A selection of rugby memorabilia from around the world, please scroll down to view these items or click on the links below to visit linked pages. 




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BALLS  -  Full size & miniature - see also Signed Balls


98.jpg (135677 bytes)

AUSTRALIA - RWC 2003 Gilbert Size 5 ball, an official licensed ball, brand new with tag. 

Ref: TB2-5-mmbane.wc03as - £49.00

96.jpg (216393 bytes) 97.jpg (172479 bytes)

AUSTRALIA - WALLABIES TEST AUTOGRAPH BAAL BY SUMMIT - A new ball still in it's original sealed packaging with printed autographs of the Australian team circa 2001. Autographs include Joe Roff, Chris Latham, George Gregan, Nathan Grey and John Eales.  

Ref: TB2-6-mmbane.asaurp-summit-extra-post-europe (£5.00) included - £74.00

96.jpg (216393 bytes) 97.jpg (172479 bytes)

AUSTRALIA - WALLABIES TEST AUTOGRAPH BAAL BY SUMMIT - A new ball still in it's original sealed packaging with printed autographs of the Australian team circa 2001. Autographs include Joe Roff, Chris Latham, George Gregan, Nathan Grey and John Eales.  

Ref: TB2-6-mmbane.asaurp-summit - £69.00



72.jpg (119703 bytes)

SCOTLAND - A Scottish Rugby Union official midi sized ball with 8 unknown signatures. 

Ref: EB1-mmbamlscau.8.uk. - £15.00

54.jpg (74398 bytes)

WATTIES BALL - An unsigned midi sized Gilbert  'Watties' ball   

Ref: TB1-mmbaml-gilbert.watties - £9.50



71.jpg (125837 bytes)

WALES - A Welsh Rugby Union official miniature ball with Tesco overprint, very good condition. 

Ref: EB1-mmbamawa-tesco - £7.50

69.jpg (123004 bytes)

SWANSEA - A Swansea RFC, "The Great Whites" official miniature ball, good condition. 

Ref: EB1-mmbamawacb-swansea.great.whites - £7.50



61.jpg (84359 bytes) 62.jpg (96775 bytes)

ALL BLACK MINIATURE SPONGE BALL - An All Blacks miniature sponge ball still in it's packaging   

Ref: TB3-11-mmbaot.nzma-sponge-bn - £9.00

70.jpg (69174 bytes) JUGGLING BALLS - 4 small juggling balls, 2 Guinness (1 believed to have been signed by Ronan O'Gara, a John Smith's 4 Nations ball, plus a Scottish RU ball with 2 signatures, sold as a group of 4

Ref: EB1-mmbaot-juggling-gp4 - £9.50





BOOTS - sold out


COASTERS - SETS - sold out



80.jpg (459484 bytes) COASTER - COMMERCIAL - SINGLE - Souvenir of the launching of Dave Loveridge's biography 1985

Ref: MC234-mmcsnzpy-loveridge - £3.00


59.jpg (101202 bytes) Wales Grand Slam 1978 - reflective coaster (2 available)

Ref: TWB3-cswags78 - £5.00



98.jpg (26234 bytes) 97.jpg (28889 bytes) Famous Grouse - Rugby World Cup 1995, (No 12 of a set of 16) - Profile of Tonga , size 80mm x 101mm

Ref: PL26-mmcs-b.mat.fam.grouse-to - £3.00 

  93.jpg (33616 bytes) Heineken cup 2001/02 Fixture List, size 88mm x 88mm

Ref: PL26-mmcs-b.mat.heineken-2001/2 - £2.00 

92.jpg (25350 bytes) Steinlager - Official Beer Rugby World Cup 1991, size 88mm x 88mm

Ref: PL26-mmcs-b.mat-steinlgr-wc91 - £2.00 

  87.jpg (29463 bytes) Tooheys New - Wallaby illustration. " Catch all the Action", size 94mm x 94mm. Plain back

Ref: PL26-mmcs-b.mat.tooheys-as - £1.50 


CALENDARS  - These usually contain large photos or illustrations suitable for display

NZRFU Calendars

large 60 x 45cm calendars with colour photos.

jvn11.jpg (30798 bytes) jvn12.jpg (32365 bytes)

1992 Centenary Edition

Ref: NW-B2-mmcfnz92 -  £25.00


pic to follow 1993-94

Ref: NW-B2-mmcfnz93 - £19.00 


pic to follow 1994-95

Ref: NW-B2-mmcfnz94 - £19.00


pic to follow 1997-98

Ref: NW-B2-mmcfnz97 - £19.00 


SPECIAL OFFER - Buy all 4 NZRFU calendars listed above for £39.00 

Ref: NW-B2-mmoecfnzgp4


22.jpg (121852 bytes)

1999 RWC official calendar by Hallmark. 

Ref: MC326-mmcfwc99-hallmark - £5.00


Official Welsh Rugby Union Calendar 

(colour picture per month) 

95.jpg (119021 bytes)

sample page

97.jpg (75158 bytes) 

1993 Welsh Rugby Union Official Calendar

Ref: PL31-29-mmcfwa93 - £4.00


32.jpg (104829 bytes)

1994 Welsh Rugby Union Official Calendar 

Ref: PL29-mmcfwa94 - £4.00


31.jpg (87735 bytes)

1995 Welsh Rugby Union Official Calendar

Ref: PL29-14-mmcfwa95 - £4.00


96.jpg (113316 bytes)

1996 Welsh Rugby Union Official Calendar

Ref: PL31-30-mmcfwa96 - £4.00




37.jpg (162115 bytes)

A continental (French/German) bisque rugby figure. Standing at 24cm high, this 19th century porcelain rugby figure, (circa 1890) is in excellent condition,.

