27.jpg (156459 bytes)

28.jpg (33835 bytes)

Barbarians 1972 Easter Tour squad player's presentation mounted photograph. Players are named beneath the photo, the total size is 12" x 10" (30cm x 25cm)    

Ref: TB05-bbpnph.tr-easter.1972 - £27.50


16.jpg (85471 bytes) Cardiff Rovers 1889-90 vintage mounted team photograph. An original team photograph for the 1889-90 season, window mounted in modern times with the players named underneath, a lovely photo with plenty of character which has had some retouching, total size 20" X 16".   

Ref: ZN14-phtmvn.wacb-cardiff.rvs.1889-90-mn - £95.00

59.jpg (407756 bytes) Hibernians (Cardiff) FC, an original circa 1895 vintage mounted team photograph. The Hibernians were invitation side based in Cardiff, the photo is formerly the property of Welsh international Dai Fitzgerald who appears in the photo alongside players from Cardiff, Grangetown, Mountain Ash, Newport, Penarth & Cardiff Harlequins. The photo is by Goldie Bros, Cardiff on printed card with players named around edges. The photo is in good condition but faded a little, with a small patch of discolouration the the right hand side. The mount is showing signs of wear, tear & small pieces missing around edge, the total size including the mount is 21" X 17" (53cm x 43cm). 

The players and officials that appear in this photograph are as follows: W Donoghue, G Woodman, T Gleeson (Mountain Ash), JD Walsh (St. David's), T Leary (Star), E McCarthy (Grangetown), J Hayes Hon Sec (Penarth), M Leary (Harlequins), T Savage (Northern), J Shea, R Guinea (Cardiff), J Hannen (Newport), E Spillane (Harlequins), W Harris, Capt (Harlequins), W Flynn (Grangetown), P Jackson (Penarth), McCarthy (Northern), S Cravos (Cardiff), J Murray  (Cardiff), W Godwin (Harlequins), D Fitzgerald (Cardiff), J Burhe (Cardiff), G McCarthy (Grangetown), Mat Hannen (Newport), B Driscoll (St David's) 

Ref: ZN14-phtmvn.wacb-hibernians-ap.1895-mn - £85.00


15.jpg (111838 bytes)

South African Universities 1956-57 vintage mounted team photograph. An official presentation squad photo mounted onto printed card, players named underneath, in very good condition.

Ref: ZN14-phtmvn.saun.1956-7-mn - £80.00


56.jpg (63382 bytes) Witwatersrand University RFC, Jo'burg, South Africa, 2nd XV vintage mounted team photograph. An official team photo on printed mount, 1971,  size 14" x 11" - 35cm x 28cm.

Ref: ZN1-phtmvn.saun-witwatersrand.1971 - £10.00



65.jpg (623169 bytes) Ireland v England 1969 - 10" x 8" ORIGINAL ACTION PRESS PHOTOGRAPH An original 10" x 8" (25cm x 20cm) black and white action photo of Ireland v England 1969, the photo mostly England players and is captioned "Wintle passing the ball to Finlan". Overall condition: good - Noted faults: none

Ref: PL65-mmph.ogai.iren1969-wintle - £9.00

59.jpg (494017 bytes) Wales v England 1969 - 10" x 8" ORIGINAL ACTION PRESS PHOTOGRAPH - An original 10" x 8" (25cm x 20cm) black and white photograph of Wales v England 1969 at Cardiff. Trevor Wintle at the base of a scrum watched by Delme Thomas and Mervyn Davies. Overall condition good - noted faults: some light creasing

Ref: PL65-mmph.ogai.waen1969-wintle - £8.00

52.jpg (645229 bytes) WALES v NEW ZEALAND 1935 ORIGINAL 11" x 9" ARMS PARK ACTION PRESS PHOTOGRAPH - An original 11" x 9" (28cm x 22cm) black and white photograph of Wales against the All Blacks in 1935. An action shot of where a Welsh player looks to be ripping the ball from an All Black. 

Ref: ZN12-J03-12-mmph.ogai.wanz35-ripping - £50.00



Official England team & squad photographs as presented by the RFU to the players after each match, a label attached to the reverse of the photographs reads "With Compliments from the Officers and Committee of the Rugby Football Union in the hope that this photograph will bring back happy memories". Each photo is a colour 12 x 8" and is affixed to a printed card (total size 15" x 12") bearing the match score and date with the players named underneath.


24.jpg (93693 bytes)

England Tour To South Africa 1984

J P Horton (Bath), N G Youngs (Leicester), A H Swift (Swansea), J D Palmer (Bath), S E Brain (Coventry), S B Burnhill (Loughborough University), M Preedy (Gloucester), S G F Mills (Gloucester), R J Hill (Bath), K Murphy ( Hon. Physiotherapist), I S Duff (Hon. Medical Officer), P A G Rendall (Wasps), M C Teague (Gloucester), M D Bailey (Cambridge University and Wasps), D A Cusani (Orrell), J H Fidler (Gloucester), C J S Butcher (Harlequins), J P Hall (Bath), N C Stringer (Wasps), G W Rees (Nottingham), D M Trick (Bath), G H Davies (Wasps), P J Blakeway (Gloucester), W H Hare (Leicester), A E Agar (Vice-President R.F.U), C R Jacobs (President R.F.U and Hon. Tour Manager), J P Scott (Captain) (Cardiff), W G D Morgan (Hon. Team Manager), J R H Greenwood (Hon. Assistant Manager/Coach), P W Dodge (Leicester), P J Winterbottom (Headingley), G S Pearce (Northampton)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.ensq.trsa84 - £26.00


25.jpg (95096 bytes)

