Books and other items covering sport in general.



94.jpg (69629 bytes)

 "Records and Champions" - An Eagle Book
Well illustrated publication with many many photographs, results and statistics on many sports including football, athletics, cricket, boxing, tennis, rugby & swimming. A secondhand paperback in very good condition
1st Edition: 1959 96 pages Ref: MC579-osgepb-records.1959 - 15.00


73.jpg (82012 bytes)

"Irish Sport 1950 - 2000" edited by Ian Foster

An insight into Irish sporting success. This book covers a variety of sports including football, rugby, athletics, cricket, hockey, golf, horse racing and motor sport, a wonderful review of Irish sport in the latter half of the 20th century. A secondhand hardback with illustrated boards in very good condition (as new). 

First edition 2002 368 pages Ref: MC234-osgebkir.foster.2002-iros - 25.00


26.jpg (563278 bytes) "The Book of School Sports" by Gilbert Jessop and J.B. Salmond
Undated, circa 1910, A second hand hardback book with illustrated boards, cricket on the front cover, rugby on the spine. Generally the book is in good condition with some foxing to the pages.
published circa 1910 291 pages BD1-osgebkhi-jessop1910school - 45.00


38.jpg (103892 bytes)

"Gents and Players" by Frank Keating

Classic sporting stories from Keating with illustrations by John jensen and the foreword by Bob Willis. A secondhand paperback in very good condition.

published in  1986 218 pages Ref: PC33-osgepb.keating.1986.gents - 5.00


78.jpg (105136 bytes)

"Sport Psychology" by Arnold LeUnes & Jack Nation
This text covers a wide variety of topics, including steroid abuse in sport and fitness, women athletes as portrayed by the media, psychological testing, fitness, exercise adherence, homophobia in sports, and eating disorders. This scientific text discusses the theory, research, application of psychology in sport. A secondhand hardback with illustrated boards in very good condition. 
2nd edition: 1996 592 pages Ref: LB-osgebk-leunes-1996-wt.1300 - 19.00


89.jpg (69528 bytes)

"The Sporting Year" edited by John Rodda & Clifford Makins
A selection of the best sports writing 1976-77 (Sept 1976 - Sept 1977). A secondhand hardback with a dust wrapper in very good condition
1st Edition: 1977 256 pages Ref: MC082-osgebk-rodda.1976.7 - 9.00


88.jpg (40088 bytes)

"The Sporting Year" edited by John Rodda & Clifford Makins
A selection of the best sports writing 1977-78 (Aug 77 - Aug 78).  Secondhand hardback, slight tears to dust wrapper otherwise in good condition
1st Edition: 1978 214 pages Ref: MC082-osgebk-rodda.1977.8 - 9.00


87.jpg (47102 bytes)

"Makers of Champions - Great NZ Coaches" by Joseph Romanos
A nice mix of sports, coaches featured include John Adshead (football), Fred Allen, Alex Wyliie (rugby), Arthur Lydiard (athletics) and Glenn Turner (cricket). A secondhand hardback with a dust wrapper in excellent condition
1st Edition: 1987 234 pages Ref: MC082-osgebk-romanos.1987 - 12.00


"The Young Sportsman" edited by Alfred ET Watson

Published by Bullen, London. Rules, coaching tips and historical references for the young sportsman. A comprehensive look at the major sports cricket (54 pages), football (37), golf (28), athletics (26), with a look at other pastimes including butterfly collecting, rabbiting etc, a secondhand hardback with illustrated boards, spine torn, some foxing 
1st Edition: 1900 Pages: 661 Ref: AD7-osgebk1900-watson.young,sptmn - 95.00


85.jpg (11177 bytes)

"Injury in Sport" by John Williams
Secondhand paperback, creased cover with very slight nick
1st Edition circa 1970s 60 pages Ref: MC579-osgepb-injury.williams - 12.00


79.jpg (118831 bytes)

"Exercise Psychology" by Joe D Willis & Linda Frye Campbell
EXERCISE PSYCHOLOGY is the first text to provide broad coverage of research, theory, and practical applications in the field of exercise psychology. Information from a wide variety of disciplines is presented in clear and concise language that's relevant for students and practitioners. Real-life scenarios help readers understand how to apply theoretical models and research in the fitness setting. A large publication and a classic text boom for physical education students. A secondhand hardback with illustrated boards, an ex college library edition. 
1st edition: 1992 258 pages Ref: LB-osgebk-willis-1992-wt.1200 - 15.00