Ref: PC24-mmceeufg-1890 - £195.00


bowls.jpg (25257 bytes) close up.jpg (19896 bytes) close up of crack.jpg (22228 bytes) A set of 4 Finger Bowls produced to celebrate the Scottish Rugby Union Centenary in 1973, approx 12 cm in diameter the ceramic bowls are made by Minton. One bowl has a crack, see illustration 3. 

Ref: PC31-mmcesccnst4-finger.bowls - £45.00



Groggs are a part of Welsh Rugby folklore. Founded in 1965 by John Hughes, the Groggshop in Pontypridd, south Wales continues to produce fine sculptured figures of Welsh & worldwide rugby players and icons. Please click on the link below to see the great selection of groggs we have available to purchase. 


or click on one of these links for individual sections on this page 

England  -  France  -  New Zealand  -  South Africa  -  Wales  -  Special Editions  




8 cm high plastic figurines. Headliners marked as 'unopened blister pack' are as new, still in their unopened packs (blister cards). Each one of these figures comes together with a collector’s information file. Figurines marked as secondhand have been taken out of the pack and are sold as the 'figure' only.


21.jpg (146910 bytes) Mike Catt - unopened blister pack

Ref: PL28-mmfg-corinthian-enpy- catt - £5.00


  26.jpg (149782 bytes) Phil de Glanville - unopened blister pack

Ref: PL28-mmfg-corinthian-enpy -de.glanville - £5.00




11.jpg (142853 bytes) 'Cats' South Africa flag, with eyelets, official Super 12 licensed product, circa 1995  160cm x 90cm (5ft x 3ft), as new 

Ref: EB01-mmflsapv-cats - £19.00


10.jpg (99447 bytes) 'Golden Lions' South Africa small flag, circa 1989, 49cm x 39cm (20" x 16"), very good condition 

Ref: EB01-mmflsapv-golden.lions - £19.00




jvn22.jpg (10104 bytes) Waitemata RFC (Auckland) mug 

Ref: PL33-mmcunzcb-waitemata - £15.00


11-tank-diggers80.jpg (14137 bytes) Diggers (South African club side) 80th anniversary tankard by Crescent Ware, Luipaarsvlei, South Africa. In excellent condition, this tankard measures 12cm in height and 10cm across the base. (3 available)

Ref: PL32-mmcusacb-diggers - £19.00 


12-haagsche-tumblers.jpg (23192 bytes) A pair of Haagsche (The Hague, Holland) 30th Anniversary tumblers, 14cm (6") high. 

Ref: PL32-mmcuhlcb-haagsche - £9.00


84.jpg (55044 bytes) Cardiff Rugby Supporters Club Mug

Ref: TWB18-cecb-ca - £5.00

97.jpg (74793 bytes) Rugby Amistad Mug

Ref: TWB18-cemi-ra - £5.00



52.jpg (62851 bytes) A.S Contactoare, Pontypool RFC, Rugby Buzau 1987 - pennant. 27 x 16cm - slightly worn

Ref: PL26-mmpe-pontypool - £17.50


33.jpg (120874 bytes) Berlin Rugby Club - BRC pennant 28 x 21cm

Ref: PL26-mmpegy-berlin - £17.50


47.jpg (102334 bytes) Treorchy RFC Centenary 1886-1986 pennant 26 x 20cm

Ref: PL26-mmpe-treorchy.rfc - £19.50


100_2772.jpg (89760 bytes) SINGAPORE SCHOOLS SPORTS COUNCIL (no mention of rugby but this pennant was given out on a rugby tour of NZ

Ref: AD02-mmpe-singapore.ssc - £4.00


43.jpg (146425 bytes) Wales - Welsh Rugby Union coat of arms pennant 30 x 19cm

Ref: PL26-mmpewa-wru.coat.of.arms - £19.50


 25.jpg (108735 bytes) Club Des Supporters U.S.B, (France) pennant 35 x 28cm

Ref: PL26-mmpefr-usb - £22.50




Colourful 28 x 20 cm rectangular pennants with fringe at bottom  - these pennants are more often than not unofficial pennants made in New Zealand.


        03.jpg (111229 bytes) East Coast

Ref: AD02-mmpenzpv-east.coast - £7.00

02.jpg (88387 bytes) Counties

Ref: AD02-mmpenzpv-counties - £7.00

  13.jpg (150811 bytes)


Ref: AD02-mmpenzpv-wanganui - £7.00 

05.jpg (104526 bytes) NCSU RFC 1965 (North Carolina - USA ?)

Ref: AD02-mmpeuspv-ncsu - £7.00

  06.jpg (182654 bytes) NZ Marist 1990 Colts tour

Ref: AD02-mmpenzcbtr-nz.marist - £9.00

08.jpg (124107 bytes) South Western Districts (S Africa)

Ref: AD02-mmpesa-sw.districts - £7.00

  09.jpg (114514 bytes) Taranaki

Ref: AD02-mmpenzpv-taranaki - £7.00

10.jpg (100814 bytes) Waikato

Ref: AD02-mmpenzpv-waikato - £7.00 




43.jpg (85755 bytes) 42.jpg (48272 bytes) Carmarthen Athletic Club Golden Jubilee Commemorative Plate 1994-95 - Diameter 20cm/8"

Ref: TL17-ppwacb-cm - £35.00

Plates.jpg (17432 bytes) ELLIS PARK - Home to the Transvaal (now Cats) rugby team - this is an Ellis Park plate with the Transvaal badge. The diameter is 26cm and it is in excellent condition. The plate is bottom left in the illustration.