England World Cup Squad May/June 1987 - Pre-Tournament

K Murphy (Hon. Physiotherapist), K G Simms (Wasps), R M Harding (Bristol), C R Andrew (Wasps), P A G Rendall (Wasps), W M H Rose (Quins), G W Rees (Nottingham), R G R Dawe (Bath), G J Chikott (Bath), B C Moore (Nottingham), R J Hill (Bath), L B C Gilfeather (Hon. Doctor), J A Probyn (Wasps), M D Bailey (Wasps), F J Clough (Wasps), J P Hall (Bath), D Richards (Leicester), W A Dooley (Fylde), S Bainbridge (Fylde), D W Egerton (Bath), N C Redman (Bath), J M Webb (Bristol), P Williams (Orrell), P J Winterbottom (Headingley), T McNab (Hon. Fitness Adviser), D Seabrook (Hon. Assistant Coach), M J Green (Hon. Coach), G S Pearce (Northampton), M P Weston (Hon. Manager), M E Harrison (Captain) (Wakefield), A A Grimsdell (President R.F.U), R Underwood (Leicester/RAF), J Burgess (Vice President R.F.U), J L B Salmon (Quins), D E Wood (Secretary, R. F. U)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.ensqwc.1987.bf - £26.00


22.jpg (89072 bytes)

England to Australia and Fiji 1988

R A Robinson (Bath), Dr L Walkden (Hon. Doctor), R A Adamson (Wakefield), J A Probyn (Wasps), B Barley (Wakefield), G J Chilcott (Bath), S J Barnes (Bath), S Robson (Moseley), J Bentley (Sale), J R D Buckton (Saracens), D Richards (Leicester) D W Egerton (Bath), W A Dooley (Preston Grasshoppers), M G Skinner (Harlequin), N C Redman (Bath), J M Webb (Bristol), G W Rees (Nottingham), R G R Dawe (Bath), A B C Davies (Hon. Asst. Manager) B C Moore (Nottingham), D Robinson (Hon. Asst. Manager), P A G Rendall (Wasps), J Burgess C B E (President, R.F.U), J Orwin (Bedford) Captain, G D Cooke (Hon. Manager), G S Pearce (Northampton), J R Simpson (Vice President, R. F. U), R M Harding (Bristol), K Murphy (Hon. Physiotherapist)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.ensqtras.1988 - £25.00


23.jpg (114968 bytes)

England Tour to Australia 1991

Dr T Crystal (Medical Officer), J A Probyn (Wasps), R Underwood (Leicester), C R Andrews (Wasps), R M Uttley (Asst. Manager), W D C Carling (Harlequins) (Captain), G D Cooke (Manager), R J Hill (Bath), C D Morris (Orrell), R F Best (Asst. Manager), K Murphy (Physiotherapist), G S Pearce (Northampton), S J Halliday (Harlequins), D Richards (Leicester), N C Redman (Bath), W A Dooley (Preston), M Bayfield (Bedford), P J Ackford (Harlequins), M G Skinner (Harlequins), J P Hall (Bath), J M Webb (Bath), D Pears (Harlequins), C Oti (Wasps), P J Winterbottom (Harlequins), D Hopley (Wasps), M C Teague (Gloucester), G W Rees (Nottingham), J C Guscott (Bath), N J Heslop (Orrell), S D Hodgkinson (Nottingham), J Leonard (Harlequins), C J Olver (Northampton)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.ensqtras.1991 - £25.00


26.jpg (121396 bytes)

England Rugby World Cup Squad – Tylney Hall – October 1991

S D Hodgkinson (Nottingham), D Pears (Harlequins), N J Heslop (Orrell), C D Morris (Orrell), P A G Rendall (Wasps), G W Rees (Nottingham), J Leonard (Harlequins), B C Moore (Harlequins), J C Oliver (Northampton), D Richards (Leicester), M C Teague (Gloucester), M G Skinner (Harlequins), P. J Ackford (Harlequins), W A Dooley (Preston Grasshoppers), N C Redman (Bath), J M Webb (Bath), G S Pearce (Northampton), Dr L B C Gilfeather (Hon. Physician), R J Hill (Bath), J C Guscott (Bath), R Underwood (Leicester R.A.F), R M Uttley (Hon. National Coach) W D C Carling (Harlequins) (Captain), G D Cooke (Hon. Team Manager), P J Winterbottom (Harlequins), J J Elliott ( Hon England Selector), C R Andrew (Wasps), K Murphy (hon. Physiotherapist)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.ensqwc.1991 - £30.00


01.jpg (93270 bytes)

England v Australia - 3rd November 1984

C Francis (NZ Referee), C R Andrew (Cambridge University), A Sheppard (Bristol), R Hesford (Bristol), G Rees (Nottingham), J P Hall (Bath), C J S Butcher (Harlequins), J P Syddall (Waterloo), N C Redman (Bath), R A P Lozowski (Wasps), N C Stringer (Wasps), G J Chilcott (Bath), G S Pearce (Northampton), S Brain (Coventry), G H Davies (Wasps), R J Hill (Bath), S G F Mills (Gloucester), S Barnes (Bristol), N D Melville (Captain) (Wasps), J Carleton (Orrell), B Barley (Wakefield), R Underwood (Leicester)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.entmveas.1984 - £23.00


03.jpg (97404 bytes)

England v France - 21st February 1987

B C Moore (Nottingham), S J Halliday (Bath), G S Pearce (Northampton), J P Hall (Bath), S Bainbridge (Fylde), W A Dooley (Fylde), R G R Dawe (Bath), P A G Rendall (Wasps), P J Winterbottom (Headingley), G W Rees (Nottingham), D W Egerton (Bath), R M Harding (Bristol), J M Fleming (SRU), S Barnes (Bath), R Underwood (RAF/Leicester), W M H Rose (Harlequins), J L B Salmon (Harlequins), R J Hill (Bath) Captain, M E Harrison (Wakefield), K G Simms (Wasps), C R Andrew (Wasps), G J Chilcott (Bath)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.entmvefr.1987 - £22.00


07.jpg (90584 bytes)