27-british-sports-and-sport.jpg (21697 bytes) 02.jpg (29543 bytes) 28-shrewsbury-arthur.jpg (15367 bytes) 00y.jpg (24041 bytes)


00z.jpg (31094 bytes) 01.jpg (29693 bytes) 02.jpg (31284 bytes) 03.jpg (31726 bytes) 04.jpg (34561 bytes) 05.jpg (32237 bytes) 06.jpg (32942 bytes) 08b.jpg (15126 bytes)



 Published in London in 1908 these two volumes cover the individual sportsmen of Britain. There are portraits and biographies of great sportsmen in history, these include Fred Archer, Tom Morris, James Ashbury, Lord George Bentinck, Thomas Chaloner, Eigth Duke of Devonshire, George Fordham, Frank Goodall, Captain Hartopp, Lord Palmerston, Edmund Tatersall and the Duke of Westminster to name but a few. Sports covered include cricket, racing greyhounds, horses etc, hunting, golf, tennis, shooting, and fishing. Illustrated above are the two volumes and the pages dedicated to golfer Allan Robertson, cricketer George Parr and Arthur Shrewsbury, cricketer and cricket promoter, Shrewsbury was partly responsible for organising the first ever British Lions rugby tour to New Zealand and Australia in 1888. The two 'coffee table' books have gold block printed covers. Although both book covers are showing signs of wear the condition is generally good and considering they are nearly 100 years old they have survived remarkably well. (2 volumes, weight 9.6kg).

Ref: ML14-osgebk1908-brit.sports-st2 - 295.00


84.jpg (56905 bytes)

The BADMINTON MAGAZINE of Sports & Pastimes edited by Alfred ET Watson

Volume XL - Sep-Dec 1914, The Badminton magazine is a delightful read with many sporting stories. The book covers various sports including  cricket, cycling, golf, horse racing etc, a secondhand hardback with illustrated boards in good condition.

published in 1914 Pages: 526 Ref: ML14-osgebkmg.1914-badminton.vol.XL - 39.00



83.jpg (185186 bytes)

 "The Top 10 of Sport" by Russell Ash and Ian Morrison

Fully up to date to include the 1992 Olympics, lists of sporting records, an excellent reference work, a secondhand hardback in good condition.

1st Edition: 1992 257 pages Ref: PC51-osgebk.1992-ash - 7.00

42.jpg (68791 bytes)

"Leisure in the Seventies", Robert BATEMAN

includes a chapter on sport & games. 

published in 1971    Ref: MC7-osgebk.1971-bateman - 5.00






47.jpg (112974 bytes) Celebrity Sports Show - a 20-page booklet that looks to have been a 'giveaway' by Ford dealerships featuring the following articles: the changing face of sport by Ian Wooldridge, the sport of Kings by Ian Robertson, the Ford brain of sport by David Coleman, so you want to be a sports commentator...of course you do by Desmond Lynam, running - a way of life by Neil Wilson, men watch out - the growth of women's sport by Rachael Heyhoe-Flint. Some light creasing to the edges otherwise in good condition.

Ref: MC579-osgebl-celebrity.show.ford - 3.00



Philatelic - First Day Covers

08.jpg (32291 bytes) Sport Pour Tous (French) First day Cover, rugby, athletics, cycling, skiing - issued 21 October 1978.  Excellent condition.

Ref: MC211-osgefd-19781021- 3.00


04.jpg (33213 bytes) 100th Anniversary Amateur Athletic Association First Day Cover - issued 10 October 1980. A full set of stamps on a 'Philart' cover with a 100th Anniversary of AAAs hand stamp. Excellent condition.

Ref: MC211-osgefd-19801010-philart.aaa's - 3.00


98.jpg (28457 bytes) Sport Royal Mail First Day Cover with a full set of stamps, issued on 22 March 1988, postmarked Brighton, hand written address.