Ref: AD02-mmppsagr-ellis.park - £45.00


41.jpg (66193 bytes) 40.jpg (51334 bytes) FELINFOEL - Welsh Brewers West Wales Rugby Union Championship Felinfoel RFC Winners 1992-93 Commemorative Plate - Diameter 21cm/8"

Ref: TL17-ppwacb-ff92-3 - £25.00

47.jpg (102974 bytes) 48.jpg (59938 bytes) GLAMORGAN COUNTY -  A Glamorgan County Centenary 1891-1991 plate by Rumney Pottery. The Glamorgan County logo in the centre of the plate is raised in the shape of the crest. The plate is 21cm (8") in diameter and is contained in a presentation box. Presented to IM Evans during his presidency of the WRU 1991/2. 

From the collection of Ieuan Morlais Evans, President Welsh R.U. 1991/2 - more info... CLICK HERE 

Ref: AD06-clwapd-ime-mmppwapv-gm - £85.00


88.jpg (294682 bytes) WELSH COUNTIES RUGBY ASSOCIATION RUMNEY POTTERY RUGBY COLLECTABLE PLATE - A ceramic plate of 8"  (20cm) diameter in very good condition. Sold together with a plate hanger.

Ref: AD07-mmmm.pp-wcra - £35.00

39.jpg (102712 bytes) Llanelli and District Rugby Union Referees Commemorative Plate 1982 - Diameter 20cm/8"

Ref: TL17-ppwacb-ll82 - £25.00

Plates.jpg (17432 bytes) NZ MAORIS 1982 - This is a stainless steel plate presented to the NZ Maoris team at the match with Monmouthshire during their tour of Wales in 1982. Believed to be a one off item there is slight wear to the lettering around the outside and badges. The plate is pictured on the bottom right of the illustration.

Ref: AD02-mmpptr-nzm82 - £45.00

27.jpg (55883 bytes) Penygroes RFC Commemorative Plate - Diameter 22cm/9"

Ref: TL10-ppwacb-pg - £25.00



plate1.jpg (9896 bytes) ARGENTINA -  Argentinian team presentation plate, a stainless steel plate, 21 cm across with raised "ORC" badge close to centre, inscribed Olivos Rugby Club, Argentina, Gira 1993. This plate originatred in New Zealand, it is very likely that it was presented to a New Zealand team during a tour of Argentina or by Olivos RC during a tour of NZ

Ref: AD02-mmmipn.ppar-orc - £35.00


39.jpg (315013 bytes) FRANCE v BRITISH LIONS 4th October 1989 presentation medallion presented to IM Evans the President of the Welsh Rugby Union. The medallion is boxed and measures 8cm in diameter. The obverse has the storming of the Bastille in relief together with the dates and text 'Bicentenaire de la Revolution Francaise' to the bottom edge. The reverse has match information relating to the France v British Lions match and the maker's name 'Fraisse, Paris'. In very good condition.

From the collection of Ieuan Morlais Evans, President Welsh R.U. 1991/2 - more info... CLICK HERE 

   Ref: AD06-clwapd-ime-bdmd.frbr.1989 - £125.00  


36.jpg (169726 bytes) FRANCE -  An impressive framed mosaic presented to IM Evans during his career with the WRU. The total size including frame is 24cm x 18cm (9.5" x 7"). A very unusual artistic presentation.

From the collection of Ieuan Morlais Evans, President Welsh R.U. 1991/2 - more info... CLICK HERE 

Ref: AD06-clwapd-ime-mmmipn.fr-mosaic-xb - £175.00


99.jpg (463104 bytes) Welsh Counties Rugby Association official free standing (hinge at back, like a photograph frame) presentation plaque in silver and black, size 10" x 7.5" (25cm x 20cm), on thick wooden background, in very good condition. The plaque has a reflective surface which doesn't scan very well.

Ref: BD01-mmmm.pnmi-wcra - £20.00



Walking into a rugby club bar during the 1970s and 1980s one was always faced with the view of several presentation plaques. Teams when playing against each other for the first time would generally exchange these and add them to their club's display. These plaques were not mass produced and they were not available for sale to the general public, they are hand painted and in the majority of cases, the detail in badge is raised. As such these are quite rare and extremely difficult to find. The back of each plaque will usually have a hanger, please see illustration to the right and scroll down below to see the presentation plaques available. 56.jpg (685489 bytes)


14.jpg (212206 bytes) Llangwm RFC Centenary, size 17cm x 12cm, price sticker on front.

Ref: EB01-mmmm.pqpn.llangwm-cn - £15.00  

  09.jpg (195746 bytes) New Zealand Rugby News Invitation XV USA & Wales tour 1992 presentation plaque, size 22cm x 15cm, minor blemishes to plaque.

Ref: EB01-mmmm.pqpn.nzrrnetr1992 - £27.50  


RECORDS (Gramaphone)

jvn06.jpg (12205 bytes) 1972-73 All Blacks in British Isles and France, Highlights of the tests and Barbarians match with commentary by Bob Irvine and Alan Williams. 33.3 rpm & 12 inch, with illustrated sleeve.