England v France - 4th March 1989

O E Doyle (IRFU), S R Hilditch (IRFU), S M Bates (Wasps), G S Pearce (Northampton), M D Bailey (Wasps), P A G Rendall (Wasps), W A Dooley (Preston Grasshoppers), D Richards (Leicester), P J Ackford (Quins), M C Teague (Gloucester), G J Chilcott (Bath), C R Andrew (Wasps), G W Rees (Nottingham), S J Barnes (Bath), J Olver (Quins), B W Stirling (IRFU), C Oti (Wasps), C D Morris (Liverpool St. Helens), S J Halliday (Bath), R Underwood (Leicester/RAF), W D C Carling Captain (Quins), B C Moore (Nottingham), J M Webb (Bristol), R A Robinson (Bath)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.entmvefr.1989 - £23.00


04.jpg (78777 bytes)

England v Ireland  - 18th February 1984

S Barnes (Bristol), R Hill (Bath), P D Simpson (Bath), W H Hare (Leicester), C White (Gosforth), D H Cooke (Harlequins), J P Hall (Bath), S Bainbridge (Gosforth), M J Colclough (Wasps), J P Scott (Cardiff), C R Woodward (Leicester), B Barley (Wakefield), N C Stringer (Wasps), S Redfern (Leicester), S G F Mills (Gloucester), L Cusworth (Leicester), N G Youngs (Leicester), J Carleton (Orrell), P J Wheeler (Captain) (Leicester), P J Blakeway (Gloucester), R Underwood (Leicester and RAF)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.entmveir.1984 - £23.00


06.jpg (92131 bytes)

England v Ireland - 1st March 1986

R J Hill (Bath), S J Barnes (Bath), J A Palmer (Bath), P J Winterbottom (Headingley), D Richards (Leicester), W A Dooley (Preston Grasshoppers), M J Colclough (Swansea), G S Pearce (Northampton), S E Brain (Coventry), G W Rees (Nottingham), G J Chilcott (Bath), P Cook (Nottingham), A Simpson (Sale), P A G Rendall (Wasps), K G Simms (Liverpool), C R Andrew (Nottingham), M E Harrison (Wakefield), N D Melville (Wasps) (Capt), R Underwood (Leic./RAF), G H Davies (Wasps), F J Clough (Orrell)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.entmveir.1986 - £22.00


05.jpg (79615 bytes)

England v Ireland – 19th March 1988

W D Bevan (Touch Judge WRU), B Barley (Wakefield), C Norling (Referee WRU), J A Probyn (Wasps), P A G Rendall (Wasps), M G Skinner (Quins), W A Dooley (Fylde), J Orwin (Bedford), D Richards (Leicester), J M Webb (Bristol), R G R Dawe (Bath), D W Egerton (Bath), W O Jones (Touch Judge WRU), L Cusworth (Leicester), C Oti (Wasps), S J Halliday (Bath), W D C Carling (Quins), B C Moore (Nottingham), N D Melville Captain (Wasps), R Underwood (Leicester/RAF), G W Rees (Nottingham), C R Andrew (Wasps), G J Chilcott (Bath), R M Harding (Bristol)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.entmveir.1988 - £24.00


09.jpg (95557 bytes)

England XV v R.F.U President’s XV - 29 September 1984

R Harding (Bristol), M J Watkins (Newport & Wales), R Andrew (Cambridge Univ.), E Rees (Neath & Wales), A Simpson (Sale), R Hesford (Bristol), S J Perkins (Pontypool & Wales), M Preedy (Gloucester), P Ondarts (Biarritz), A A F Trigg (Touch Judge-London/Middlesex), H Davies (Bridgend & Wales), G W Rees (Nottingham), I Stephens (Bridgend & Wales), N C Stringer (Wasps), A Robinson (N Auckland), N C Jeavons (Moseley), R G Visagle (Orange Free State & South Africa), J P Syddall (Waterloo), R J Louw (Western Province & South Africa), J P Hall (Bath), R Cordier (Beziers & France B), R A P Lozowski (Wasps), A Williams (Western Province & South Africa), G Short (Hon. Physio), R C Quittenton (Touch Judge – London/Sussex), D I H Burnett (Referee IRFU), A C Hemming (Hon. RFU Liaison Officer), I G Milne (Harlequins & Scotland), S G F Mills (Gloucester), M R Steele-Bodger (Hon. Manager President’s XV), D G Leslie (Captain – Gala & Scotland), A E Agar (RFU President), J P Scott (Captain-Cardiff), T D Holmes (Cardiff & Wales), J Carleton (Orrell), E G Tobia (Boland & South Africa), C R Woodward (Leicester), D M Gerber (Eastern Province and South Africa), Stuart Redfern (Leicester), R A Ackerman (London Welsh & Wales), R J Hill (Bath), E Bell (West Hartlepool), M J Kiernan (Lansdowne & Ireland), R Underwood (Leicester), C T Deans (Hawick & Scotland), S Barnes (Bristol)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.envepd.1984.tm2 - £30.00


10.jpg (88052 bytes)

England v Romania – 5th January 1985

R J Hill (Bath), A Sheppard (Bristol), A W Simpson (Sale), R Underwood (Leicester and R.A.F), D H Cooke (Harlequins), J P Hall (Bath), R Hesford (Bristol), W Dooley (Preston Grasshoppers), J Orwin (Gloucester and R.A.F), N C Stringer (Wasps), G S Pearce (Northampton), K Simms (Cambridge University), M C Teague (Gloucester), G H Davies (Wasps), S Barnes (Bristol), W Jones ( W.R.U), W D Bevan (W.R.U), S T Smith (Wasps), C R Andrew (Cambridge University), R M Harding (Bristol), P W Dodge (Leicester) Captain, P J Blakeway (Gloucester), S E Brain (Coventry)  

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.entmvero.1985 - £20.00


12.jpg (87385 bytes)

