZ to Australia and Fiji preview. Fiji to Wales preview. Botha to face Lions. France v Ireland matches recalled. Spotlight on Jim Renwick.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1980-03 - £5.00

80-04.jpg (48662 bytes)

April 1980 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1980 - Tour preview look at the players selected, interview with Millar & Murphy  -  profile of Gareth Davies  -  JBG & Chris Rea on the tour. - England Grand Slam, match reports Scotland v England, Ireland v Wales, wales v Scotland, France v Ireland, England v Wales, Scotland v France, open out colour poster featuring leading stars, profile of Andy Irvine.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1980-04 - £10.00

80-05.jpg (56668 bytes)

May 1980 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1980 - Interview with Beaumont  -  Meet the 1980 Lions, profiles and photos the Lions  -  Profiles of Colm Tucker, Alan Phillips & Clive Woodward. profile of Irish full back Kevin O'Brien.Fran Cotton on propping skills and techniques, Vivian Jenkins previews the tour, profile of USA full back Dennis Jablonski, Scotland still searching for forwards, preview of tour of France.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1980-05 - £7.00

80-06.jpg (49701 bytes)

June 1980 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1980 - Bill Beaumont player of the year, front cover caricature, Stuart Lane lasts just 50 seconds of the tour, interview with John O'Driscoll  -  focus on Beaumont. John Taylor reviews the 1979/80 season, fresh challenge for Wales, interview with former Wales No 8 Dennis Hughes, still playing aged 38, profile of London Scottish scrum half John Montgomery, centre page Grand Slam poster, Olympic rugby, photos from English & Welsh cup finals, spotlight on John Scott, John Hipwell set for comeback.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1980-06 - £6.00

80-07.jpg (54720 bytes)

July 1980 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1980 - front cover Lions photo - review of tour to date, Vivian Jenkins opinion, match reports 1st Test,   -  double page full colour poster of tour party, on tour with the Lions, stories & photos, profile of Alan Old, history of Cardiff Arms Park, Maichael Crauste & Ken Scotland, review of jaguars tour of South Africa, spotlight on Steve Smith, review of Wales B tour of North America.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1980-07 - £9.00

80-08.jpg (54636 bytes)

August 1980 - British Lions Tour of South Africa 1980 - front cover photo of Quinnell, Beaumont & Price - Vivian Jenkins disects the tour,  match reports and photos including 2nd & 3rd tests - John Taylor on the openside flanker, The Great Ones - Peter Jackson & Jackie Kyle,  The Real Triple Crown, profile of Tony Bond, preview of Romanian tour of Ireland.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1980-08 - £7.00

80-10.jpg (54229 bytes)

October 1980 – Wales Centenary 1980 Special Edition – Vivian Jenkins looks forward to the next 20 years, pen pictures of the All Blacks touring party to Wales, decade of the dragon, Bryn Thomas reflects on 50 years of watching and reporting on rugby, why Fran Cotton won’t quit, weight training for rugby part 2, problem solved – by rugby reporter Joanna Davies, David Norrie interviews Jeff Squire (Pontypool, Wales & British Lions), Ireland’s future in safe hands – Tom Kiernan replaces Noel Murphy as Irish coach, Harry Pincott of The Scotsman profiles Ian McCrae (Gordonians & Scotland), David Parry-Jones talks to fomer international referee Cenydd Thomas, spotlight on Bruce Hay, Donald Cameron on All Black coach Eric Watson, Marcus Williams of The Times looks at sporting stamps, club crawl with Stephen Jones, London Scottish win London Senior Clubs Festival, George Abbott on schools and coach Ray French looks at the art of passing.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1980-10 - £6.00

80-11.jpg (60668 bytes)

November 1980 – Vivian Jenkins on “time for more open government, writer Alun Richards looks at some early heroes of the Welsh game, coach Denis Horgan discusses the approach to coaching, former Wales and Lions flanker John Taylor looks at the re-structuring of the game in England, Rugby World Team of the Month - Bridgend, “Rugby My Way” by Jean Pierre Rives (captain of France), Tim Glover of Exchange Telegraph profiles London Welsh skipper Bill Davey, Rugby World – Adidas Golden Boot Awards 1980, John Rutherford (Selkirk & Scotland) talks to Steve Jones, news from abroad, club crawl with Stephen Jones, spotlight on Ollie Campbell (Old Belvedere Ireland & Lions), Harry Pincott of The Scotsman profiles Heriot’s FP full back Peter Steven, photos, teams and scorers of Wales XV v Overseas XV, stories of Wales v New Zealand 1905, schools by George Abbott and weight training for rugby part 3.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1980-11 - £4.00

80-12.jpg (58974 bytes)

December 1980 – Vivian Jenkins suggests “internal differences unsettling England”, “why Mourie reigns supreme” by Paul Thomas, a pictorial look at the All Blacks’ progress against Welsh clubs, Rugby World interviews former England coach John Burgess, club crawl with Stephen Jones, Malcolm Lewis (Assistant Coaching Organiser of the WRU) on aspects of coaching, Bryn Thomas discusses potential law changes with Hermas Evans (Chairman of the Laws Committee of the International Board), Peter Lovett-Horn (rugby correspondent of the Lancashire Evening News) on former Waterloo & England captain Dick Greenwood, spotlight on David Johnston (Watsonians & Scotland), colour photos of Wales v New Zealand, Geoffrey Green on Bill Beaumont (Fylde, England and Lions captain), Barrie Fairall of The Guardian on the growing professionalism in the game, news from abroad, Rugby World Team of the Month – Selkirk, weight training for rugby part 4, writer Alun Richards looks at legendary Welsh half backs, George Abbott on schools and Sean Pryor on Harlequins.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1980-12 - £5.00



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81-01.jpg (57347 bytes)

January 1981 – Charles Smallwood (Chairman of Moseley) opposes plans to change the structure of the English game, Vivian Jenkins on how rugby union clubs in London will fare if Fulham Rugby League succeed, former Wales and Lions flanker John Taylor on the ruck rather than the maul, Mike Stevenson on promising fly half Peter Williams (Orrell & Lancashire), South African rugby writer Terry Baaron on serious injuries in the game, Rugby World Team of the Month – London Scottish, spotlight on Ray Gravell (Llanelli, Wales & Lions), former Bristol & England back rower Dave Rollitt on forward play, club crawl with Stephen Jones, colour photos of Wales & England v Scotland & Ireland, preview of the 1981 International Championship (Five Nations), Sean Diffley asks “Ward or Campbell? – an Irish dilemma”, Bryn Thomas on “throwing young Welsh players in at the deep end”, news from abroad, George Abbott on schools, David Norrie on the minds of international selectors and the 1980 Varsity match.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1981-01 - £4.00

81-02.jpg (59380 bytes)

February 1981 – Vivian Jenkins looks ahead to the International Championship (Five Nations), Mike Stevenson talks to Steve Gustard (captain of Northumberland), Norman Mair on Ian McLauchlan, spotlight on David Irwin (Queens University & Ireland), Rugby World Team of the Month – Cardiff, David Emery (rugby correspondent of the Daily Star backs Ireland for the Five Nations, photos, stats and reaction to the Wales v England and France v Scotland games, David Norrie pays tribute to Tony Neary and Roger Uttley who have retired from all rugby, George Abbott on schools, news from abroad, weight training for rugby, club crawl with Stephen Jones, former Bristol & England back rower Dave Rollitt on rucking and the forward drive and John Sanderson (coach of Cambuslang RFC) on handling the ball..

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1981-02 - £5.00

81-03.jpg (56481 bytes)

March 1981 - Five Nations 1981 - reports and pics from England v Scotland & Wales v Ireland -  IRB – Possible Law changes – Proliferation of penalties. JBG looks back at achievements of Paul Ringer, Derek Quinnell and others. Profile of Steve Smith. 5 Nations facts and figures. Spotlight on Colin Deans. Ireland v SA controversy – Ward and Keane say no – Slattery Captain. Fiji are no match for Argentina

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1981-03 - £6.00

81-04.jpg (71040 bytes)

April 1981 - Five Nations 1981 French Grand Slam -  reports and pics from England v France, Scotland v ireland, A much neglected art – The Drop Goal. Profiles of John Beattie and John Scott. Where should the Captain play ? 5 Nations 1981 facts and figures. SA search for new captain. France in Australia – A tough start ! Unseemly squabbles over SA tour venues. Spotlight on Geoff Wheel.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1981-04 - £6.00

81-05.jpg (53181 bytes)

May 1981 - Hong Kong Sevens in colour. Caps – When should they be awarded ? SA to tour NZ in July. Wales number 9’s recalled by JBG. England tour Argentina and Hugo Porta is confident. Profile of Andy Simpson (Hooker). New laws introduced – John Taylor takes a look. Profile on Huw Davies. Spotlight on John Rutherford and Dusty Hare. Scotland to NZ squad. Hugo MacNeill assessed. FIRA history looked at.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1981-05 - £4.00

81-07.jpg (56390 bytes)

July 1981 - England in Argentina – Pictures and report. Scots in NZ. Modern day tours. Profile on Gary Pearce. David Duckham on back play. Ireland in SA – Botha’s boot foils Slattery’s men. The game in Japan . Spotlight on Les Cusworth.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1981-07 - £4.00

81-08.jpg (53889 bytes)

August 1981 - Scotland in NZ. Wallabies to the fore with series wins over France and NZ. Profile on Paul Dodge. Hundred Years of Lancashire Rugby . David Trick moves to USA . The rise of Rugby in Russia . Baa-Baas v NZ 1973 recalled. Spotlight on Gareth Davies.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1981-08 - £4.00

81-09.jpg (51837 bytes)

September 1981 – Rugby World interviews Chalky White (coach of Leicester) who suggests there is too much onus on referees, Vivian Jenkins on the law changes, Frank Keating of The Guardian compares the cricket sunshine to slushy Saturdays on the rugby field, Bob Donahue reports on the French preparing for the All Blacks, Bryn Thomas looks at Cardiff Blue Dragons Rugby League side and argues that it poses little threat to the union code, a look back at some of the highlights of last season both on and off the field, results of the 1981 International Championship, other leading international results and other high profile results, leading fixtures for the 1981-82 season, David Norrie on Terry Holmes, players to follow in season 1981-82, club crawl with Stephen Jones, report of New Zealand v South Africa test in Christchurch and news from abroad.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1981-09 - £4.00

81-10.jpg (71571 bytes)

October 1981 - Maoris to visit SA. A look into the future. Gareth Edwards- outstanding player of the era. Chronicle of 21 year highlights. The challenge of Rugby League. Cliff Morgan on fly-half play. Reckless legislation in the scrum. Pics of NZ v SA series. Profiles of Jim Calder, Mark Ella and Harry Bowcott. Preview of Aussies tour of GB plus pen-pictures. Use of mouthguards analysed. 80 page bumper issue.


Ref: mgbr.rrwo1981-10 - £5.00

81-11.jpg (58784 bytes)

November 1981 - Wallabies tour of British Isles 1981 -  Wallabies aim for Grand Slam. Mourie back for tour of France . Future SA tours in doubt after tour of NZ. Profiles of Steve Pokere and Mark Loane. The colourful progress of French rugby. Back play examined by Ray Williams. Scotland v Romania . Andy Irvine- World record stats.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1981-11 - £5.00




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82-01.jpg (53803 bytes)

January 1982 - Wallabies tour of British Isles 1981/2 -  Wales v Australia colour photos & match report. Ireland's Triple Crown 1982 - Five Nations preview quoting Ireland as 'outsiders' for the championship and Scotland as favourites. All Blacks tour of France review, interview with Andy Irvine, Steve Jones reviews 1981, profile of Andy Ripley, varsity match photos in the snow & report, profile of Andy Haden, profile of former England coach John Burgess, Chalky White on training, Rosslyn Park Team of the Month, Spotlight on Brendan Moon, Australia

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1982-01 - £6.00

82-02.jpg (63013 bytes)

February 1982 - Wallabies tour of British Isles 1981/2 - Carwyn James and John Taylor sum up the tour - Spotlight on Tony Shaw. Ireland's Triple Crown 1982 - Five Nations 1982 - Opening match Calcutta Cup- 3 pages of action. Penalty law- change?? Mike Sleman in conversation. Profile of Peter Winterbottom. Interview with J.Fouroux. Queensland centenary. Wales tour of SA cancelled. Profile of Gwyn Evans.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1982-02 - £6.00

82-03.jpg (57300 bytes)

March 1982 - Ireland's Triple Crown 1982 -   Reports and pictures of Ireland's matches against England, Wales & Scotland. - spotlight on  Cieran Fitzgerald. Lancashire county champions in centenary. Bill Beaumont in enforced retirement. Mike Davies interview. Profile on Grav. Match report on France v England and Ireland v Scotland . Spotlight on Clive Burgess.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1982-03 - £6.00

82-04.jpg (68914 bytes)

April 1982 - Ireland's Triple Crown 1982 - Five Nations review pictures and stats. Hawick- Scottish champions. Mike Burton recalls. Too many games- too much pressure- time to slow down! Profile of Dusty Hare. 5-Nations reviewed plus pictures. Canada on tour. Bob Templeton ousted after failure in GB. NZ tight-lipped on SA tour. Profile of Donal Lenihan and Richard Moriarty. Spotlight on Colin Smart.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1982-04 - £6.00

82-05.gif (153131 bytes)

May 1982 – JBG Thomas investigates the state of Welsh rugby, Rugby World Super League update, Vivian Jenkins talks about qualification rules governing home internationals, former Wales and Lions flanker John Taylor on the latest proposal for a Rugby World Cup, Stephen Jones reports on the Hong Kong Sevens, Peter Bills interviews Maurice Colclough (England & Lions second row), match report and photos from the South American Jaguars v South Africa, David Norrie about the proud Barbarian tradition, Chris Rhys looks at Portugal’s ambitions, news from abroad, Rugby World Team of the Month – Wakefield, Junior Team of the Month – High Wycombe, School of the Month – Graig (Llanelli), schools with George Abbott and spotlight on Keith Robertson (Melrose & Scotland).