Ref: AD7-mmrenztr72 - £25.00


record03.jpg (21754 bytes) 1956 Springboks in New Zealand, highlights of the 4 tests, commentary by McCarthy, sleeve illustrations by Lodge. 33.3 rpm & 12 inch, with illustrated sleeve.

Ref: AD02-4*-mmresatr56 - £25.00


record nz v w 69.jpg (12565 bytes)

NZ v Wales 1969, double LP featuring commentary by by Bob Irvine & Alan Williams of both tests, photo illus cover. 33.3 rpm & 12 inch, with illustrated sleeve

Ref:  AD7-mmrenzwa69 - £30.00


record04.jpg (16179 bytes)

New Zealand tour of South Africa 1970, highlights of 4 tests and Transvaal, photo illustrated cover. 33.3 rpm & 12 inch, with illustrated sleeve

Ref:  AD02-7*-mmrenztr70 - £22.00  


14.jpg (144586 bytes)

1959 - BRITISH LIONS TOUR OF NEW ZEALAND - Stan Dallas presents Winston McCarthy in 'Highlights of the 4 Tests' - manufactured and distributed by PYE Ltd, Auckland. Cartoon illustrations by Neville Lodge on the front cover. A 10" 33.3 rpm long playing record, both record and sleeve are in very good condition. 

Ref: PL29-mmrebr1959.mccarthy-xb - £35.00


02v.jpg (214551 bytes) RUGBY SONGS VOLUME 3 LP Gramaphone Record - a 12", 33 rpm record in good condition, volume 3 of the 'Rugby Songs' series, the sleeve is worn, Catalogue number ILP 1080 

Ref: EB01-mmrerr-songs.vol.3 - £8.45

02y.jpg (224153 bytes) RUGGER DITTIES - RUGBY SONGS LP Gramaphone Record - a 12", 33 rpm record in good condition. Includes 'The Wild West Show' and 'Four and Twenty Virgins' Catalogue number ATL 4178  

Ref: EB01-mmre-rugger.ditties - £10.00

02x.jpg (99688 bytes)

00.jpg (144139 bytes)

CARDIFF v NEW ZEALAND 1953 GRAMAPHONE RECORD WITH SIGNED COVER - A BBC Recorded Library gramaphone record (believed to be 78 rpm) featuring commentary from Cardiff's wonderful victory over the All Blacks. The 'Front' side contains commentary by Winstan McCarthy 1'45" & 2'15", the 'Back' side has McCarthy 1'47" & GV Wynne Jones 2'43". The sleeve and record are in good condition, the front side of the sleeve has been signed by 13 members of the Cardiff team, back room staff and committee including players Stan Bowes, Rex Willis, John Evans, Eddie Thomas, Billy Cleaver, Derek Williams, Gwyn Rowlands, John Nelson & try scorer Sid Judd.  

Ref: EB01-mmre.1953.trnz-cardiff-au13-xb - £195.00

09.gif (388828 bytes) BRITISH & IRISH LIONS 1955 GRAMAPHONE RECORD - 'THE LIONS' - A 78 rpm double sided record produced by the South African Broadcasting Corporation titled "The Lions" - Songs Sung by the British Rugby Touring Team 1955. The 'A' side contains Sospan Fach, Evening Moonlight, The Pride of Petrobo. On the 'B' side are 'Sarie Marais, Hip-Ho-Hee-Took-Ee-Took-Ee-Hey, Jeo Lele Mama and Down By the River. The 1955 Lions were famous during this tour for their singing ably led by the fly-half genius Cliff Morgan. The record is in excellent condition with no visible scratches. it is not contained in it's original cover so is sold as 'the record only' but will be contained in a sleeve/cover of another artist.  

Ref: EB01-mmrebr.1955-the.lions-xb - £95.00

20.jpg (309739 bytes) BRITISH & IRISH LIONS 1971 GRAMAPHONE RECORD - "Lions Pride" sung by the Oval Singers, a 7" 45rpm record published by Cambrian Recordings Ltd, Pontardawe, catalogue number CSP 721. The back cover has the itinerary and playing record of the tour, on the 'B' side' is the song the 1971 Lions were famous for 'Sloop John B'. The sleeve and record are in good condition with a previous owners name written on the back cover of the sleeve. 

Ref: EB01-mmrebr.1971-oval.singers-xb - £48.00

08.jpg (35621 bytes) BRITISH & IRISH LIONS 1974 GRAMAPHONE RECORD - "Lions '74" sung by the Mustard Gleemen, a 7" 45rpm record published by Cambrian Recordings Ltd, Pontardawe, catalogue number CSP 739. The back cover has facsimile autographs of the tour party, the record comes complete with an insert containing the words of the song and the tour results. The 'B' side to the single is "In The Morning". The record is in excellent condition 

Ref: EB01-rebr.1974-mustard.gleemen-xb - £28.00

02z.jpg (248587 bytes) 12.jpg (273929 bytes)  "Centenary - Historic Moments from 100 Years of Welsh Rugby" - a 12" 33 rpm Gramaphone Record in good condition. commentaries and interviews including Bill McLaren's commentary on Edwards try in 1972 with the Spike Milligan version, crowd singing the national anthem, Wales v NZ 1935, Scotland v Wales 1971 and much more. The record cover has split to the bottom, the record is in very good condition. Recorded by Sain, catalogue number 1194P-A.