England v Scotland – 4th April 1987

D I H Burnett (I.R.F.U), G H Davies (Wasps), P J Winterbottom (Headingley), D Holmes (Sheffield), G W Rees (Nottingham), P A G Rendall (Wasps), G S Pearce (Northampton), N C Redman (Bath), S Bainbridge (Fylde), D Richards (Leicester), S J Halliday (Bath), P N Williams (Orrell), A Simmons (Wasps), J M Webb (Bristol), J A Probyn (Wasps), O E Doyle (I.R.F.U), S R Hilditch (I.R.F.U), B C Moore (Nottingham), W M H Rose (Harlequins), J L B Salmon (Harlequins), M E Harrison (Wakefield) Captaib, J P Hall (Bath), R Underwood (R.A.F/Leicester) R M Harding (Bristol)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.entmvesc.1987 - £24.00


13.jpg (87770 bytes)

England v Scotland – 4th February 1989

S M Bates (Wasps), A L Thompson (Quins), R A Robinson (Bath), C Oti (Wasps), W A Dooley (Preston Grasshoppers), D Richards (Leicester), P J Ackford (Quins), M C Teague (Gloucester), P A G Rendall (Wasps), J A Probyn (Wasps), M D Bailey (Wasps), G W Rees (Nottingham), G J Chilcott (Bath), C R Andrew (Wasps), S J Halliday (Bath), R Underwood (Leicester/RAF), W D C Carling Captain (Quins), B C Moore (Nottingham), J M Webb (Bristol), C D Morris (Liverpool St Helens), J Olver (Quins)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.entmvesc.1989 - £20.00


16.jpg (83714 bytes)

England v Wales – 18th January 1986

R J Megson (S.R.U), R J Fordham (A.R.F.U), R J Hill (Bath), J A Palmer (Bath), P J Winterbottom (Headlingley), G S Pearce (Northampton), P A G Rendall (Wasps), W A Dooley (Preston Grasshoppers), M J Colclough (Swansea), G L Robbins (Coventry), J P Hall (Bath), S E Brain (Coventry), N C Redman (Bath), G J Chilcott (Bath), J M Fleming (S.R.U), S J Barnes (Bath), S J Halliday (Bath), R Underwood (R.A.F/Leicester), S T Smith (Wasps), J L B Salmon (Harlequins), N D Melville (Wasps) (Captain), C R Andrew (Nottingham), G H Davies (Wasps), A Simmons (Wasps)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.entmvewa.1986 - £24.00


17.jpg (80239 bytes)

England v Wales – 6th February 1988

S R Hidditch (I.R.F.U), G J Chilcott (Bath), R G R Dawe (Bath), J A Probyn (Wasps), P A G Rendall (Wasps), J M Webb (Bristol), M J Skinnter (Harlequins), W A Dooley (Fylde), J Orwin (Bedford), D Richards (Leicester), P J Winterbottom (Headingley), W D C Carling (Durham University), G W Rees (Nottingham), R A Adamson (Wakefield), O A Doyle (I.R.F.U), B W Stirling (I.R.F.U), R M Harding (Bristol), K G Simms (Wasps), B C Moore (Nottingham), L Cusworth (Leicester), M E Harrison (Wakefield) Captain, R Underwood (R.A.F/ Leicester), N D Melville (Wasps), C R Andrew (Wasps)

Ref: PL31-phtmpn.entmvewa.1988 - £20.00


89.jpg (115809 bytes)

England 'B' v Spain – 18th March 1988

A player's presentation photo of the England B team that defeated Spain 31 - 6. 

Ref: PL29-phtmpn.enag-b-vesn.1988 - £19.00


35.jpg (106575 bytes)

England Under 23 v Spain – 9th April 1986

A player's presentation photo, included in the photograph are the following players and officials. M Hannaford (Gloucester), S P Burnhill (Leicester), J S C Morrison (Bath), R A Robinson (Bath), M S Linnett (Moseley), D Richards (Leicester), T Edbrook (Exeter University), J R Howe (Hartlepool Rovers), J M Goodwin (Moseley), F J Clough (Cambridge University), A R Mullins (Durham University), K G Simms (Cambridge University), J Ward (Nottingham), P H Combe (Cambridge University), S M Smith (Richmond), G Simmons (W.R.U), S M Bates (Wasps), R Howe (Blackheath), R Underwood (Leicester/ R.A.F), N C Redman (Bath) (Captain), S D Hodgkinson (Nottingham), S Barnes (Bath)

Ref: PL29-phtmpn.enag-u23-vesn.1986 - £19.00



50.jpg (185958 bytes) IRELAND (v ENGLAND) 1970 PRESENTATION PHOTOGRAPH - A 10" x 8" (25cm x 20cm) black and white photograph of the Irish team that faced England in 1970. Players include Tony O'Reilly, Tom Kiernan, Mike Gibson and Willie John McBride. The photo is laid to a 15" x 12" (38cm x 30cm) board surround with match information added on plastic typed strips, from the collection of Ron Lewis, referee, pictured on the far right.

Ref: PL44-phtmpn.irtm1970veen - £25.00

40.jpg (223893 bytes) WALES (v FRANCE) 1972 PRESENTATION PHOTOGRAPH - A 11.5" x 8" (29cm x 20cm) black and white photograph of the Welsh team that faced France in 1972. Players include Mervyn Davies, Dai Morris, Geral Davies, JPR Williams, Barry John and Gareth Edwards. The photo is laid to a 15" x 12" (38cm x 30cm) board surround with printed match information including the result and players names. 

Ref: PL44-phtmpn.watm1972vefr  - £45.00



21.jpg (26050 bytes)

23.jpg (39217 bytes)

22.jpg (135855 bytes)

DEREK QUINNELL PHOTO BOOK - A series of 6 photos featuring Derek Quinnell's only try for wales, against Scotland in 1978. The photos have been made into a home made booklet and gifted to Derek by a photographer who has signed the book and added a personal message to the front page. The book is sold together with a photograph of Derek, Gordon Brown and one other at a bar.    