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1982-05 - £4.00

82-06.jpg (53341 bytes)

June 1982 - Canada in Japan. Interview with Peter Wheeler. Spotlight on Ian Milne. 5-Nations stats. Ollie Campbell player of the year. Waka Nathan managing the Maoris. England tour of North America previewed. Queensland on the slide. The luxury of Ellis Park.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1982-06 - £4.00

82-07.jpg (67198 bytes)

July 1982 – Vivian Jenkins on Willie-John McBride’s selection as Manager of the 1983 British Lions tour to New Zealand, JBG Thomas on a happy Lions touring party, former Wales and Lions flanker John Taylor welcomes the selection of Willie-John McBride and Jim Telfer as Lions management, John Mason reports from England’s tour in North America plus colour photos, club crawl with Stephen Jones, Steve Jones profiles Nigel Melville (Wasps & England scrum half), David Norrie profiles Nick Jeavons (Moseley & England back rower), Mike Stevenson assesses the impact of Durham University, Wyn Rees seeks out the Webb Ellis memorial in France, former French centre Jo Maso tells Peter Bills why he thinks French rugby has lost its “joie de vivre”, David Hands of The Times reports on the England Under 23 tour to Italy, news from abroad and spotlight on John Carleton (Orrell, England & Lions wing).

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1982-07 - £4.00

82-08.jpg (60425 bytes)

August 1982 – Jim Woodward reports on Scotland’s tour to Australia, Rugby World Awards - Player of the Year Ollie Campbell, David Norrie talks to Steve Smith (Sale, England & Lions scrum half), Vivian Jenkins on John Bevan’s appointment as the new Welsh coach, Steve Jones profiles Clive Rees (London Welsh, Wales & Lions wing), AW Scott’s American viewpoint of the England tour to North America, Wyn Rees on the moving story of Eric Liddell “Chariots of Fire”, news from abroad, Duncan Gardiner reports on his visit to the Everson Room at Newport RFC and takes a step back into a proud history, David Parry-Jones on his trip to New Zealand filming a major documentary on the Maoris, Rugby World interviews former Wales skipper and British Lion No.8 Mervyn Davies, Sean Diffley on Ulster rugby and spotlight on Nick Stringer (Wasps & England full back).

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1982-08 - £4.00

82-09.jpg (63566 bytes)

September 1982 - Content information to follow at a later date - this magazine is in stock.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1982-09 - £4.00

82-10.jpg (56871 bytes)

October 1982 - Aussies in NZ- report and pics. A look at Blackheath. Profile of Nick Stringer. A look at the new season in France . RWC- Doubts about format etc. Neutral referres needed. Profile of Gareth Davies. Why North American Rugby lags behind. Wales to tour Romania in 1983.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1982-10 - £4.00

82-11.jpg (56596 bytes)

November 1982 - Fiji tour of GB. Maoris in Wales- George Nepia recalled. The Calder family. Maesteg centenary. Profiles of Alan Phillips and Les Cusworth. Looking forward to Lions 1983 tour. Arthur Gould recalled.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1982-11 - £4.00

82-12.jpg (65925 bytes)

December 1982 - NZ Maoris v Wales . The Haden dive- penalty hoax! England tour of USA recalled. Interview with Chalky White. Profiles of David Bishop and Phil Orr. Varsity match preview. French defeats v Romania etc. Welsh XV v NZ Maoris report.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1982-12 - £4.00




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83-01.jpg (56477 bytes)

January 1983 - 5-Nations preview. Profiles of Jim Renwick and Steve Boyle. Varsity match pics. Aussie Ray Price interview. Maoris tour discussed with Waka Nathan. Leinster- Irish champions!.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1983-01 - £5.00

83-02.jpg (63765 bytes)

February 1983 - Review opening 5-nations matches. Carwyn James death. Lions 1983 countdown. Mark Wyatt or Gwyn Evans for Wales . Colin Meads on line-outs/book. The Melville family. Debenture schemes to rebuild stadia.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1983-02 - £5.00

83-03.jpg (58491 bytes)

March 1983 – Bill Beaumont talking rugby, Gloucestershire’s victory in the County Championship Final, Terry O’Connor of the Daily Mail on the dramatic changes in British and Lions rugby, Sean Diffley on Irish coach Tom Kiernan, Vivian Jenkins on Colin Deans, John Mason of the Daily Telegraph takes a sideways look, Steve Jones reports from Murrayfield on a Welsh victory, Ireland beat France in Dublin, Bill McMurtrie profiles Peter Dods (Gala & Scotland full back), David Parry-Jones talks to Bleddyn Williams, Bob Donahue reports on some of the repercussions of the France v Scotland game, former Wales and Lions flanker John Taylor looks at a poll if there is a demand for a World Cup, schools with George Abbott, Rugby World Team of the Month – West Hartlepool, Junior Team of the Month – Omagh, School of the Month – Queen Elizabeth Hospital School in Bristol, Rugby World Super League – Swansea stay top and results round-up.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1983-03 - £5.00

83-04.jpg (60493 bytes)

April 1983 – British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1983 – The 1983 British Lions tour party, Vivian Jenkins on why the Lions can expect a torrid time in New Zealand, Terry O’Connor of the Daily Mail on why the Lions reigned supreme in the 1970s, Rugby World asks “is rugby becoming too dangerous?”, David Norrie profiles new Lion Terry Holmes (Cardiff & Wales), International Championship round-up by Steve Jones, Bryn Thomas profiles John Perkins (Pontypool & Wales), refereeing the line-out by former New Zealand international referee John Pring, Wyn Rees talks to Peter Hain about his anti-apartheid crusade, Rugby World Team of the Month – Headingley, Junior Team of the Month – Alsager College, School of the Month – St Brendan’s (Bristol), schools round-up by George Abbott, news from abroad, Rugby World Super League – Swansea top but Coventry up the pace and results round-up.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1983-04 - £7.00

83-05.jpg (59927 bytes)

May 1983 – British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1983 – news from abroad, profiles of the 1983 Lions squad, Rugby World Player of the Year result – Terry Holmes, John Taylor sums up an “iffy” international season, David Norrie profiles England & Lions second row Maurice Colclough, Vivian Jenkins previews the cup finals in England and Wales, John Mason of the Daily Telegraph takes a sideswipe at the “politicians”, Sean Diffley talks to Lions captain Ciaran Fitzgerald, double page spread of the map of New Zealand and the Lions’ tour itinerary, Chris Lander reports from the Hong Kong Sevens, Tim Glover on new Lion Bob Norster (Cardiff & Wales), Rugby World Team of the Month – Newport, Junior Team of the Month – Tabard, School Team of the Month – St Brendan’s (Bristol),George Abbott on schools rugby, Peter Bills profiles Simon Halliday (Bath, Harlequins & England centre), club crawl with Stephen Jones, Rugby World Super League – Coventry & Swansea neck-and-neck, sports medicine by psychologist Carole Caulfield, Don Cameron profiles Nick Allen (Counties & New Zealand fly half) and results round-up.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1983-05 - £7.00

83-06.jpg (63709 bytes)

June 1983 – British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1983 – Bill Beaumont’s early thoughts on the Lions tour, David Norrie on the Lions good heart and growing confidence, David Norrie talks to Lions coach Jim Telfer, Vivian Jenkins stresses the importance of social commitments, JBG Thomas looks forward to the first All Blacks v Lions Test, Bristol and Pontypool win their respective cup competitions for the first time, double page Lions squad photograph, Michael Nimmo seta a stiff 100-question quiz, Rugby World Team of the Month – Bath, Junior Team of the Month – Launceston, Bob Donahue takes a critical look at the French performance in the International Championship, Coventry win Rugby World’s Super League with Swansea second and Pontypool third, Rugby World Player of the Year Terry Holmes at the presentation lunch and Graham Price won an Outstanding Services to Rugby award, Mike Stevenson on the Corless brothers – Barry and Trevor, Brian Wall unearths some amazing facts about England v Wales matches, schools round-up by George Abbott, news from abroad and Scottish League round-up.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1983-06 - £10.00

83-07.jpg (60420 bytes)

July 1983 – British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1983 – Lions lose Second test – report and photos, Vivian Jenkins on a possible rugby “circus”, Gordon Brown (West of Scotland, Scotland & Lions second row) on the violence he’s met at international level, David Norrie’s tour diary and how the Lions are feeling the pressure, John Taylor’s tour analysis so far, All Blacks v Lions First Test report and photos, how the New Zealand five-eighth system really works, Bob Donahue reports on a fiery French finale, JBG Thomas sees a bright Welsh future and salutes the achievements of a less fashionable club – South Wales Police, David Parry-Jones on the Wales tour to Spain, South African rugby writer Terry Baron on the happiness and hardship on tour, South Africa woos French players writes Reg Sweet and results round-up.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1983-07 - £8.00

83-08.jpg (58263 bytes)

August 1983 – British Lions Tour of New Zealand 1983 – Fourth Test mauling summed up the failings of the Lions tour, America in Australia tour results, “I’ll play again” vows Terry Holmes after his Lions tour was in ruins with a serious knee injury, David Norrie’s Lions tour diary, match reports and photos of the Third and Fourth All Blacks v Lions Tests along with tour statistics, Vivian Jenkins assesses the significance of the Lions tour to New Zealand, news from abroad, phoenix from the ashes – the rise and rise of East London RFC, and changing the face of Scottish rugby.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1983-08 - £9.00

83-09.jpg (59477 bytes)

September 1983 – Vivian Jenkins on touring, Wavell Wakefield obituary, Mike Stevenson investigates the growing popularity of amateur Rugby League and the problem it poses for the Union code, Western Province Centenary, John Taylor suggests a radical re-think in fundamental attitudes in British rugby, Peter Bills profiles All Black centre Steve Pokere, back to basics – coaching by Geoff Cooke, leading fixtures for season 1983-84, JBG Thomas on the new up-beat mood of Welsh rugby, a scrummaging machine to revolutionise forward skills, Sean Diffley on Willie-John McBride’s new challenge, David Norrie profiles second row Steve Bainbridge (Gosforth, England & Lions), Derek Wyatt talks about the Lions organisation in total disarray, Don Cameron on a New Zealander’s viewpoint of the Lions tour and world results.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1983-09 - £5.00

83-10.jpg (60124 bytes)

October 1983 – Wyn Rees and Derek Wyatt on David Lord’s proposed professional circus, David Parry-Jones on Wales’ scrum half –in waiting David Bishop, The Springboks 1981 tour of New Zealand highlighted in books, David Lawrenson reports on the Rugby Media Conference, Bill McMurtrie on whether Andy Irvine can make a come back, JBG Thomas looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the game in Wales, Rugby World coaching clinic with Derek Wyatt, Vivian Jenkins remembers Wavell Wakefield, diary of a fan – Judith Clarke’s diary of the Lions tour, Jonathan Williams on rugby boots survey, schools round-up with George Abbott and news from abroad.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1983-10 - £5.00

83-11.jpg (50465 bytes)