Ref: EB01-mmrewacn - £25.00

03.jpg (243108 bytes) 11.jpg (205527 bytes) "Gwlad, Gwlad - The Sound of Welsh Rugby" - a 12", 33 rpm Gramaphone Record in good condition. Crowd songs and the atmosphere of Cardiff Arms Park. Recorded by Sain, catalogue number 1197D-A.

Ref: EB01-mmrewa-gwlad - £15.00

04.jpg (614834 bytes) 10.jpg (11479 bytes) "We All Had Doctors Papers........"(EMI 1975, 12" 33rpm).........and they all said the same ! we all had Scarlet Fever and we caught it at the game, immortal words from Max. recorded live at Pontardulais Rugby Club. songs and stories on this album are: Sospan Fach, I am an Entertainer, I wandered Lonely, I Gave My Love a Debenture, Deck of Cards, Swansea Town, The Devil's Making Me, A'r Lan Y Mor, The Pontypool Front Row, Sospan Fach. Signed to the front and back cover 'I was There - Roy Bergiers' of Llanelli & Wales. 

Ref: EB01-mmrewa-boyce.doc.papers-au-bergiers - £10.00

05.jpg (175002 bytes) "The Welsh Sing Rugby Songs" - a 12", 33 rpm Gramaphone Record. A mixture of traditional & 'rude' rugby songs in the style of 'why was he born so beautiful'. Both record and cover are in good condition. Recorded by Compatible, catalogue number SP 1082.

Ref: EB01-mmrewa-sing-rr-songs - £10.00

41.jpg (738129 bytes)

S Africa v NZ 3rd Test 1960, 7 inch, 45 rpm record by EMI, SA, (cat no SEGJ 11011), commentary in Afrikaans, black and white cover illustration of Free State Stadium.

Ref: PL26-mmre.7.sanz.19600813-3T - £19.00


  39.jpg (496222 bytes)

S Africa v NZ 4th test 1960, 7 inch, 45 rpm record by PYE Ltd of Auckland, (cat no EPZ 2005),  commentary in English by Ian Balfour.

Ref: PL26-mmre.7.sanz.19600827-4T .EPZ2005 - £25.00


40.jpg (499592 bytes)

S Africa v NZ 4th test 1960, 7 inch, 45 rpm record by EMI, SA, (cat no SEGJ 11013),  commentary in Afrikaans, nice colour cover illustration of a Springbok & Kiwi.

Ref: PL26-mmre.7.sanz.19600827-4T .SEGJ11013 - £19.00


  36.jpg (791350 bytes)

Comb Services & Transvaal  v NZ 1960, 7 inch, 33 rpm, superb cover cartoon by Lodge, No 9 of a series, (cat no 7EGM 6031),  commentary in English by Bob Irvine.

Ref: PL26-mmre.7.nztr.1960.cosv - £22.50   


38.jpg (492260 bytes)

S Africa v NZ 1960, 2nd Test, 7 inch, 33 rpm, superb cover cartoon by Lodge, No 8 of series, (cat no 7EGM 6030),  commentary in English by Bob Irvine.

Ref: PL26-mmre.7.sanz.1960-2T .7EGM6030 - £25.00 


  35.jpg (890104 bytes)

S Africa v NZ 1960, 4th Test, 7 inch, 33 rpm, superb cover cartoon by Lodge, No 11 of series, (cat no 7EGM 6033),  commentary in English by Bob Irvine.

Ref: PL26-mmre.7.sanz.1960-4T .7EGM6033 - £29.00





94.jpg (50870 bytes) Bridgend - 11cm - a couple of creases to the 'tail' ribbons and central area

Ref: PC33-mmrtwacb-bridgend - £4.50

  60.jpg (61829 bytes) New Zealand - 15cm

Ref: PL26-mmrtnz.15 - £9.50

58.jpg (56646 bytes) Western Samoa RWC 1991 - 14cm - some light foxing to centre badge

Ref: PL26-mmrtsm. - £6.50

68.jpg (325623 bytes)

New Zealand - The All Blacks 1970s / 1980s rosette - 17cm diameter

 Ref: AD07-P2-mmmm.rt.nz -  £9.00  

56.jpg (68295 bytes) Bay of Plenty Rugby Union - 13cm - some slight creases to the ribbon

Ref: PL26-mmrt-bay.of.plenty - £7.50

  57.jpg (38873 bytes) Scotland - triple layer - 11cm - some light creases to the top edge of the inside rossette and ribbon

Ref: PL26-mmrtsc - £6.50

91.jpg (59794 bytes) Ireland - 17.5cm - some creasing around the top edge

Ref: PC33-mmrtir02 - £9.50




100_4069.jpg (36836 bytes) 100_4070.jpg (71223 bytes) US Colomiers - acrylic

Ref: PL29-mmlatifrcb-col - £8.00 


  100_4075.jpg (94670 bytes) Maroon & Amber, wool

Ref: PC27-mmlatiuk - £5.00


32.jpg (69223 bytes) Hall of Fame Inauguration Dinner 1997 ladies silk scarf, very nice rugby design, new in original packaging 

Ref: PL26-mmlati-hof - £29.00  




00x.jpg (69048 bytes)

SOUTH AFRICA LARGE RUGBY SCARF in green and yellow  with white, blue, red and black on each end.  Size - 83" x 7" (210cm x 18cm).