Ref: TB05-phbk-quinnell.try - £29.50


34.jpg (174268 bytes)

33.jpg (116578 bytes)

Swansea Round Table 'Rugger Night' on the eve of Wales v Ireland 1938 match group photograph. The photo contains many ex-internationals, the majority from the Swansea club but also with Neath, Llanelli, Aberavon, Cardiff, Maesteg, Haverfordwest, notable names include Will Joseph, Willie & Jack Bancroft, Ivor Jones & Glyn Stephens, Please see the names illustration for a full list of players and Round Table committeeman in the photo. The photo is framed with broken glass which will be removed before posting. The total size is 12" x 11" (30cm x 28cm)    

Ref: TB05-phfm-swansea.rt.eve-wair1938 - £30.00


30.jpg (180330 bytes) Unknown team photo believed to be Llandybie RFC, dated approx 1980s. The photo is framed and glazed, total size is 14" x 12" (35cm x 30cm)    

Ref: TB05-phfm.uktmpj-llandybie - £7.50




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Photos of leading players (size 10" X 8", 26cm x 21cm unless otherwise stated) that have been supplied to a newspaper/press agency by a professional photographer or photographic agency or obtained direct from a photo agency. Each photograph is of professional quality, please click on the thumbnail to see a close up of the photograph. 



Blades-Andrew.jpg (98333 bytes) Andrew Blades

Ref: phpyas-blades.a - £7.50

  Brail-Michael.jpg (107332 bytes)

Michael Brail

Ref: phpyas-brail - £7.50

Campese-David.jpg (110096 bytes) David Campese

Ref: phpyas-campese - £7.50

  98-ELLA-Mark-19811028.jpg (605399 bytes)

Mark Ella

Ref: phpyas-ella.m - £7.50

Flatley-elton.jpg (103178 bytes) Elton Flatley

Ref: phpyas-flatley - £7.50

  Howaed-pat.jpg (88741 bytes)

Pat Howard

Ref: phpyas-howard.p - £7.50

Payne-sam.jpg (88555 bytes) Sam Payne

Ref: phpyas-payne - £7.50


  Lynagh-michael.jpg (66504 bytes)

Michael Lynagh

Ref: phpyas-lynagh.m - £7.50

54.jpg (63160 bytes) Tim Gavin (Australia) 5 Nov 1988

9.5" x 7" (24cm x 18cm)

Ref: TF4-2-phaspy-tg - £6.50


  Roff-joe.jpg (85008 bytes)

Joe Roff

Ref: phpyas-roff - £7.50

53.jpg (59743 bytes) Mark Hartill (Australia) 5 Nov 1988

9.5" x 7" (24cm x 18cm)

Ref: TF4-3-phaspy-mh - £6.50


  52.jpg (78929 bytes) Lloyd Walker (Australia) 22 Oct 1988

9.5" x 7" (24cm x 18cm)

Ref: TF4-4-phaspy-mh - £6.50


Waugh-waewick.jpg (106559 bytes) Warwick Waugh

Ref: phpyas-waugh - £7.50





47.jpg (318246 bytes) Adedayo Adebayo

Ref: phpyen-adebayo - £6.00

  Andrew-Rob.jpg (100798 bytes)

Rob Andrew

Ref: phpyen-andrew - £8.50

49.jpg (90885 bytes) Rob Andrew (Newcastle, England) 8 Feb 97

8" x 10" (25cm x 20cm) 

Ref: TF4-5-phenpy-ra - £7.50


  48.jpg (73671 bytes) Steve Bates (England) 8 Oct 94

8" x 10" (25cm x 20cm) 

Ref: TF4-6-phenpy-sb - £7.50


Archer-Gareth.jpg (97812 bytes) Garath Archer

Ref: phpyen-archer - £7.50

  Barnes-Stewart.jpg (88572 bytes)

Stuart Barnes

Ref: phpyen-barnes - £8.50

47.jpg (87437 bytes) Bill Beaumont (England) 4 Feb 95

8" x 10" (25cm x 20cm) 

Ref: TF4-7-phenpy-ra - £7.50


  46.jpg (86849 bytes) John Bentley (Newcastle, England) 5 Oct 97

8" x 10" (25cm x 20cm) 

Ref: TF4-8-phenpy-jb - £7.50


45.jpg (66059 bytes) Dick Best (England coach) Feb 94

8" x 10" (25cm x 20cm) 

Ref: TF4-9-phenpy-db - £3.50

  44.jpg (80398 bytes) Jonathan Callard

8" x 10" (25cm x 20cm) 

Ref: TF4-10-phenpy-jc - £7.50


Bracken-Kyran.jpg (91786 bytes)

Kyran Bracken

Ref: phpyen-bracken - £7.50

  42.jpg (97233 bytes) Mike Catt (England) 15 Nov 1997

8" x 10" (25cm x 20cm) 

Ref: TF4-12-phenpy-mc - £7.50

01.jpg (393476 bytes) Will Carling (England) Jun 92

8" x 10" (25cm x 20cm) 

Ref: TF4-11-phenpy-wc - £7.50

  40.jpg (57507 bytes) Geoff Cook (England coach) 

8" x 6" (22cm x 16cm) 

Ref: TF4-14-phenpy-gc - £3.50

Callard-Jonathan.jpg (103994 bytes) Jon Callard

Ref: phpyen-callard - £7.50

  Carling-Will.jpg (117922 bytes)

Will Carling

Ref: phpyen-carling - £7.50

39.jpg (78861 bytes) Lawrence Dallaglio (England) - 19 Jul 99 - 8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-15-phenpy-ld - £4.50

  Catt-Mike.jpg (83477 bytes) Mike Catt

Ref: phpyen-catt - £8.50

Clarke-Ben.jpg (100223 bytes) Ben Clarke

Ref: phpyen-clarke.b - £7.50

  02.jpg (235759 bytes)

 Lawrence Dallaglio (in training kit)

Ref: phpyen-dallaglio - £6.00

00t.jpg (323828 bytes) Matt Dawson

Ref: phpyen-dawson - £7.50

  DeGlanville-Phil.jpg (133120 bytes)