November 1983 – Bill Beaumont talking rugby, a candid camera special from Holland featuring women’s rugby, JBG Thomas profiles Cardiff wing Adrian Hadley, Vivian Jenkins on enjoying the game, Rugby World coaching clinic with Derek Wyatt, Peter Bills talks to All Black coach Bryce Rope ahead of their short tour of Scotland and England, Botha’s big gamble, David Lawrenson with England’s new coach Dick Greenwood, the burning ambitions of Cedric Carr (Rosslyn Park) and Sean Kellerher (Streatham/Croydon), Australia coach Bob Dwyer explains his philosophy, David Parry-Jones highly personal column, news from abroad, Rugby World Team of the Month – Leicester, Junior Team of the Month – Berry Hill, Rugby World Super League – Leicester lead the way, world results.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1983-11 - £5.00

83-12.jpg (61175 bytes)

December 1983 – Bill Beaumont focuses on England’s Twickenham triumph, David Parry-Jones with another personal look at the Welsh scene, Peter Wheeler reveals his thoughts and why the Lions left him out, Derek Wyatt previews the 1983 Varsity Match and talks to the two captains, John Taylor on some strange suggestions by the International Board, JBG Thomas pays tribute to the Japanese in Wales, Jonathan Williams reports on a heart-stopping finale in Cardiff, colour photos of Wales XV v Japan, Scotland v New Zealand and England v New Zealand, All Blacks skipper Stu Wilson talks with Derek Wyatt, Sean Diffley with Ireland’s new chairman of selectors and former coach Roly Meates, Scotland scrum half and captain Roy Laidlaw talks with Bill McMurtrie, Rugby World clinic with Derek Wyatt, Rugby World Team of the Month – Orrell, Junior Team of the Month – Wimborne, School Team of the Month – Epsom, results round-up, schools round-up and Rugby World Super League – Leicester on top.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1983-12 - £5.00




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84-01.jpg (61192 bytes)

January 1984 - Wales in Romania and pics. David Campese- genius! Graham Price and Jeff Squire retire. Coaching in crisis. 100 years of International Championship. Profile of Peter Winterbottom. Paul Simpson interview. Varsity match stats. 1983 NZ tourists- Least successful.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1984-01 - £5.00

84-02.jpg (58466 bytes)

February 1984 - Scotland Grand Slam 1984 - Wales v Scotland, France v Ireland match reports & pics - Players sent-off- 30 day ban under fire. Chris Jones’ 5 year ban for Treorchy v Cardiff . Coaching in crisis- P.E in the schools?? Mike Slemen returns. Profiles of Mike Watkins and Steve Monro.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1984-02 - £6.00

84-03.jpg (58775 bytes)

March 1984 - Scotland Grand Slam 1984 - Scotland bid for Triple Crown/Grand Slam. Profile of Clive Woodward. Ewan Kennedy- tall Scottish centre. 5-Nations 1984. Profiles of Colin Deans and John Hall. Gareth Davies- the forgotten Outside-Half. Spotlight on Danie Gerber.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1984-03 - £6.00

84-04.jpg (58933 bytes)

April 1984 - Scotland Grand Slam 1984 -  Full 5-Nations round-up and pics. Scottish Grand Slam. Profile of Bleddyn Bowen. Rugby Special with Nigel Starmer-Smith investigated. Rory Underwood- the R.A.F flyer. Fairest/Best Referee- Clive Norling.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1984-04 - £8.00

84-05.jpg (57313 bytes)

May 1984 - Bill Beaumont on England in South Africa. Profile of Bryan Barley. Women’s Rugby comes of age. Rives to retire- not yet! Grand Slam hero- Jim Aitken in reflective mood. Profile of Jean-Patrick Lescaboure. Penguins- 25 years old! Brian Thomas- feared by everyone??

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1984-05 - £5.00

84-07.jpg (61960 bytes)

July 1984 - England tour to SA in colour plus pics of two tests. England rugby- decade of decay! Profiles on Alan Morley and John Rutherford. French cup- Agen v Beziers . JBG looks at Ray Prosser and ‘Pooler. NZ up in arms over amateurism laws. Currie Cup to be revised- Danie Craven.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1984-07 - £6.00

84-08.jpg (68343 bytes)

August 1984 - Time to change scoring system- penalties. Selby celebrate golden jubilee. Flurry of tours during the summer plus latest ratings. Fiji v NZ details. JBG looks at Welsh club scene. Profile of Gary Rees. Scots in Romania . Campese revels in Fiji.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1984-08 - £5.00

84-09.jpg (61618 bytes)

September 1984 - New season- bumper issue. Is it time for sin-bin? All Blacks in Australia .  National merit table. Fran Cotton on propping. Ray Williams on Welsh rugby to the fore again? Profile of John Palmer. Spotlight on David Trick. Profile of the Whetton brothers.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1984-09 - £5.00

84-10.jpg (58483 bytes)

October 1984 – Bill Beaumont previews England’s prospects in the coming international season, Vivian Jenkins pens his final regular column after 24 years, Radio One DJ and rugby fanatic Andy Peebles’ talks to David Lawrenson, Top Ten Number Nines by Steve Smith, locking and jumping – coaching by Bill Beaumont, JBG Thomas looks forward to the Wales v Australia game, Adieu Jen-Pierre Rives – will he retire?, Jim Woodward looks forward to Australia’s tour to the British Isles with the tour itinerary, pen pictures and statistics on the tour party, Mark Hollands meets Australian coach Alan Jones, Peter Bills talks to David Pickering (Llanelli and Wales flanker), Peter Bills also interviews French full back Serge Blanco, players to follow in the 1984-85 season, David Lawrenson meets rugby referee and tennis umpire Bob Jenkins, people in rugby – Peter Yarranton, Rugby World clinic with Derek Wyatt, schools rugby with George Abbott and news from abroad.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1984-10 - £5.00

84-11.jpg (61085 bytes)

November 1984 - Wallabies Grand Slam Tour 1984 - Mark Ella on Aussie tour to GB, Ella keeps a diary on the tour. - Terry Holmes in conversation. Dusty Hare retirement- who will wear his shirt? Scots duel in the scrum- Beattie or Paxton? Tony Ward- secrets of outside half. Ian Stephens talks to JBG. Jeffrey Archer- my Rugby world! Book tribute to Carwyn by Alun Richards. Leagues in England??

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1984-11 - £6.00

84-12.jpg (60572 bytes)

December 1984 - Wallabies Grand Slam Tour 1984 -  Bill Beaumont on the Tour, photos from Irish & English internationals. Profile of Nigel Melville. Ray Gravell- life after rugby. Frank Keating- my rugby world. Profile of Colin Telfer. Andy Irvine on full back play. Cardiff v Wallabies recalled. Brian Lachore to coach NZ.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1984-12 - £7.00



 Summary of major articles

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90.jpg (159121 bytes)

January 1985 – Wallabies Grand Slam Tour of British Isles 1984 – David Parry-Jones’ personal look at the game in Wales, Varsity match photos, Louis Van Wyk reports on the South American Jaguars tour to South Africa, Peter Bills samples the flavour of Paris on an international day, profile of Ireland & Lions captain Ciaran Fitzgerald, David Norrie talks to Queensland and Australian full back Roger Gould, leading scorers in November, Bill Beaumont sums up the Aussies’ brilliant tour, Australian tour results, teams, scorers and colour photos, Rugby World previews each country’s prospects in 1985, JBG Thomas assesses Wales’ impact in the International Championship after the defeat by Australia, Rugby World clinic with Derek Wyatt, Rugby World Team of the Month – Bridgend, Junior Team of the Month – Blackburn, School of the Month – Monmouth, schools rugby with George Abbott, results round-up from around the world, Rugby World Super League – headed by Pontypool, leading matches in January including televised rugby. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1985-01 - £7.00

85-02.jpg (68405 bytes)

February 1985 - Wallabies Grand Slam Tour 1984 - Statistics & photos from tour - Derek Wyatt analysis of the tour. J-P Rives quits international rugby, tribute to Rives. Profile of Rob Andrew. Nigel Melville on scrum half play. Cardiff Arms Park- nothing to match it! Bleddyn Bowen retires. Profile of Phil Blakeway. Speculation about possible RWC tournament.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1985-02 - £9.00

89.jpg (171320 bytes) March 1985 – Bill Beaumont looks at the current rugby scene, Peter Bills talks to England’s ousted No.8 Chris Butcher, David Parry Jones’ personal look at Welsh rugby, David Norrie meets Welsh international referee Clive Norling, how to become a referee – Huw Richards looks at how the system works in England, leading scorers and results round-up, JBG Thomas looks at the issues facing the International Board, colour photos of the International Championship so far, how coach Mick Doyle has put a new sparkle into Ireland, David Lawrenson talks to Oscar winning writer and former wing Colin Welland, Bill McMurtrie profiles Keith Murray (Hawick & Scotland centre), Ian Malin talks to hooker Steve Brain (Coventry & England), Peter Bills talks to French wing Patrick Esteve, schools rugby with George Abbott, Rugby World Super League – Pontypool lead the way, Rugby World Team of the Month – Leicester and spotlight on fly half Mark Ella (Randwick, New South Wales and Australia).

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1985-03 - £7.00

85-04.jpg (63549 bytes)

April 1985 - In colour- England v Scotland and Wales v Ireland . Philippe Dintrans in conversation. 5-Nations pics to date. Dusty Hare kicking secrets. Penalty points- increased points for as try?? Profile of Kevin Simms. Spotlight on Rory Underwood.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1985-04 - £6.00

88.jpg (165310 bytes) May 1985 – news round-up, David Parry-Jones’ personal look at rugby, Sean Diffley talks to Irish scrum half Michael Bradley (Cork Constitution), Peter Bills profiles centre Paul Dodge (Leicester, England & Lions), Bill Beaumont talks rugby, Bill McMurtrie meets centre Doug Wyllie (Stewart’s Melville FP & Scotland), a look at the new scrummaging law – Ian Smith talks to players, coaches and referees, International Championship round-up with colour photos, Hong Kong Sevens report, results and photos, profile of French scrum half Jerome Gallion, leading scorers up to March by Peter Jackon (Daily Mail), Stephen Jones looks ahead to England’s tour to New Zealand with pen portraits of the tourists, Peter Bills talks with Aussie Mark Ella on the state of British rugby, Derek Wyatt talks with John Syer on the psychology of leadership on and off the pitch. Rugby World Team of the Month – Nottingham, Junior Team of the Month – West London Institute, School of the Month – Neath College, JBG Thomas looks ahead to the English and Welsh Cup Finals, Middlesex crowned County Champions, news from abroad, Rugby World Super League – Pontypool in front, schools rugby with George Abbott, results round-up and spotlight on Colin Deans (Hawick, Scotland & Lions hooker).

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1985-05 - £6.00

82-06.gif (161794 bytes)

June 1985 – news round-up, David Lawrenson talk with new England coach Martin Green, Sean Diffley with centre Michael Kiernan (Dolphin, Ireland & Lions), Bill McMurtrie looks at the club scene in Scotland, David Parry-Jones’ personal look at rugby, JBG Thomas assesses the coach and selector situation in Wales, Duncan Gardiner looks at how difficult some famous names have found scoring for their countries, Wasps win Middlesex Sevens, Bath win the cup in England and Llanelli are cup kings in Wales, Ciaran Fitzgerald is Rugby World’s Player of the Year, Derek Wyatt looks at fitness, leading scorers final table by Peter Jackson (Daily Mail), Michael Nimmo sets a 100-question quiz, Rugby World Year of the Month – Sale, Junior Team of the Month – Widnes, schools rugby with George Abbott, Pontypool retain their Rugby World Super League title, news from abroad, results round-up, list of forthcoming tours and a profile of David Pickering (Llanelli and Wales flanker).

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1985-06 - £5.00

85-07.jpg (54529 bytes)

July 1985 - England tour of NZ, full statistics & photos, Scotland's tour of North America. - Mark Ring- Wales’ player of the year. Ieuan Evans- most promising player of the year. Full-back Huw Davies in conversation as to his best position. Stuart Barnes to challenge Rob Andrew next season. RWC accepted by IRB. Profile on David Kirk. Ireland tour of Japan review. Sponsorship bonanza due to RWC. Spotlight on David Campese. Tour diary.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1985-07 - £8.00

85-08.jpg (77836 bytes)

August 1985 - (Rugby World & Post) August 1985 – the official RFU column, rugby roundabout, correct rucking techniques, England in New Zealand – a tour scrapbook, Bill McMurtrie interviews former Scotland and Lions coach Jim Telfer, Bill Beaumont on England’s new direction, Nick Cain talks to International Board Honorary Secretary John Hart, profile of Aberdeen Strollers Golden Oldies, France to Argentina colour special, news from overseas, Welsh view with David Parry-Jones, Tricia Moore looks at women’s rugby, Mike Stevenson reports as British Schools seek new horizons, Rugby World & Post Team of the Month – Bangor Youth, mini rugby and regions round-up plus Murray Mexted colour poster.