Ref: PL34-mmlati.sa.83 - £20.00




The stickers listed below are BUMPER STICKERS (stick on stickers) unless otherwise stated. If the sticker is described as a 'CAR' then it it is designed to stick on the inside of a window rather than onto something, the image of these stickers is faint because the protective covering is on the front. The measurement given is the width or height of the sticker at it's widest/highest point




03.jpg (29832 bytes) Schweppes - official sponsor of Argentina Rugby Union, 11cm  

Ref: PC27-skar-schweppes - £2.00

  59.jpg (37587 bytes) Argentina v France 1992 - Old Smuggler Whisky - 14cm  

Ref: PC27-skarfr92 - £3.00

60.jpg (16134 bytes) Punta del Este Sevens, Uruguay - 10cm

Ref: PC27-skarursb-pde - £2.50

  57.jpg (26174 bytes) Glucolin 'El Rugby es con todo' - 17cm

Ref: PC27-skar-glucolin - £1.00

58.jpg (61847 bytes) Punta del Este Sevens 1993, Uruguay - 17cm

Ref: PC27-skarursb-pde93 - £2.50

  55.jpg (33285 bytes) Argentina v England 1997 - Schweppes - 13cm  

Ref: PC27-skaren97-sch - £3.00

56.jpg (36771 bytes) Argentina v New Zealand approx 1999 - Visa Rugby - 15cm  

Ref: PC27-skarnz99-visa - £3.00

  53.jpg (27729 bytes) Argentina v England 1990 - Adidas - 15cm  

Ref: PC27-skaren90-adi - £4.00

54.jpg (20131 bytes) San Isidro - CAR - 16cm  

Ref: PC27-skarcb-casi - £3.00

  52.jpg (12113 bytes) Los Matreros - CAR - 10cm  

Ref: PC27-skarcb-lm - £2.00


09.jpg (37694 bytes) Australia Wallabies, circa 1990s, 14cm 

Ref: PC27-skas-xxxx-90s - £4.00

  06.jpg (38288 bytes) Sydney RU 

Ref: PC27-skaspv-syd - £2.00

50.jpg (15669 bytes) Sydney Welsh Rugby - Play ! Sing ! - CAR - 18cm

Ref: PC27-skascb-syd.welsh - £3.00



14.jpg (31305 bytes) Ontario RU - 13cm 

Ref: PC27-skcapv-on - £3.00



15.jpg (18772 bytes) Sochaczew (Poland) Juniors Rugby Tournament 12-14.6.1992 - 12cm 

Ref: PC27-skeeaeu-sochaczew - £3.00

  16.jpg (29454 bytes) Havirov, Czech Rep. - 11cm 

Ref: PC27-skeaeu-havirov - £2.50

13.jpg (61651 bytes) Ljubljana, Slovenia - 16cm 

Ref: PC27-skeaeu-ljubljana - £4.00



00a.jpg (41401 bytes) Leicester Tigers,  CAR - 30cm 

Ref: PC27-skencb-lei - £3.00

  10.jpg (8756 bytes) Preston Grasshoppers, CAR - 12cm 

Ref: PC27-skencb-preston.gh - £3.00

11.jpg (11309 bytes) Morley,  CAR - 11cm 

Ref: PC27-skencb-morley - £3.00



10.jpg (32624 bytes) Ecole de Rugby Honfleur - (Rugby School), 12cm  

Ref: PC27-skfrsh-honfleur - £2.00

  04.jpg (55082 bytes) Beziers - French Champions 1977 - 20cm

Ref: PC27-skfrcb-bez77-20cm - £4.00

05.jpg (47059 bytes) Beziers - French Champions 1977 - 13cm

Ref: PC27-skfrcb-bez77-13cm - £2.50

  08.jpg (24154 bytes) Ecole de Rugby RC Orleans - (Rugby School), 12cm

Ref: PC27-skfrsh-orleans - £2.50

09.jpg (24429 bytes) SA Merignac, 11cm

Ref: PC27-skfrcb-merignac - £2.50



59.jpg (7704 bytes) Ulster v New Zealand 1989, match advertising sticker, CAR - 29cm 

Ref: PC27-skirpv-ul-venz89 - £3.00

  60.jpg (8370 bytes) Mallow RFC, CAR - 11cm 

Ref: PC27-skircb-mallow - £2.50

02.jpg (58357 bytes) Ulster Rugby - Inter Provincial Champions 1984-1990, CAR - 30cm 

Ref: PC27-skirpv-ul90 - £4.00



15.jpg (28679 bytes) Benetton Treviso Champions 1988-89 (Italy) - 13cm

Ref: PC27-skiycb-benetton88-9 - £4.00  



14.jpg (32482 bytes) All Blacks - RWC 1991, 29cm

Ref: PC27-sknzwc91 - £2.00

  57.jpg (31159 bytes) All Blacks - Ford - the power behind the team, 24cm

Ref: PC27-sknz-ford - £2.00

56.jpg (33527 bytes) Auckland Blues - Be there be moved, 24cm

Ref: PC27-sknzpv-ak.be.there - £2.00

  55.jpg (39096 bytes) Canterbury Crusaders - Join the crusade, 24cm

Ref: PC27-sknzpv-ca.join.the - £2.00

54.jpg (35052 bytes) I love rugby and Sportsmaker, Rotorua shop, 14cm

Ref: PC27-sknzmi-i.love-rr- - £1.00

  53.jpg (15330 bytes) Massey University, 10cm

Ref: PC27-sknzun-massey- - £2.50

52.jpg (11999 bytes) Have a Go, Rugby Union - issued by NZ council for recreation & sport 19cm

Ref: PC27-sknzmi-have.a.go- - £1.00

  49.jpg (38574 bytes) Otago Highlanders - Our lochs are monsters, 27cm, right hand side has some creasing.