Ref: MC211-osgefd-19880322 - 1.00




20.jpg (138436 bytes) Sport Business International - issue 76 December 2002/January 2003.  Motorsport special includes profile of David Richards (Rallying), Ryder Cup revisited, Davis Cup, Sepp Blatter, European Athletics, Olympic dream, Hector Gifueroa.  Excellent condition.

Ref: MC579-osgemg-sportbusiness-2002-12- 5.00


21.jpg (131269 bytes) Sport Business International - issue 77 February 2003.  Includes profile of Malcolm Speed, Cricket World Cup, broadcast technology, focus on women's tennis, soccer's financial crisis, banking on Six Nations, profile of Mervyn Trappler.  Excellent condition.

Ref: MC579-osgemg-sportbusiness-2003-02- 5.00


22.jpg (220287 bytes) Sport Business International - issue 89 March 2004. front cover photo of Thierry Henry, Arsenal. Includes a review of sports television, profile of Andrew Hampel, The Middle East region reviewed, Rugby World Cup. UEFA's online strategy, broadcast - BBC, ESPN, HDTV, sports top 100 shares, online gambling.  Excellent condition.

Ref: MC579-osgemg-sportbusiness-2004-03- 5.00


23.jpg (134204 bytes) Sport Business International - issue 96 October 2004. front cover photo of Caroline Kluft, includes profile of IOC Marketing Director Timo Lumme, role of education and training, managing the stars' finances, the Olympic future.  Excellent condition.

Ref: MC579-osgemg-sportbusiness-2004-10- 5.00


24.jpg (138027 bytes) Sport Business International - issue 97 November 2004.  the 2010 FIFA World Cup, yacht racing, 10 of the best stadia, Chelsea's global adventure, profile of Tim Mitchell, Anglo-French exchange.  Excellent condition.

Ref: MC579-osgemg-sportbusiness-2004-11- 5.00


67.jpg (109434 bytes) New Zealand Sports Digest - April 1975 - Issue 312.  New Zealand magazine.  Includes athletics, badminton, boxing, cricket, cycling, golf, motor racing, netball, rowing, rugby, snooker, softball, swimming, tennis and yachting, covers worn.

Ref: MC579-osgemg-sports.digest.nz-1975-04- 5.00


60.jpg (70863 bytes) The South African Sportsman - February 1967 - Volume 5 No. 7.  Includes Willie Ludick warned to quit ring, Denis Lindsay.  Also includes athletics, boxing, cricket, diving, golf, hockey, motoring, roller skating, rugby, statistics - results, records and events of the month.  Very good condition.

Ref: MC579-osgemg-sportsman.sa-1967-02- 10.00


52.jpg (127448 bytes) World Sports - March 1948 - Volume 14 No. 3.  Includes Winter Olympics, comparisons in athletics, Emile Zatopek, Grand National, vintage year of golf, Jack Lovelock, Olympic Games bulletin, 50 years of football, world sports cinestrip, speed kings of Belgium, Fausto Coppi, girls of the Games, Mrs Blankers-Koen, new Australian sprint star, Olympic rowing prospects, state of the Sates, sporting stamps, lawn tennis prospects,  Small piece missing from front cover, rusty staples and therefore loose pages.

Ref: MC579-osgemg-worldsports-1948-03- 5.00


51.jpg (96831 bytes) World Sports - September 1955 - Volume 21 No. 9.  Includes the age of speed, one farmer's harvest, Russia's rise, a get-away from Chattaway, cricket's too easy, a fight with Jaguars, the poor relation of tennis, Aranka Kazi and Nina Otkalenko, "Ballerina" Nina, beating the soccer crisis, off the beaten track, what price the golf bore, swim chiefs need vision, women in sport, scoreboard, sports stamps.  Good condition.

Ref: MC579-osgemg-worldsports-1955-09- 5.00


Dinner Menu

48.jpg (46899 bytes) South African Sports Star of the Year at The Wanderers Club menu card, Johannesburg on 2 December 1965.  Profiles of Karen Muir, Harold Henning, Gary Player, Peter Pollock, Cliff Drysdale and Graeme Pollock. A 12 page menu booklet in very good condition.

Ref: MC579-osgedm-sportsstar.sa-19651202- 20.00








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