Ref: mgbr.rrwo1985-08 - £5.00

85-09.jpg (56178 bytes)

September 1985 - RWC- South Africa threat. - NZ v Australia colour pictures. Welsh committee recommendations to WRU after 3 year investigation. Richard Hill ( England scrum half)- colour picture and interview. Gareth Roberts in discussion with Chris Thau. NZ v Australia Bledisloe Cup action. Gravs retires. Meet Scots’ new coach- Derrek Grant. Jonathan Davies- an exciting talent by Phil Bennett. (Supplement not included - Colour poster of Bob Norster).

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1985-09 - £5.00

85-10.jpg (76073 bytes)

October 1985 - Gareth Davies and Jeff Herdman join Baa-Baas committee. JBG looks back over the 25 years. England XV v Yanks XV colour pictures for the Bradford Fire appeal. Keith Robertson in conversation with Bill McLaren. Phil Bennett looks at tour of SA by Crawshays and professionalism etc. Profiles on John Perkins, Mike Harrison and Phil Orr. Australia v Canada pictures. Australia blast Fiji plus pictures.

***** 25th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL *****

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1985-10 - £5.00

85-11.jpg (66472 bytes)

November 1985 - Ranfurly shield- Canterbury 23-28 Auckland- Match of the Decade!! Golden Oldies have a ball and picture. Ireland back row- Nigel Carr and Phillip Matthews. Derek White interview. Pumas prepare for All Blacks. Colin Deans picture. London Welsh celebrate centenary picture.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1985-11 - £5.00

85-12.jpg (70607 bytes)

December 1985 - Profile of Peter Buckton (Orrell). Fiji in GB. Professional Rugby in SA- controversy- “No SAB support for the professional game” - Danie Craven. John Jeffrey in conversation with Bill McLaren. NZ in Argentina and Japan in France . Profile of Sean Diffley. Varsity match preview.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1985-12 - £5.00



 Summary of major articles

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86-01.jpg (68994 bytes)

January 1986 - Bill Hardiman and Cardiff Arms Park. The last of the Lions, Starmer-Smith looks at the cancellation of the 1986 Lions tour of South Africa. Colour picture of Hugo Porta plus interview. Violence- an international problem. Bill McLaren talks to Jim Aitken. Profile of Paul Thorburn. Robert Norster colour action and poster. Maurice Colclough- European comments. NZ Combined Services in GB. Varsity match review. SA Pro Rugby defections. South Pacific to keep touring next year. Italy defeat Romania. RWC draw is made. Pumas stem NZ tide picture. Terry Holmes picture.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1986-01 - £5.00

86-02.jpg (68000 bytes)

February 1986 - Gwyn Evans retires. 5-Nations preview on 12 pages. Review of 1985. SA defections. Varsity match picture. New Welsh coach Tony Gray in conversation. David Pickering poster. Profile of Eric Champ. Picture of Italy v Romania.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1986-02 - £5.00

86-03.jpg (67527 bytes)

March 1986 - 5-Nations colour action plus colour team photo. Rob Andrew colour poster. Wales v NZ 1935 recalled.
Bill McLaren on the
Hastings’ brothers. Profiles on John Devereux, Brendan Mullin and Daniel Dubroca. Robert Jones in conversation. Queensland tourists- Andy Slack. Photo-portrait of Carwyn James unveiled by 1971 Lions.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1986-03 - £6.00

86-04.jpg (60485 bytes)

April 1986 - Bye-bye Baa-Baas - final farewell at Penarth. Bill McLaren with Matt Duncan. Scotland v England colour picture. Jonathan Davies with Brian Wall. Kiernan dynasty. Profile of Fran Clough. Cross Keys centenary celebrations. Colour poster of Philippe Sella. 5-nations action plus facts & figures. Western Samoa to tour South Africa. Scotland to tour Romania. Singapore 7’s.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1986-04 - £6.00

86-05.jpg (62928 bytes)

May 1986 - Content information to follow at a later date - this magazine is in stock.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1986-05 - £5.00

86-06.gif (155252 bytes)

June 1986 – news from HQ, Warwickshire 16 Kent 6 – teams, scorers and photos from the County Championship Final, rugby roundabout, the Board in development – IRB, New Zealand Rebels in focus – New Zealand Cavaliers, Bath 25 Wasps 17 – teams, scorers and photos from the John Player Special Cup Final, Cardiff 28 Newport 21 – teams, scorers and photos from the Schweppes Welsh Cup Final, why play with a bar of soap – down the line with Phil Bennett, penalty tries: a question of intent – London Welsh Centenary – Billy Whizz bows out and Centenary Gala, British Lions 7 Rest of the World 15 – teams, scorers, photos and match report..........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1986-06 - £11.00

86-08.jpg (68751 bytes)

August 1986 – the official RFU column, Clive Norling on why he won’t be going to the World Cup, rugby roundabout, Nick Cain interviews Australian No.8 Steve Tuynman, New Zealand rugby writer Ian Gault looks back on the controversial New Zealand cavaliers to of South Africa, Bill Beaumont focuses on the England squad, John Taylor warns that the NZRFU must tackle the Cavaliers issue head-on, Wales’ South Pacific tour results, Phil Bennett’s assessment of the Welsh tour, France to Argentina – Eric Weil of the Buenos Aires Herald reports on the tour, Japan lose in Canada but draw in the USA, South Africa tour decision delayed, Australia beat France, Colin Meads stays on as All Black selector, Chris Thau talks to new All Black skipper David Kirk, Howard Salkow on the Cavaliers’ aftermath in South Africa, Bill McLaren interviews Stewart’s Melville FO scrum half Julian Scott, Welsh view with David Parry-Jones, Welsh news, June 1986 diary, schools and youth rugby with Mike Stevenson, servicescene with Major John Quin RE, plus John Kirwan poster.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1986-08 - £5.00

87.jpg (167356 bytes)

September 1986 – the official RFU column, rugby roundabout, Stephen Jones slams the World Cup organisers, Warwick Hadfield reports on the Argentina tour to Australia, outgoing RFU Secretary Bob Weighill talks to Nick Cain about his past, present and future, Howard Salkow on Dr Danie Craven’s latest move, profile of South African outside half Naas Botha, Don Cameron reports on France’s tour to New Zealand plus colour photos, Keith Quinn on David Kirk, review of the year as seen through the lenses of Rugby World & Post photographers, Bill McMurtrie on Border League Champions Kelso, Welsh news, servicescene – Major John Quin RE reports on the Royal Navy tour of Australia, July 1986 diary, plus Steve Tuynman poster.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1986-09 - £5.00

86-10.jpg (67269 bytes)

October 1986 - Decline of British back play. Peter Winterbottom poster. Canada in France . Llanelli in Australia/Fiji. Japan in GB. Bledisloe Cup series stats and pictures. Tony Ward remarkable return. RWC news- 16 pages.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1986-10 - £5.00

86-11.jpg (65293 bytes)

November 1986 – the official RFU column, Nick Cain’s roundabout, Clive Norling on recent enjoyable matches, David Hands of The Times looks at the David Bishop affair, Phil Bennett advocates more training with athletics coaches, Bill McLaren’s look back on Japan’s tour of Scotland with colour photos, Beaumont at large – the new England selection comes under the microscope, Nick Cain talks to Martin Green about England’s hopes, McEwans Scottish Club of the Month – Trinity Academicals, Welsh news, World Cup countdown, Toshiba International Team of the Month – Australia, Chris Thau profiles Thierry Maset the Toulouse flanker, Italy’s ambitions and prospects, Peter McMullan reports on Canada’s tour of Ireland, Naas Botha’s amazing press conference, Western Province beat Transvaal in South Africa’s Currie Cup, Ron Palenski looks at the New Zealand’ tour to France selections, Australia beat New Zealand in Auckland with colour photos, Digital Irish Club of the Month – Greystones, Whitbread Club of the Month – Liverpool-St Helen’s, regions round-up, Mike Stevenson on schools and colts rugby, Rugby World & Post Junior Team Award – Yorkshire Colts, Welsh Youth fall to Canada, mini rugby, servicescene by Major John Quin RE, September 1986 diary, results round-up, plus Jonathan Davies poster.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1986-11 - £5.00

86-12.jpg (66669 bytes)

December 1986 - Princess Anne interview. IRB meeting- Proposals for alterations to the regs relating to amateurism. Unauthorised tour by NZ to SA. Japanese tour details and England v Japan picture. Richard Hill in conversation. Romania in France- picture and facts. Bill McLaren talks to Kev of Kelso. French centres in abundance. Countdown to RWC news- 16 pages. Poster of Trevor Ringland.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1986-12 - £5.00




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87-01.jpg (64163 bytes)

January 1987 – the official RFU column, Nick Cain’s roundabout, former Wales & Lions flanker Tommy David talks about the “art” of captaincy, New Zealand tour of France – reports and results, Chris Thau investigates the new controversy of the drugs threat, Whitbread Team of the Month – Nottingham, Junior Team of the Month – Biggleswade, the Russians are coming – Chris Thau reports on Russia’s defeat of Italy in Genoa, Brian Wall interviews Llanelli’s wing Ieuan Evans, Bill McLaren talks to Scotland’s illustrious back row twins – the Calder brothers, Mick Cleary talks to athletics coach Tom McNab, World Cup news, Toshiba International Team of the Month – New Zealand, profile of Romania, Peter McMullan reports on Canada beating USA in Arizona, Phil Bennett on the Welsh pack problems, Welsh news, McEwans Scottish Club of the Month – St Boswells, English County Championship round-up, Leicestershire Rugby Union celebrates its centenary, Digital Irish Club of the Month – Lansdowne, results round-up, regions round-up, schools and youth rugby with Mike Stevenson, Rugby World & Post Junior Team Award – Pate’s Grammar School Cheltenham, women’s rugby with Tricia Moore, servicesece by Major John Quin Re, November 1986 diary, plus John Jeffrey poster.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1987-01 - £5.00

87-02.jpg (60313 bytes)

February 1987 – the official RFU column, Nick Cain’s roundabout, Australia’s coach Alan Jones on wealth waiting to be tapped, Bob Holmes talks to Neath & Wales fly half Jonathan Davies, English Divisional Championship results, Bill Beaumont assesses England’s Five Nations prospects, Bill McLaren talks to Scotland’s selector-in-chief Robin Charters about Scotland’s chances in the Five Nations, Phil Bennett warns Wales against over-optimism, Sean Diffley says that Ireland’s pack holds the key, World Cup news, Toshiba International Team of the Month – France, profile of Fiji, Fiji Barbarians World Tour 1986-87, McEwans Scottish Club of the Month – Caithness, Edinburgh are Inter-District Champions, Welsh news, Chris Thau reports from the Toulouse Masters – the exciting new club tournament, news from overseas, Oxford defeats Cambridge in the Varsity match, Digital Irish Club of the Month – Dublin University, regions round-up, Mike Stevenson on schools and youth rugby, Rugby World & Post Junior Team Award – Nottingham High School, results round-up, December 1986 diary, servicescene with Major John Quin RE, plus Richard Hill poster.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1987-02 - £5.00

87-03.jpg (65237 bytes)

March 1987 - 5-Nations reports, analysis and pictures. Bill McLaren talks to Roy Laidlaw and John Rutherford. RWC news- 16 pages. Ireland team photo. Poster of Jean Pierre Garuet. Profile of Kevin Phillips.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1987-03 - £5.00

87-04.jpg (59068 bytes)

April 1987 - Stuart Barnes- why I quit England. 5-Nations analysis and photos. Bill McLaren talks to Derrek Grant. Stuart Evans interview. Profile of Chris Oti. RWC news - 16 pages. Scotland team photo. Poster of Robert Jones. Profile of Fergus Slattery.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1987-04 - £6.00

87-05.jpg (60970 bytes)

May 1987 - 5-Nations review and pictures - French Grand Slam. Roy Laidlaw poster. IRB allows tour compensation.
RWC news - 16 pages.
England and Wales team pictures. NZ Barbarians. Danie Gerber in demand.
Hong Kong 7’s pictures.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo87-05 - £5.00

87-06.jpg (64058 bytes) June 1987 - Rugby World Cup 1987 - "The Official World Cup Guide" - 120 page colour special containing all you need to know about the first Rugby World Cup and more. Profiles of each team including key players.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1987-06-xb - £25.00

87-09.jpg (59257 bytes)

September 1987 - All Blacks v Wallabies. Courage league - 20 page colour guide. The tour that never was - Australia to SA. Bledisloe Cup - NZ win and pictures. Moseley RFC. Sunday Test Rugby and Michael Jones.
Coach Brian Lochore to stand down??