Ref: PC27-sknzpv-ot.our.lochs - £1.50

51.jpg (35879 bytes) Waikato Chiefs - the power and the passion, 24cm

Ref: PC27-sknzpv-wk.the.power - £2.00

  50.jpg (42335 bytes) Wellington Hurricanes - anything is possible together, 24cm

Ref: PC27-sknzpv-we.anything- - £2.00

48.jpg (35540 bytes) Wellington RFU - Ranfurly Shield, 20cm, top right hand corner folded

Ref: PC27-sknzpv-we-rs - £1.00




25.jpg (16270 bytes) Rugby World Cup 1999, CAR, 27cm 

Ref: PC27-skwc99-car £1.25

  24.jpg (10698 bytes) Rugby World Cup Sevens 1993, CAR, 20cm 

Ref: PC27-skwcsb93-car £2.00


10.jpg (31600 bytes) I Support Transvaal, 20cm

Ref: PC27-sksapv-tvl - £2.00

  09.jpg (20436 bytes) S Africa 

Ref: PC27-sksa-round - £3.00

08.jpg (27361 bytes) S Africa 

Ref: PC27-sksa-oblong -£4.00

  05.jpg (42185 bytes) Transvaal Centenary 

Ref: PC27-sksapvcn-tvl - £3.00

04.jpg (28202 bytes) Wee Pee on N Tvl (W Province) 25cm

Ref: PC27-sksapv-wp - £2.00

  20.jpg (24756 bytes) Springboks, 28cm, corner fold

Ref: PC27-sksa-springboks - £5.00

21.jpg (8394 bytes) W Province - Norwich - small sticker in the shape of a ball 6cm

Ref: PC27-sksapv-wp.ball - £0.75



39.jpg (29223 bytes) "I'm following Wales - 1991 RWC" sticker. 8cm (3") in diameter. 

Ref: PC27-skwawc91 - £1.00

  01.jpg (35885 bytes) Ebbw Vale Centenary 1980,  CAR - 14cm 

Ref: PC27-skwacbcn-ev - £5.00

19.jpg (21716 bytes) I Read Rugby Wales, CAR - 17cm 

Ref: PC27-skwami-i.read-rrwa - £1.00

  18.jpg (12832 bytes) I Love Rugby - with dragon, CAR - 25cm 

Ref: PC27-skwami-i.love-rr - £3.50

17.jpg (10353 bytes) I Love Welsh Rugby (bilingual)- with WRU logos, CAR - 24cm 

Ref: PC27-skwami-i.love-rr.wru - £3.75

  16.jpg (30532 bytes) Llanelli Scarlets 'we've got Scarlet Fever with Wales on Sunday'  - 25cm 

Ref: PC27-skwapv-ll.wos - £1.25




33.jpg (251746 bytes) AUSTRALIA v WALES 1969 EMBROIDERED FLAG - from the Clive Rowlands collection, size 21" x 12", some moth/other damage to the end of the flag. 


Ref:  WRM-0992- mmfl aswa1969- rowlands-cl- WRM-rys

44.jpg (118860 bytes) ENGLAND v WALES 21st March 1992 touch judges flag awarded to IM Evans the President of the Welsh Rugby Union. The flag measures 49cm x 31cm (19" x 12") with embroidered badges and match information. This was a historic match for England who won back to back Grand Slam's for the first time since 1924 scoring 118 points in the process, surpassing Wales' 1976 record of 102. They defeated Wales 24-0 with tries by Carling, Skinner & Dooley. Jonathan Webb converted all three and with 2 penalty goals, the 12 points he amassed from the game gave him a total of 67 points to achieve the record points scored in a five nations season. Perhaps the greatest day of all was had by Wade Dooley who led out the England team on his 50th appearance and topped a fine performance by crashing over for England's final try.  

From the collection of Ieuan Morlais Evans, President Welsh R.U. 1991/2 - more info... CLICK HERE 

Ref: AD06-clwapd-ime-mmrffl.enwa.1992 - £395.00  


95.gif (42446 bytes) 82.jpg (94910 bytes) New Zealand v France 1989 touch judge's flag. Believed to be from the 2nd test in the series played at Eden Park Auckland. The flag has embroidered patches added, on the one side, New Zealand's Silver Fern on black and on the other side a French Cockerel FFR badge on French flag blue/white and red backing. This item is accompanied by a COA guaranteeing it's origin, it is from the Fred Howard, International Referee collection - for more info on Fred Howard - CLICK HERE

Ref: PL10-mmrfflnzfr1989 - £195.00




08.jpg (132076 bytes) District F, Welsh Rugby Union touch judge's flag, plain green on reverse of flag, most likely used in the annual sevens tournament (2 available). 