Phil de Glanville

Ref: phpyen-de.glanville - £7.50

Diprose-Tony.jpg (98488 bytes) Tony Diprose

Ref: phpyen-diprose - £7.50

  38.jpg (57221 bytes) Huw Davies (Wasps, England) 4 Nov 90

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-16-phenpy-hd - £7.50

36.jpg (84035 bytes) Matt Dawson (England) 15 Nov 1998

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-18-phenpy-md - £7.50

  Gomarsall-Andy.jpg (77510 bytes)

Andy Gomarsall

Ref: phpyen-gomersall - £8.50

Garforth-Darren.jpg (87070 bytes) Darren Garforth

Ref: phpyen-garforth - £7.50

  Greenwood-Will.jpg (103230 bytes)

Will Greenwood

Ref: phpyen-greenwood - £8.50

35.jpg (70804 bytes) Darren Garforth (England) 15 Nov 1998

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-19-phenpy-dg - £7.50

  34.jpg (67912 bytes) Paul Grayson (England) 22 Nov 1998

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-20-phenpy-pg - £7.50

52.jpg (394528 bytes) Paul Grayson

Ref: phpyen-grayson - £8.50

  Hagg-Martin.jpg (86169 bytes)

Martin Haag

Ref: phpyen-haag - £7.50

88.jpg (43732 bytes) Jeremy Guscott

Ref: phpyen-guscott - £8.50

  21.jpg (104757 bytes)

Austin Healey - England kit 12 x 8"

Ref: phpyen-healey-kten - £8.50

94.jpg (79762 bytes)

Austin Healey - England kit 10 x 8"

Ref: phpyen-healey-kten.10x8 - £7.50

  20.jpg (110196 bytes)

Austin Healey - Leicester kit

Ref: phpyen-healey-ktcb-leics - £5.00

33.jpg (69832 bytes) Mike Harrison (England) 5 Nov 1988

7" x 9" (18cm x 24cm)

Ref: TF4-21-phenpy-mh - £4.50

  Hill-Richard.jpg (115025 bytes) Richard Hill (Bath)

Ref: phpyen-hill.r.bath - £7.50

Hunter-Ian.jpg (87945 bytes)

Ian Hunter

Ref: phpyen-hunter - £6.50

  47.jpg (85664 bytes) Brian Moore (England) 21 Jan 95

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-24-phenpy-bm - £7.50

29.jpg (72420 bytes) John Orwin (England)

6" x 8" (16cm x 22cm) 

Ref: TF4-25-phenpy-jo - £4.50

  28.jpg (69266 bytes) Matt Perry (England) 9 Jul 1999

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-26-phenpy-mp - £7.50

Hopley-Damian.jpg (93861 bytes)

Damian Hopley

Ref: phpyen-hopley - £6.50

  Johnson-martin.jpg (82168 bytes) Martin Johnson

Ref: phpyen-johnson - £9.50

Morris-dewi.jpg (66902 bytes) Dewi Morris

Ref: phpyen-morris.d - £8.50

  26.jpg (92382 bytes)

Brian Moore - England kit, celebrating RWC 1991 victory over Scotland

Ref: phpyen-moore.b-kten - £7.50

Rees-david.jpg (84842 bytes) David Rees

Ref: phpyen-rees.d - £7.00

  54.jpg (465694 bytes)

Mark Regan

Ref: phpyen-regan - £7.50

02.jpg (132996 bytes)

Tim Rodber

Ref: phpyen-rodber - £8.50

  Robinson-andy.jpg (125261 bytes)

Andy Robinson

Ref: phpyen-robinson - £7.50


Sleighthome-jonathan.jpg (65790 bytes) J Sleightholme

Ref: phpyen-sleightholme - £7.00

  Shaw-simon.jpg (78807 bytes)

Simon Shaw

Ref: phpyen-shaw - £7.50

Swift-tony.jpg (100877 bytes) Tony Swift

Ref: phpyen-swift - £7.50

  Skinner-michael.jpg (139202 bytes)

Mickey Skinner

Ref: phpyen-skinner - £7.50

Underwood-rory.jpg (126603 bytes) Rory Underwood

Ref: phpyen-underwood.r - £8.50

  23.jpg (70319 bytes) Tim Stimpson (England)

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-31-phenpy-ts - £7.50

27.jpg (92618 bytes) Dean Richards (England) 18 Mar 95 - 8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-27-phenpy-dr - £7.50

  25.jpg (126069 bytes) Andrew Sheridan (England) 03 Apr 99 - 8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-29-phenpy-as - £4.50

21.jpg (54128 bytes) Rory Underwood (England) 20 Jan 96

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-33-phenpy-ru - £5.00

  Ubogu-victor.jpg (89734 bytes)

Victor Ubogu

Ref: phpyen-ubogu - £7.50

Yttley-Rodger.jpg (78086 bytes) Roger Uttley

Ref: phpyen-uttley - £7.50

  Underwood-tony.jpg (86838 bytes)

Tony Underwood

Ref: phpyen-underwood.t - £7.50

Woodward-clive.jpg (86636 bytes)

Clive Woodward - the coach

Ref: phpyen-woodward - £7.50

  22.jpg (57187 bytes) Roger Uttley (England)

6" x 8" (16cm x 22cm) 

Ref: TF4-32-phenpy-ru - £4.50




Benazzi-Abdelatif.jpg (69988 bytes) A Benazzi

Ref: phpyfr-benazzi- £7.50

  Cabannes-Laurent.jpg (67870 bytes)

Laurent Cabannes

Ref: phpyfr-cabannes - £7.50

54.jpg (131116 bytes)

Yannick Jouzion 16" x 12" - large

Ref: PL10-phpyfr-jouzion - £12.50


  15.jpg (366972 bytes)

Thomas Castaignede

Ref: phpyfr-castaignede - £8.50

Carbonneau-Philippe.jpg (122000 bytes) Philippe Carbonneau

Ref: phpyfr-carbonneau- £7.50

  Glass-Stephane.jpg (100409 bytes)