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1987-09 - £5.00

87-10.jpg (66671 bytes)

October 1987 - League launch - Nottingham v Moseley. NZ under-21’s in Wales. South Pacific Baa-Baas to tour SA. Aussie rugby in turmoil after RWC. David Codey and Andy Slack banned for one year for their part in trying to instigate rebel tour - then rescinded. Simon Poidevan to captain Aussies in Argentina and poster. Profile of Sean Fitzpatrick. Scottish talk with Bill McLaren - Alan Tait. Irish coach Jimmy Davidson in conversation. Bath FC.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1987-10 - £5.00

87-11.jpg (70066 bytes)

November 1987 – the official RFU column, Nick Cain’s roundabout, John Mason of the Daily Telegraph on South Africa, Beaumont at large, Whitbread Player of the Month – Les Cusworth (Leicester), club focus on Hawick, Whitbread Senior Club of the Month – Rosslyn Park, Junior Club of the Month – Widnes, Top scorers compiled by Peter Jackson, caps up for grabs says Phil Bennett, Chris Thau suggests a future structure for the World Cup. ...........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1987-11 - £5.00

87-12.jpg (66211 bytes)

December 1987 – the official RFU column, Whitbread Player of the Month – John Goodwin (Moseley), Nick Cain’s roundabout, top scorers complied by Peter Jackson, Varsity Match preview, Whitbread Senior Club of the Month – Waterloo, Junior Club of the Month – Bishop’s Stortford, Phil Bennett is encouraged by Wales’ latest victory, Chris Thau talks to USA Tour Manager Bob Watkins, Wales hammer USA, Chris Thau reports on the FIRA Championship, Soviet Coaching Director Eduard Tatulian talks to Chris Thau, ...........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1987-12 - £5.00




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88-01.jpg (68042 bytes)

January 1988 - 5-Nations in focus. Mark Ring in conversation with Brian Wall. Geoff Cooke with Nigel Starmer-Smith. Damian Cronin with Bill McLaren. Violence- player killed on pitch in France. Welsh leagues must come says Phil Bennett. Courage club championship - 24 page colour supplement. Argentina v Australia- Porta’s Pumas. NZ in Japan with Keith Quinn.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1988-01 - £5.00

88-02.jpg (66511 bytes)

February 1988 - Herbert Waddell death. 5-Nations preview. Colour picture of Rory Underwood. Poster of Bleddyn Bowen. Phil Bennett worried about Wales in NZ. South Korea in England. Focus on Bristol RFC. 1987 Varsity match review.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1988-02 - £5.00

88-03.jpg (66698 bytes)

March 1988 - 5-Nations review. Wales overcome England at twickenham. John Rutherford - an appreciation. Bill McLaren on Chalmers and Armstrong - a record breaking partnership. Albert Ferrase- French president. The Irish outside-half factory- Paul Dean etc. Neath RFC and Brian Thomas.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1988-03 - £6.00

88-04.jpg (58518 bytes)

April 1988 - Drawing a parallel between Rugby Union and American Football - screen test. Wales win Triple Crown in Dublin - England snatch Calcutta cup, and other 5-Nations pictures. Nigel Melville on his comeback. Who would be a referee? Bill McLaren with Derek Turnbull. Picture spread of Gavin Hastings. Trevor Ringland on professional rugby. Ian Watkins with Ebbw Vale. Focus on Wasps.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1988-04 - £7.00

88-05.jpg (60419 bytes)

May 1988 - IRB meeting- decisions detailed. Nigel Melville full page colour picture. 5-Nations review.
RWC 1991 to be staged by Northern Hemisphere.
Hong Kong 7’s- Aussies strike gold and pictures.
Wales 1988 - 2 full colour pages. Rory Underwood poster. Focus on Harlequins RFC. Welsh and English cup finals previewed. (Llanelli v Neath and Bristol v Harlequins) Gary Callander with Bill McLaren on his formula for improved future.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1988-05 - £6.00

88-06.jpg (61914 bytes)

June 1988 - Player of the year: Jonathan Davies. Keith Rowlands- new secretary of IRB. Clem Thomas on SA. Details of England tour of Australia. English and Welsh cup final report (Llanelli v Neath). Tigers claim first title- full 2 page team picture. Tom David and Brian Thomas on Welsh rugby. 5-Nations review. The return of Bob Dwyer. NZ- End of special relationship with SA - Danie craven sums up situation of this.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1988-06 - £6.00

88-07.jpg (60938 bytes)

July 1988 - Prediction - SA will go professional due to the absence of international rugby in the republic. England tour of Australia - match reports and pictures. Wales tour of NZ - match report and pictures. French championship final- Agen 9 v Tarbes 3. South Pacific Championship - Auckland top. Poidevin pulls out- selection controversy. Middlesex 7’s- report and pictures. Profile of Roy Laidlaw. Bill McLaren with Scottish coach Ritchie Dixon after successful tour of Zimbabwe.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1988-07 - £6.00

88-8.jpg (81123 bytes)

August 1988 - England tour of Australia, Wales tour of NZ: DISASTERS - pictures and reports. Leagues in Wales with Eddie Butler. Viewpoint - Willie John McBride says Australia tour no good for Lions- need the top teams (NZ and SA). Wayne Shelford poster. Profile of Grant Fox. Argentina v France report. Focus on Agen. USA v Canada report. British Columbia to tour GB. Rugby in Portugal - Lisbon 7’s. Student World Cup. Scots in Zimbabwe report.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1988-08 - £6.00

88-09.jpg (72944 bytes)

September 1988 - Pilkington cup preview - 16 page supplement. Bledisloe Cup - colour spotlight on Wallabies v NZ. Jonathan Davies turns down Rugby League. Proper coaching and insurance needed. WRU to introduce leagues within 2 years - 18 clubs oppose! Welsh player stats in NZ. Springboks in isolation. Lyn Davies on training. SA- appearance money. John Ryan- the new coach in Wales. Ian McGeechan talks to Bill McLaren.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1988-09 - £5.00

88-10.jpg (71656 bytes)

October 1988 - Bill Beaumont on compromise which allows players to endorse products with payment in to trust fund. Amateur ethos in Argentina with Eddie Butler. Ray Williams walks away from WRU. Leagues in England - 16 pages.
Andy Irvine on
Scotland v Wallabies. NZ and the perennial problem of professionalism for the NZ Maoris tour of Europe and Argentina. NZ in Students’ Cup - picture and review. Aussies announcement of 45 man RWC squad.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1988-10 - £5.00

88-11.jpg (67773 bytes)

November 1988 - Wallabies tour 1988 - Welcome to the Wallabies - The Maoris in France including Frano Botica. Richard Hill 30 day suspension. Ray Williams on who runs Welsh rugby- Clubs cannot dictate! Gerald Davies on winning at all costs due to the arrival of leagues. Bill McLaren on Borders discontent. USSR v USA - historic event - analysis and pictures. Students’ World Cup review. Maoris controversy - touring allowance too small!

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1988-11 - £5.00

88-12.jpg (62607 bytes)

December 1988 - Wallabies tour 1988 - Match reports & pictures, England defeat Wallabies - Interview with Dewi Morris. Report on Danie Craven’s courageous adventure into the world of SA “realpolitik.” ANC request IRB to call off plans to send World XV to SA. Carling’s English beat Aussies - picture and review. Colin Laity in profile.
Philip Matthews - leadership qualities?? Keith Robertson as seen by Bill McLaren. Chris Thau talks to John Kendall-Carpenter - the chair of IRB. 1991 RWC blueprint.
Pictures of
France v Argentina and Ireland v W.Samoa. Varsity match preview.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1988-12 - £6.00




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89-01.jpg (75764 bytes)

January 1989 - Wallabies tour 1988 - Scotland & Barbarians match reports & Pictures 
Will Carling in conversation with Nigel Starmer-Smith. Also, Andy Robinson and Steve Smith in conversation with Nigel Starmer-Smith. Dai Young talks to Brian Wall. David Sole talks to Bill McLaren. Marc Cecillon talks to Chris Thau.
Wales v W.Samoa picture. Australia on tour - Campese the entertainer. Scotland v Australia - 2 page picture and report. Baa-Baas walloped by Australia. Argentina in France. World Rugby - Classics in Bermuda (JPR etc). Senior club of the month - Neath.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1989-01 - £6.00

89-02.jpg (68142 bytes)


February 1989 - 5-Nations focus with Billy Beaumont and pen-pics of key players. Wales lose to Romania - Jonathan Davies joins Rugby League. Pilkington Cup special - 16 pages. Varsity match review.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1989-02 - £5.00

89-03.jpg (58255 bytes)

March 1989 - Spotlight on Fouroux’s France. England v Scotland reports and pictures. Wales V Ireland picture. A decade of French dominance. New men on the scene - Paul Ackford, Mike Hall, Craig Chalmers. IRB supplement exclusive to Rugby World readers. Pumas - genuine amateurs. NZ - Shelford on the way out??

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1989-03 - £5.00

89-04.jpg (98545 bytes)

April 1989 – British Lions Tour of Australia 1989 – Nick Cain’s roundabout, the official RFU column, former player and coach with London Welsh and Harlequins Iestyn Thomas urges a Welsh league structure, all the post-war British Isles captains in focus, Bill McLaren talks to Lions skipper Finlay Calder, strict amateur application harms Wales says Eddie Butler, Bill Mitchell suggests a smaller Welsh presence in the Lions “make-up), Beaumont at large – Bill Beaumont and Phil Bennett select their Lions squad, England beat France – report and colour photos. ...........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1989-04 - £8.00

89-05.jpg (57325 bytes)

May 1989 – British Lions Tour of Australia 1989 – the official RFU column, Pilkington Cup Final preview, Whitbread Player of the Month – Dusty Hare (Leicester & England), Schweppes Cup Final preview, Nick Cain’s roundabout, Phil Bennett regrets the exodus to rugby league, Lions tour party profiles, Eddie Butler on the contrasting attitudes of two captains, Wales beat England in Cardiff – report and colour photos, France overwhelm Scotland – report and colour photos, Beaumont at large – comments on the Lions tour party, Chris Thau talks with French captain Pierre Berbizier, Nick Cain reports on the Hong Kong Sevens, rugby in Romania and USA. ..........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1989-05 - £12.00

89-07.jpg (65135 bytes) July 1989 – British Lions Tour of Australia 1989 – the official RFU column, Scottish scene with Bill McMurtrie, Clive Norling looks forward to an active summer, Irish report with Sean Diffley, civil war at Neath ends says Eddie Butler, Wales club scene with Brian Wall, Nick Cain’s roundabout, Beaumont at large – appraisal of early Lions form and tour shocks elsewhere, Lions on parade – pen portraits of the tour party, reports on early Lions matches – against Western Australia and Australia B, England overpower Romania in Bucharest – report and colour photos, England U21 beat their Romanian counterparts also in Bucharest, Chris Thau evaluates the first of the World Cup ’91 preliminaries featuring Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Israel, double page colour photo of the Lions squad, Bill McMurtrie on Japan’s famous victory over Scotland, Austin Daniel’s match report of Japan’s first victory over a major IB nation, Toulouse beat Toulon in the French Championship Final reports Henri Bru, Nick Cain sees Cambridge University light up the Lisbon Sevens – report, results and colour photos, RFU Celebrity Golf, schools and youth rugby with Mike Stevenson and Harry Townsend, Courage Championship National Divisions news plus news around the regions, servicescene with Major John Quin RE, results round-up, news from overseas.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1989-07 - £12.00

89-08.jpg (61803 bytes) August 1989 – British Lions Tour of Australia 1989 – the official RFU column, Mick Cleary regrets an unfortunate decision – England B coaches Alan Davies and Dave Robinson ditched, fine forward play but backs need to improve says Edie Butler, Nick Cain’s roundabout, Lions tour itinerary, Norman Mair suggests that Ian McGeechan was the main man in nursing the Lions to recovery, Lions defeat New South Wales, New South Wales and ACT, lose First Test but bounce back to take the Second and take the series with a narrow win in the Third Test– reports and colour photos, Ackford’s almanack – Paul Ackford’s diary of the hardest hours, Beaumont at large – forward power the vital ingredient of tour success, Stephen Jones savours the triumph down under with his tour hero Lions back rower Mike Teague, Phil Bennett praises Lions scrum half Robert Jones, All Blacks beat France in both Tests – report and reaction with teams and scorers, Wales B pushed to the limit in Canada says Peter McMullan with tour results. 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1989-08 - £15.00

89-10.jpg (60842 bytes)

October 1989 - All Blacks tour of Wales & Ireland 1989 - A tale of Welsh woe - David East resignation - WRU press statement. RWC 1991 Draw chart. League review - Bath. Changes to structure of English season?? Rugby and  the media. NZ tour of Wales & Ireland - itinerary and preview. IRB Supplement. World XV tour - SARB centenary review. Canada v USA and Irish tour of Canada. Monte Carlo 7’s. Sean Lineen - Kilted Kiwi! Bob Dwyer for the chop?