Ref: EB01-mmrffl-dis.F - £15.00




15.jpg (208550 bytes) West Wales Rugby Union Section A Winners 1974/5, Burry Port plaque, 18cm x 13cm 

Ref: EB01-mmpq-wwru.winners.1974.5 - £17.50





A selection of interesting items of rugby ephemera, memorabilia & collectibles from our extensive stock. The items in the selection are of our choosing and may include:

Fixture lists, membership cards, yearbooks, programmes, tickets, advertising leaflets, booklets, stadium passes, press and hospitality lanyards, books, postcards, photographs, itinerary cards, dinner menu cards and invitations, compliment slips, letters on headed notepaper, autographs, newspaper supplements, magazines, stamps, first day covers, philatelic items etc, 

The following photo is an example of memorabilia included in these bundles. 

87.jpg (491569 bytes)

Choose in packages of 20, 50, 100 or 1000 - Ref: RL999-mmmmmi.gp-lucky.dip(+ number)


20 = £3.50



50 = £6.50



100 = £10.00



1000 = £75.00


69.jpg (120401 bytes) BOOK - "Herbert Strang's Annual" - published in 1924, this 'boys' annual has a short article about the centenary of rugby football. There is a front cover and spine rugby illustration. the covers of the book are showing some wear with a short inscription inside detailing that the book was originally a school prize. An outstanding item for illustration 

Ref: PC06-mmmibkan-herbert-strang.1924 - £49.00


75.jpg (145578 bytes) TEA TOWEL - A 'merit table' clubs Welsh Rugby Union tea towel. Circa 1970s this tea towel has shield badges of all the former first class clubs with a large central three feathers.

Ref: PC06-mmmitwwacbap.1970s - £9.50   


jvn05.jpg (31502 bytes)

TOWEL (BEACH/BATH) - NZ Ranfurly Shield and Nations Towel

Ref: CW-T-mmmitwnzturs - £14.00


17.jpg (60177 bytes)

TEASPOON - Porirua (NZ) 75th anniversary

Ref: AD02-K-mmmi-t.spoon-nzcb-por - £6.00


40.jpg (52721 bytes) RUGBY WORLD CUP 1991 - A silver or silver plated hallmarked boxed teaspoon dating from the 1991 Rugby World Cup where England were the host nation. 12cm in length.

From the collection of Ieuan Morlais Evans, President Welsh R.U. 1991/2 - more info... CLICK HERE 

   Ref: AD06-clwapd-ime-mmmi-t.spoon-wc.1991 - £19.50  


16.jpg (198367 bytes) MISC - Matchboxes   Bryant and May Beehive matches, "Great All Blacks 1930s", individual players details and small illustration printed on the reverse side of each box. There are 7 different players, believed to the complete set Jack Griffiths, George Hart, Frank Kilby, Artie Lambourn, Jack Manchester, Nevville Mitchell & Jack Sullivan, each box is unused but does not contain the matches (these have been removed for safety during transit)

Ref: AD02-D-mmmi-match.box-nzgp7 - £16.00


image to follow WALES - Letter from future WRU sectretary David East (signed David) to secretary incumbent Ray Williams in 1988 on SW Constabulary headed notepaper

Ref: CT2-1-mmmiwalt.1988-east - £4.00


image to follow WALES - 50 letters to the Welsh Rugby Union in the 1980s (a good percentage on headed notepaper, some rugby clubs) togther with carbon copies of the WRU's replies. Mostly requests for tickets but includes some sponsorship enquiries, charitable requests and other business, you will not be able to go to bed till you've read the lot. Highlights include letters from The House of Lords, Canadian RU, French Embassy & Warwick University Welsh Society.

Ref: PL29-63-mmmi.waltgp50 - £45.00


image to follow

WALES - 72 letters to the Welsh Rugby Union in the 1980s (a good percentage on headed notepaper, some rugby clubs) together with carbon copies of the WRU's replies. Mostly turned down requests for tickets but includes some agreements, notably Roy Noble (BBC Wales), signed letter, a swap between the WRU secretary & Lawn Tennis Assoc. sec'y for Wimbledon tickets, a young girl complaining of male chauvenism, a very entertaining read, other highlights include letters from Sir Peter Steigman (ex Rosslyn Pk & Surrey), Commonwealth Secretariat & The House of Lords

Ref: PL29-64-mmmiwaltgp - £35.00


15.jpg (60063 bytes) SUPPORTERS FLAG - Sydenham RFC (Christchurch, NZ) Supporters flag, (printed nylon sheet 25 x 35 cm) with wooden handle, 1996 Grand Final v HSOB

Ref: AD02-mmmi.upfl.nzcb-syd - £7.50


jvn44.jpg (20942 bytes) NZ - Wellington Hurricanes Teddy Bear - No 15 on reverse (Christian Cullen)

Ref: CW-minzpv-wel-teddy - £15.00


22.jpg (8445 bytes) This is a cocktail stirring machine - we think ! it has a British Lions 1977 tour badges & info at the trop with a rugby ball shaped bottom 

Ref: TT2-mmmibrnz77 - £4.00

34.jpg (35412 bytes) French cockerel, unknown origin - with a screw fixing to the bottom - looks to have come off the top of something - very unusual 

Ref: TT2-mmmifruk - £9.00


92.jpg (98871 bytes) 91.jpg (209225 bytes) WALES v SCOTLAND 1988 POST-MATCH DINNER EMPTY WINE BOTTLE - An official post-match dinner wine bottle for this five nations encounter with the score printed to the label. The bottle is 10" high and is good condition. The label has some light smudging.

Ref: AD07-mmmm.miet-wine.btle-wasc1988 - £10.00




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