Stephane Glas

Ref: phpyfr-glas - £7.50

Lacroix-Thierry.jpg (82395 bytes) Thierry Lacroix

Ref: phpyfr-lacroix- £7.50

  99.jpg (370498 bytes)

Christophe Lamaison

Ref: phpyfr-lamaison - £8.50


Miorin-hugues.jpg (108009 bytes) Hughues Miorin

Ref: phpyfr-miorin- £7.50


  Vendetti-david.jpg (90283 bytes)

David Venditti

Ref: phpyfr-venditti - £7.50

Sadourney-jl.jpg (90277 bytes) Jean-Luc Sadourney

Ref: phpyfr-sadourney - £8.50

  Saint-andre-phillippe.jpg (117326 bytes)

Phillippe Saint-Andre

Ref: phpyfr-saint.andre - £8.50




Geoghean-Simon.jpg (90308 bytes) Simon Geoghegan

Ref: phpyir-geoghegan - £7.50

  Elwood-Eric.jpg (104864 bytes) Eric Elwood

Ref: phpyir-elwood- £7.50

Hickle-Dennis.jpg (100837 bytes) Dennis Hickie

Ref: phpyir-hickie- £7.50

  Niall-Hogan.jpg (105605 bytes) Niall Hogan

Ref: phpyir-hogan- £7.50


Johns-paddy.jpg (82322 bytes) Paddy Johns

Ref: phpyir-johns- £7.50

  Miller-eric.jpg (73981 bytes) Eric Miller

Ref: phpyir-miller- £7.50

19.jpg (98140 bytes) Mike Mullins (Ireland) 20 Feb 2000

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-35-phirpy-mm - £7.50

  31.jpg (566619 bytes) Brendan Mullin

Ref: phpyir-mullin- £7.00

Saunders-rob.jpg (110977 bytes) Rob Saunders

Ref: phpyir-saunders- £7.50

  18.jpg (68011 bytes) Brian Smith (Ireland) 17 Nov 90

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-36-phirpy-bs - £5.50

Wallace-paul.jpg (79879 bytes) Paul Wallace

Ref: phpyir-wallace.p - £7.50

  17.jpg (492550 bytes) Jim Staples

Ref: phpyir-staples- £7.50

Wallace-richard.jpg (82532 bytes) Richard Wallace

Ref: phpyir-wallace.r- £7.50



ITALY - sold out



64.jpg (274307 bytes) Mark 'Bull' Allen

Ref: phpynz-allen - £7.50

  99-olo-brown.jpg (389786 bytes) Olo Brown

Ref: phpynz-brown - £7.50

Bunce-Frank.jpg (82855 bytes) Frank Bunce

Ref: phpynz-bunce - £8.50

  Cullen-Christian.jpg (127545 bytes) Christian Cullen

Ref: phpynz-cullen - £7.50

Ellis-Mark.jpg (136329 bytes) Marc Ellis

Ref: phpynz-ellis - £7.50

  Fitzpatrick-Sean.jpg (69263 bytes) Sean Fitzpatrick

Ref: phpynz-fitzpatrick - £8.50

Hart-john.jpg (89286 bytes) John Hart

Ref: phpynzch-hart - £7.50

  63.jpg (83379 bytes) Norm Hewitt

Ref: phpynz-hewitt - £7.50

Jones-ian.jpg (68439 bytes) Ian Jones

Ref: phpynz-jones.i - £7.50

  Joseph-james.jpg (116583 bytes) Jamie Joseph

Ref: phpynz-joseph - £7.50

Little-walter.jpg (73026 bytes) Walter Little

Ref: phpynz-little - £7.50

  Mannix-simon.jpg (73481 bytes) Simon Mannix

Ref: phpynz-mannix - £7.50

Marshall-justin.jpg (132614 bytes) Justin Marshall

Ref: phpynz-marshall-nzbb - £7.00

  Mehrtens-andrew.jpg (67896 bytes) Andrew Mehrtens

Ref: phpynz-mehrtens - £8.50

Wilson-jeff.jpg (80392 bytes) Jeff Wilson

Ref: phpynz-wilson - £7.50

  15.jpg (389664 bytes) Justin Marshall

Ref: phpynz-marshall-nz - £8.00



53.jpg (549175 bytes) Gary Armstrong

Ref: phpysc-armstrong- £7.50 

  Chalmers-Craig.jpg (93491 bytes) Craig Chalmers

Ref: phpysc-chalmers - £7.50

Dods-Michael.jpg (92390 bytes) Michael Dods

Ref: phpysc-dods.m- £7.50

  Eriksson-Ronnie.jpg (98670 bytes) Ronnie Eriksson

Ref: phpysc-eriksson - £7.50

11.jpg (90113 bytes) Peter Dods (Scotland) 7 Jan 89

7" x 9" (18cm x 24cm) 

Ref: TF4-43-phscpy-gh - £7.50

  10.jpg (58030 bytes) Chris Gray (Scotland)