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1989-10 - £5.00

89-11.jpg (52021 bytes)

November 1989 - All Blacks tour of Wales & Ireland 1989 - Richard Hill - player of the month. John Gallagher - spotlight on NZ. Pro-am approach. France v Lions report & pictures. RWC 1991 - Slowly gathering steam. Wales prepare for NZ. Australia tour to France - squad details etc. Hong Kong 7’s - Wales take part for first time. Ranfurley Shield preview.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1989-11 - £7.00

89-12.jpg (56939 bytes)

December 1989 - All Blacks tour of Wales & Ireland 1989 - Player of the month - Gareth Llewellyn. NZ outclass Wales - picture and report. England v Fiji and Scotland v Fiji - reports and pictures. Varsity match preview. NZ v Welsh Clubs. Accusation of French skulduggery by Australia. Cameron Glasgow - Like father like son!

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1989-12 - £7.00




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90-01.jpg (60297 bytes)

January 1990 - All Blacks tour of Wales & Ireland 1989 - Player of the month- Phillip Matthews - picture and details. Baa-Baas fall to the invincible NZ. NZ tour of Canada, Wales and Ireland - results and review. IRB decision to relax amateur regulations- Will the game change?? French take a tumble in 1st test v Australia, plus 2nd test details and picture. Best of the 1980’s- review and pictures. Ireland v NZ- report and picture. New WRU secretary - Dennis Evans. Hewnis (SA) Better than Blanco??

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1990-01 - £6.00

90-02.jpg (55495 bytes)

February 1990 -  FIVE NATIONS - the do's and don'ts of touring by Sir Michael Knight, Clive Norling on the law changes, Whitbread Player of the Month - Ben Clarke (Saracens), Mick Cleary meets England's hooker Brian Moore, Five Nations focus - Stephen Jones (Sunday Times) argues that the Championship is the envy of the sporting world, viewpoint - Wasps assistant coach Rob Smith argues that the Divisional Championship must be extended...,Rugby World Cup '91 - Ray Williams' message, international crossroads with Chris Thau, commercial update, Romania Rugby Appeal,  special feature on Romanian rugby by Chris Thau, Scotland 32 Romania 0 - match report, teams, scorers and colour action photos, the Weybridge Congress, qualifying tournaments update, Madrid team of the tournament, Bill Mitchell reports on Cambridge University winning the Varsity Match - including teams, scorers and colour photos, Umbro Junior Team Award - Dinnington Comprehensive School and Mount St Mary's College (both of Sheffield).

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1990-02 - £5.00

90-03.jpg (60475 bytes)

March 1990 - Scotland Grand Slam 1990 -  Ireland v Scotland analysis. Robert Jones player of the month - picture and detail. 5-Nation review - 4 pages. My Rugby World by Wade Dooley. 14-man Wales v France.
Eddie Butler with Arthur Emyr.
France v England, France “B” v England “B”, Zinzan Brooke rejects Rugby League. Senior club of the month - Neath.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1990-03 - £5.00

90-04.jpg (54212 bytes)

April 1990 - Scotland Grand Slam 1990 -  Wales v Scotland with Phil Bennett. David Sole. Scotland v France analysis and pictures. Player of the month - Paul Rendle. RWC 1991 supplement. Will Carling picture pull-out - Grand Slam decider. Wales or Ireland for wooden spoon. Jacques Fouroux departs as coach. My Rugby World with Lord Chalfont. England v Wales.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1990-04 - £5.00

90-05.jpg (56986 bytes)

May 1990 - Scotland Grand Slam 1990 - Hong Kong 7’s special - Fiji triumph. Scotland Grand Slam. My Rugby World by Geoff Cooke. Cup final preview - Bath v Gloucester. Schweppes Cup S/F preview. IRB - Working party on amateurism. Romanian appeal. Profile on Finlay Calder. Scotland - 2 page team picture plus other pictures. Wales whitewash. Canada 15 Argentina 6- report on momentous victory.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1990-05 - £7.00

90-06.jpg (55992 bytes)

June 1990 - Player of the month - Brian Moore. County Championship final - Lancashire ’s cup. Wales squad to Namibia. Pilkington Cup - Bath. My Rugby World by Les Cusworth. RWC 1991 supplement - 16 pages. 1990 awards - Neath are team of the year! Bill McLaren with Ian McGeechan - preview of Scotland’s tour of NZ. Eagles lose to Pumas.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1990-06 - £5.00

90-07.jpg (57130 bytes)

July 1990 – official RFU column – news from HQ – The Cooke Report 1989-90, whistle stop! – the Clive Norling column, postbag – readers’ letters, Nick Cain’s roundabout, Namibia Tests are a true tests - down the line with Phil Bennett, Namibia v Wales – Martyn Williams reports from Namibia on a First Test win for Wales under Ron Waldron, what Eddie Butler saw…, John Robbie assesses the scene in South Africa Greg Campbell reports on a stunning omission in Australia, Austin Daniel with news of Hong King’s successful tourists, Peter McMullan reports on Canada’s trip to New Zealand, Don Cameron looks at an All Black scrum half saga, lost to League. ...........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1990-07 - £5.00

90-08.jpg (65244 bytes)

August 1990 – official RFU column – news from HQ – roadshow initiative a big success, Twickenham days for 1990-91, obituary – J MacG K Kendall-Carpenter CBE, postbag – readers’ letters, Nick Cain’s roundabout, Mick Cleary on Mickey Skinner – saint or sinner?, what Eddie Butler saw, Buck’s broadside – the Wayne Shelford column, Scotland so close in New Zealand, Ron Palenski assesses the scene in New Zealand in the wake of the Scottish tour, John Robbie’s tale of two cities in South Africa, Martyn Williams saw Wales scrape home in the second test in Namibia, Rugby World Cup 1991 information along with the tournament schedule, international crossroads with Chris Thau, Zimbabwe on song! – Rugby World Cup 1991 qualifying round results, American zone classification tournament, USA’s tour to Australia – itinerary and tour party, Eric Weil of the Buenos Aires Herald reports from Argentina, Greg Campbell describes two Aussie triumphs over the French tourists, Greg Campbell previews the Wallaby tour to New Zealand, Chris Thau reports from the Sicilian Sevens and Nick Cain from the Lisbon Sevens, servicescene by Major John Quin RE,

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1990-08 - £5.00

90-09.jpg (62677 bytes)

September 1990 – official RFU column – news from HQ – getting the show on the road…Alan Black (National Promotions Officer) reports, postbag – readers’ letters, Nick Cain’s roundabout, whistle stop! – the Clive Norling column, Buck’s broadside – The Wayne Shelford column, Ron Palenski reports on New Zealand v Australia 1st Test and Greg Campbell on New Zealand v Australia 2nd test, Greg Campbell reports on Australia’s contrasting home form – lost to France but beat USA, Nick Cain reports on England’s tour to Argentina – reports and stats, Beaumont at large, rugby builds bridges, what Eddie Butler saw…, leagues loom for Wales by Eddie Butler, Wall-to-Wall – Welsh news by Brian Wall, Ciaran’s comeback! – the Irish report with Sean Diffley, Bill McMurtrie on Scotland’s near miss in New Zealand, trial by training by Mick Cleary, Courage Championship – National Divisions, Midlands Division, Northern Division, London Division, South West Division, youth and schools rugby by Mike Stevenson and Harry Townsend, servicescene by Major John Quin RE.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1990-09 - £5.00

90-10.jpg (61893 bytes)

October 1990 -  clubs must root out violence by DE Wood (RFU Secretary), Buck's broadside - Wayne Shelford warns that the All Blacks will bounce straight back from defeat in the 3rd Test by Australia, Swansea set to steal the show by Eddie Butler (Sunday Correspondent), a signing of the times - Mick Cleary examines the movement of players, Wasps 23 Racing 13 - colour photo, Rugby World Cup '91 - Ray Williams' progress report, Regional Directors' profiles, commercial update, Latins look likely lads...by Chris Thau, international crossroads by Chris Thau, Wallabies break All Black barrier, RWC venues in France - Grenoble & Brive, Advance Australia Fair - Australia beat New Zealand in Auckland - match report, teams, scorers and colour action photos, farewell to Mark Ella, South Africa hitting back at violence - trial by television, first ever win for Wales in New Zealand - Wales Under 19 tour, Clive Norling looks at the new laws and women's rugby by Alice Cooper.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1990-10 - £5.00

90-11.jpg (62896 bytes)

November 1990 -  Whitbread Player of the Month - Stuart Barnes (Bath & England), Wales 24 Barbarians 31 - match report, teams, scorers and colour action photo, Whitbread Senior Team of the Month - Wasps, Whitbread Junior Team of the Month - Syston, Back to the future - Mick Cleary on Neil Back, Heineken Welsh Team of the Month - Abertillery, Eddie Butler (Sunday Correspondent) speaks with Welsh captain Paul Thorburn, Rugby World Cup '91 - Ray Williams' diary, drug cheats beware! by Dr Leon Walkden (Chairman of Host Unions Medical Advisory Committee), commercial news, amateur alterations, Barbarian birthday parties - at the London Hilton and Bradford & Bingley Banquet, England 18 Barbarians 16 - match report, teams, scorers and colour action photo, Italy rule the roost by Chris Thau, team of the tournament, RWC venues - Pontypool & Otley, profile of Eric Rush (New Zealand Maoris), Cotton Oxford Junior Awards - Adwick School from Doncaster (School of the Month) and Sevenoaks Colts (Youth Team of the Month), England Colts crush Canada Colts.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1990-11 - £5.00

90-12.jpg (69056 bytes)

December 1990 - the RFU Youth Development Officers, Whitbread Player of the Month - Paul Thorburn (Neath & Wales), England 51 Argentina 0 - match report, teams, scorers and colour action photos, amateur or shamateur? - world-wide reaction to the relaxation of amateurism, the myth of invincibility - Mick Cleary asks if the All Blacks are on the wane, Ranfurly Shield - Canterbury come a Cropper!, South Africa  looks at future stars, Rugby World Cup '91 - Ray Williams' diary, Regional Directors' news, commercial news, refs - fully stretched by Chris Thau, international crossroads, Japan 15 USA 25, France 3 New Zealand 24 - match report, teams, scorers and colour action photo, Chris Thau interviews Marcel Martin (Chairman of Rugby World Cup BV), profile on Hugo Porta (Argentina), Ireland 20 Argentina 18 - match report, teams, scorers and colour action photo, Heineken Welsh Team of the Month - Dunvant, Bill McLaren spotlights one of Scotland's up-and-coming locks - Doddie Weir, Whitbread Senior Club of the Month - Wakefield, Whitbread Junior Club of the Month - Thanet Wanderers, women's rugby by Alice Cooper, Cotton Oxford Junior Awards - Trinity School, Croydon (School of the Month) Wasps Colts (Youth Team of the Month) and preview of the Varsity Match by Harry Townsend.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1990-12 - £5.00




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91-01.jpg (61134 bytes)

January 1991 - Wayne Shelford unimpressed by England training methods. Bill McLaren on Scottish rugby and what the future holds. RWC 1991 supplement 16 pages including Welsh club grounds staging matches. RWC for SA?? Eddie Butler on Mark Ring.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1991-01 - £5.00

91-02.jpg (60324 bytes)

February 1991 - England Grand Slam 1991 -  Amateurism - the do’s and donts’. Wayne Shelford looks at 5-Nations.
5-Nations fever with Wade Dooley. RWC 1991 16 page supplement including schedule. Welsh Leagues - Neath. Varsity match review. Junior awards -
Llandovery College.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1991-02 - £6.00

91-03.jpg (59366 bytes)

March 1991 - England Grand Slam 1991 - License to earn?? - official view of players. 5-Nations round 1 - Wales v England and France v Scotland. RWC 1991 16 pages. Australia - Campese and his dedication to the cause. NZ - Cash to flow?? Bill McLaren talks to John Allan. Welsh leagues - Llandovery. Senior club of the month - Llanelli.
Under 18’s -
England v Australia report - includes many famous names of today!

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1991-03 - £7.00

91-04.jpg (59615 bytes)

April 1991 - England Grand Slam 1991 - Grand Slam finale - Blanco v Carling. Player of the month - Gary Armstrong.
IRB - Bored of indecision!! 5-Nations round 3 -
England v Scotland and Wales v Ireland. Profile of Mike Teague. Phil Davies recalled at No.8. Wayne Shelford previews Grand Slam decider - England v France.
RWC 1991 16 page supplement.
Australia celebrate return of SA. Bill McLaren previews Scotland in Hong Kong 7’s.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1991-04 - £7.00

91-5.jpg (63284 bytes)

May 1991 - England Grand Slam 1991 - SOUVENIR ISSUE- ENGLAND GRAND SLAM. Wayne Shelford with Northampton - Final bid to make NZ squad. Hong Kong 7’s - Fiji too hot to handle. RWC 1991 16 page supplement. Sydney Rugby Union (SRU) - Court quashes SRU ban. Pilkington Cup Final preview - Harlequins v Northampton. Schweppes Cup Final Preview - Llanelli v “Pooler.” The Geoghegan generation.
Bill McLaren talks to Tony Stanger. Welsh leagues -
Newport. Scott Gibbs - Squat and Stocky.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1991-05 - £10.00

91-07.jpg (67916 bytes)

July 1991 - Tour previews: Wales and England down under - Untimely tours?? Geoff Cooke reports on England grand slam. Les Peard - referee of the year. Lynagh - A power in the land. SA - Natal crush Bulls. Argentina - SA tour in balance. Wales tour party to Australia. England tour itinerary and party. USA v Japan report. Canada in RWC 1991. Canada beat Scotland in year to remember. Two dozen top referees for RWC 1991.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1991-07 - £6.00

91-08.jpg (63130 bytes)

August 1991 - Strength in depth - NZ intend to retain RWC. Welcoming back SA?? English fitness levels with Roger Uttley. England at loggerheads - Players v Officials! French Championship final. Trial by Television with Wayne Shelford. Poidevin comeback. John Robbie on shake-up in Currie Cup. RWC 1991 supplement number 16 - 16 pages. Lisbon 7’s becoming European Senior tournament.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1991-08 - £5.00

91-09.jpg (68616 bytes)

September 1991 - The Wizards of Oz - Australia v England. Fiji v England. England colour change for RWC. Wales beached down under - report and pictures. RWC 1991 supplement number 17- 16 pages. Namibia too hot for Ireland - Reports and pictures. NZ to Argentina reports. Western Samoa trawl for talent. Rebirth of SA. An amateur sport and paid coaches looked at.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1991-09 - £6.00

91-10.jpg (78023 bytes)

October 1991 - Rugby World Cup 1991 - October 1991 – OFFICIAL WORLD CUP GUIDE – Rugby World Cup TV and radio guide, focus on pool 1 – England, New Zealand, United States & Italy, from the Tournament Director – Ray Williams, focus on pool 2 – Scotland, Ireland, Japan & Zimbabwe, off the pitch – news in brief, main men among the minnows by Chris Thau, profile of Serge Blanco, oh brother! by Chris Thau, focus on pool 3- Wales, Australia, Argentina & Western Samoa, Buck’s broadside – the Wayne Shelford column, World Cup tit-bits, 1987 remembered, focus on pool 4 – France, Fiji, Canada & Romania, the road to the Finals by Chris Thau, 130 pages.

Ref: mgrw91-10-xb - £20.00

91-11.jpg (67410 bytes)

November 1991 - Rugby World Cup 1991 - November 1991 – RUGBY WORLD CUP – postbag – readers’ letters, Nick Cain’s roundabout, the opening ceremony, pool 1 – England 12 New Zealand 18, official RFU column – news from HQ, the terminators – Grant Fox by Richard Bath, the terminators – Jeremy Guscott by Mick Cleary, France 30 Romania 3, the terminators – Pascal Ondarts by Chris Thau, Scotland 47 Japan 9, the terminators – Chris Gray by Mick Cleary, Australia 32 Argentina 19, the terminators – John Eales by Nick Cain, Buck’s broadside – the Wayne Shelford column, double page colour photo of the 16 World Cup captains, Italy 30 USA 9, Fiji 3 Canada 13, Wales 13 Western Samoa 16, the terminators – Arthur Emyr by Richard Bath, Ireland 55 Zimbabwe 11, refs – the great north-south divide by Richard Bath, whistle stop! – the Norling verdict on the World Cup referees, Courage Championship – National Divisions, Midlands Division, London Division, South West Division, Northern Division, Junior Clubs of the Month – Combe Down RFC and Sheffield Oaks RFC, service scene by Major John Quin RE, Mike Stevenson and Harry Townsend reports on youth and schools rugby.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1991-11-xb - £16.00




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92-02.jpg (72589 bytes)

January 1992 - RWC to SA for 1995?? Should SA host the Cup?? Colin Stephens- most promising Outside Half. Ireland v Australia report and pictures. Chris Thau on Anglophobia and that Dubroca incident. Nick Farr-Jones sabbatical. NZ sifts through the ashes after RWC. Canada success in RWC.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1992-01 - £5.00

38.jpg (128049 bytes) February 1992 - England back - to back Grand Slam 1992 - 5-Nations preview from pages 10-31. Rupert Moon chooses Wales. Player profile- Andy Robinson. Player of the month- Emyr Lewis. Varsity match review. Wayne Shelford on All Blacks’ RWC showing, international eligibility and lessons England must learn. NZ- Disastrous year! Pot of gold for Wallaby stars?? Death of referee Kerry Fitzgerald. RWC 1995 to SA- It has to be! Ray Williams bows out of RWC and Tournament directors report.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1992-02 - £6.00

92-03.jpg (65252 bytes) March 1992 - England back - to back Grand Slam 1992 - Can Wales defeat England ?? Martin Bayfield with Paul Ackford. 5-Nations review to date with reports and pictures. Wayne Shelford on club rugby to continue during 5-Nations. Player profile on Dale McIntosh. Trouble brewing over SA- Who would lead NZ to the republic?? W.Ofahengaue to Rugby League?? Marty Roebuck- Aussie Star! SA rugby- close season transfer activity.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1992-03 - £7.00

92-04.jpg (63200 bytes) April 1992 - England back - to back Grand Slam 1992 - Two Grand Slams on the trot for England . Profile on Will Carling. Five Nations round 3- France v England and Ireland v Scotland . Wayne Shelford on England . David Sole signs off. Alan Davies (coach) with Steve Bale. 5-Nations round 4- Scotland v France and England v Wales reports and pictures. SA- plenty of talent! Jason Little and Tim Horan resist Rugby League.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1992-04 - £9.00

92-05.jpg (62297 bytes) May 1992 - 17th Hong Kong 7’s- Fiji dominate again –report and pictures. Ireland- Worst ever 5-Nations plus report on game v France . Wayne Shelford on what makes an international player. Neath RFC with Steve Bale. Wales v Scotland- analysis and pics. Peter Winterbottom in conversation. Talented Gregor Townsend aged 18. Nick Farr-Jones returns to international rugby. Australian rugby sanctions against S.Africa lifted.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1992-05 - £5.00

92-07.jpg (56285 bytes) July 1992 - Stuart Barnes returns to England fold. IRB and television deal with Bill Beaumont. NZ tour round-up v Ireland . Laurent Cabannes after his car accident. Cardiff in crisis! Ruddock putting the steel in to Swansea . Derek Turnbull left out of Australian tour. WRU Cup- Scarlets claim it for keeps! Slam the cheats by Don Rutherford. Tommy Bedford on Campese objecting to playing in South Africa . Currie Cup update. All Blacks recovery plan. TV becomes judge and jury in NZ. Balance of power shifting down under with Australia to the fore. Rugby in China . Benidorm 7’s- Serevi stars.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1992-07 - £5.00

92-08.jpg (62929 bytes)

August 1992 – postbag – readers’ letters, Nick Cain’s roundabout, death of the game! – Mick Cleary gets views on the new laws from Alex Wyllie (the coach’s view), Andy Cushing (the school’s view), Wayne Shelford (the player’s view), Fred Howard (the referee’s view), South Africa’s steroid time bomb by John Robbie, the New Zealand view by Don Cameron, Jim Tucker talks with Wallaby captain Nick Farr-Jones, Scots blitzed by Wallaby big guns says Ian Robertson, Don Cameron reports on the England “B” tour to New Zealand, World Cup Sevens – qualifying tournament in Catania Sicily..........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1992-08 - £5.00

92-09.jpg (65927 bytes)

September 1992 – postbag – readers’ letters, Nick Cain’s roundabout, is Naas Botha the best? asks Nick Cain, Italy’s pro circus by Richard Bath, All Blacks put to the sword by Jim Tucker, grievous bodily harm…All Blacks in the dock by Don Cameron, Greg Campbell talks with Paul Carozza (Australia), the laws and disorder by Don Cameron, Buck’s broadside – the Wayne Shelford column, testing time in South Africa by John Robbie, profiles of the 1992 Springboks, Bedford’s blast – the Tommy Bedford column, Mick Cleary meets Jack Rowell, “B” boys bomb out – England “B” lose to a New Zealand XV reports Steve Bale, Frankie Degas reports on France’s test victories in Argentina, why the Olympic option is still a non-runner says Chris Thau, Alvin Sallay on the Asian Championship..........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1992-09 - £5.00

92-10.jpg (60027 bytes) October 1992 - Clive Norling on new laws. Alan Davies and Gareth Jenkins- Welsh coaches. Gavin Hastings with Bill McLaren. Jeff Probyn in conversation. SA lose to Australia and tour details. SA v NZ report etc. Wayne Shelford on South African rugby. Ireland in NZ- record defeat! NZ players go to Japan.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1992-10 - £5.00

92-11.jpg (74746 bytes) November 1992 - Wallabies in Ireland & Wales 1992 - Jon Webb in conversation. Llanelli adapt to new laws. Dudley Wood- defender of amateur faith. Wales v Australia preview. Popplewell for Lions. Gary Armstrong still ready to do his bit for Scotland and Lions. Benazzi’s rapid rise. Wayne Shelford on new laws. Lynagh takes leading role on tour to Wales and Ireland. SA tour to France and England preview. Pieter Muller - A star for SA. Welsh leagues- Llanelli. John Graf- Jack of all trades as Canada tour England. Auckland’s incredible run.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1992-11 - £5.00

92-12.jpg (59877 bytes) December 1992 - Wallabies in Ireland & Wales 1992 -  Who can tie Wallabies down. Ireland v Australia report and pictures. Munster beat Aussies. Alec Evans for Cardiff. Rob Andrew - “adventurer”. Canada lose but do well v England. Wayne Shelford on England lacking self-belief. Chris Thau on Roumat and reports on SA beating France in 1st test, but France win 2nd test. Rob Wainwright with Bill McLaren. Scott Gibbs centre page picture. Wales XV v Italy. Richard Loe - blatant gouging. Australia - Super 10 preview. Varsity match preview.
Canada - a rising power.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1992-12 - £5.00




 Summary of major articles

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19.jpg (202061 bytes) January 1993 – Will England get the Lions share? – Paul Ackford (former British Lion), Stephen Jones (Sunday Times), Mick Leary (The Observer/Rugby World & Post) and Nick Cain (Rugby World & Post) select their Lions squad, whistle stop! – the Clive Norling column, England 33 South Africa 16, Beaumont at large, waiting in the wings…Peter O’Toole’s hilarious account of his violent rugby career, Wales 6 Australia 23, down the line with Phil Bennett, jam today, no way! – Wales on the up by Steve Bale, double page action photo of Barbarians v Australia, Buck’s broadside – the Wayne Shelford column, Burnell the bold! – Bill McLaren talks with Paul Burnell, Scottish notes by Bill McMurtrie, a very French coup – Argentina beat France in Nantes by Chris Thau..........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1993-01 - £5.00