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-44-phscpy-cg - £7.50

Hastings-Gavin.jpg (89369 bytes) Gavin Hastings

Ref: phpysc-hastings.g - £8.50 

  20-scott-hastings.jpg (439464 bytes) Scott Hastings

Ref: phpysc-hastings.s - £7.50 

Hay-james.jpg (97602 bytes) James Hay

Ref: phpysc-hay.j- £7.50 

  Hilton-David.jpg (96229 bytes) David Hilton

Ref: phpysc-hilton - £7.50 

Hodge-Duncan.jpg (97240 bytes) Duncan Hodge

Ref: phpysc-hodge - £7.50 

  Joiner-craig.jpg (93932 bytes) Craig Joiner

Ref: phpysc-joiner - £7.50

46.jpg (256548 bytes) Kenny Logan

Ref: phpysc-logan - £7.50

  Nicol-andy.jpg (96519 bytes) Andy Nichol

Ref: phpysc-nichol - £7.50 

Peters-eric.jpg (78607 bytes) Eric Peters

Ref: phpysc-peters.e - £7.50

  Redpath-brian.jpg (89962 bytes) Bryan Redpath

Ref: phpysc-redpath - £7.50 

Reed-andy.jpg (96239 bytes) Andy Reed

Ref: phpysc-reed.a- £7.50

  Shepherd-rowan.jpg (81046 bytes) Rowan Shepherd

Ref: phpysc-shepherd - £7.50 

Smith-ian.jpg (81082 bytes) Ian Smith

Ref: phpysc-smith.i - £7.50

  99.jpg (87760 bytes) Tom Smith

Ref: phpysc-smith.t - £7.50

Stranger-tony.jpg (98508 bytes) Tony Stanger

Ref: phpysc-stanger - £7.50

  68.jpg (559044 bytes) Gregor Townsend

Ref: phpysc-townsend-white.kit - £7.50 

46.jpg (473336 bytes) Alan Tait

Ref: phpysc-tait - £7.50

  67.jpg (419863 bytes) Gregor Townsend

Ref: phpysc-townsend-white.kit - £7.50 

Wainwright-rob.jpg (106023 bytes) Rob Wainwright

Ref: phpysc-wainwright.r - £7.50

  White-derek.jpg (104137 bytes) Derek White

Ref: phpysc-white.d - £7.50 

Wright-peter.jpg (94888 bytes) Peter Wright

Ref: phpysc-wright.p - £7.50




Atken-Andrew.jpg (89907 bytes) Andrew Aitken

Ref: phpysa-aitken- £7.50

  Botha-Naas.jpg (89713 bytes) Naas Botha

Ref: phpysa-botha - £7.50

DeBeer-Jannie.jpg (102545 bytes) Jannie de Beer

Ref: phpysa-de.beer - £7.50

  27.jpg (146179 bytes) Andre Joubert

Ref: phpysa-joubert - £7.50

Muir-dick.jpg (95830 bytes) Dick Muir

Ref: phpysa-muir - £7.50

  Mulder-japie.jpg (103604 bytes) Japie Mulder

Ref: phpysa-mulder - £7.50

29.jpg (527218 bytes) Francois Pienaar

Ref: phpysa-pienaar - £8.50

  13.jpg (95273 bytes) James Small (South Africa) 23 May 99

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-41-phsapy-js - £7.50

Spencer-carlos.jpg (84130 bytes) Andre Snyman

Ref: phpysa-snyman.a - £7.50

  Williams-Chester.jpg (75967 bytes) Chester Williams

Ref: phpysa-williams.c - £7.50



Howley-Rob.jpg (80718 bytes) Rob Howley

Ref: phpywa-howley - £7.50

  Jarvis-lee.jpg (77446 bytes) Lee Jarvis

Ref: phpywa-jarvis - £7.50

Jenkins-Garin.jpg (130185 bytes) Garin Jenkins

Ref: phpywa-jenkins.garin - £7.50

  40.jpg (376874 bytes) Neil Jenkins Welsh team training kit, pre-Scotland match 1998 Ref: phpywa-jenkins.neil - £5.00

John-paul.jpg (69382 bytes) Paul John

Ref: phpywa-john.paul - £7.50

  Jones-derwyn.jpg (82850 bytes) Derwyn Jones

Ref: phpywa-jones.derwyn - £7.50

Jones-robert.jpg (77972 bytes) Robert Jones

Ref: phpywa-jones.robert - £7.50

  25.jpg (116279 bytes) Gareth Llewellyn

Ref: phpywa-llewellyn.gareth- £7.50

Mcintosh-dale.jpg (80558 bytes) Dale McIntosh

Ref: phpywa-mcintosh - £7.50

  Taylor-hemi.jpg (132563 bytes) Hemi Taylor

Ref: phpywa-taylor.hemi - £7.50

08.jpg (72446 bytes) Andy Moore (Richmond & Wales) 26 Oct 97

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-46-phwapy-am - £5.50

  00x.jpg (405586 bytes) Paul Turner

Ref: phpywa-turner - £7.50

Walker-nigel.jpg (77491 bytes) Nigel Walker

Ref: phpywa-walker- £7.50

  Williams-barry.jpg (74410 bytes) Barry Williams

Ref: phpywa-williams.barry - £7.50




Porta-hugo.jpg (78140 bytes) Hugo Porta - (Argentina)

Ref: phpyar-porta - £7.50

  Rees-gareth.jpg (78343 bytes) Gareth Rees - (Canada)

Ref: phpyca-rees.g - £7.50

03.jpg (79241 bytes) German Llanes (Argentina) 30 Dec 97

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-51-phwapy-gl - £5.00

  04.jpg (96283 bytes) Gillermo J Del Castilo (Argentina) 05 Dec 1991

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-50-pharpy-gj - £5.00

01.jpg (75810 bytes) Earl Va'a (Richmond) 21 Dec 97

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-53-phripy-ev - £5.00

  02.jpg (89291 bytes) Barbarians World XV - 23 May 99

8" x 10" (20cm x 25cm) 

Ref: TF4-52-phbapy-batm - £5.00



23.jpg (268851 bytes)

England in Training Photograph Group - A group of 13 original press photographs of 10" x 8" and larger mostly of England internationals at training or leisure. Subjects include Tony Underwood, Rob Andrew, Will Carling, Simon Shaw & Neil Back.

Ref: PC24-phengp13 - £14.99


25.jpg (131856 bytes)

Internationals in Training Photograph Group - A group of 7 original press photographs of 10" x 8" and larger mostly of internationals at training or leisure. Subjects include Sean Fitpatrick, John Mallet, Simon Hill, Rob Andrew, Gareth Llewellyn & Gavin Hastings,  plus a photo of Tom Jones prior to the Wales v England 1999 international at Wembley

Ref: PC24-phmigp7 - £9.99






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