93-02.jpg (67543 bytes) February 1993 - New 5-Nations cup and preview. The passing of Danie Craven. Wayne Shelford - Only the French can stop England. Stuart Barnes - 2 page picture. Welsh leagues - Cardiff. Divisional Championship - Rob Andrew. 7’s World Cup looming - Aussies trawl for best talent. Carling condemns the absence from Hong Kong 7’s. Laurie Mains still blue-eyed boy - Keith Quinn wonders why! SA - Secret deliberations condemned. Tommy Bedford on SA rugby.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1993-02 - £5.00

93-03.jpg (63725 bytes) March 1993 - Wales turn the tide. Wales beat England 10-9 - That Ieuan Evans try! England back row imbalance. 5-Nations review - France v Scotland, England v France and Scotland v Ireland. Berbizier- Youth policy for RWC is at odds with establishment. Terry O’Connor argues for Gavin Hastings as Lions captain and not Will Carling. The Craven chronology. Tommy Bedford on who will succeed Craven. Ieuan Evans poster.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1993-03 - £6.00

93-04.jpg (61151 bytes) April 1993 - Lions Tour of New Zealand 1993 - April 1993 – postbag – readers’ letters, Nick Cain’s roundabout, England 26 Scotland 12, oh, brother! – Richard Bath talks with England wing Tony Underwood, a Stark reminder – Bill McLaren talks with Scotland wing Derek Stark, Wales 14 Ireland 19, Steve Bale in conversation with Gareth Llewellyn the Neath & Wales second row, David Walsh chatted with Ireland second row Neil Francis, ruck-maul law…Mick Cleary discusses and has opinions from a wide variety of national and club coaches, Buck’s broadside, Scotland 20 Wales 0, Whitbread Player of the Month – Gary Armstrong..........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1993-04 - £6.00

93-05.jpg (60793 bytes) May 1993 - Lions Tour of New Zealand 1993 - May 1993 – BRITISH LIONS TOUR TO NEW ZEALAND – WORLD CUP SEVENS - 16-PAGE PULL-OUT – postbag – readers’ letters, Nick Cain’s roundabout, Western Samoans stride out! – Nick Cain sees the Samoans beat Fiji to take Hong Kong Sevens crown, ruck-maul law – Don Cameron looks at a controversial in-depth study on more penalties and less time the ball is in play, Bedford’s blast – the Tommy Bedford column, John Robbie on the new Springboks coach Ian McIntosh, Greg Campbell reports from the Canberra Sevens, pride of the Lions – Mick Cleary looks at initial reactions to the tour party, hard row to hoe! – Don Cameron outlines the nightmare schedule, Scot’s view – Gordon Brown, Welsh view – Mike Ruddock, Irish view – Syd Millar..........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1993-05 - £8.00

93-07.jpg (101860 bytes) July 1993 - BRITISH LIONS TOUR TO NEW ZEALAND - Front cover photo of Ieuan Evans - Starmer-Smith on the tour - Nick Cain reports on the tour - match reports & statistics N Auckland, N Harbour, NZ Maoris, Canterbury, Otago, Southland, 1st Test - Steve Bale interview with Ieuan Evans on the Lions tour - centre page double spread squad poster.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1993-07 - £15.00

93-08.jpg (62131 bytes) August 1993 – BRITISH LIONS TOUR TO NEW ZEALAND – a test too far says Nigel Starmer-Smith, postbag – readers’ letters, Nick Cain’s roundabout, Lions down but not out! emphasises Nick Cain, Lions fall at the last – Nick Cain reports on the Third and Final Test, Buck’s broadside – the Wayne Shelford column, Grant Fox in conversation with Nick Cain, redcoats stand and deliver – Second Test report by Nick Cain, Jason Leonard tells Chris Thau about his great conversion, First Test fall out to Hawke’s Bay horror story by Nick Cain, in the realm of the Mooloo men – Nick Cain watched Waikato hammer the Lions..........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1993-08 - £10.00

96.jpg (192259 bytes) September 1993 – postbag – readers’ letters, Rugby World roundabout, the road to riches or ruin? by Mick Cleary, the player’s view by Stuart Barnes, Courage League preview, Irish preview with Sean Diffley, David Stewart previews the Heineken League in Wales, McEwan’s League preview with Bill McLaren, a complete guide to the season – 1993-94 fixtures, Big in Japan – Steve Seaton reports on moves that could see a New Zealander making his international debut for Japan when they tour Wales, farewell Geech – Mick Cleary analyses the contribution of the man rated the best coach in the Northern Hemisphere, Kick-off – free – the official magazine of the 1995 World Cup, method to this madness ..........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1993-09 - £7.00

93-11.jpg (61569 bytes) November 1993 - RWC 95 in SA- Will it take place? Inside Twickers. Jeremy Guscott on life with Bath . Why can’t Wales succeed at international level? Andy Nicol to captain Scotland ? Roumat- French captain. Profile on Bath . Jeff Wilson in conversation with Keith Quinn. RWC 95 supplement. Bill Beaumont recalls Northern Division beat All Blacks in 1979.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1993-11 - £5.00

93-12.jpg (70472 bytes) December 1993 - Who can beat All Blacks? Bill McLaren and Dick Best on the All Blacks challenge. Inside Cardiff dressing room. Australia tour of France . Is Oxbridge rugby dying out? Gavin Hastings interview. Drugs- Are they a problem? Phil Bennett on role of Outside-Half and recalls that try v NZ in 1973. Japan in Wales . RWC 95 supplement.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1993-12 - £5.00




 Summary of major articles

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January 1994 – 1993 in pictures, pining for the good ol’ days? – the Frank Keating column, news in brief, the short sharp shock treatment – the Dick Best column, the obsessed All Blacks by Clem Thomas, the big gun of Dax – Henri Bru talks with French outside half Thierry Lacroix, Peter Bills on French centre Phillipe Sella, the three o’clock jumper – former Irish coach Mick Doyle profiles Ireland second row Neil Francis, crème de la crème…top scorers by Peter Jackson, Ireland 25 Romania 3..........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1994-01 - £5.00

94-02.jpg (69042 bytes) February 1994 – FIVE NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP – Murrayfield boors – the Frank Keating column, rugby and the Royals, Wales 29 Scotland 6, France 35 Ireland 15, Calcutta Cup classics – Bill McLaren looks back on some memorable Scotland v England confrontations in the past, cautious optimism – John Kennedy looks ahead to Ireland v Wales in Dublin, why a Grand Slam is not imperative – the Dick Best column, Jon Callard talks with Peter Bills, in search of flair – Simon Halliday believes the Championship can still produce much inventive back play, the Generals’ Detainee prospers – Mick Doyle profiles former Ireland second row Willie Anderson..........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1994-02 - £5.00

94-03.jpg (54251 bytes) March 1994 - France v England- Showdown in the Parc. Tony O’Reilly- World Exclusive interview. Dudley Wood- A frank analysis. Ollie Campbell on Ireland ’s 1982 Triple Crown. Ireland ’s first victory at Twickenham since 1982 plus other 5-Nations reviews. Wales Grand Slam at Ireland ?? Player profile on Phil Davies. RWC 95 supplement. Player of the month- Neil Jenkins. (the English, Scottish, Welsh & Irish editions have different sections within the main body of the magazine, pages 45 - 50) 

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1994-03 - £5.00

94-04.jpg (73717 bytes) April 1994 - Welsh revival - Champions but No Grand Slam. 5-Nations review. Geoff Cooke retires. Norling on refereeing in 5-Nations. Southern Hemisphere shake-up. Serevi - 7’s King! Welsh supplement - With Mike Rayer, JJ Williams etc. Looking at Wrexham RFC. The rise of Pontypridd. Baa-Baas under threat. Player of the month - Scott Quinnell. RWC 95 supplement. 1974 Lions commemorative supplement - 32 pages including players recollections, photos - player stats - profiles of Alun Thomas, Willie John McBride, articles by Quintus van Rooyen, Terry O'Connor, Choet Visser.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1994-04 - £15.00

94-05.jpg (83392 bytes) May 1994 – newsdesk – news in brief, a French pilgrimage – the Frank Keating column, the leaders of the packs – Pilkington Cup Final preview – Bath v Leicester, driving the herd – profile of Graham Dawe (Bath & England) by Peter Bills, a dubious vintage – the Dick best column, Rowell’s philosophy – Alastair Hignell talks with new England Manager Jack Rowell, Cusworth’s creed – David Lawrenson talks with Les Cusworth about England’s stuttering backline, the mammoth men of the Alps – Grenoble RFC, coaching master class – Mike Slemen on modern wing play..........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1994-05 - £5.00

94-06.jpg (66807 bytes) June 1994 - The Apartheid battle. England arrive in SA. Preview of France tour to Canada and NZ. Bath’s 8th cup win. A salute to Neil Jenkins. Welsh supplement - Wales to Canada and Western Samoa. Cardiff win cup and Swansea are champions. Scottish and Irish supplements. RWC 95 supplement including schedule of games.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1994-06 - £7.00

16.jpg (166341 bytes) July 1994 – England’s tour of South Africa – Springbok revival & no English survival (1st Test South Africa 15 England 32, 2nd Test South Africa 27 England 9), dear diary…the Dick Best column, tour analysis: England, no hiding place by Peter Jackson, problems on and off the field by former Springbok captain Tom Bedford, Ireland’s tour of Australia – still a sizeable gap by Mark Jones (1st Test Australia 33 Ireland 13, 2nd Test Australia 32 Ireland 18)...........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1994-07 - £7.00

94-08.jpg (65040 bytes) August 1994 - NZ v SA. Wales in the South Seas. French tour of NZ. Australia’s great Front Row. Brendan Mullin’s future? Great clubs of the world including Cardiff and Llanelli. Shake-up of the leagues in Scotland. Tony Stanger - Centre or Wing?? Scots prepare for RWC.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1994-08 - £7.00

15].jpg (176561 bytes) September 1994 – mail box – readers’ letters, newsdesk – news in brief, an historic season – the Frank Keating column, the Gibbs affair – how the British press followed “Rugby World’s” exclusive, the money game – Ian Stafford interviews Welsh centre Scott Gibbs who shatters the myth of rugby union as an amateur game, a dire warning for rugby – the story of financial difficulties and playing decline of the Midlands club Rugby, re-thinking the script – the Jack Rowell column, Courage League preview – George Greenberg previews the Courage National League clubs (divisions 1-4) at he start of a new campaign, Irish League preview..........for more info about this issue please..... CLICK HERE

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1994-09 - £5.00

94-10.jpg (67382 bytes) October 1994 - Louis Luyt - Controversial administrator. Rugby will be professional by 1995. Focus on Northampton, West Hartlepool and Richmond. Wales Schools Under 18’s tour of Australia including test win. Wales beat Romania in Bucharest . Aussies break rules by allowing former Rugby League player back to Union . Tim Horan- hopes for the future after injury. George Gregan and Bledisloe Cup. John Hart loses job as NZ coach. Pilkington Cup- London Welsh. Canada rugby- Norm Hadley. Dudley Wood in reflective mood. West Hartlepool to shed tag as yo-yo club. Dick Best talks to Ian McGeechan. Gareth Davies- CEO. Profile of Richard Moriarty. Kitch Christie- New SA coach. RWC supplement- 14 pages.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1994-10 - £5.00

94-11.jpg (62458 bytes) November 1994 - The way forward for England with Pierre Villepreux. New Twickers pictures. Tony Clement- all rounder.
Errol Tobias in conversation. Gavin Hastings sets sights on SA tour of
Scotland . SA. Aussies victorious in Southern Hemisphere. Brian Campsall in profile. Charlie Faulkner and Cardiff RFC. Wales RWC qualifying marathon. SA in Wales preview. Newport v SA recalled from 25 years ago. Preview of Ireland v USA. Line-out play with Eales and Garrick. Jacques Fouroux- Pro Circus chief?? RWC supplement of 16 pages. 2 Grassroots supplements.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1994-11 - £5.00

94-12.jpg (75296 bytes) December 1994 - Cover - Pictures of players lost to Rugby League including Scott Quinnell. Neath and Swansea on touring teams. Need for code of conduct with Jack Rowell. Special features on two players in wheelchairs. Mick Doyle defends amateurism. Fouroux’s proposed circus. Preview of Canada v England. Varsity match future. SA results in Wales. War-time match which played a part in France’s readmittance to rugby fraternity. Review of Argentina tour of SA. Zinzan and NZ rugby. RWC supplement of 16 pages.  Grassroots Supplement.

Ref: mgbr.rrwo1994-12 - £5.00